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  1. I reckon the most significant thing will be that Klitch has literally fought nothing above bar brawlers since David Haye and after... then he fought Fury and was soundly beaten. He'll get soundly beaten again and will retire with not a single big name under his belt.
  2. No one is saying that the Tories are trying to kill people. They are saying that Tory policies are leading many people to their deaths. You know this but are twisting words to try and win your first argument on P and B.
  3. I feel you man, I've watched it roughly about 5 times and it really is a class above.
  4. You do realise that working people make up something like 90% of the benefits bill ? If you let the Tories do whatever the f**k they want it is normal, hard-working people that will suffer.
  5. Does the increased vote during a Westminster election help the SNP ? Tories and old people always vote, in both elections. Comparing to Holyrood elections might skew the polls a little in favour of the unionist parties ? I have no idea if this is the case, just a thought.
  6. I'm sure it was closer to 10%.
  7. You only need to cover one side of the fire triangle
  8. Yet another person who can't tell the difference between a promise/pledge/ commitment and a figure of speech/turn of phrase. Indy Ref 1 was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Scotland to be an independent country and thankfully it looks like we'll get another crack at it
  9. There's vast savings to be made, we are tied to a large state that spends an awful lot of money on shite we never voted for like nukes and wars. We have paid our share of both Iraq wars, Afghan war, Olympics, soon to be trident, HS2, London sewers, we paid our share of a big military that we would never need or want in an indy Scotland, we paid our share of the new frigates, carriers and the rest. If you honestly think Scotland will take 10% of the debt without taking these things into account then you're havering, also taking into account that 400bn is quantitive easing owed to ourselves. All of this wastage has resulted in paying interest on debt, this DOES affect our deficit. It will only get worse, not better unless we break away from a right wing country 10x larger than ourselves. We would also get full share of all BOE reserves and any other assets. There's a reason the UK wants to keep us show much. 5 years of independence will show just how many positives there are in the Scottish economy and just how financially inept the UK has been for decades.
  10. So Strichener, will you put your dislike of the EU aside and vote yes again in a future referendum ? Just curious.
  11. Yes again for me, no shitebag here
  12. You were adamant that there wouldn't be another one for at least 10 years . Everybody was just kidding us on. Starting at 45% this time.....bring it on.
  13. Continual building of settlements on Palestinian land says no. Of course Ad Lib only says what BBC and SKY show him. Israel are c***s.
  14. Bit rich for Labour to be moaning about it since they spent years crying that a freeze hurts the poorest. So did you actually.
  15. That goes a long way to explaining things.