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  1. RT @GerryCinnamon: More dates added Tickets on sale Friday 9am https://t.co/0WNvGyR1vL Happy Valentines Day my pals ❤️ https://t.co/cKGJJ…

  2. RT @jaxondew: WTF is going on near the coast of Miami? https://t.co/a6bD3smkJa

  3. RT @RJeff1872: 1. Am single now 2. A canny afford trainers anymore 3. Am still a bigot 4. A love heights cause there’s a chance of me falli…

  4. RT @jayde96x: Staying in by yourself refreshing the same 3 apps over again is enough to send u insane f**k SAKE double voddy n coke plz

  5. RT @westhamfantv: @ryanarcher84 Somebody Call The Police, Theres Been A SAVAGE Attack In Huddersfield ???????????????????? ttps://youtu.be/-rPWHlZm2q8 htt…

  6. Whar the f**k do you get Dragon Soop in Dundee????

  7. Gutted a canna make it for getting to the game, mind

  8. RT @Bussey_: Picture this it’s 2010, you playing mw2 demolition on favela, Miami to Ibiza on in the background, monster energy by your side…

  9. RT @dapperlaughs: f**k me the kids are starting young these days ???? https://t.co/HEdjMJ6QyR

  10. RT @gayavengrs: wonder if they did friendship anal also https://t.co/7O0odAcBaE

  11. @FootyAccums Says it in a season English teams are all qualifying through their groups with ease for the first time… https://t.co/iVP1Zyftfu

  12. RT @KoolSchofield: I don't know who recorded this but I cannot cope with this ???????????? https://t.co/uJVTEBgdHV

  13. @FootyAccums @HarryG_10 Does a decent rate on Puro aye

  14. @_asiaaaaxo @beth_gerrardxo

  15. RT @CraigGTelfer: Shouts to Cowdenbeath's Jordan Garden for conceding the greatest penalty of this, or any other, season - https://t.co/Vqr…