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  1. St Mirren v Morton

    Interesting point, and not far wrong. Until reconstruction in the mid-70s, when we changed from playing each other twice per season to three or four times, Morton actually had the upper hand in the derbies. Our two longest serving managers since then, Benny Rooney and Allan McGraw both have stinking records in the derbies (although Rooney was facing a fairly decent St. Mirren team whilst McGraw claimed that games against St. Mirren and bizarrely, Clydebank, were the "most unpredictable"). Every manager prior to Benny Rooney had a positive record (or at the very least parity) in the derby games.
  2. Rangers vs Motherwell LC Semi

    Our contribution of not winning our group and letting Motherwell get past that stage should not be understated.
  3. Rangers vs Motherwell LC Semi

    Liam MacLeod hasn't inhaled for at least three minutes now.
  4. Rangers vs Motherwell LC Semi

    That boy is on a hat-trick now.
  5. Rangers vs Motherwell LC Semi

    Some behind the Radio Scotland guys is going all sweary heads gone.
  6. St Mirren v Morton

    Ok. Can we have another one of those games where we equalise up at the home end sometime around midnight? They're pretty funny.
  7. Div’s let things slide a bit - usually pics linked from that site appear as Batman snogging Robin.
  8. Was it Russell? It looked a bit of a stramash from where I stood and I had thought Gaston had fumbled it (apologies to Derek if he was blameless). Both the referee and his assistant seemed to look at each other wondering if a foul had been committed before Cook decided to signal the goal.
  9. MOTD thread 2017/18

    Sean Dyche wanting to give Silva marks out of 10 for the dive
  10. A local referee’s thoughts counts for nothing. Forfar had a local ref rule Station Park playable one mid-morning when we were visiting. The real one called it off at 2pm, barely giving us enough time to nip down to Perth instead to see St. Mirren lose. Same farce at Dumfries - a pitch playable at 1pm mysteriously became more frozen after an hour of sunshine.
  11. Cook seemed to give all the wee niggly fouls in favour of Dumbarton and failed to let the game flow. When he actually got it right (Tiffoney turning a guy illegally, for example) it just got folks backs up even more.
  12. A tale of two keepers - Gaston doing another free gift number and the Sons’ keeper making some decent stops as we pressed for a winner. Next..........
  13. St Mirren v Morton

    Am unable to make this and the likely accompanying shafting. Knowing my luck, we’ll probably win this.
  14. First half hour was diabolical and the goal was a shocker to lose. We have too many passengers whilst the likes of Murdoch are running their socks off. Their No 20 is tearing us up on the left side.