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  1. There are loans for the sake of loans and there are loans to boost your team. This guy is young and is very highly rated and waaaay out our price range. Celtic want him to get games and we want to get a decent player so over the next 5 months both parties get what they want. So in my opinion this is a loan that will boost our team. He will as already been stated be playing with Taylor, Hawkshaw, Frizzell most weeks, possibly with Wilson a couple of times and hopefully before the end of the season with Kiltie who are all our U20's. You don't successfully rebuild a full team in one or two windows, it takes time and yeah Clark has got a few signings wrong. However he needs to continually add to the permanent players (which he is doing with the Osbourne signing and I wouldn't be surprised if Boyd becomes permanent before end of the window) as well as have a squad large enough to be competitive in the Scottish cup, push on up the league and avoid 11th & 12th place and if he needs to make full use/rip the pish out the loan market to achieve that then I'm all for it. Especially if we are kicking off season 2017/18 as a premiership club with a decent permanent squad made up of experienced pros and our youth graduates with a couple of highly regarded loan players to finish it off.
  2. I'd maybe ditch the middle bit and focus on either the start or end of 10) If it's not too late to join I'll come up with a list of things I'd like to achieve this year and post later on.
  3. Was Dr Leah not up against the total wid Luisa whose business was cake company & baking accessories? I think that scalability of the bakery business put him off Luisa and he took a punt on Leah. If Luisa has kicked on with her baking business and Sugar has kept an eye on it's growth then he would have ready made answers on how to grow up Alanna's business and successfully distribute the products nationwide without impacting on quality and blowing the investment on a fleet of trucks to transport smallish orders to further reaches of the land. I've said for a few weeks that Alanna would win but I agree there are some issues with the scalability of her business. The only things I can see working in her favour is what I have said about Luisa's business above, and also the fact that he's also had a year working with Joe the plumber. Joe's business was of a similar nature i.e. small local business looking to expand wider. For example, you wouldn't phone a plumber in Edinburgh to fit a boiler in Glasgow when there are loads of local plumbers, in the same way you wouldn't get cakes from a bakery in Edinburgh for a party in Glasgow when again there will be local bakers that can do the same job. Sugar has had a year expanding a business that is probably already well served in the areas it is looking to expand to. It is just a question of whether he can be fucked doing it again in a different sector. I suppose as well there is also the chance in Alanna's favour of him picking up the phone to Tesco/Asda/etc and turning her into a commercial bakery with a lucrative supermarket deal for a speedy job done with regards to his ROI.
  4. Christ you're not hurting much after today's result are you? Have some cocoa, go to bed, tomorrow is a brand new day where you can try not to make an arse of yourself.
  5. Don't get me fucking started on this. I stay across the road from a school and it is amazing the amount of whompercunts that think it's perfectly acceptable to 1) block our driveway as 'they'll only be 2 minutes' 2) park their Chelsea Tractors either side of our driveway meaning that we can't see the oncoming traffic and the only tactic to get out the driveway is to go for it and hope for the best. Also seen eejits picking their kids up and not paying attention when pulling away and nearly wiping other kids out. But apparently it's safer dropping the kids off/picking them up at the school gate and I'm just the pesky homeowner who gets in the way of them dropping their cherubs off so what do I know?
  6. Scottish water installing new water mains for Ayrshire.
  7. Because he had accumulated enough tickets that it was worth them taking him to court. Your £100 is not worth going to court over, his guts of 5 grand was. They also apparently had cctv evidence showing him removing tickets from the car, therefore proving he was the driver. If you get a notice through the post identifying you as registered keeper then as long as you don't Lee Wallace yourself or the actual driver responsible they can't do anything. Also bear in mind they settled before it got to court and settled for 2 grand less than what they could have gotten if they had seen it through. If their case was that water tight surely you'd refuse to settle and take the extra 2k plus legal costs that they would be awarded when they won the case?
  8. I mentioned it as an option if you wanted to try get the ticket cancelled without contacting the company that issued it and if you wanted their letters to stop. We may have been reading similar sources, though some that I've read do state that if manager has no power due to the sub contract, writing to area manager/head office can result in the ticket being cancelled. Easiest option though if the ticket is issued by a private parking firm in Scotland is to blank it and all subsequent correspondence.
  9. You are correct never to interact with the parking company who have issues the notice. I didn't make it clear that I was speaking as the registered keeper not as driver. So if you did contact supermarket manager; it would be as the registered keeper, complaining about the parking company employed by the supermarket accessing your details as registered keeper from the DVLA using POFA, providing the parking ticket reference but without giving the drivers name and threaten to take your business elsewhere. In that situation you would probably get the supermarket cancelling the ticket and an apology for the inconvenience.
  10. But only in England, POFA does not apply in Scotland so their tickets are not enforceable full stop, never mind you being liable for 'loss of earnings'.
  11. If it comes from a mob called Parking Eye then f**k it off in the bin, they will continue to send letters and eventually get bored. The reason it is not enforceable in Scotland is that they use ANPR when you arrive and leave the car park. If you are over their free parking limit they then contact the DVLA to get the registered keepers details justifying it by using the PoFA act 2012, and then submit the 'fine' to the registered keeper asking them to pay if they were the driver or to provide the dirvers details so the 'fine' can be sent to the correct person. Problem with that is PoFA 2012 is not part of Scottish law so technically they have broken the law by gaining the details of the registered keeper. Also if the registerd keeper wasn't driving that day you would like to think they are not a Lee Wallace and dob you in. Don't contact the company who issued you the ticket but if you want the 'fine' cancelled then if issued in Lidl (or any other supermarket) car park then may be worth contacting the store manager who can cancel the ticket for you if you have a valid reciept or even just the threat of taking your business elsewhere. Anything issued by the council or police you need to pay up but prior to doing so scrutinise the ticket for any errors and also check the area you were parking on for anything you can use as appeal.
  12. I'll take that bet!
  13. No he wouldn't first time someone disagreed with him or accused him of being a previously banned poster the reply to everything, gifs and not bothered posts would out him. Grimbo would out himself by posting under an alias account but signing the post off Grimbo no doubt.
  14. Seems like that complete cats piss outfit played your hammer throwers off the park tonight. How'd that 5-0 prediction work out for you?
  15. The problem as has already been highlighted was that the squad inherited was utter dog shite. The league cup starting in July didn't help matters so short term LC had to 1) Get rid of all players he no longer wanted 2) Build a squad for the league campaign but also to make a decent stab at the league cup. The problem was though that to complete 2) he had to complete 1) and there were a number of these guys on 3 year deals so was not a case of telling them to piss off. So the way I see things is that he knew he wasn't going to free up the budget by getting rid of everyone straight away so to ensure he had the numbers he's went for loans. The number of loans whilst high are mostly until January, this way Clark has been able to build the numbers to go into the start of the season around the remains of the squad he kept and 5 permanent signings, without panic buying and still gives him room to add permanent signings as he sees fit. There is also the added advantage of if he unearths an unexpected gem we have him for 6 months to help the team with the possibility of extending it for the season. That said, he is now adding his own permanent signings, which would suggest that quite a few of the loans will not be extended, but by making the permanent signings now he can integrate them into the squad and not have major rebuilding in January when the loans expire. The issue with the right backs is basically that the ones signed initially have struggled and he has added 1 loan and 1 permanent signing to give them a chance to settle and improve. If it doesn't work out, then like the 2 loans they will be released come January I expect or else Hendrie will go back to Burnley and we will have Kayode/Webb fighting out for RB with Cobain as the development player in that position.