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  1. Hutton might be the worst midfielder I've ever seen at St Mirren. Seems to shit himself everytime the ball is passed to him. Pretty poor touch as well. He might make a more useful centre half than midfielder, considering his size (as long as he just stuck to hoofing the ball).
  2. We need someone up with Reilly, who's been okay but isolated. Move Stewart up front and put Smith out wide, might help.
  3. That would have been some goal!
  4. Not sure if this has been posted already but heard a wee rumour that John Baird will be signing for you guys.
  5. He does. I quite like Rocco, but he's had a torrid time with injuries. Good player to have on the bench though. I'm happy enough with Rocco, McGinn, and Whyte being our holding mid options.
  6. Not sure about this one. Been pretty bad since his last spell with us. Hopefully he's not straight in as first choice, would like to see what Ross Stewart can do.
  7. We definitely need another winger/wide man in. I'd rather see Magennis play more centrally.
  8. Jack has released a statement via the club website. Looks like he's staying. [emoji1303]
  9. Clan appoint John Tripp as head coach. Not much coaching experience, but apparently very well thought of in the game. Will have plenty of contacts though.
  10. I remember going to an away game against Queens and, like most of his appearances in a St Mirren jersey,Harkins was utter guff. On the way back home, we stopped into the McDonalds at Govan, and Harkins was in the queue in his St Mirren tracksuit. Clearly talented though, and if you play to his strengths there's probably still a player in there.
  11. The manager that seemed to get the best out of Reilly was Fowler, and funnily enough, he's our assistant manager.
  12. Has anyone on this linked us with Gavin Reilly yet?
  13. Think they were replaying the clip from earlier, when they spoke to the first eye witness to confirm an explosion. That BBC news guy isn't on anymore, he stopped about 40 mins ago.