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  1. Need to show your working how I don't miss mathematics
  3. Perspective
  4. Aw good one!!! Been at the Bot longer than i was at Voldeford now I think? Where I'm from you could have moved there when a day old and then be 80 and still be considered as being 'from away' the moon is a funny old place.
  5. For the pre match comments alone
  6. Never had to use the word 'chevrons' before the fuss
  7. New deal with Hummel to supply the kit. We've had our own brand atfc last couple of seasons. Not enough turn around (less than a month) for Hummel to design, make and supply the shirts with gold Shevrons. Next kit will have them
  8. That was a restore job of someone else's editing. I'm happy as managed to get the pitch shading in considering the source quality. Got a classic that I'm editing myself that should be ready for Friday
  9. Watched it back, I don't think I've caught anything that would be of any interest anywhere else. Know what folk were meaning but I zoomed in at the suggested time.If i get a chance over the weekend i'll make you's an extended version for your club website doubt there would be much interest on the Talbot Channel Anyway hope you enjoy,
  10. Good song! not sure Blakey would approve tho, distinct lack of accordions and Aretha Franklin style vocals lol
  11. unless there's a record sreech half way through not sure i'll have much use for it just joking what's the history behind the recording?? Not sure many clubs have their own song as an intro, know Dumbarton have their own 'we play our heart and soul, try to score a goal, dah sons numba one' I like it also their smiling shop keeper intro Will need to record a punk rock version of eeka peeka for the talbot channel I'm thinking. Could get you and southy in it as well #beechwoodregulars
  12. Not even watched it myself mate so couldn't comment, been in these kind of situations a few times now. Good jounarilsm positioning or unlucky instigator? I'm no sure but aye video will be up in due course. Not decided on the sound track yet either...
  13. Stop ruining the conspiracy, think I've done alright with the midweek features considering my schedule. Sorry if my reply was 'huffy' just feel sometimes that the expectations are a bit unrealistic for a free service, think the Beith goals were up shortly after full time for your enjoyment. Largs one as well where I was being a bit more artistic in the editing. Just be glad it wasn't my response when I was getting criticised for missing a game lol. Can't think of any game that's I've ever withheld because a team lost tho?? Mind a few years back I had a problem with an SD card that was corrupted so couldn't retrevive anything off it for a game There was a bit of carry on after full time so just waiting to find out if the footage is needed elsewhere before the public domain. Only one goal as well so expect a quick turn around once cleared.