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  1. Rugby's utter shite mate. And now that Scotland are doing well, there's a whole new batch of insufferable "Oh but I've always been into rugby!" crawling out the woodwork.
  2. Don't think anybody has said that at all tbf...
  3. Nice goal. The comebacks on!
  4. You'll be glad you're not away down for this Rab. It'd be nice for Liverpool to have even bothered to turn up! [emoji47][emoji85]
  5. Great goal. Liverpool are fucking murder! [emoji1]
  6. Leicester midfield fairly putting in a shift here. Okazaki being a right pest. Nice.
  7. ^^^
  8. Told it like it is.
  9. Gary Neville not even hiding his hate for Liverpool! [emoji1] "Liverpool have been woeful, and I mean WOEful!"
  10. Oooft! Beauty! [emoji122] Great prediction! Delighted! [emoji1]
  11. Klopps face there [emoji1]
  12. Pure filth and easy when she's raging though... [emoji7]
  13. And there it is [emoji1]
  14. Henderson injured?
  15. I reckon Liverpool will win 2-0. Hopefully I'm wrong though!