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  1. Fantasy Football 2016

    I'm 8 picks away from being free from this torture.
  2. Fantasy Football 2016

    I am in and ready to rumble. 10 minutes til we begin!
  3. Fantasy Football 2016

    First up. No pressure then. So is it a 7:30 kick off tomorrow night then?
  4. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    The only recollection I can recall of Aberdeen Under 20s playing at Pittodrie is when they were lifting the trophy when they won it a few years ago.
  5. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Two over age players allowed in each Colts side going by the competition rules - https://spfl.co.uk/docs/067_324__challengecupregulations201730june_1501603596.pdf
  6. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    He's played large chunks of all four closed door friendlies, and with no real defensive options, there is the chance he'll feature tomorrow.
  7. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    He's clearly got an excellent work-life balance, but as everyone in football knows it isn't a 9=5 job! The fact he goes to so many Development League games can only be beneficial for the club - evidenced by the recent success you have enjoyed at the level. Hopefully there are many others around the country who look at the Development League fixture list and instantly tally up their visits to the Excelsior Stadium!
  8. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    Does Flow go to many Development League games? He's always around at our clashes. I find it admirable that he continues to go and watch them but surely he has better club related things to do with his time?
  9. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    It is OTD a year ago we pumped Cirencester 6-0 (Erskinex2, Lawless, Pogba, Edwards, Nisbet). We then lost 4-0 to Bath City a few days later with this line up: - Trialist, Trialist, Michael McMullin, Trialist, Daniel Devine, Abdul Osman, David Amoo, Sean Welsh, Mathias Pogba, Ade Azeez, Kevin Nisbet.
  10. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    I know it's not great but that is just harsh.
  11. Dominican Republic

    Heard only things about it from guys in my work.
  12. NFL Gamepass

    I've only ever paid £129 for GamePass. I've selected the full all games option. I've unsubscribed this year. With just settling into my first flat I've done some significant cost cutting.
  13. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    No seeding in R1, The only "seeding" in R2+ is to make sure a Welsh or Irish team faces a Scottish one. Falkirk and Inverness CT get a bye to R2. I would like Thistle to get a League Two team just to see how our 20s get on against a full strength League Two team given Clyde shat it last season and played their 20s(including a few signed up that day!)
  14. Doctor Who

    That episode would have been much better if they hadn't shown the Mondasian Cybermen and John Simm in the trailer after episode one. The regeneration scene was a bit random, hopefully they'll complete it next week with a Christmas flashback.
  15. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    What is the "new North Stand" at K-Park?