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  1. The skunks game worries me more than the Hibs games tbh.
  2. Awful in that half, awful goal to lose, wasted the few chances we made and getting torn a new one at left back.
  3. Higginbotham giving Russell a hard time.
  4. Well done United. Hope you can retain it next season.
  5. Pic all over twitter of some muppet using a selfie stick to get a shot of him with the ambulances behind him.
  6. Fat Rangers player from the 70s who later hosted Football First on STV and was possibly the most wooden presenter in the history of presenters. Persisted on referring to us at "The Tun". Could swear he was doing it deliberately. Dont be shy, now....
  7. *Waves to Derek Johnstone.
  8. Was about to berate the OP for the cocky, Falkirk-esque thread title, then realised it wasn't one of us. We ought to be fired up for this. After losing at EEP earlier in the season the players need no reminding of what can happen.
  9. A draw would be nice. As would a couple of straight red cards for the home side.
  10. This. Remember them dropping a brick in (the old) Division 1 in 04-05 when they realised that they'd likely be losing Falkirk, Raith and Partick Thistle through promotion/relegation, and getting Livi (in fact they got Dundee), Brechin & Stranraer in return. Tried to introduce play-offs mid season and it was rightly kicked into touch.
  11. I love Mikey Doyle. Should never be allowed to leave Morton. Ever. Seat on the board and all that.
  12. I love it when a thread title comes back to bite you on the arse. Lovely stuff. This team never ceases to surprise me.
  13. Tremendous result that.
  14. FFS Morton - get it sorted back there.