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  1. Post split fixtures

    I’m pretty sure that Aberdeen won’t go to Ibrox 3 times, that would reek of incompetence from the SPFL. It looks like it’ll be Killie anyway, which throws up a balanced fixture list for us.
  2. Mathematical Milestones 2017/18

    Anything other than wins for Hamilton and Dundee at the weekend will rule them out of the title race. A point for Celtic at Pittodrie would rule out Dundee regardless whereas a win for Celtic will end Hamilton’s dream even if Accies win. It would also rule out Motherwell if they fail to beat Dundee and Saints if they lose to County. If Hibs better Motherwell’s result it means that only St Johnstone could deny Hibs a top 6 spot. A win for Hibs and anything other than a win for Saints will see Hibs clinch top 6 if Motherwell fail to beat Dundee. A draw for Hibs would not be enough regardless of Saints result. If Ross county fail to win and Kilmarnock pick up 3 points then County will be the first team confirmed in the Bottom 6. Lots to play for this weekend
  3. Post split fixtures

    I stand corrected. When doing my fag packet maths I thoughts hearts were on a 17/16 split of Home and away prior to the split. I think they’ll shaft someone and give them 18/20 rather than give 20/18 to anyone. It’ll be either Hearts Aberdeen or hibs. If it’s Killie in the top 6 I can’t see them making 3 different teams go to ibrox 3 times which might leave the way I’ve done it as the way it’ll end up.
  4. Post split fixtures

    I stand corrected. When I checked Hearts had 17/16 but they do indeed only have 16/17 before the split.
  5. Post split fixtures

    I’ve shown that it’s possible for everyone to get 19/19 with just a couple of alterations. Considering there’s a fair chance of Aberdeen Rangers and Hibs battling it out for European places I’d think getting 19/19 and not having any of those teams having to go to the other 3 times will be a priority.
  6. Mathematical Milestones 2017/18

    Yes. All of #tb4 are still in the title race.
  7. Mathematical Milestones 2017/18

    Aberdeen and Rangers both clinched top 6 spots over the weekend. Thistle have become the 2nd team ruled out of the title race.
  8. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Jock Brown was actually a really good commentator wasn’t he.
  9. Post split fixtures

    Yeah there’s not really a way that I can do it without having Hearts go to Ibrox three times. As I’ve said though, those fixtures imply reasoning and a bit of common sense, so expect the post split fixtures to look nothing like that whatsoever.
  10. Post split fixtures

    If its Saints Celtic 16/17 Home - Aberdeen, Rangers, Saints Away - Hibs, Hearts Aberdeen 16/17 Home - Rangers, Hibs, Hearts Away - Celtic, Saints Rangers 17/16 Home - Saints, Hearts Away - Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs Hibs 16/17 Home - Celtic, Rangers, Saints Away - Aberdeen, Hearts Hearts 17/16 Home - Celtic, Hibs Away - Aberdeen, Saints, Rangers Saints 17/16 Home - Aberdeen, Hearts Away - Rangers, Hibs, Celtic That gives Saints 3 trips to Parkhead and Hearts 3 trips to Ibrox but still everyone 19/19 Some very quick fag packet maths in all scenarios that gives 19/19 for everyone with minimal change to the fixtures, however, I guarantee that is not what the SPFL come up with
  11. Post split fixtures

    If its Motherwell then Celtic 16/17 Homes - Aberdeen, Rangers, Motherwell Aways - Hibs, Hearts Aberdeen 16/17 Homes - Rangers, Hibs, Hearts Aways - Celtic Motherwell Rangers 17/16 Homes - Motherwell, Hearts Aways - Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs Hibs 16/17 Homes - Celtic, Rangers, Motherwell Aways - Aberdeen, Hearts Hearts 17/16 Homes - Celtic, Hibs Aways - Aberdeen, Motherwell, Rangers Motherwell 17/16 Homes - Hearts, Aberdeen Aways - Rangers, Celtic, Hibs that gives Aberdeen 3 trips to Fir Park, Motherwell 3 trips to Easter Rd and Hearts 3 trips to Ibrox but still everyone 19/19
  12. Post split fixtures

    I only had one bit of paper but I’ll draft a Motherwell and a Saints scenario at some point.
  13. Post split fixtures

    Ok. I think I’ve managed to suss this. Bare with me. Celtic 16 h 17 a Homes - Aberdeen, Rangers, Killie Aways - Hibs, Hearts Aberdeen 16/17 Homes - rangers, Hibs, Hearts Aways - Celtic and Killie Rangers 17/16 Homes - Hearts and Killie Aways - Celtic Aberdeen Hibs Hibs 16/17 Home - Celtic Rangers Killie Away - Aberdeen Hearts Hearts 17/16 Home - Celtic hibs Away - Aberdeen Rangers Killie Killie 17/16 Home - Aberdeen Hearts Away - Celtic Rangers Hibs. That gives everyone 19/19. Means hearts and Killie have to go to Ibrox 3 times and hears have to go to Killie 3 times. I can’t get it any fairer than that
  14. Post split fixtures

    Have had a look at this is more detail. If Killie make the top 6 then Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs and Killie could all play their reverse fixtures as they are and have 19-19 Home/Away split. However it would leave Rangers with 5 away games after the split and hearts with 4 Home and 1 away. Giving Rangers a 17-21 split and hearts a 21-17. So the first port of call will almost certainly be making hearts go to ibrox 3 times. However. That still leaves rangers with 4 away games. Killie couldn’t swap their home game as it would give them 4 away. Would they make Hibs go there three times as well?? If they make Killie go to ibrox three times then someone else will have to go to rugby park three times to address the balance. Basically it’s going to be a total clusterfuck either way. It should work in theory as of the 6, three have currently played 16/17 and three 17/16. So giving everyone 3/2 2/3 should be easy but it’s going to involve a lot of teams having 1/3 or 3/1 splits.
  15. Post split fixtures

    The priority will be the OF fixture and making sure both Rangers and Celtic have a 19-19 split. Guarantee those will be the priorities. Which would mean 1 possibly two teams having to go to Mordor three times in a season. I’m guessing they’ll deal with this nearer the time but given that Aberdeen, Rangers, Hibs and conceivably even Hearts could be battling it out for European spots, the SPFL are going to have a huge problem on their hands.