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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Fair point. However since it became the Champions League only Marseille, Ajax and Porto have won it from outwith the Big 4 leagues of Italy, Spain, Germany and England, and two of those were in the first 3 years of the competition when there was still limited entry from top leagues. The Porto v Monaco final was the last one that didn't involve two teams from aforementioned leagues and only 5 finalists have been from outwith those leagues in 25 years (Ajax x2, Monaco, Marseille and Porto) again most of which happened in the fledgling years of the competition. Since the Porto v Monaco final only PSV, Lyon and Monaco have even reached the semis from beyond the Top 4 leagues. 3 out of 52. It's a ridiculous level of dominance.
  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Quite glad to see Celtic get a hounding like this. Especially by a team with the financial muscle of Paris SG. Kinda puts into context the money they spent on Jonny Hayes for no apparent reason other than weakening the opposition.
  3. Coefficientwatch

    According to the access list on Bert's site, Celtic will need to play 4 qualifying ties next season as opposed to the 3 for this season. No real changes to Europa League qualifying other than that there is going to be a dedicated route for the teams that get pumped out of Champions League qualifying early doors. Our cup winners will still miss a round and League runners up and 3rd will still go in at q1.
  4. Aberdeen away following

    How many Dons were at Brockville in the 94/95 season on the last day. Seem to recall it being massive.
  5. International Ticket Pricing

    People obviously have a huge passion for the national team that I don't (it could have been free to get into Hampden on Monday and I wouldn't have travelled from Aberdeen for it) but the SFA are clearly taking the piss out of people who follow the national team. This is a piss poor group that aside from England has no major draw. If the top seeded team in that group had been Romania or Croatia, season tickets would've been £100 tops. I'm not attempting to tap into the TA psyche here but I'd guess when the draw was made a heap of folk were pretty much guaranteeing themselves an England ticket because it was always going to sell out. Either by getting an ST or an SSC membership, or both. You could almost argue that the cost of an England ticket was more than £60.
  6. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Aye we'd purchased a substantial carry out for the bus to the original and were in the toby in BoD when the game was called off. Proceeded to drink said carry out in the Toby, Eventually getting chucked out when the bar staff belated realised they had a bus load of steamers that had bought about a pint each. Proceeded to take remainder of carry out down to the parkway and repeat the dose. Still one of my favourite fitba days despite the lack of a game.
  7. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Was that semi not called off originally. Sure it was torrential rain in Edinburgh and it was postponed from the original date.
  8. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    I was there and it was pretty similar to Glasgow Sheep. My bird was starting a new job in a Glasgow City Centre pub that night so we were always leaving early anyway. Was 5 when we left and 7 by the time we'd got a cab. Met up with GS and a few others in the pub to discuss how McGhee had said it was only 3 points. That, Queen of the South and 1-6 vs Livi are the only times I've been at games and been genuinely embarrassed by the team.
  9. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Was at that game and remember being genuinely angry for celebrating when we scored. Did they not pump us in the replay at Pittodrie anyway.
  10. Aberdeen away following

    With the cost of my train this game is costing £70 to attend. With booze and food to be added. Nae cheap
  11. P&B Dead Pool 2017

    Think that's my 3rd hit of the year. Come on fernando. Time you started hearing the drums.
  12. The Terrible Journalism Thread

    Archerfield links has moved to the continent.
  13. Redeveloping Pittodrie is a complete non starter for me. The south would probably have to be done first as the main stand has all the hospitality and the inner workings of the club (offices, dressing rooms etc). Losing the south would mean putting away fans in the merkie, essentially making the home capacity of Pittodrie 9,000 while redevelopment takes place. As has also been mentioned previously. Not having cash from the sale of Pittodrie would leave serious holes in the financing of any redevelopment and we'd also need to find cash for training facilities. I'm not convinced about Kingsford and have my reservations like everyone else. However Pittodrie is falling to bits and is likely costing us a disproportionate amount in maintenance. Get the damn thing built at Kingsford and get out there and get behind the team.
  14. Jimmy Calderwood

    This. It's sad to see a reasonably young old man go to rat shit. But his attitude towards O'Leary was prehistoric. I hope he lives a decent life from here on in though. Wouldn't wish him any Ill.