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  1. Hippo being out is disappointing if true. He loves a game against this lot. Shandon I can't wait to roundhouse kick your head off x
  2. Dreaming about us now. Cause we're so dreamy x
  3. Hippo hat trick and Shandon to get slapped about. Get your house on it.
  5. I'd like to see us sign an experienced left back. With Muirhead back, Grant and either Gasparotto/Watson we'd have a decent defence imho. Gallaghers went totally backwards, the lad looks feart. Don't think he's ready for a full season.
  6. Just the 40 minutes? Absolute Amateur just like ur football team ha ha ha #wit
  7. Enough chit chat who wants a fight on Saturday. Cough cough @Shandon Par
  8. Someone give me the attention I crave. I am needy.
  9. If this lot can't beat us now they've no hope. 3-1 Hippo with all 5 you fife c***s x
  10. Is Muirhead back or still another game left on his suspension?
  11. I'd actually put Kerr at fault for the goal today. Numerous times today he spent his time pointing and shouting at players to tackle or go to the opposition instead of going to the player himself. The lad then played a perfect ball through and we concede. It's a waste of a jersey. All he does is play safe sideways passes. I love Mark but times up.
  12. Absolutely chronic once again. The only lads for me that get pass marks were Taiwo and Hippo. Possibly also Luca considering he done okay out of position. The rest don't look arsed. So laid back when we should've been going for it. There's a team there, Houstons tactics are just absolute shitebaggery of the highest order and it's doing my tits in. Nearly had a heart attack when he took Kerr off mind you.
  13. Thompson Muirhead Watson Grant Gallagher Taiwo McKee Sibbs Hippo Loy Austin Would rather have Taiwo in there to give the midfield a bit of grit than Harris tbh.
  14. You're on fire today hotstuff! On it early?