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  1. The Relegation Battle

    This. Both clubs run with unsustainable wage bills for clubs their size, purely because their owners are more than happy to take up any defecit, it's something that'll come home to roost at some point, just hope there's something capable of stepping in to steady things after.
  2. Well, this is nice. Is Muzz back for this?
  3. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Theres something about him that doesn't fit. Do you think it's inevitable he'll replace Wright? I'd sort of hope we have safe position in the top flight with a month or two left, when TW eventually leaves, and that would give Davidson and if he fails like most expects, we can move on in the Summer.
  4. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Absolutely nobody sensible wants that. I bet the fans you're talking too are the same who wanted David Wotherspoon punted so Craig Thomson could have a run on the right wing. Although, a few months ago I think I'd be not unhappy if he'd left, it was all stale as f**k. This Summer gives him a chance to reinvigorate things.
  5. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Tl:dr In all seriousness I enjoy the twitter pages tlike SPFL radar and Back pass Rule, but I've noticed a few of them randomly slate TW and use stats that clearly will never make him look good. The Murray Davidson radar a while back was a clear example.
  6. The Relegation Battle

    It's possible I've read that wrong, but are you suggesting people trying to get other folk banned from a football forum is as bad as calling someone disabled?
  7. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Despise podcasts. What's the gist of it?
  8. St Johnstone FC Thread

    This Mique Messi rumour gathering strength, hope you're not bullshitting @Radford On a more serious note, what's happened with Euan O'Reilly? Seems to have vanished, unless he's injured of course.
  9. One of them claims he's bought six tickets there, probably find its complete bollocks
  10. Genuinely no idea why a team can be raging that a home club wants to let more home fans into the stadium, its as if Rangers fans assume their fans are all that matters. Rangers Media is a good read. Some want Hibs fined for some reason, some have bought tickets for the Hibs end and intend to cause bother "to prove its stupid", some want to refuse to go next time to "starve them of the blue pound", and one guy openly talks about killing Neil Lennon, as if it's completely normal to drop that into conversation.
  11. Article about Beith signing for Caley seemed to suggest Hearts hadnt offered him a deal, which voids compensation I think?
  12. St Johnstone FC Thread

    I'd been enjoying them due to the utter randoms he'd been suggesting, probably because I love signing folk like that on FM, tbh. Was quite looking forward to finding out which Bulgarian winger we should sign to replace MOH.
  13. Driving

    He used a jammer to disguise his speed and then threw it in the river so the police couldn't show it in court.
  14. Beiths contract expires in the Summer and it was announced yesterday he'd signed a PCA with Caley. Seems bizarre he's being mentioned as part of a "swap deal" Mulraneys contract expires in the Summer too.
  15. Records show they play on March 11th 1929. No other March date comes as close to the poster as that, so assume it's an error on the records part.