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  1. What a signing Andy Murphy has been. Outstanding tonight.
  2. Haha, fair play to the lad for giving zero fucks, but it ain't pretty! [emoji1]
  3. Basically that macintosh. Too many injuries, a continually reshuffled side week-in-week-out until what seemed about February, a lack of goals at times and an inability to finish teams off or hang on to results. Lochee at Newtown about a month ago being the prime example.
  4. Some Stoke fan tweeted him midweek and said 'if I go down to Southampton in my speedos can I get your match shirt?' Crouch tweeted back saying 'Speedos and only speedos and it's yours'. Crouch spotted the boy at the end of the game, in his speedos, mask and snorkel, and took his shirt over and posed for a pic.
  5. Fair play to Peter Crouch for keeping his promise with that Stoke fan. [emoji1]
  6. Oh look, here's P&B's very own Nathan right now [emoji1]
  7. Haven't watched Corrie for a few weeks but now I'm gonna have to get it off catch-up!
  8. Some folk going nuclear with rage on Twitter saying that Chelsea & Sunderland should be charged with match-fixing as the clubs agreed this pre-match.
  9. Azpilicueta playing every minute of every game this season. Some achievement.
  10. Guzan is brutal [emoji1]
  11. I'm actually getting quite caught up in the scores required for Throbber's coupon now [emoji1]
  12. I couldn't see from where I was, just seen the ball fly into the dugout and a mass melee of handbags and someone pushing Coyne.
  13. Bairnardo Typing Tedious Shite?