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  1. East Fife vs Arbroath

    Seemed like you where bashing bayview and our style of play ...
  2. East Fife vs Arbroath

    Bitter much ..
  3. The East Fife Thread

    Any updates on Big Ben Watson’s fitness ?
  4. The East Fife Thread

    Wonder if Willis will be with us in January 🤤
  5. The East Fife Thread

    Where's Kyle Wilkie ?
  6. The East Fife Thread

    Isn't it also a refs decision ?
  7. East Fife v Forfar Athletic

    2-1 duggan to come good
  8. The East Fife Thread

    Not bad still finding his way overall
  9. The East Fife Thread

    Pagey is more of a leader than Gordon could ever be
  10. The East Fife Thread

    To be fair not bothered that Ben Gordon's gone with pagey back he was surplus and I think with his antics after the raith match most supporters would be happy to seehim go too
  11. The East Fife Thread

    Back to winning ways
  12. Airdrie v. East Fife

    Good result fir the Fife
  13. East Fife v Queens Park

    I'd take a 2-1win on Saturday thank you very much
  14. The East Fife Thread

    Pleasing !
  15. East Fife V's Raith Rovers

    Amen !!