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  1. RT @gayavengrs: wonder if they did friendship anal also https://t.co/7O0odAcBaE

  2. @FootyAccums Says it in a season English teams are all qualifying through their groups with ease for the first time… https://t.co/iVP1Zyftfu

  3. RT @KoolSchofield: I don't know who recorded this but I cannot cope with this ???????????? https://t.co/uJVTEBgdHV

  4. @FootyAccums @HarryG_10 Does a decent rate on Puro aye

  5. @_asiaaaaxo @beth_gerrardxo

  6. RT @CraigGTelfer: Shouts to Cowdenbeath's Jordan Garden for conceding the greatest penalty of this, or any other, season - https://t.co/Vqr…

  7. @beth_gerrardxo https://t.co/NyCFle21vB

  8. RT @AyleyPyper: bit harsh https://t.co/zTQhxMfUOJ

  9. RT @CaughtCctv: 10 out of 10 for the landing. https://t.co/EClqYPv2S0

  10. RT @BigFootballGB: Take a bow, Shinji Kagawa ???? (???? @btsportfootball) https://t.co/xJX82DJDdT

  11. RT @kidd_kong78: This is better than anything at the cinema at the moment. https://t.co/nz1L4nmVje

  12. @lewismillar_ Eagle later

  13. We really didn't trouble Hamilton at all. Problem with both our strikers is that they really need to play alongside each other or they're pretty useless. All being well until that shunts Andreu away from the central area where he's pretty useless. Can only see Telfer coming in for Kaute.
  14. Nah, Hamilton fans threw their toilet roll streamers and then a cone. But this is going to get tedious v quickly so let's just agree that Hamilton are a bunch of dinghys eh
  15. It was a Hamilton fan who threw the cone after a few verbals. Knocked the absolute c**t out of some old dear and then both fans started scrapping for about 20 seconds before it was separated. Great entertainment.