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  1. It looks like buzz was in solitary confinement for a few weeks without his computer, but now he back on the wing and posting again
  2. General Politics Thread

    And once more the voice of the lunatic foaming brexiteers Bernard Jenkin is given the daily politics platform to spout his pish.
  3. General Politics Thread

    Wow, just wow.... I am stunned that a supposedly politically switched on person is actually posting that comment. Get your red/blue tory blinkers off and see what is really happening in our precious union now.
  4. Ageing

    Me yesterday
  5. When will indyref2 happen?

    Thanks for that. I read a couple of weeks ago about the "plan" I posted, good to get another viewpoint
  6. When will indyref2 happen?

    Serious question, are they going to be employed in the new Westminster North Britain office in Leith which is going to replace Holyrood. I hear they are hoovering up civil servants, especially from Holyrood with big tempting wage rises
  7. General Politics Thread

    I might have guessed, cos oooh you are awful, well your patter anyway.
  8. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    Please guys, stop quoting this philspreader bellend. I've got him on block, then up pop his lunacy in quotes.
  9. General Politics Thread

    Check out the Craig Murray blog, good analysis of the spy poisoning fiasco
  10. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    Or "Critics Say" a la bbc
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    You of all people have to ask that question...
  12. General Politics Thread

    The whole thing is a Westminster inspired smokescreen. Did you see the article about the Westminster power grab of Holyrood powers on disreporting Scotland? No neither did I but the poisoned spy featured along with top story SNPbad, crufts, murders and the bigot brothers.
  13. General Politics Thread

    Yes you could put forward these theories, but to my mind the blame Russia thing was too quick and too easy. Not slagging you, but you seem very tolerant and forgiving of the the bbc and the duplicitous shits in Westminster
  14. General Politics Thread

    Where did they get nerve agent 5 miles from where they make it? Why use a technique associated with Russia instead of a simple car crash or fire or Kelly/ McCrae style suicide. It's a smear by our glorious leaders to deflect from some other shite they are obviously up to. I rest my case m' lud.
  15. When will indyref2 happen?

    Exactly. If anybody studies how her majestys government behaved in the rest of their colonies its the same thing ad nauseam