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  1. Slaves are decent. A pair of meat n tatties noisy wee b*****ds!
  2. Perhaps one for the older generation, but who remembers Kelty Hearts JFC? Won the 2016/17 East Superleague with a game to spare. Whit a team they were...
  3. My favourite band but still like Enter Sandman when it's played live as it's a bit heavier, gets the crowd bouncing and the pyro adds a bit of excitement. Their first album will always be the best one for me, especially just for the way the album opens. Eerie as f**k.
  4. Totally agree with your pick of Black Sabbath songs over Paranoid. And everyone knows Black Sabbath is Black Sabbath's best song.
  5. Can't say I've ever seen or heard anyone hurling abuse at the departed chairman. Heard him hurling plenty of it toward refs and opponents though! All the best to the new chairman and vice chairman.
  6. Never heard of you until about two posts ago but carry on. What a hero [emoji1] By hero I mean VL.
  7. Exactly this. There's probably many others like them but I'm pretty sure Lemmy and Slash are both on record as having said they're (or was in Lemmy's case) both sick of playing/hearing Ace of Spades and Sweet Child O' Mine.
  8. We're gonna have to agree to disagree on that one.
  9. Why didn't you quote the specific comment then?
  10. Smells Like Teen Spirit, much like GnR's Sweet Child O' Mine, got and still does get totally played to death, once all the mainstream radio jumped on the back of the hype. Same thing tends to happen with most rock bands and their biggest hits. Songs like the two above, Under The Bridge by RHCP, or Oasis' Don't Look Back In Anger and Wonderwall I'd be happy to never hear again to be honest.
  11. Baillieston were a strong side in the early to mid 80's. In the '84 Junior Cup Final which they lost 2-0 to Bo'ness (have I mentioned that before? [emoji4]) they had a young striker called Andy Walker who went on to score many goals for Celtic and then become one of the most abysmal pundits we've ever had the misfortune to have on tv.
  12. Agreed. The wife's still engrossed. I was bored of it by episode 2. Also, Grey O'Brian is an utterly dreadful actor. But aye, nice scenery up that way.