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    Annbank vs Colony Park Royal Albert vs Pollok is switched now to be play at Newlandfields.
  2. Newmains community football team

    Gary Millar as player manager today. He will be joined by Craig Gupwell as player assistant.
  3. Sandy McLean

    Yes, Sandy McLean has resigned at Ardrossan did the rest of backroom staff resigned as well.
  4. shettleston juniors and Port Glasgow

    Brian Heron at Port Glasgow, I cannot find any links to this, do anybody her a link please ?
  5. Hi There, Who is going to be the new managers at these clubs ?
  6. Juniors Transfers

    Does anybody know of any transfers so far, or future transfers ? Thanks Ian
  7. East Region Discipline

    LIAM McKenna is suspended for 13 matches what did he do, and what club was he with at the time. David Martin (Manager) Suspended till he appears what did he do, and what club was he with at the time. I think the Downfield (Manager) did something wrong recently. West Region Craig Martin gupwell Forth Wand 7 Jimmy Kirkwood Troon 12 Steven Reilly Yoker 6 Thanks. 12 matches
  8. Cotter and Keith Docherty at Shettleston

    What is the new set up at Shettleston is James 'Cotter' McKenna the new manager and is Keith Docherty the assistant manager, or are they co-managers.
  9. Hi There, I see that a few managers have decided to call it a day at the end of the season, so far Irvine Meadow XI, Buchanhaven Hearts, Buckie Rovers, and Greenock Juniors has anybody seen anymore managers who are going to leave at the end of the season.
  10. Michael Fulton has join Arthurlie where has he join them from, it said that he is there until the end of the season, is it a loan or a full transfer.
  11. New Managers

    In was in the Daily Record Newspaper
  12. New Managers

    Hi There, has anybody hear of any new managers or any managers you have left since begin of this year (2017). I hear that former Albion Rovers James Ward is in the frame for the Clydebank job.
  13. Hi There, Has anybody got any transfers this month, December 2016, the last one I got is; 09.12.16 John Mitchell Morton (Sco) Greenock Juniors (Sco) Sco Df 01.17 loan