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  1. Scottish Junior Cup

    Very surprised to hear that there is not one Pollok supporters bus today. Supporters travelling independently?
  2. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    Cumnock, Largs?
  3. Pollok FC Grassroots Video

    No worries just give me a shout if we’re crossing paths and can get a chat. Will be there mate, biased, but there
  4. Pollok FC Grassroots Video

    You coming to the game tomorrow?
  5. Pollok FC Grassroots Video

    Pollok propaganda noo? just jesting, nicely put together and very positive. Saw you filming but didn’t have the opportunity to say hello unfortunately, thanks for sharing and always good to hear/see about community involvement within our grade.
  6. Freebies for the committee

    A club can’t be greater than the sum of its parts, if there’s tough times and your taking away perhaps the only perk for volunteers, would it not risk costing more work with fewer hands? Not saying many folk would walk over £60 but would it not be another reminder that a match ball is worth more than your hours of contributions?
  7. Pollok 1-2 Talbot

    It went in the net??
  8. Pollok 1-2 Talbot

    Cheers for that, I can’t be as biased as suggested after all then But why no replays of the penalty or talbot goals?
  9. Pollok 1-2 Talbot

    Bitter much?
  10. Admission Concessions

    Haha I was covering a game recently when an older gent who appeared over 65 walked up, the person on the gate asked if he was a concession? The gent was offended lol, excuse me he said, I’m an adult and I expect to pay an adult price. First time I’ve seen that but goes to show you can’t never be 100% sure without ID. I also remember a certain poster on here dressing up as an OAP; full face mask and wearing clothes bespoke to an older gentleman, walking stick in hand to get into the game as a concession. Worked, was pretty convincing have to say, but that was some effort for a few quid off lol
  11. The Recent Match Videos Thread

  12. Pollok 1-2 Talbot

    Penalty? Straight Red? Did the score line flatter Pollok?
  13. Looking To Volunteer To Help Club If Needed

    I did similar a number of years ago as a fed up senior supporter with a £30 video camera, it’s been an all round amazing experience and journey since. Wish you good luck
  14. Cumnock v Auchinleck 4th Round Scottish Cup

    Teams playing some nice football, long may it continue.
  15. Cumnock 1- 5 Talbot

    Exactly why we all new goalmachine was trolling lol