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  1. And again: And again: They actually might be older pics but any excuse. I'm not even fucking sorry.
  2. Is Gomez not naturally a CB but being used as a makeshift RB today?
  3. Brilliant [emoji1]
  4. Dunblane Hydro or Peebles Hydro immediately spring to mind if it's for a night away with the missus with good food and drink. Maybe also worth looking at Gleneagles or heading up to St Andrews?
  5. Agreed, but any decision made by the committee wouldn't be made based on today's result alone, so I think them missing a solitary game isn't as big a deal as some are making out. Not sure it's a great advert for the club mind you.
  6. It's going to be a hellish long season watching the B.U unless things improve urgently. No idea how the team move forward without a number of good quality signings, but without the cash, it's going to just be a case of pish with the cock we've got and hope for the best. A bad season will likely see us lose our better players and it seems like attendances are down a bit as well. Hard to find anything to be optimistic about just now. Also, there's much being made of the committee being away at the races, but they make f**k-all difference to what happens on the pitch.
  7. CBB

    Jemma Lucy - A definite case of 'don't look at the mantelpiece whilst poking the fire'.
  8. I think I heard that Bruce was last seen in tatters outside Fisons... Possibly even decapitated [emoji50]
  9. Even when I was done, I'd thumb it in floppy.
  10. Las Ramblas is a lot busier during the day. Some days there's a market with loads of stalls etc. At night it's a fair bit quieter, mainly because it's notorious for drugs, hookers, pickpockets and muggers after dark.
  11. FFS, you're having a time of it. [emoji53] Hope your mum recovers soon.
  12. Looks quite cool from the outside and aye, if they changed the grey seats it'd look better.
  13. Why does he think the big Scottish is a waste of time?