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  1. League above? I just want players good enough to win this league. We can worry about the league above if we ever get there.
  2. Yes but hes a maybe.
  3. Fash & Austin. Your getting as bad as me I think what it shows is how unbalanced our squad is. We only have 2 defenders we have any confidence in and one of them is getting played out of position. Hippo is the only real wide player and the rest are centre forwards or centre mids. It's hardly surprising we struggle after only a couple of injuries.
  4. I wouldn't thank you for Andy Ryan but a couple of full backs wouldn't go amiss.
  5. Was it not a winding up order from hmrc that put you into the mire initially. Obviously wasnt the majority debt unlike sevvo or you would now be called 'the dunfermline athletic football club'
  6. He was one of the best finishers at the club.
  7. I vaguely remember him missing from about 3 yards out with about a minute to go when playing against us for Hamilton in a scottish cup tie a few years back. Blair Alston scored an absolute peach that day.
  8. That would surely mean Aird having to put in a tackle which is way beyond his ability I'm afraid.
  9. Its amazing what you can so with photoshop these days.
  10. We haven't had a decent home performance since we beat Dundee United 3-0 in February. We've only won one of our last 8 competitive home matches. I would say that is cause for concern.
  11. Playing Dumbarton at Dumbarton is a whole different story from at home. Always a tough place to visit. We should be pumping them at home though every time if we have any thoughts of winning the league this season.
  12. Loys record at Dundee is a hundred times better than Ryans at Hamilton I can assure you and hes proven himself at this level before. To be honest the jury is still out on Austin though. Its a huge step up from the seaside leagues to the championship or premier. Just look at el bacteria. 30 in 41 in league 1 and 3 in 30 odd in the premier last season which was about the same as Loy funnily enough and yet loy only started about 4 games. Even Moffat managed double figures in league one for fecks sake.
  13. Yeah but he hadn't already failed miserably at a higher level.
  14. Another seaside league striker . I think St Mirren fans were hoping they would sign him until they actually saw him in the flesh.
  15. The group stages are glorified friendlies with teams chopping and changing and getting player fit and I've said that from day one. Results in those games mean heehaw if you don't perform in the league.The knockout is when the real stuff starts as is the league campaign. The performance against Livingston was one of the worst I've seen in many a year and we capitulated against St Mirren as soon as they scored. Yes we missed chances but is that not a serious worry as we wont win many games if we cant stick the ball in the back of the net. What kind of results and performances would you see as bad then if getting pumped by a St Mirren side that were royally thumped by Morton , losing to Livie and drawing with a part time side at home isn't.