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  1. They shave/grow beards, wear hats, sunglasses and other various forms of hiding who they are. If recognised they are asked to leave and the staff then phone round their nearby branches to warn them.
  2. The Royal Wedding

    The bookies had to pay out on both yellow and green for bets on the colour of the Queen's outfit.
  3. FA Cup 2017/18

    This has been rather shite.
  4. FA Cup 2017/18

    Should have buried that.
  5. FA Cup 2017/18

    Loads of folk not back from HT yet. Hope it’s corporate cnuts and they miss a goal.
  6. Even Jim Duffy went 45 minutes of cup football against them at 0-0.
  7. Cheers. Been away for a couple of days and not up to scratch.
  8. Ok I’ll ask - what was the 19th minute applause for?
  9. The Royal Wedding

    Born & christened Henry but referred to as Harry all his life.
  10. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    Same here. Can't even post on my iPad.
  11. Given that bookies are taxed up the arse, have the Government factored in the money they could lose as a result of this? Not condoning the machines or anything, but will this be carried over to street arcades (where no employees monitor gambling habits)?
  12. Redirecting to virus-y sites

    Just happened to me on the iPad. Didn’t happen at work earlier today - must be an ad blocker in the work WiFi.
  13. Shortest time between games

    We played Montrose on consecutive evenings in 1995. A 1-1 draw at Scapa followed by a 3-2 defeat at Links, where David Wylie was sent off. We had no other registered keeper at the time. We managed to re-find Andre Boe in time for our next league game but had we won the replay we would not have been able to use him in the next round due to registration rules - probably forcing us to play an outfield player in goal.
  14. Nearly an assist from Ambrose there.
  15. The guys who left early are missing this Hibsing.