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  1. New kit revealed on Monday

    Would love that, but the away kit is yellow apparently.
  2. Screamer from Cammy Smith.
  3. Reckon we'll be unchanged. Samson Irvine Baird McKenzie Stelios Morgan McGinn McShane Smith Sutton Reilly
  4. Confirmed. Meh. If he was a direct replacement for Loy, then yeah I'd be worried, but Reilly and Sutton are currently our starting strikers. Ross Stewart is a good option off the bench, presume Duffy will be too. He's been in training for a few weeks now so there must be something about him that JR likes.
  5. Right, I think I know who it is. Meh.
  6. The Dee v The Dabs

    Some save that
  7. Looks like Eckersley could be back on Sat. Would be a big boost. We played well today. Attitude was night and day compared to the previous two games. Aye it's only Airdrie, but the application was far better. Pleased for Reilly (but he should have had a hat trick)
  8. Group H

    Stroll in the park for Saints so far.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    Hutton might be the worst midfielder I've ever seen at St Mirren. Seems to shit himself everytime the ball is passed to him. Pretty poor touch as well. He might make a more useful centre half than midfielder, considering his size (as long as he just stuck to hoofing the ball).
  10. Group H

    We need someone up with Reilly, who's been okay but isolated. Move Stewart up front and put Smith out wide, might help.
  11. *** ****** v **********

    That would have been some goal!
  12. ICTFC 18/19

    Not sure if this has been posted already but heard a wee rumour that John Baird will be signing for you guys.