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  1. All things Dundee FC

    Clean Sheet though. Its a start!
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Glad to see your not bothered though. Small team syndrome imo.
  3. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    Was he Polish? My names not Walter. Apologies in advance. It was too tempting.
  4. Show us your pussy..!

    The timing of Darren O'Dea.
  5. Show us your pussy..!

    "You cut aff my ba's and keep me from going out an getting my hole at night!....Am gan to dump in yer loaby!"
  6. Show us your pussy..!

    Kitler not giving a f**k about the stupid dugs. Looking much better after his latest scrap.
  7. P & B Limerick competition 2017

    A website created by Div A football forum he wanted to give Now filled with Accies and **** Along with terrible puns Im now losing the will to live.
  8. Tin Tack

    I thought you couldn't punt someone if they fail a drug test etc and they had to be helped and rehabilitated by the company?
  9. Probably Ellon, it's full of wide tubes. Aberdeen for me, being brought up in Aberdeen and going to quite a few random Aberdeen games over the years. Although the home support are really dull compared to the home crowd in the Derry.
  10. The P+B Quiz League (and Cup)

    5 for Wednesday. Recently watched Hotel Rwanda, great film.