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  1. That is the general idea of a pyramid.
  2. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    Ye ragin mate!?
  3. Bankies nxt season

    No need for 5 pages. Juniors are most definitely not professional. Easy.
  4. Bankies nxt season

    Why is this bothering you so much?
  5. Bankies nxt season

    Thought arrogance like this could only be spouted by fans of the ugly sisters!
  6. Bankies nxt season

    Reeks of jealousy in here
  7. I’d say Alex Neil was the last one to get a gebuinely good opportunity down south, but he was top (or near the top) of the prem with Hamilton when he was poached. Probably unfairly sacked in the end from Norwich but not surprising - currently doing a decent job at Preston
  8. Most saints fans would like to think that Ross will want to see this job through (ie at least get us up and possibly 1 season in top league), but in reality, if you’re getting a potential pay increase of 5x your current salary it’s going to be a hard one to turn down. Nervous as f**k about this!
  9. Exactly my thoughts. Wants to keep it private yet posts it on Twitter...
  10. League Leaders V QOS

    We should be out of sight by now - 2-3 great chances since the pen
  11. Big time! Cue a 3-0 hammering today!!
  12. Club Licence

    It’s not a closed shop though?