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  1. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Pretty sure the 2-2 derby game back in 2010(?) was played whilst Ayr races were on.
  2. Killie v Brora

    Hope it’s a draw.
  3. Things you shouldn't skimp on.

    Assassins. Coffee.
  4. Superb. At 1.38 in the woman from Cowden says “we’re not all black”.
  5. Kilmarnock v Ross County

    Can anyone remember when we last lost a game?
  6. Fraserburgh FC vs The Rangers - The Twee Cup Tie

    Sevco really are the biggest bunch of diddies in Scottish football aren’t they.
  7. At Home with the Turpins

    They all sound like dicks.
  8. Kincardine is wrecked isn’t he?
  9. Kilmarnock v Ross County

    Ayr beat us 3-0 first game back and I don’t think we won a league game until April.
  10. I was not expecting to receive a PM following this post. The PM was wet as it had clearly been cried over before sending.
  11. 24 year old adolescents

    I probably didn’t start to properly grow up and and understand how you should try to act till I was about 25.
  12. He’s a shite player at a shite club going to sign for another shite club. Calm down.