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  1. Larkhall, Kilwinning and Cambuslang will kick my season off nicely. Tommyboy?
  2. No, I haven't, smartypants! I remember on previous threads about the reconstruction vote, posters saying it will only work if the Ardagh is scrapped and the lad (think a boy from Troon) said that wasn't part of the proposal at that point and therefore it could still be in place if it wasn't discussed as part of a separate vote . Sorry to burst your bubble but at least it gave you a chance to puff your chest out on here for a wee while eh?
  3. I read that it will still be in place next season. Carnage will ensue at the end of that season.
  4. Stand corrected. Thanks. As was stated at the time of the league reconstruction vote, extending the leagues whilst keeping this tourney will be suicidal for the west region. Please rethink this quickly.
  5. What a bloody shame for Muirkirk. Started the group positively as well. Starting to see the merits in dropkicking this tourney now. The boys in the East have 3 league games done by now.
  6. Cheers
  7. Can I ask, is George Grierson still boss at Muirkirk?
  8. Things will always be something.
  9. Aye, it's looking good. Nice to see the right kind of investment being made. Team seem to have made a decent start as well. A club to watch this season imo.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame the boys or John at Cumnock for taking a job at a higher level. It still must sting a bit for Wishaw though.
  11. All being held at Newlandsfield this year so that'll save on petrol.
  12. Have to feel a bit sorry for Wishaw. They keep getting their managers stolen. Good luck getting someone in.
  13. Sounds like he got himself into a.........(everyone)?
  14. Mother-in-laws? The Haws? Hill O'Beath Hawthorn?
  15. Vital Spark……Craigmark?