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  1. Interesting wee story from the history books Blether: John Martis’ testimonial fielded World Cup and Euro winners - Evening Telegraph
  2. Decent signing, you'd have to imagine the next few signings will be loans
  3. Heard it's closer to 150 mate
  4. Yes and I believe he was involved with national squad for u20s
  5. Great appointment.. will help with recruiting
  6. Lamont signed !
  7. Billy stark appointed East Kilbride manager ... the search continues for a number 2
  8. Any idea when the New Jersey's will be for sale from the team store
  9. The voice of reason !!![emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Spot on but I think most of the supporters feel hard done by that he basically signed two players in the morning and by 3.47pm he had signed with raith... I get it he wants to be a. FT manager but his cv is showing he is a short term fix .. onwards and upwards #monthefife
  11. ^^^^ second that !!
  12. Aye can't wait for him to return from holidays and sign for us Stephen !!
  13. Raith are broke and I really would question Barry's morals if he did leave for them especially since he has been hitting the market so soon and getting his guys in ! Barry smith to stay and finish the job and his two year contract !!!! #monthefife
  14. He is here on holiday and settled in Canada