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  1. Very Excited to see who we sign before heading off to Budapest next week.
  2. BPM you better not be fucking about here. Dont make me cry out my eyes. Make me cry out my eye.
  3. Just seen Stephen Hendrie former accies left back has been released from West Ham. Surely a decent shout to replace leahy.
  4. Shadwell get yourself booked up to Budapest and come have a week in the sun with yer da senor bairn
  5. Friendly confirmed against mte 1904 for budapest. Super Horny.
  6. This forum is giving me piles
  7. Shadwell away and support Real Madrid
  8. I'm not going to write the lad off before hes even kicked a ball for us. As much as I agree its not a very inspiring signing, its a signing
  9. Probably the best post on the website from someone at the club. No fucking about unlike that daft Henderson. As one of the people going to Budapest I've been getting panicked about the games for a couple weeks now but I somehow feel the club will pull something out the bag. Hopefully this weeks a decent one in terms of the club actually doing stuff lol.
  10. I'd be happy with that signing.
  11. Agreed, as soon as the signings start flowing in, interest will build.
  12. Just the 19 hours!?!? Get some more giggs, skepta and Wiley into ur playlist. Bit of lethal bizzle as well to make it that much sweeter.
  13. He told me if I show everyone he'll resign Bairdy. He knows my weaknesses x