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  1. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. The problem with the starting line up is that there's no width or pace. Very ineffective.
  3. My initial reaction the penalty was that it was a stonewaller. Even at our end it looked as though myles got the ball first and was then took out by the keeper. The red was correct for certain. Goal scoring opportunity for bairdy who was brought down. Got to be a red.
  4. Don't have too look very far like tbh x
  5. Urs is nice too hehe x
  6. dry yer fuckin eyes
  7. Aye great goal tbf, just a shame we got 2. Dry yer eyes x
  8. Deserves it 100%
  9. Where's higginbothams 10 match ban for his seething gestures to the away support.
  10. Thought the ref had a decent game tbh, penalty was an absolute stonewall and the red card was right as well. Baird was pushed when through on goal. Big wedderburn was absolutely pish again today lol #superstar
  11. They don't care about us but lol
  12. Hope your right. Don't know why hippo and Austin aren't starting. Just doesn't make sense imo