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  1. Yes again for me, no shitebag here
  2. You were adamant that there wouldn't be another one for at least 10 years . Everybody was just kidding us on. Starting at 45% this time.....bring it on.
  3. Continual building of settlements on Palestinian land says no. Of course Ad Lib only says what BBC and SKY show him. Israel are c***s.
  4. Bit rich for Labour to be moaning about it since they spent years crying that a freeze hurts the poorest. So did you actually.
  5. That goes a long way to explaining things.
  6. Away and don't talk shite. Israel has a list of war crimes as long as your arm. Every time they obliterate civilians areas for a period of months they are condemned by Western leaders all over the place then it's swept under the carpet the next week. You are an apologist for one of the worst countries on the planet.
  7. I watched the last bombing campaign, in Gaza and the one in Lebanon. It was sickening and had absolutely nothing to do with all these human shields. They have cut off a very thin strip of land, destroyed all the infrastructure, killed their economy and every few years or so will bomb another 4 or 5 thousands civilians to bits.
  8. Whataboutery, I doubt Israeli pilots are court-martialed for bombing the shit out of Palestinian civilians either.
  9. Humans do these things PRECISELY because they are more intelligent. Good or bad, intelligence is the factor. You are a fucking nutjob
  10. Funnily enough the UK has a big trade deficit with Scotland.
  11. But you're wrong. I know plenty of working class people with hardly a bean to their name who voted no. I also know plenty of successful people with a lot to lose who voted yes. Age and historical ties to old blighty are and will always be the biggest factor. Not forgetting the 500,000 English people who, almost to a man, voted no.
  12. The Caribbean and India were FAR more important at the time.
  13. It's clearly real, the fact he wrote down a fellow posters username is all the evidence needed. Why you would want to engage with an out and out racist is anyone's guess though.
  14. you could be a clinical psychologist for 50 years and still not have the slightest clue what goes on in Oaksoft's head.
  15. Oh he's serious alright I also think that he thinks that you give your bank details to every app you purchase