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  1. He's thrown the ball into play. The fact that some dickhead is deliberately in the way is irrelevant. If he had blootered a free kick off some coupon in a wall would he be booked for that? Gretna used to make a point of throwing the ball against their own players' backs to get the ball back to the taker's feet.
  2. I was, and still am, relatively shite at football. Never played for a team and was one of the last chosen for lunchtime games on the red gravel pitch (and even then usually stuck in goal). Usually we played the other class in our year in primary, but occasionally we mixed the teams. This was common when a new guy joined the other class and was streets ahead of the rest of us (was on Dundee's books at one point). Once in a while, we'd all challenge the year above. Three distinct memories (not sure what was actually first) - 1. Scoring the only goal in a mixed game - a loose ball fell to me in the box and I gave it just enough power to go in. 1-0 wins were unheard of which is why it stands out, 2. Getting slagged by a few guys from the older class for being rubbish, then moments later heading home a cross over the lot of them. The pain of heading a Mitre 5 did not register in the euphoria. 3. A hat trick against the older class. Latched onto a duff pass back, volleyed home a low cross and curled my third into the top corner from about 15 yards.
  3. This almost happened a number of years ago when ourselves and Clyde were fighting to avoid the drop. We were away to Partick Thistle and Clyde were at home to bottom club Stirling. It had been pointed out that there was a scenario which would see us finish on identical points, goal difference and goal scored, and the scores needed was something fairly ordinary like 2-1 and 1-0. The SFL stated that in that case there would have been a play-off to see who avoided the play-offs. We both won 3-0 (thank you, Brian Wake) and we finished 8th by virtue of having scored one goal more. Clyde's playoff saw a bizarre comeback IIRC. Forget who benefitted. Edit - I checked. Clyde were 5-2 down on aggregate at home to Alloa with half an hour to go and managed to win 6-5 AET. They then beat Airdrie in the final.
  4. That bar chart isn't to scale. I'll have to put that somewhere between "Damned Lies" and "Statistics".
  5. Typical. In control of the game, ahead and comfortable - then lose a stupid goal on the break.
  6. Loads of Ayr fans in the Norseman just now. Just seen a couple of 15 year olds trying to discreetly consume a bottle of Buckfast.
  7. Missed this thread, but hey ho. Well done Hibs. Hope we can join you.
  8. Tragic that you took the time and effort to type that pish out.
  9. That 4-3 game - I was on my tea-break in Woolies and heard the radio say we'd gone 3-1 up. Went back to the shop floor feeling confident. Then one of the week staff who worked as a steward at Scapa came in and told me Ayr had won 4-3 - I genuinely thought he was kidding me. Spoke to my mates later and they said that it was typical McGraw "hold on" fare - as soon as Ayr got their second it was seemingly obvious that they'd go on to win.
  10. The only real winners of this are Modern Studies teachers.
  11. Once a year, mark national examinations. The awkward ones which require scrutiny will be countered by the ones with next to nothing written in them.
  12. Maybe, but it might have lead to a goal, which would have been completely out of place in this game.