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  1. The fact that Mark Kerr and John Baird aren't sitting on that release list isn't exciting me for next season. I thought maybe this could be the first season In a long time that we've had a big chunk of a wage budget to build a good squad. As sad as I am to see sir bob go, that's the right decision, didn't do anything this year although his chances were limited. All the rest I agree with. We've got a brilliant core to the team in Grant, Sibs, Hippo and Austin. Build around that and we'll challenge. We can't be having houston playing his pals all season again.
  2. Anyone heading to Budapest in the summer? Me and a pal have booked up to go, can't wait!
  3. Fair play to united, took your chances. We bottled it to f**k. We'll win the league next year but [emoji57][emoji57][emoji57][emoji57][emoji57] x
  4. Wouldn't let it bother you, he's a part bit player and on the way out. Just preparing for life after football. Least he's not sitting in a *** top at a *** bar singing *** songs.
  5. Ehhhhh unless I was dreaming, last night at tannadice
  6. I presume you didn't hear it due to the loudness of the Falkirk hordes in the away end but yes, it was one of uniteds two songs of the whole night. Glory Glory third place in the second tier.
  7. Loved the United fans singing Glory Glory Dundee United in Mancunian accents minter
  8. Conspiracy imo
  9. Lol tehe pmsl ;--)
  10. Still can't believe that McKee goal. Absolute sexual. Quietly confident for the home tie, houstie changed the game putting the 4 midfielders into a narrow diamond, Kerr was like fuckin Pirlo at times sitting in front of the back 4. Was really wanting us to bring hippo on against that absolute fraud dillon. Great save by Thomson at the end there as well.
  11. On my way up to Fundee. Absolutely fackin buzzing
  12. I believe we're nicknamed Sexy c***s
  13. If we win this then it is fact we're better than Barcelona cause Dundee United beat Barcelona. Remember?