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  1. Still think we could do with an out and out strong centre back but squad must now be at near capacity. Delighted a local boy with family ties to the Roy has signed he has did well at top level amateur, senior and lowland league will be interesting to see how he copes with the hustle and bustle of junior football.
  2. Updated squad . Management have been busy.7 in - 7 out. Manager : Stewart Maxwell Assistant Manager : Gordon Moffat Coaches Kevin Finlayson , Kenny Jarvis Gk Coach Brian McNeiL Playing Squad *New Player Michael McKinven Gk - Alex Connell* Gk Danny MacKenzie Def , Danny Boyle Def , Scott Walker Def, Michael Oliver* Def , Ross Gallacher* Def/Mid , Gary McCulloch* Def/ Mid Jordan McGuire Mid , Gavin MacKie Mid , Gary McMenamin Mid , Andy Johnstone Mid , Lee Gallacher Mid ,Stefan Law* Mid , Robert Maguire* Mid/Fwd , Shaun Fraser Mid/Fwd , Willie Sawyers Fwd , Kevin Watt Fwd , Gary Carroll* Fwd ,Connor Hughes* Fwd ( Duel Contract 21's)
  3. Gee yourself peace [emoji1]. How do you rate ex rabs man Chris Zok out of interest?
  4. Obviously aware of cambuslang and the cash. Camby were offering sawyers a better wage and good signing on fee but he choose to stay with us well that was rumour at our last home game [emoji1] He will be chancing it as i would if in talks with them! [emoji12] Our highest earner is probably on around half that. [emoji14]
  5. Two more signings squad now at 19, 7 in and 7 out. Manager doing well getting it all done early. 6th summer signing, Defender / midfielder Ross Gallacher ex Pollok Ams, Queens Park and Renfrew (Ross challenging for the ball in picture below) 7th summer signing local boy Michael Oliver Defender Ex Clyde , Cumbernauld Colts and Harestanes amateur Scottish Cup winning Captain from 2015.
  6. Ah the money earmarked for sawyers has went to good use them mate Good luck camby for new season a team i wanna see do well.
  7. Yep that's it but will be branded Rob Roy and used by Rob Roy so it's our home and everyone is delighted how its finally all coming together along with all the other youth teams that we have currently got on the go and of course all the other sports who will be using it. You can add in our significant contribution something everyone is happy about , very happy our committee went down this road. The Rob Roy colors looking cracking in the plans don't they Btw thanks for putting me right , good of you.. look forward to your contributions on the other threads also or is it strangely only rob roy you post about on here now ??
  8. Tight confines of newlandsfield these wide players may struggle a bit , didn't play many games at all last season did he and didn't score at all good player on his day though especially at junior level. Another big junior wage though christ my mate whos a season ticket holder never told me a money tree had grew at newlandfield Still expect pollok to win the league maybe the double . Good challenge for the rest of us to give them something to think about.
  9. My brother once took a dump in said toilets the ' cubicle ' part he disappeared in it for what felt like forever nobody went to check on him nobody dared, he's never been the same person since . They are still standing god only knows whats living in them now
  10. Money side i know less about . What i do know is the issue that prevented the sale of our old ground has been resolved hence why this planning application has been submitted.The money from the sale of the old ground to our current main sponsor who have the development signs outside the old ground and the old ground development still advertised on there website will be used.What i can see the area has been cleared and fenced off and will be completed in two phases so we can get back quicker. Our share of the quoted 3.8 million for the whole thing will be put in so it will be a group ownership but not having to pay bills and i assume training facilities will be of massive benefit. Pros and cons to all these things with the pros in this case out weighing the cons for sure.
  11. Don't forget the Green walls ha
  12. It will mean no paying bills like gas elec etc , have training facilities we can use . We won't have a actual gym in built to the football stadium , the gyn will just be that a gymn but built further down and along from the football place going by plans. The fact the place has got a stand and small seating area with cover and wheelchair section would tell me the football spectator is being put first. All the modern facilities are surely putting the football spectators first ?. What wouldn't be putting football spectators first is having somewhere like adamslie where our toilet didn't even have a roof haha. I do concede given our situation anything would seen as great !
  13. No really meant to raise a bar or anything like that. Though the 'extras' seem more than likes of petershill what with a two level building , large indoor gymnasium etc.The place will also have those individual touches , stand in our colors with lettering , club badge at main entrance , areas for club displays etc Graded terracing and decent enclosure require more money , more space something that we don't really have given all the facilities that will be attached to the stadium , i get what you mean but i'd rather have the modern facilities that are needed for the future than a bit of terracing and bit of cover under and enclosure ( not as though the place has no cover it will have plenty.) It's in a cracking area next to the canal and marina , less than a mile from main street .5-10 min walk loads of parking for cars , buses , cyclists right next to it.