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  1. I've seen that, one of the reasons I left was the poor salary, and a few that left not long after me cited the same reason. That was just over 5 years ago. Good to see they haven't learned, even some of the more senior role that I noticed on their careers page a while back the salaries are crazily poor for what they expect you to have experience of and do on daily basis.
  2. This has a lot to answer for with regards to unrealistic expectations IMO. My first job I started with a small company on £16,500 at aged 22 and got few decent wage rises but then didn't start increasing salary properly til i moved jobs & learned new skills to be worthy of the new role and increased salary. However, I recently worked for a Global company with a grad scheme where the grads starting salary was £25,000. Once their 2 year scheme is over if they don't get kept on then they are looking for jobs with minimum salary £25,000. Out of the roughly 25 grads that worked in the same area as I did, there were only 5/6 that were decent at what they did and out that 5/6 there were only 3 that I would say were worth the £25,000 salary. That was in just the area I worked in around 22 grads getting paid £25,000 a year at 22/23 years old and expecting that as a minimum going forward, but realistically most weren't skilled enough at that age to be worth that salary, never mind the 8/9 of those grads that were absolute waste of space and had no hope of being kept on once the scheme ended. Of course though as poor as they were they have the large company on the c.v. and have had the £25,000 salary so there is no chance they will be looking at jobs relevant to their skills set as the salary will be too low for them.
  3. Err thanks I think...?
  4. Hopefully not ruined your quiz, but when I was at uni there was a Rangers shop in Paisley High Street.
  5. You're the one that has thrown the accusation about a couple of times, so as far as I'm concerned you're the one acting like the judge and I've told my side. If you choose to believe it or not that's up to you. I'm off now to enjoy my Saturday before heading to Rugby Park tomorrow enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully we can both enjoy the football tomorrow.
  6. No it's not. I do know QLP posts on as Cille Mhernaig, hence the confusion. I also now wished I used previously so I could have registered as Cille Mhernaig 1st and not be accussed of being QLP.
  7. So the RangAyrs scarves never happened? How disappointing, suppose we'll just need to stick to slagging you lot for your general shiteness and irrelevance in Scottish football.
  8. Ironic reason to hate the man considering your teams famous RangAyrs scarf of a few years back.
  9. If we can guarantee this happens and he also is hugging MJ tight when the flames take hold then I would consider accepting relegation.
  10. Given if my brain is working correctly, Tommy Wright replaced Lomas and how Tommy Wright has worked out for St Johnstone I would be happy to copy this model as long as we get the right man. That said we'll no doubt end up with one of the usual Scottish managerial failures. Fun times ahead!
  11. If Clark goes then surely not even that Sevco boaby sucking, lying, greedy, rat fuck we have the mispleasure to call an ex chairman Johnstone would be stupid enough to reappoint Locke... I hope
  12. Glad to see your club have seen sense and given the fucking charlatan the boot. Hopefully that's the useless cunt out of football for good. Commiserations on having to endure Gary Locke's 'football' over the last few months. Hopefully the new manager can fix Locke's mess and you guys can survive.
  13. Stranger things have happened, see the Sammon from Wigan to Derby example above as proof.
  14. There are loans for the sake of loans and there are loans to boost your team. This guy is young and is very highly rated and waaaay out our price range. Celtic want him to get games and we want to get a decent player so over the next 5 months both parties get what they want. So in my opinion this is a loan that will boost our team. He will as already been stated be playing with Taylor, Hawkshaw, Frizzell most weeks, possibly with Wilson a couple of times and hopefully before the end of the season with Kiltie who are all our U20's. You don't successfully rebuild a full team in one or two windows, it takes time and yeah Clark has got a few signings wrong. However he needs to continually add to the permanent players (which he is doing with the Osbourne signing and I wouldn't be surprised if Boyd becomes permanent before end of the window) as well as have a squad large enough to be competitive in the Scottish cup, push on up the league and avoid 11th & 12th place and if he needs to make full use/rip the pish out the loan market to achieve that then I'm all for it. Especially if we are kicking off season 2017/18 as a premiership club with a decent permanent squad made up of experienced pros and our youth graduates with a couple of highly regarded loan players to finish it off.
  15. I'd maybe ditch the middle bit and focus on either the start or end of 10) If it's not too late to join I'll come up with a list of things I'd like to achieve this year and post later on.