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  1. It may well have been - I was just highlighting the inconvenience to any travelling supporters.
  2. May have been posted elsewhere but Stranraer v Patrick Thistle has been moved to the Friday night. By the time the game ends the A77 will be closed north of Cairnryan so the Jags fans will have to go home via Newton Stewart. Have fun!
  3. I noticed that too.
  4. Oh - that was below the belt. You'll have some folk in tears.
  5. Would have bitten your hand off for a point at half time but it seems odd to come away from that disappointed at not winning. The referee - oh dear. When the early scything tackle on Doyle went unpunished I quietly wished I'd put money on the first booking being a Morton player - and it duly arrived moments later, with a few of our team pointing to the touchline asking what was so bad about our foul compared to theirs. No idea how that scramble on the goalline stayed out. At least we didn't lose 5-1 again, I suppose.
  6. Standing off their forwards too often and lucky to be only 1-0 down. Little happening up the other end and we are very wasteful in general. Get it sorted Duffy.
  7. Pretty much as strong a starting XI as we could hope for.
  8. I saw the remains of Connellys the other day and was gutted - I first saw MacFloyd playing there. Anyway - if ICT would mind waiting a week to get their act together that'd be fine.
  9. "We apologise for the temporary loss of the program. In the meantime, here's a piece of music".
  10. Burton Albion beating Birmingham 2-1 at the moment.
  11. PC and iPhone and iPad keep logging me out. Pain in the arse, this.
  12. Cheers - had that pointed out on page 1.
  13. Oh FFS! Edit - I was about to type "the bottle of port that's getting married" and decided to shorten it. And still didn't twig.