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  1. Gut feeling 1-1 duggan to score
  2. In reality based upon the four or five chances we had we should have atleast gotten a point but no sense crying over spilt milk !
  3. I think Doug it's partly due to he always puts in a shift out there and seems to give a shit about the team rather than personal interest !
  4. Chris Kane get my vote with slattery a code 2nd
  5. I'll take 2-1 fife , duggan and Miller to find the back of the net #monthefife
  6. Any word on scott linton signing ?
  7. Just a gut feeling that they will slip under the radar and surprise a few teams
  8. 1ayr 2albion 3 Raith 4 East Fife 5alloa 6stranraer 7 arbroath 8 QP 9 Forfar 10 Airdrie
  9. Good to see Wilkie getting a run out
  10. Respectfully disagree! But everyone is entitled to their opinions!
  11. Looks like there will be a few trialists in playing on Saturday! Hopefully a new Goalie
  12. Good to see Goodfellows in top form , just stared at the ball !
  13. Anyone else think Goodie should have came for that cross on the 1st goal ?
  14. Scroll back about 5 pages and you will see !!