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  1. The Diego Costa drama-queenery is perhaps comparable in terms of media coverage but I see he's back training with the first team today so I'd imagine that'll fizzle out.
  2. I reckon in ten years this 'for-pyramid/against-pyramid' debate will still be raging on and nothing will have changed. For the majority of clubs in the juniors there's as many pros as there is cons with regards to the pyramid system so it just drags on and on.
  3. Was she not getting pumped off Max in Eastenders not so long ago?
  4. Is this some trolling from TAFKA Deeboy?
  5. He must be choking to defy the rules at Prestonfield and post on P&B [emoji1]
  6. What position does he play?
  7. The traffic on the M80 just now. I hate the days I have to drive in the dark and when it's busiest.
  8. Oh f**k aye! That's probably the best shout so far!
  9. Totally this ^^^ [emoji106]
  10. Thoroughly in agreement with these last few comments. The worst episode I've seen in a long time. Utterly ridiculous. The spiking of Kev's pints was just beyond stupid writing.
  11. Quite right pal.
  12. NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories. A funny and insightful look into the history and experiences of the punk band NOFX. Brilliant read.
  13. Apologies if already posted, but more pics aren't a bad thing: Charlize Theron: Scarlett Johansen: