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  1. Players worth a look at

    TBF I dont think you could blame this one of the SFA, they have put serious effort into getting him but the players preference seems to be England.
  2. TBF the one bottom six team we've beaten regularly this season is Hamilton, and we've still two games against them. Arguable that beating them twice keeps us safe from 12th as they'd have to overcome a 10 point gap
  3. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Shows up their #smallteammentality, that sitting 8th sees them all over the site gloating, tbh.
  4. St Johnstone FC Thread

    We're behind you by a point, and theres about three months of the season left. Its embarrassing how giddy this has you lot.
  5. St Johnstone FC Thread

    We don't need to score goals to go above Dundee m8, just think on that. We could have zero wins and zero goals in two months, and still be above you
  6. St Johnstone FC Thread

    We sit one point behind you with two games in hand, you're genuinely a moron.
  7. Our home form against bottom half teams is absolutely abysmal.
  8. TNS v Dumbarton

    Here's hoping.
  9. Cheers for the quick response @Radford
  10. He'd been fairly poor in his final month or so anyway, tbh
  11. Its grand watching him fail. Its just his Liverpool career all over again, a predictable team filled with predictable players who all lose their head once they get clattered, and he has absolutely no idea how to change it. They barely created a chance today, yet every sub was just a straight swap, its as if he thought merely bringing quality on would magically see Saints fold.
  12. Celtic fan on Twitter claiming we committed a foul "approx every two minutes". Multiple are claiming that us fouling them constantly was the reason they didn't score. Celtic fans are bizarre, but its all a bit glorious.
  13. Car advice

    I went down the bank loan route. £10k in your bank, no initial payment needed and you pay it back over 5 years at £180 a month. Buy the car outright so if moneys ever tight I sell it and get the full value of it, and the monthly payments are low enough you can almost ignore them tbh. Spoke to a finance company who said they can't get close to that. Not the best idea for all, and ideally it wouldn't of been as long, but I prefer owning my car.