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  1. We signed a guy, Jon Aurtenexte, who was a first-team player at Bilbao and is way too good to play for us - easily the best fullback I've seen at Dundee. Holt eventually got dropped after a few mistakes (and to shake up our poor defensive record) and Basque Jon has excelled. Jon will likely be away in the summer you'd imagine but I don't think Holt's style really suits McCann, he has a defensive error in him and in possession, he isn't the most composed and often panics with the ball (although can have a good delivery on him in the final third) which is a huge issue with the style of football McCann is trying to enforce. Rumour has it, we've already got a guy, Nathan Ralph, targetted for a PCA already. It's unfortunate as I think he is finally relatively popular in the Dundee support but it looks like he'll have a tough job fighting his way back into the team. I imagine he will get himself a bottom half side but right now, will maybe look for a loan until the end of the season to get himself in the shop window. He's very much a confidence player and needs to have his head in the right place or he can fall to pieces.
  2. The Holt loan rumour is in our local paper today.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    I suspect you are right that the injuries will clear up and you guys will be fine but so often, supporters do buy into an injury fallacy. So many times I've heard Dundee fans say things will be OK when our injuries recover and we'll shoot up the league and more often than not, we'll struggle. An actuary would look at the injury argument and point out that a couple of the guys you've mentioned are late 20s and had other long-term injuries fairly recently - who says that they'll recover to the same level? The odds on other players getting injured are also not low and another issue is that it can be quite hard to get out of the rut. The lack of goals elsewhere and even presence up front is also a big issue, people think wins turn to draws but more often than not, the inability to be active up the park invokes more pressure at the back. It just doesn't justify the risk involved to me. Even if this only increases chances of relegation to something like 10%, that's gambling big time on the future of the club. The chances are anyway that you'll finish a couple of league places lower and that's £100k gone of it already. £10-20k for progressing a round less in the Scottish Cup. An additional signing £20-30k. So a strong possibility of only say £300k to remove a really important tool which dramatically increases the chances of relegation and likely decreasing income into the millions - it doesn't seem sensible. Whatever happens, the manager has a tough job in getting the new forwards integrated mid-season and failure to do so in a timely manner could lead to his departure and a pay off which further eats into the money. The economics seem all wrong to me. I don't know what assurances were given but Moult would have gotten his move regardless and been a success and good story for the club. At least with a sulking Moult, he's still in the position of probably being better than most strikers in the league on a bad day and still incentivised to turn it on in some way if his agent is trying to get him a nice sign on clause elsewhere. You've already got profit in the great contribution he's provided and this is a move that can quite literally remove all of that.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    They are contractually obliged to play and once February 1st comes, they need to be playing to attract suitors. It's not ideal to have an unsettled player and ideally, you let them go for a good fee but it is a process which will often require huge upheaval in itself (i.e. a team often to change how they play - a run of form which usually then leads to a large compensation payout to a sacked manager). You're never going to keep players forever but asserting a little bit more control over the situation and even allowing a player to leave for free is often more beneficial than a couple of hundred thousand which will be squandered as quick as it arrives.
  5. All things Dundee FC

    It's complete nonsense. Scottish teams always sell their players for peanuts and then get into a right state spending a fortune on the general instability that follows which can even result in relegation which hugely damages the structure of the club. Even Motherwell being applauded for getting a 'good' fee for Moult is a nonsense and a sign of how low expectations have fallen. I think they'll be OK but in the last round of fixtures they have hit relegation form (4 points from the last round of fixtures) and they've just given away a tool which I think would make survival near certain and thrown their hopes to someone completely erratic. There's never an ideal time to lose a player but at least they would have had more manoeuvrability to adapt in the summer. It could genuinely be a mistake which dooms the club to the second tier for 5-10 years and suffocates their long-term attendance figures. £350k for Thistle to lose their best defender as well has the potential to be completely disastrous for them. You can't keep players forever and there does come a time but with the risk involved in losing these guys, fees around seven figures are justified and that sort of money is easily in the game. Scottish teams really need to stop being absolute shitebags when it comes to this sort of thing, they really are not getting a fair fee and time and time again, we see teams coming off worse. Thompson at United at least got good money for players and wasn't so hasty until the mismanagement and self-destruction in their last season (although I expect management decisions like choosing an amateur goalkeeper as number 1 'keeper for the season were catalysts). For Hendry, I hope the board do hold out and get something fair. My worry would usually be that their inexperience in this would mean they'd be a bit over-reliant on counsel (and fall for thick as shit media pieces) but they have now seen the difficulty in what happened when we lost Hemmings and Stewart; McCann also seems to be fighting his corner and it's implied he's pushing for a high fee.
  6. Scotland Centre Backs

    I get your apprehension and would share it as a neutral but he's the best defender I've seen at Dundee since Zurab. Sticks out like a sore thumb at matches in his physical attributes and a good footballer for a centre back as well. Even on the forums about his times down south, the clubs he was on loan at were in general quite impressed with him and had similar comments to make but he just never really got the chance to play for anyone longer than a few months. I'm not normally one who touts my own players for call-ups (I find it a bit embarrassing at times) and I do generally see their limiting factors but I think he's someone who maybe should be tested in the international setup sooner or later. There's nothing obvious about his game that you'd point to and worry about with the step up. He seems to be an OK guy as well who isn't completely thick as shit so that improves his prognosis as well IMO. In general, I don't think we're actually that terrible for centre-backs as we maybe presume. As has been discussed, we've got a lot of different pairing options we try and I am confident we can get something workable out of it. I would like to see Grant Hanley get another shot though with his return to regular game time, he was very solid when he hit the scene and has plenty of experience for his age.
  7. Scotrail

    I noticed that as well, a bit annoying but the collection at the machines takes a minute or so (well the stations I use) I suppose.
  8. Have I got Local News For You

    Parking seethe in Dundee.
  9. Hartley was interested in Byrne when he left Dunfermline so it'd make sense.
  10. All things Dundee FC

    Quigley. Did OK on loan at Stirling last season but not had the best of times at Forfar and is back. He is 20 now so I imagine he's at the point where if McCann sees the potential, he will be expected to play. Between him, O'Dea and even Kerr/O'Hara/Curran - I think we could get on OK with freeing up Holt's money and relying on Jon. Worst case scenario, Jon gets injured badly and then in that case, we can move for someone out of contract on a short-term deal to tide us over. I think Dundee have relied on way too many one-dimensional players in the last few seasons. We've got to cut the size of the squad and maybe get one or two utility players in. McAlister wasn't great but could cover defensive midfield, attacking midfield, both wings and both full back positions. We ended up signing quite a few guys to replace him who were less reliable at doing those jobs. If we do that and keep the 20s involved, we should be able to use our money a little bit better.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Our old 20s coach just a few places below him. I know hindsight is great and that but Sinama Pongolle ahead of Iniesta.
  12. Just out of curiosity, why do Falkirk fans really dislike Kevin McBride? He can't have been that bad to get a move to Hibs? He was a reasonable player with us and seemed to have his head screwed on by all accounts.
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    So Farage and Aaron Banks, Leave EU's biggest financial backer, have now come out in support of a second referendum hours apart of each other. Something's going on behind the scenes. I wonder if there might be some shit to come in the US and there's been a conversation behind closed doors. The news of a cyber prosecutor being added to the special counsel investigation of Trump and his cronies is interesting. The polling and analysis group who Trump's campaign used was the same as Leave EU and there's a lot of shady shit with their leadership communicating with Assange and other foreign agents.
  14. All things Dundee FC

    Linked to left-back Nathan Ralph of Woking Town along with Hearts and some other football league sides. Contract expires in the summer so it looks like one for next season as I imagine Jon and Holt will be well away by then. And again, he's OYS....
  15. All things Dundee FC

    I don't think there was any hearing planned. It was just the end of the initial first consultation stage IIRC. I imagine we'll get some news about the next part in the next month or so.