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  1. Stopped reading here tbh.
  2. The Walking Dead

  3. Ah the old Standfree caveat for the flock to follow [emoji1] Let’s be honest though - If I do say such things, it’ll still be far more interesting than anything you’ve ever posted. De Gea is class tbf.
  4. [emoji1] Dots: Serious business.
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    It will probably f**k your body-clock up and leave you out-of-sync for a good few days as well.
  6. And you and seem to be on a horizontal to downward trajectory.
  7. I don’t even think I meant to do that tbh but he’s certainly more than welcome to it since he seems to have been quite successful in upsetting you. Grand.
  8. [emoji1] Taking it well Dum-Dum. Tear soaked resignation imminent... Shitting story from shitting thread in shitly timed re-post makes shit thread even shitter. Grand. #perthshire
  9. You’re spot on Randy. And if they choose to do it in an official resignation post and floods of tears, that’s their prerogative. Well said you!
  10. Premier League 2017-2018

    Just to sit on the bench at another club as well. A.O.C must be utterly raging with himself for making the move [emoji1]
  11. You’ll probably still make an arse of it tbh... Ffs P&B. Unless you’re voting for him, when this thread comes around again next year, please don’t let Miguel anywhere bloody near it! What an utterly tedious, dragged-out snoozefest this has been. Even MattyDFC’s unfinished, half-done version from a couple of years back was a hundred times more entertaining than this sorry effort, which in comparison, has made reading Monkey Tennis posts seem like a night at the fireworks.
  12. I’m not sure a pathetic, blubbering drip who was reduced to resigning from the internet can be seen as any kind of opinion to be considered tbh.
  13. Multi-quoting one person and looking for help from ‘other’ is definitely not bothered though. Look, I’m sorry I called you stumpy and didn’t consider your feelings but it’s done now. I will try not to be so short with you again.
  14. South Park

    Is this the episode they also do Insane In The Brain? I seen a short clip Cypress Hill tweeted the other night