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  1. Motherwell v Celtic

    Justice at last, that'll show those cheating referee's.
  2. Motherwell v Celtic

    VAR would be a good laugh imo. Some of our fans would claim that the footage was being altered in real time so that we don't get decisions. Would also make a few of our refs look like the diddies they are. It might even improve their performance
  3. Motherwell v Celtic

    I thought this thread was dead but the paranoia is bubbling to the surface again. This could run and run.
  4. Motherwell v Celtic

    Abandon thread, abandon thread...!!
  5. Motherwell v Celtic

    ^^^ "look at me, look at me"
  6. Motherwell v Celtic

    Aye, he's lost the plot completely. Most of the Motherwell boys take it in the fashion it's intended but this boy is angry as f**k. Nothing but a raging simpleton.
  7. Motherwell v Celtic

    MJC's head has exploded. Bottom 6 mentality. Bottom 6 team.
  8. Flybhoy and Bennett are probably the same person.
  9. Motherwell v Celtic

    It's time to let it go lads.
  10. Motherwell v Celtic

    Jesus christ.... Also worthy of note that even though there were horrendous tackles going in all over the shop there were no groups of players surrounding the ref and screaming in his face. Changed days... Also, that was never a penalty