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  1. i'd be shocked if he hasn't posted worse, complete and utter cretin of a man.
  2. Reynards favourite hobby.
  3. The passage the girl was reading in Oldtown basically confirms that Jon is the legitimate Targ heir as his father had his first marriage annulled and then married Neds sister.
  4. Nothing has changed since 2014 then. Their balance of trade would be fucked without Scotland.
  5. The Soviet Union was a superpower. Russia most certainly is not. I'd say China would give them a kicking and France and the UK together would probably give them a kicking as well. As for who would stop Russia invading the Baltic guess is absolutely no one.
  6. That's what I meant
  7. How many countries like North Korea have them though ? Probably none. If I stayed on the West coast of America I don't think I would be quite as confident if they had proper nukes. I always thought that countries that end up obtaining long range nuclear capability are pretty much immune from invasion from a larger power. The Americans will either have to stop them in their tracks or accept the fact that they're getting closer and closer to making them.
  8. I just pity you mate, so sad.
  9. Apart from you of course.....fervent indeed.
  10. No one forced us to bail out Ireland. Funny how you left that part out.
  11. Only difference it being in the cinema to me would be that I would have to wait a wee bit longer for a good torrent.
  12. We would have bailed out Ireland even if we weren't part of the EU. You clearly do not understand how international finance works. We bailed out Ireland for the same reasons that the US bailed us out.
  13. 88 Eriksen pisses all over De Bruyne imo. 5 star weak foot, can literally shoot from anywhere and has 90 odd pass.
  14. Also, if someone backs out by clicking on fifa and ending game via xbox home screen it get rids of any red cards and doesnt use fitness so essentially if someone goes on a 5 game losing streak their fitness will still be 99.
  15. Usually get to 1st in seasons but not touched anything except UT. Currently in 2nd but have won 1st a couple of times. Using a 5-2-1-2 serie A team which is beast. In form Manolas is the best CB in the game.