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  1. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    I understand that they are getting no allocation and in some respect I agree. I used to run a supporters club that regularly took 15-20 to away games, for games at Ibrox/Parkhead we’d often have as many as 80 applications for tickets. In that case they should’ve done the same this season as last. But as I say, that system would also be open to abuse. What’s to stop the supporters club saying that Jo Bloggs (who has enough points) is going and then giving the ticket to John Bogs (who doesn’t have enough points) instead because Jo Bloggs can’t go. The way that AFC are allocating the tickets is the only way to ensure that those with the most loyalty points can get a ticket.
  2. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    I think the dons have just about got it right with ticket allocation these days. The 143+ points is a very specific figure and obviously this would guarantee every person above that threshold a ticket for Ibrox. If supporters clubs were granted the allocation they wanted then there would be no tickets available for the regular punter. Perhaps there needs to be better communication between the club and supporters clubs regarding proper lists of members and for a game like ibrox, afc could go to supporters clubs and say ‘right, 10 of your members have enough points, would they all like a ticket, you’ve got a couple of days to find out if they do and if yes we’ll allocate those 10 seats together’. The only thing being, that would also be open to abuse as the supporters clubs would likely take the tickets and then just allocate them themselves.
  3. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Was down at an ayr game last year. Dumbarton away. 89 minutes of football that made your eyes bleed followed by an injury time 10 man comeback for 2-2. Sma bounce
  4. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Meeting a mate, I’ll be in the ayr end and cheering them on
  5. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Yes, appears to not be the most popular among your fans.
  6. The Red Lichties vs Honest Men

    Attending this one as a semi-neutral. Looking forward to it, the top two scoring teams in the league. Guaranteed 0-0 shitfest then.
  7. Rangers vs Kilmarnock Wed. 25th Oct

    But but but. A warchest. But wealth off the radar. But
  8. It won't be McInnes as long as Rangers are a complete basket case of a club. He turned down Sunderland for that reason during the summer.
  9. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Just quite nice to see Celtic get utterly gubbed off a team off of a comparative gulf in resources as they enjoy over the rest of Scottish football. If Celtic happen to win at Pittodrie on Wednesday next week I look forward to the press and Celtic fans acknowledging how the financial might and different class of player that Celtic can attract means it's impossible for Scottish football to compete.
  10. Scotrail

    Ach you get the good and the bad with Scotrail. Especially in terms of pricing. So far this year I've been charged - £40 for a group return ticket to Glasgow for 4 (jumped off in Perth for racing) but £35 return to Perth for each of the two additional tickets I booked for mates who decided to come last minute. - over £40 for a return to Edinburgh for the Dons game at Murrayfield (even getting a 7.30am train down) - less than a tenner for a return to Dundee in December - Free return to Arbroath in November It just seems utterly bonkers the pricing structure and while I understand it's dictated by supply and demand factors, they really could do a lot more to help out a) regular travellers and b) folk travelling to the fitba
  11. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    The guy makes good points
  12. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Ach. We'd have got pumped in the playoffs anyway. Thank f**k club fitba is back this weekend.
  13. The New Stadiums Thread

    Eden Park in Auckland had similar structures to that Russian one at the 2011 RWC. You just had to head down to the ground floor to get any refreshments etc. They were built above existing seating though.
  14. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Wales the major losers tonight. Looks like they will need to beat Ireland in the last game unless Ukraine v Croatia is a draw. Or Slovakia drop points to Malta. A win for either Ukraine or Croatia. A win for either Scotland v Slovenia or failing that Slovakia v Malta will mean Wales have to beat Ireland. In fact a high scoring draw between Croatia and Ukraine and a low scoring or 0-0 draw for Wales could still screw them. Surely in a scenario like this, all group games should be on the same day kicking off at the same time.
  15. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Fair point. However since it became the Champions League only Marseille, Ajax and Porto have won it from outwith the Big 4 leagues of Italy, Spain, Germany and England, and two of those were in the first 3 years of the competition when there was still limited entry from top leagues. The Porto v Monaco final was the last one that didn't involve two teams from aforementioned leagues and only 5 finalists have been from outwith those leagues in 25 years (Ajax x2, Monaco, Marseille and Porto) again most of which happened in the fledgling years of the competition. Since the Porto v Monaco final only PSV, Lyon and Monaco have even reached the semis from beyond the Top 4 leagues. 3 out of 52. It's a ridiculous level of dominance.