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  1. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    Who, in your opinion, is to blame for that?
  2. Think Reilly has been badly advised here - he’s obviously been told by his agent, or thought himself that he could get a better prem deal or something in England. Fair play to Stubbs for putting out a message to the rest of the players. I was a massive fan of Reilly last year, his work rate is immense not to mention his goals. Since Mullen came into the side though, whilst they’re pretty similar players, I’d rather Mullen over Reilly. Heard today we should be signing a couple of young guys from English lower leagues in the coming days - Jackson has been scouting for Blackburn apparently so must have a decent knowledge of lower leagues / youth leagues down south
  3. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    What are peoples opinion on best / fairest structure for next year? Fairest I presume would be the new entrants play in a division one, however that may not be the best solution. What are the thoughts of the weaker existing EOS clubs? Would they voluntarily play in a new 1st div to avoid being hammered every week?
  4. To be fair everyone has been shite for villa and Blackburn over few years - can’t remember much about his time at wolves. And he definitely made stoke harder to beat when he came in, so was on a hiding to nothing there. The fact we’re even talking about someone of his experience showing how far we’ve come in last 18 months. I still don’t think we have a chance jn hell getting him - but would bite your hand off for Someone of his experience. Clarke hardly had a glittering record as a manager - think people need to remember the gulf between managing in the epl and Scottish prem.
  5. I think you really need to start reading peoples messages properly before replying.
  6. Shrewsbury boss odds on to be appointed. Assuming they spoke to him after there playoff 2nd leg
  7. New Fixture Secretary Post

    Farce of an organisation [emoji2]. And people wonder why it’s on its arse - total self preservation, how people can’t see this I have no idea. Get a properly run west of Scotland league up and running and it will benefit not only the clubs, but the non league game as a whole as well.
  8. Clutching at straws, but also don’t think this if foregone conclusion. Few other good Ross-type candidates being interviewed, reading Shrewsbury manager is one of them, although not sure how that’s sitting with them in the middle of their playoffs. Scott Parker also been mentioned although not sure what (if any) coaching experience he has
  9. Don’t understand what the issue is with this? If people didn’t want it whyvote for it? Did it not get 90% voting for?
  10. We’ll pass on your concerns to the countries best manager this year (official)
  11. That will be Roy - owner of de beers! Mad st mirren fan who loves a bevvy!
  12. Glad to see millions is taking this well.
  13. Sounds like he’s been promised a good level of backing from the Board. Do you reckon scott is dipping into own pockets for any wages?
  14. Will this be Spartans year?

    Are cove one of the highland teams that don’t want to go up?