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  1. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Horrible few days for yourself eh Kilsyth blowing it against Rossvale with us qualifying , defeat yesterday at cambuslang then come home to find out what Roy did [emoji33]
  2. Or Roy banging in the goals for fun and to have a great season again . Whoever you are you will never be 100 per cent positive about the Roy that's obvious so will let you carry on trying to put things down all the team in the meantime the rest of us will just enjoy it all [emoji4] Great scenes at the end that's what football is all about the joy of it if you can't celebrate wildly winning a game like that with a goal like then for f**k sake when can you the pure joy of it for that one moment in time. All the success in the world for decades now and still some can't even let the wee rob roy enjoy themselves for that moment in time, ack well
  3. Unbelievable strike. What was good yesterday is that Sawyers didn't feature at all, we played a centre mid in centre defence and others stepped up especially one or two of the new boys. Ok we weren't at our best and we need to improve but that should come. We have reacted brilliantly to the horror show at kilsyth and that's what football is all about reacting well to defeats as you can't win every game. Onto Clydebank Wednesday night now and chance for maybe some players to stake a claim for a starting place in next league game.
  4. There's our goal of the season right there unbelievable hit well done on both goals lee fantastic technique for the winner. Well in big boyle got himself right in there think he enjoyed that! Header for Mackie never thought I would see that . Penalty was a penalty good save from keeper. Second red was reckless especially on that wet surface and the real time speed the referee is seeing it at can see why it was given . First red guy has a bit of a reputation for ill discipline can see why his team would have been annoyed but you don't know how the referee is seeing things persistent fouling and he just lost patience with him who knows . Roy are really not the type of team you want to go down to ten or nine men against with the type of players we have even Talbot will struggle as it proved. Teams have in the recent past have lost discipline against us because some of the tricky players we have and the fitness levels in our team that few junior teams have thats why we score so many late goals. Anyway brilliant for Roy and Talbot will be top three i would bet this season if we can shore it up at the back a little no reason why we can't also get a high finish again. As ever Mon the famous rabs!
  5. Course i stopped posting when we lost the league no? When we went out Scottish no! When we went out west on penalties no , the season before that when we fell away i was here posting away I could go on but i won't , folk like you who pick up on one bloody game where i had personal justifyable reason why i didn't and couldn't come on here. Do i need to pollute a football forum with non football issue i had that nobody wants to bloody read. If that's no a good enough reply for you then as a poster on here used to say away and throw shite at yourself.
  6. Course i stopped posting when we lost the league no? When we went out Scottish no! When we went out west on penalties no , the season before that when we fell away i was here posting away I could go on but i won't with a moron like you who picks up on one bloody game where i had personal justifyable reason why i didn't and couldn't come on here. You can get all scared and worried and spout your negative crap have your agenda but the reality the club is in a fantastic place a lot of it thanks to Stewart and Gordon and us fans who have been through the thick and thin are loving it.
  7. I have eyes i saw the team lines it was the same referee as back in march where i again saw the team lines when a real proper shocker went against us which cost us least you'd can recover and probably will ,it was a hammer blow for us. As i said on the other thread if you work hard that brings you the rub of the green , Talbot have done it for years loads of times and punished the opposition now you get a wee taste of what others have had to put up with in bigger games than this. No need to have a go at our captain mcmenamin either in the club after its a game of football ffs no life or death , all the success in the world and still act like weans when one result doesn't go your way.
  8. Same referee who gave a disgraceful decision for talbot against us back in March at a crucial part of season which allowed you to win the game . Maybe seeing your away top in the flesh he didn't like it its really is a shocker like our blue one.
  9. Just you concentrate on the bottlers at Kilsyth.
  10. Just as the same referee did in March at a crucial point in the title race awarding Auchinleck a goal when everyone i have spoke to said it was miles offside . Talbot won the game 1-0 to put a big dent in our title hopes. The guy sees what he sees and acts how he sees fit. We didn't win a game he took for us last season so he isn't exactly going out his way to help us. Even men down we still had to play and execute the goals under pressure and we did that. Hard work brings you luck Talbot have done it for years and we got a rub of it today. Welcome to a small small dose of what many teams have had to deal with at the end of a game playing talbot over ten twenty plus years.
  11. Well we fill a bus but most go by car anyway without a doubt talbot will be stronger this season so to get a win over them like that was brilliant for us.
  12. The roy are in an excellent place now. Team doing well on park with rob roy man in charge. Off field stuff now moved on and the future looking good back in kirky a future at a new place fit for the future. Our support is actually alright we run bus every week and take decent numbers away if compare to most others nowadays , from social media the club still get lots of support from kirky residents be it verbals words of support or people buying club lottery tickets etc in good numbers all that that just needs to be transferred a bit more into paying punters but thats the same problem every junior team has even talbot. The size of town kirky is and the history of the club and feeling for it we really should be aiming to become one of the biggest non league clubs in the country . ( got to aim for that anyway ) We also have a development teams through the year groups and good bunch of guys coaching them from what i've been told. Aye the club lots to improve on but the positives should always be highlighted all the above far outweigh the silly stupid stuff you get from people who clearly have other motives well imo anyway and i'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks this. Finally referee today we didn't win a game he refereed last season and he was the same referee who allowed a talbot goal that was miles offside when both teams were going for the title last season .
  13. Maybe he was confused with tops again and thought he was sending off rabs players [emoji33]
  14. So beating Talbot not much to gloat about then eh [emoji4] I repeat every team is finding there form and feet it's start of the season yet you and certain others god knows what the agenda is come on and moan and moan anyone would think you have something against the management team [emoji50] Maxi is a Roy legend get used to it.
  15. Negative negative negative away and annoy someone else you irritant [emoji4]