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  1. A team with Burke, Armstrong, Fraser and Snodgrass actually sounds somewhat exciting. It is a massive shame they won't all start. Matt Phillips too when he's back from injury. Burke really should be getting deployed up front - especially away games on the break. There's no point in playing any other way.
  2. We don't lose home games, eh.
  3. We don't really lose at home. Will be a shitfest 1-1 or us by one goal.
  4. Fraser through the middle, so we're going with a fairly fucking attacking team. Happy with that as long as Toshney isn't at right back.
  5. Would play Toshney through the middle again. I guess Flood will come back in but wouldn't be against Fraser playing alongside Toshney.
  6. Why are we in such a mess financially even after all the player sales in the last five years? It's fucking mind boggling.
  7. Scott Fraser's a joy to watch a times. Made that fat b*****d in the middle look a right fud near the end. mckinnon not taking him off when he was clearly fucked was utterly ridiculous
  8. 5-0. I'm going to be sober, too. f**k me.
  9. You're a fucking shite musician, you creepy b*****d.
  10. Rather win the cup eh. Staying in pub if Dixon starts
  11. Should be a great piss up. On the pitch after another last minute winner up there.
  12. I am indeed correct. So other than Hibs, our terrible performances have coincided with him coming back in the team.
  13. Could be wrong like, but did he not come on for VDS after half time against Morton? And then gave away a penalty in his first start against Hibs, sent off next game against Raith and then back to back horrific games against Dumbarton and Hibs? He is comical at right bsck
  14. What the fucking hell is that?