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  1. I'm just glad we avoided Hampden again.
  2. Livi at home is the most "meh" tie possible. On the plus side, it's not a colt side.
  3. Not my club, but here's the remains of Muirkirk Juniors' old ground which sits on the lower NW slopes of Cairn Table. First one shows what is left of the stand.
  4. Presumably the regeneration preview which was on grass will be the John Simm to Michelle Gomez one. Still getting my hopes up that she isn't really the Master, though.
  5. Back at Uni (late 80s) we were making programs using Fortran77. Assessments were normally submitted printouts and the best way to do this was to open a COMO file - which basically kept a record of everything you typed and did. You'd open one then do things like list the program you'd made then show it running, close the COMO and print it off. Then folk discovered the messaging service and would deliberately make stuff like "fancy a pint?" and such appear in the middle of your work. This forced a lot of folk to come in early before the trolls surfaced.
  6. One of the English teachers made up one of those "Christmas elves dancing around the office" videos of her department. Emailed it to the whole secondary staff "Some Xmas cheer for you all", with the video file in every email. Choked the email system and the server - IT guy was doing his nut but managed to remain remarkably calm.
  7. Sent off twice at Cappielow in the same season whilst at Partick. It was clear that the second red card was down to much winding up from the Cowshed about the first one (plus his Paisley connections) and the red mist promptly coming down.
  8. Once sat in the midst of a group of young ladies (they boarded at Paisley) who proceeded to discuss the texture of various toilet papers. I choked when one of them quipped "the station has that tracing paper stuff - it once gave me a paper cut in my fanny".
  9. Did anyone else look at this and think it was the Dundee United strips for next season?
  10. Depends on whether or not the challenge cup is on the season ticket. It's not at Morton and hasn't been since the late 90s.
  11. There's this one, think it's been posted before.
  12. I see they got 93 year old Ysanne Churchman back to voice Alpha Centauri again in the Ice Warrior episode last week! Playing catch-up - not watched yesterday's yet.
  13. That's why I was glad he left Hearts and joined us - he'd be scoring for the good guys from then on. Memory may cheat a bit but he scored the goal (a cup replay winner for Hearts) which forced us to bin Denis Connaghan in goals and bring in Roy Baines. Met him at the "Stars of 79" night - genuinely nice guy. Anyway, players hated for scoring goals or being aresholes in general - Barry Lavety, Mark Yardley, Steve Maskrey, Chic Charnley, Jimmy Bone, Owen Coyle, Iain Ferguson (the skunky one), Gerry Britton, John Watson, Ian McCall, Fat Mixu Later forgiven all sins - Andy McLaren, Dougie Imrie
  14. I have no idea what practically every term in that diagram above means. From the little I can comprehend on Wikipedia the idea of folk buying (and trusting) drugs on the web doesn't bother me. Life choice and all that. The rest of it though - hanging's too good for them.
  15. You wonder how many of those police would want to step away from May's side and let the crowd have her. Saw clips last night of people banging council office doors shouting "We want answers". What answers do they think that the phone answering types who work there are going to actually have?