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  1. Yip. I just want a better set up than we have. I've said it before and I'll say it now, I think Pittodrie is shyt and it has been ever since I started going (mid 70s). We need something better and we've needed proper training facilities since 'afore I wis a loon'. As for the distance argument, well I looked on Google maps this morning it turns out that I've been commuting 9 miles from Culter to Pittodrie, and the recommended route is NOT along either the North or South Deeside roads, but is in fact via... wait for it... KINGSFORD! Even though that is a full 4 miles further in distance. If I managed 9 miles for 40 odd years, I'm sure I'll manage 6. (I've been gan the wrang wye fir forty-odd year it seems). It doesn't say much for our support if moving the stadium a 'puckly' miles means that they 'canna be arsed'. As for all this Hibs 'n Hearts stadium shyte. Easter Road may have a new stand, but it is still a fvkkin hole. Tynecastle, much though I like it is, still too small (particularly if you've got ambitions of growing that is). I'll say this again as well. I go to Pittodrie because that is where 'The Michty, Michty Dons' are playing, not the other way around. Yours aDONis
  2. Third Rangers aka The Ha-Ha's
  3. That is brillant :). Top trolling, not many many people can pull of the thick as shyt schtick as well as that! Yours aDONis
  4. The more I think about it, the more I'm hoping it goes through. I'm looking forward to heading out to the fans bar, having a couple of pints safe in the knowledge that I'm helping support the club. Then I'm going to enjoy a supporting the mighty-mighty Dons v fvcked_if _I_care_FC. After that, I'm going to bask in the surrounding of the newest and best stadium in the country, before heading back to the fans bar for a further 'supporting my club' session. From there I'll either head back home or into town. I'll then also marvel at the fact that it turns out that Kingsford isn't in an outer spiral arm of universe and is as easy to get to Aberdeen from, as it is from Culter. Yours, top-red aDONis
  5. Aye well, there's nowt so queer as folk. My choice is up top of the Big Dick Erection (if I'm with friends) and that's because of the atmosphere. If I'm taking the kids, then it tends to be the Merkland (the family deals are often too good to turn down). So I'm not sure I can agree that the Big Dick is the problem with our atmosphere. During the Fergie years he described Dons fans as 'sweetie paper rustlers' and at that point we were one of the best teams in europe and still didn't create much atmosphere! #livininthe80s. Atmosphere is primarily people driven, not building driven. I went to a Jags v HIVs game a couple of years back and the atmosphere was terrific, but surely nobody would suggest that to create a great atmosphere, you need to have a grass bank where a stand should be. I'll admit it, I'm a funny mixture of new v old fan. The old fan part of me harks back to the days of terracing, sways and fechtin (conveniently forgetting the racism, bigotry, sexism and homophobia that was also fairly prevalent at the time). The new fan in me, says that we (AFC and football) are battling in very different market conditions, with a slant towards new technology and more leisure choices. In a nutshell we have to get more from our facilities, whether that be more family friendly comfortable surroundings, more corporate revenues, god forbid more away fans and more stadium usage (Rugby, Internationals etc. etc.). I'll also admit to not being as passionate about everything AFC as others (that's age and geography for you). I'll turn up to watch Aberdeen play whenever I get the opportunity, it matters very little to me, who the opposition are or where the stadium will be located. I'm from Culter, so I've been catching busses then walking to Dons games for 40+ years, it's not that bad! My routine might change, in that I'll go for a pint in Culter or at the stadium (instead of in town), then maybe back via town (if the wife lets me). I'm sure I'm not unique in my outlook, I went to Pittodrie because that is where the stadium is, had it been in Kingsford I'd have gone there without question and I wouldn't have been any the wiser. Yours in ambivalence aDONis
  6. In fairness the atmosphere at Pittodrie has, other a few exceptions, always been shyte! Mind you I've only been going since 1975 so maybe it was me that caused it, and before then it was ace. It's a terrible ground with terrible facilities. It is the stadium of my youth, and I do have some dewey-eyed nostalgic moments, but I take my kids there these days and they 'suffer it' for my sake, rather than enjoy it. Yours aDONis
  7. I am nothing, if not irritable! Yours aDONis
  8. I'm tired of this, so I'm going to act that right cvnt on it. If you're an AFC fan with legitimate concerns about travel links etc, then hairy-muff it is a risk. If your some sort of 'know it all' away fan that hardly ever bothers to turn up at Pittodrie in any case. (And let's be honest we get very few away fans) then fvck right off! We are not proposing a new stadium for your benefit, that would be a complete fukking waste of time! You don't turn up now, so why would anyone give a fvkk about whether you might turn up in the future. This is about Aberdeen growing it's domestic base, not about whether some arsehole away fans think it preferential to some other site which they already don't bother to attend. So in short, fvkk right off! Turn up or don't turn up, but spare me the sanctimonious pysh about location when, let's face it, you make fvk-all difference to our bottom line. Yours, irate as fvkk! aDONis
  9. Aye, millions! At my last count he'd spunked circa £9m on various share issues and debt write offs, but that was before the recent big debt write off so I'd guess it is well north of £9m now. Some of it was because of his own miss-guided largesse, particularly in the 90s when it was not unknown for Aberdeen to lose £3m plus a year. Yours aDONis
  10. Is it just me, or did anyone else watching that, start singing 'The sash my father wore'. 'You've got Billy, tattooed, on your neck and a Union Jack above your bed!'
  11. Fans of the old club before the cognitive dissonance aka 'fairy-tales' set in (April 2012) We all knew the score back then
  12. Point one is pretty much on the money, although there are a few wrinkles depending on the complexities around issued v available shares, share categories, voting rights of shares and the really ethereal such as what value do others place on the loan to equity conversion (i.e. does the market see it as a positive move for the club's long term prospects)? Two other points of order are; 1) Value of shares are always in a certain state of flux and should adjust immediately 2) The voting power of any shares held are generally diluted (subject to some of the stuff I mentioned above). E.g. If you owned 50 out of 100 shares (50% of the club) and the loan conversion issues another 100 shares then you would now own 50 out of 200 (25% of the club). As for any going concern, again it's a bit ethereal. At it's simplest, the question is, will the club be able to meet it's financial commitments for the coming year/years. Just because a company is currently making losses and needs cash injections now, doesn't mean that it's not viable medium to longer term (see the likes of Tesla and Amazon which made losses for years and years). What the auditors need to be satisfied about is that somehow by hook or by crook, finance will be available to meet upcoming obligations. Aberdeen (now being touted as a well run club) had an 'emphasis of matter' only a few years ago, where they hadn't completed their negotiations with the bank on a loan re-structure in time for the accounts. The auditors didn't qualify the accounts (on a going concern basis) because they had assurances from Wiggy & Gilbert (?) that the worst case was that they'd step in, if no agreement with the bank was reached. Hope this helps. Yours aDONis P.S. Safe to say, I won't be investing in NewBrandRangers FC though (they can get fvkked just like the old club)
  13. Rangers v Aberdeen / Aberdeen v Rangers

    Got what we deserved. I can't t believe we supposedly had more possession. If we did,we did feck all with it. Simply outplayed. Fuckin' horrible to watch. Yours aDONis