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  1. I have no doubts an independent Scotland would never elect a party of useless right wing charlatans like the London Tory party. Indy 2 hasn't went in the bin. There is still a mandate from a record breaking Holyrood victory just last year and of course a majority of seats this year. Yes hasn't dropped support one bit despite 4 years of SNP/Indy bad. It's not going anywhere I'm afraid. I don't want a referendum now and I'll always be a yes. I'd rather not have to listen to every politician and media pundit in the land continually bang on about it either. As for the end of your post....GOOD, one less self confessed troll can only be a good thing.
  2. Does anyone other than McSpreader know what this shite means ?
  3. She'll know the feeling.
  4. Gutted
  5. His opinions on boxing can't be disregarded. He knows more than both of us. I'm not sure boxing is more dangerous. More injuries happen but a lot more people take part in boxing. It's a global sport with tons of fights every month. Also historical damage to boxers is a lot more prevalent because boxing is much older. MMA are toddlers in comparison. I'd rather you just came back and said how wrong I was. I have a feeling you wont though.
  6. Hatton would have destroyed Conor Mcgregor in a boxing ring. Literally would have left him in a broken heap. I'd be surprised if Conor lands one clean power shot in the opening rounds. Bookmark that if you want.
  7. Floyd is greatest defensive boxer I have ever seen. Conor is an amateur boxer that is good at knocking out lesser boxers than himself. He has no chance. I don't like to say people have no chance in sporting events but this is the exception. Like Hatton said..."Canelo couldn't hit him, De La Hoya couldn't hit him, I couldn't hit him, McGregor can't hit him.
  8. So would everyone....the Mayweather side....including you
  9. OK then, I'm sure you'll have cash on Conor in the early rounds because he will be "dangerous" then .
  10. I don't gamble, certainly not lots of money. I'm sure there will be plenty raking it in off those odds.
  11. It is great odds. As far as I'm concerned he does have no chance. I didn't give Pac much of a chance and he's an all time great.
  12. If I had a million quid I'd back Mayweather but I don't. Those odds are well out probably to take account of all the tenners getting put on McGregor.
  13. Look I agree that Conor boxed the best over both fights but he did gas in the first one and would have gotten knocked out if he'd stayed on his feet. My point was that if Diaz can knock him out(which he would have ) so can Mayweather.
  14. I was talking about the part where Conor had to go to ground against a black belt in Ju-Jitsu because he was getting his face punched in. I clearly meant he's an amateur boxer (at best) as is Conor. Have you seen his latest sparring session against a pro boxer ? LOL. My point was that although Mayweather hasn't knocked out anybody in years he's more than capable of knocking out an amateur like Conor. As for gassing, he'll be physically done in no time chasing shadows. I have no doubt Mayweather will drag it out for entertainment but Conor doesn't belong anywhere near a boxing ring.
  15. She made out she was a nurse using foodbanks. Not that she might have used a foodbank back in the day. If a nurse earning 27k a year has to use foodbanks then it's their own fault. No one elses.