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  1. Uh-huh... Ssshh now.
  2. Nothing but a clear starry sky in Falkirk but it's fucking freezing outside.
  3. Don't care! [emoji1] It's only a made-up internet award voted for by perma-rattled morons, and bairns. Don't know what age you are but you take the internet way too seriously mate!
  4. There you go Rab! DanMc99 just stepped into the firing line to take a bit of heat off you as the forums resident murdering, scouse, ambulance-chasing, grief merchant! [emoji39][emoji1]
  5. ^^^About as reliable a source as The Sun. There was a Rose game tonight. #BBB posts on BU thread: 1 #BBB posts on Rose thread: 0
  6. Messi! [emoji7] Real Madrid absolutely gutted!
  7. If you think Rakitic's goal for Barca was good, go watch Bonucci's goal for Juventus tonight! ^^^ Serie A thread for this pish
  8. So did I and I'd image probably half of the saner Rangers fans did too wherever they were watching it. Waghorn is rubbish. Slow as f**k too. He found his level last season in the Championship.
  9. Ooooft! [emoji1]
  10. Sitter from Ronaldo
  11. Nope. We don't have any games in hand over you lot to worry about at the moment though so what's your point caller? We live in hope.
  12. That was nasty from Marcelo.
  13. No. You have quite a few games in hand, but you won't win them all.