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  1. Wasted Away Through Profligacy
  2. The Dave King statement Generator

  3. Oddball Predictions for the Coming Season

    ‘Rangers’ to accumulate more tear stained statements than Home wins. Celtic fans to admit that Shay Logan was a victim of racist abuse at the hands of one of their players. Scotland to play two up front against anyone. ‘Rangers’ to actually sign any player that the Daily Record links them with. The Sportsound team/general Scottish media to go an entire season without saying how much better the Premiership is with Hearts and Hibs back in it and ‘Rangers’ in it for the first time.
  4. Coefficientwatch

    I’m going by the fact that we were comfortably seeded for qr2 this season and our coefficient under the old system would have increased to around 7.7 which last season would have had us plum in the middle of the seeds. I very much doubt there is that great a variance in the seeding threshold from season to season. I’d agree with your assessment on the best chance to reach qr3, however, the likely case is that there won’t be many teams in qr1 who would also be seeded for qr2, about a dozen according to Bert’s site and you’d expect most of them to win in q1.
  5. Coefficientwatch

    Looking at Bert’s site it appears that no Scottish Club will be seeded in Europa League Q2. He has the seeding threshold set at 4.25 and Aberdeen will be the highest ranked of the qualifiers with a coefficient of 4.00. This is due to UEFA changing the coefficient system. Under the old system Aberdeen would comfortably have been seeded for q2. I don’t see why UEFA are using the old points system of 1pt for reaching EL q3 when from now on that will be worth 2pts. Had this been retrospectively applied. Aberdeen would have 8 coefficient points rather than only 4 which would have them seeded for q2
  6. Trophy day. Celtic v Aberdeen

    sweeeeeeeet Considine
  7. A very happy....

    I’d like to present this as a challenger
  8. The best thing about that thread is the **** saying they wouldn’t have him because he’s past it. Just wow.
  9. Mathematical Milestones 2017/18

    As has been discussed, Celtic can seal the Championship with a win over 'Rangers' tomorrow, however, a draw will leave it as a two horse race between Celtic and Aberdeen and a 'Rangers' win will mean we have a three horse title race. Hibs' win over Killie today seals a top 4 place for them, which will mean European football, if Celtic win the Scottish Cup. As top cat has said, Saints and Motherwell are now guaranteed Premiership football next season. As for next weekend in the bottom half, a draw between Hamilton and Dundee will see both safe from the automatic drop if Ross Co lose to Thistle on Friday night. A win for either Hamilton or Dundee will see them safe from the automatic drop if Ross Co fail to win.
  10. Indeed also good to see the wee bit about Rangers include some facts.
  11. Seeing Warnock has 2nd Fav. Surely he wouldn’t give up (if Cardiff go up) a last crack at the Premier League, at the age of nearly 70, to take on a massive rebuild that’s gonna take forever.
  12. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/ranked-10-most-depressing-teams-support-britain-right-now?page=0%2C1&utm_campaign=featurelist&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=editorial_organic&utm_content=metadata_image They only finish 6th in this league as well
  13. Mathematical Milestones 2017/18

    Nothing much in the Top Half after todays results apart from that Hibs win over Celtic means that they will definitely finish ahead of their Edinburgh rivals Hearts. A 'Rangers' defeat tomorrow will leave the title as a two horse race between Celtic and Aberdeen. In the bottom half, Ross County's failure to beat Motherwell means that both Motherwell and St Johnstone are safe from the automatic drop (as no matter what the outcome of the Ross Co v Partick game, the most that both teams can reach is 37pts) however, both those sides could yet finish in 11th place and land in the playoff.