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  1. Logan guilty of thuggery then? What a surprise.
  2. That's the thing, I don't think they care about the victim, the coach being innocent or guilty. This about them never being able to use child abuse to score points again (like certain ***'s on here)
  3. He should have worn an empty bread packet on his head.
  4. Shay O'logahan has obviously pre-planned this for when the sheep got a win. It's just that he's had to wait so long.
  5. That would apparently seem to be the case. Unless you're calling that guy a liar?
  6. Aberdeen secure 2nd, 5-5 in the other game and here we are, all talking about Celtic. Box office.
  7. When was the Tonev thing again?
  8. ^^^ Heads gone.. Again..
  9. I'm gonna need a bigger boat.
  10. Some state Logans got himself in there. What's with the double nazi salute?
  11. I'm in hospital mate, very little else to do.