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  1. I didn't mention cash Robert. It's 3 days!
  2. Fella, the way I see it, you've got it the wrong way round. The club have PROVIDED the weans with the chance to develop skills and play football in a safe environment with their pals. Well done, Renfrew FC The fact that they stopped your nephew's training three days early isn't worth getting hot under the collar about. I'm guessing most will see it that way, regardless of how much emotive language you throw about.
  3. What? They closed the park on the 20th instead of the 23rd?
  4. Can you remind us of your text number for the show please, Robert? There may be a few questions for Mr Young this evening!
  5. Is Ryan O'Donnell from Mauchline perchance?
  6. Can we send Killiepiyo or Essdee to record it please?
  7. Absolutely loved this! As someone who misses out on all this stuff now, it's fantastic to see how much it stills means to players and supporters. As a club, Talbot are blessed to have a guy who takes the time to do all this. As a grade of football, we are blessed to have all of the fellas who take the time to do this. Recording all these matches, along with the pre and post match footage, is no small task and the fact that dafties like me can log on from anywhere and be part of things, is ace. Thanks to Killiepiyo and all the other blokes for your hard work. Loved the film. Highlights for me were,,,,everyone sitting out on the deck chairs before the game, the lassie going on like a maddy at the back of the stand, the hurt on the Talbot boys faces after the Scottish final (just cos it shows how much it meant to them) and big Bobby Maxi McCulloch in the crowd ranting to his pal as Mark Shankland celebrated his goal. Hahaha Mon the Juniors!
  8. America Thistle?
  9. Haha once Skype is good to go your first mate! Girl I follow on twitter is next, Sundrland home and away but goes to local games every day of the week, known her online for years every year she comments on the new strips and buys..... socks! She must have the biggest fitbaw sock collction bar none! I need to get my blog back up, any suggestions for free hosting sites?

  10. Oh, I don't know. Maybe KY is the answer. It all depends on what your problem is!
  11. That makes it alright then. You can ignore the sights and sounds of a new cultural experience, in favour of P & B, at your convenience. Bonus!
  12. I do. Harmless guy who doesn't merit anyone using him to get a laugh. There's plenty stuff on here which is more outrageous....like Bul2 spending good money flying across the sea for a holiday and using the hotel wifi to fish for daft lols on here. He'll probably reply with a vein bulging roar, but at least he can......unlike Eekie!
  13. My predictions are thus:- Super Prem - Auchinleck Talbot Super First - Troon Juniors Ayrshire District - Ardrossan Winton Rovers Central First - Neilston Juniors Central Second - Gartcairn Juniors There y'are!
  14. Hiya Talbot Bing. Hiya pal