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  1. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Because anytime there is trouble at Scottish football ground someone starts the rumour that Chelsea Headhunters were to blame. It’s a bit of a footballing cliche.
  2. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Absolutely. In fact SCTS agreed to hear the trial in Airdrie Sherrif Court to make it easier for Robinson could take in the game that evening.
  3. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I think they were Chelsea Headhunters.
  4. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    A half dozen guys chanting which, in fairness, is roughly half our home support these days.
  5. Airdrie v Stranraer

    He gets recommended at the start of the season when managing Airdrie in FM 18. Team can't afford him though. Just like real life.
  6. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Scott Stewart signs extension https://www.airdriefc.com/scottstewart-220218
  7. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    The other day a Rangers fan asked me what was the point of Airdrieonians since it's been ages since the team has won anything.
  8. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Nope, none of that. It's really spoiling the otherwise excellent sense of realism I get from the game as I win my 3rd Champions League title as Airdrie.
  9. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    I agree with the sentiment. If we avoid relegation then, between that and the takeover of the club by (apparently) progressive owners, then I think we'll mostly all be happy with the targets that the club has hit this season. That said - there do seem to be people in both supports who are placing a lot of significance on this result. I'm sure it all adds to their enjoyment of the game.
  10. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    You might not class it as such but I’m sure you won’t want to miss the opportunity if your team wins. Also, failing to beat us this weekend will go some way to helping you lose out on the strategic bragging rights (with Raith) as well. Good luck on feigning indifference if that comes to pass. Enjoy the game. I look forward to seeing whether it raises the quality of the banter on this thread.
  11. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    This banter is pish. I'll check back on this thread once the result is in and the bragging rights are awarded.
  12. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    I'm currently playing Football Manager 18 as Airdrie. It has a social media feed as fans respond to events at the club. Unfortunately it doesn't allow me to tell anyone who slags the team that they're full of shite.
  13. Airdrie v Queens Park

    Our inability to defend in the final 10 mins of any game has been a source of constant frustration but, in fairness, we were strong in the challenge and controlling the match fairly comfortably up to the point the ref made a barrage of bizarre decisions, at which point our confidence / concentration seemed to go. Shout out to Ferguson for saving the win at the end with that save. Disappointed that we didn’t score more today but we created lots of good chances. Just need to become a bit more clinical.
  14. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Young Player contract extensions. https://www.airdriefc.com/contractextensions-090218
  15. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    Findlay and Fitzpatrick extend deals. https://www.airdriefc.com/management-080218