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  1. James Cunny cunningham

    I’ve been watching Shortlees for a couple of years semi-regular and big Minor is my favourite player by far. God knows how he puts up with Billy but to be fair to Billy it’s just his passion (and experience and knowledge) that gets him frustrated at times but he drags his team through.
  2. The Celtic sign outside St Mirrens stadium was MJ levels of cluelessness and stupidity. I still don’t understand how someone (anyone) didn’t say when the idea was thrown out “er that’s maybe not the best idea” From memory the defence from Paisley was something along the lines of they didn’t know Celtic had planned to do it.
  3. Pro Ev 2018

    Wonder how many years we will need to be away from the SPL before people stop calling it the SPL. PS - I will definitely have a Kilmarnock myclub side next year and a Premiership select (which with Sevco signing Suarez, Torres etc should be quite good).
  4. The TSB scandal

    When RBS had their big issue a couple of years ago it was allegedly due to fraudsters and hackers. They did a great job covering it up and I expect TSB to follow suit.
  5. Twitter

    As an update on this I checked the boys Twitter last night and his girlfriend is no longer on his profile picture.
  6. To be fair to FIFA though Motherwell didn’t and the team who won the big Scottish are the best club in Scotland. However you only need to look down south yesterday to get the comparison - Chelsea not the best team in England. Again though winning the Scottish is absolutely fantastic and if Lees can take the league from Hurlford then they can certainly lay claim to the title of best team in Scotland.
  7. I think I’ve proven myself to be a neutral on here and I have to agree with you. Winning the Scottish is a great achievement and possibly even harder than winning the league but the league champions are the best team. Anyone can win or lose a cup game (and that’s what makes the Scottish a great achievement as bad luck or circumstances can see you out in one game too).
  8. f**k Partick and f**k off Partick.
  9. Is this Lees-Ford game next Monday 28th?
  10. Twitter

    Guy tweeted Friday night about 10pm saying his girlfriend had been missing since 5am that morning, last seen running into Queen Street station. This then led to the police getting involved and the story made bbc scotland etc. About 10pm tonight the boy tweeted again “she’s been found safe and sound in a flat in Glasgow. That’s all I know just now but police enquiries continue” I assume by that he means “I’ll be enquiring as to why my missus has been out getting pumped all night”.
  11. Fortnite Battle Royale

    What a state of a house. Why do you have earbuds everywhere?
  12. things you arent so proud of

    Based on this it sounds like just a one off. We had a thread on here at some point where people were giving examples (and seeming quite proud) that they regularly pished and shat themselves. Was quite disgusting.
  13. Official P&b Cycling Thread

    I'm just about to start an extensive weight loss effort before I leave for my trip at the start of August. I've now set my route: Day 1 - Drive from Kilmarnock to the Ardennes Forest (vie Eurotunnel). Cycle 50 miles on the WW1 cycle route. Back in the car and drive to Basle in Switzerland Day 2 - Drive to Geneva and then cycle around Lake Geneva. Day 3 - Driving into Germany and cycling from Dortmund to Cologne (or the opposite). Day 4 - Driving to Spa, Belgium and cycling somewhere in that area (actually hoping the F1 circuit is open to the public so I can do a couple of laps). Day 5 - I'm going to finish up spending a day cycling from Antwerp to Eindhoven.
  14. things you arent so proud of

    Why are all these people ditching the fat women. If you go on a date with a larger woman then there is a larger chance you are getting your hole.