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  1. General Politics Thread

    All of those terrible words.....disgusting
  2. General Politics Thread

    Bloody nationalists.
  3. General Politics Thread

    Grangemouth is an oil refinery.
  4. General Politics Thread

    So sturgeon said that the SNP will always argue for independence. This prompts the radio to go on about independence all day and media people to question sturgeon about timings all day. If the unionists don't want to talk about referendums then maybe they should tell that to their media.
  5. Catalonia

    Im not back patting anyone. You know im talking about you because you are a self confessed troll and you enter the thread with a pitiful effort to get bites. If you're just going to be a fanny on the politics threads then maybe you should stay away.
  6. Catalonia

    The self confessed troll gets less and less bites every week. Everyone must be realising what a tragic mess he is.
  7. Star Trek Discovery

    I really liked it.
  8. General Politics Thread

    Lorne sausage is the cheap shite though.
  9. The Official President Trump thread

    Im not ignoring anything. A tribal country lile Iraq needs someone like Suddam. It cant even be considered a functioning state now....just like Libya. Anyway this all stems from you suggesting that Iraq is better off now than it was 20 years ago which is total bullshit imo.
  10. The Official President Trump thread

    The 80s were the worst time for iraqis under saddam you say, round about the same time the west supported him. The 2nd gulf war has ruined Iraq and anyone arguing otherwise is in fantasy land.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    Guatemala isn't South American
  12. The Official President Trump thread

    Scotland isnt a 3rd world country on Americas doorstep though. Ask the south american countries if being firm gets them anywhere.
  13. The Official President Trump thread

    That's not racist, The United States is a scumbag country.
  14. Catalonia

  15. Catalonia

    If the same shit happened in Scotland I reckon a fair chunk of no voters would be scrapping with the police as well.