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  1. Games off 23rd Sep

    To be fair none of the junior clubs stopped the old Rangers from going to the wall.
  2. Mask has definitely slipped. Getting very personal.
  3. Emergency loans

    I'll let Bambino share his own details with you mate if he sees fit to. No offence but I don't know you either - you can still do stuff with peoples AC/SC so I think I'll stick to the more well-known posters. Apologies as I realise that you probably have good intentions.
  4. F1 2017

    You don't want to go to Car Setup - you want to click on race strategy when you are sitting on the grid. Blue/X depending on console. ETA - Tried to find a screenshot but couldn't. Its the screen where you would decide on pit stops, tyres etc. Below the 2 pit stop parts you get fuel. I always push it up from between 1.5-3 laps extra depending on track. Mostly a full extra 3 laps. When you are in the screen you will see the graph where your 2nd set of tires end. The number there is the number of laps you have. If you go with +3 laps on race 1 I think it defaults to +3 for lap 2 so make sure you don't end up putting another 3 laps in again or you'll end up well over weight.
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    People who don't understand that Friday is a day in work for doing the absolute bare minimum you can get away with.
  6. F1 2017

    Found this on reddit - might help you
  7. F1 2017

    Shouldn't be, your fuel for the race is completely different from quali. When you are on the line at the start are you revving it up right through the 5 red lights or just at the final red before they go out? Because if you are revving up right through the lights you will probably burn through a lot of fuel just waiting to take off.
  8. Stags

    The best man and the people who are ok with it are definite weirdos.
  9. F1 2017

    You racing on manual or automatic?
  10. So you just made it up? As I said the mask will always slip eventually.
  11. When David Murray was in charge? Can you send me a link?
  12. Why so few games

    Whilst it always happens I think players should worry more about their own team, even if it's "only" amateur, than the OF. When I played you just wanted to play every week, was gutted if a game was called off due to weather or whatever. Even these days if 5 a sides gets pulled I'm raging.
  13. In my opinion a 4pm kick off gives more room for trouble. If the OF game kicks off at 12.15/12.30 then people will be getting out the ground and back to the city centre about 2.30/2.45 depending on the mode of transport. Hearts fans will most likely start to leave the city centre for Maryhill around 3.15pm so you have potential for a crossover in pubs or, probably worse, one group leaving pubs just as the other arrives. With a 3pm kick off the chances of this would be a lot less. I assume it's also police related in terms of staff numbers but surely you wouldn't expect trouble at Thistle vs Hearts?
  14. You could've organised a protest against it. We did this at Kilmarnock when we realised our chairman was selling the club down the river with decisions. Look at us now-same club and everything.
  15. Hearts Stadium Development

    I think anyone who has ever had the misfortune of sitting in the front row of any ground would say that it's not the best view. This setup looks similar to Hamilton who have, in my opinion, the best first-row view in the Prem.