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  1. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    OK on to last night's game. Killie pies are still fvkkin great even after a 30+ year absence by yours truly. Game itself was very stuffy (aka shyte) for the best part of 90 mins. Truly eyebleeding. I sent some mates a text saying the most entertaining thing was watching the grass grow. McGinn, GMS and Christie were all well below par. I also thought McLean was poor (in 90 mins). Didn't think much of Killie either, so maybe it was the congested midfield that was to blame. Going into extra time felt like a punishment, and I thought the only honourable thing to do was for both teams to withdraw from the tournament! Killie's goal was a comedy. Massive hoof from defensive area, massive "TWOINGGGG!" Sound from pitch, massive misjudgement from Logan on how high he could jump, and a nudge that made sure he didn't make it. Penalty equally bizarre! Why! Simply why?! Plus points; May, simply added direction to our attack. Kept the Killie back line honest and had we threaded a proper ball to him then who knows? McLean further forward! Feck me the boy has some spring in him. Won numerous headers and flick ons. Nwakali - not seen much of him, but he was a game changer IMHO. Buzzed about and gave us great drive and pace. Also his second shot at goal... WOW! It must have bent 5 ft. I'd love to see a replay! O'Conner - was terrific, surprised me no end and his sprint to Dons fans after Pens, was much appreciated. McKenna - my MOTM. Fvk me thon loon has talent and then some. Finally Killie FC and their fans. Great turnout, great pies, top staff and gracious fans. A big thank you from me after what must have been a gutting experience. Football as it should be! Yours, we dodged a bullet. aDONis
  2. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Not in a fight for luuurve from the ladies and soon to be turned men like myself! He is one handsome bugger! Yours, don't tell the wife! aDONis
  3. Aberdeen V Kilmarnock

    Seem to be plenty of tickets for away section. Certainly hope so, I'm back up in Glasgow, so 'AHM GAN!' It's only been 30 odd years since I last went to Killie, so hoping to follow fans to ground. Yours aDONis
  4. Steelmen v red bottle merchants

    It is happening! It is happening! IT IS HAPPENING! BOO HOO! Yours, stamps his feet! aDONis
  5. Steelmen v red bottle merchants

    Postponed! Postponed! You soft northern bast***s! It's my first away game opportunity of the season so 'ahm gan'! I've been looking forward to this trip to Motherwell for weeks. Yes, you read that right, I was looking forward to going to Motherwell! Me, Motherwell, looking forward to it! I didn't brave almost certain death heading from Buckinghamshire to the erse-end of the neverworld for some Bobby's 'blouse' postponement. The weather can just fvk right off! Yours, top red, that hardly ever goes! aDONis
  6. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Just spoken to ticket office and there is a cash gate, so I'm packing my mittens and ready to watch the MICHTY, MICHTY BOTTLE-JOBBERS, KNVT the suburb of Glasgow11. Happy days. aDONis
  7. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Moving on, nothing to see here type post coming up. Going to be in Glasgow on Wednesday with a couple of work colleagues and we want to take in the game at the Land That Time Forgot Stadium. AFC website will only sell me one ticket. Is there a pay at the gate option for away fans. Is it worth contacting Murderwell direct etc. Yours aDONis
  8. Hibernian vs Aberdeen

    I'll be honest and say that there is barely a game in this league that I don't worry about, and I worry about Hibs games more than most. The introduction of the best McGinn in scottish football has eased my worries a bit, but I'm yet to be convinced by this Aberdeen team. We're pretty solid at the back and we're pretty good going forward, but we're not 'solid' at the back and not 'good' up front - although we have scored a lot recently. I think every one of Hibs, Hearts, Killie, St Johnstone etc are just a bit of consistancy away from us. Feeling bad about this one. 3-1 Hibs and me greetin' into my overpriced american-style-IPA-with-a-horrible-hoppy-aftertaste. Hope it's a good game though. Yours aDONis
  9. Dons v DABs

    I will not hear a word against Mr Maris Piper 2013/16. I am firmly of the belief that he and thon Inverurie Pikey, were the bedrock of Aberdeens revival. I think they brought a level of professionalism that was missing. Go-on yersel Willow ma-loon, I'm sure you've got beauty on the inside. Yours aDONis
  10. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    I am the great Cornholio!
  11. Aye, there is some truth in that. Some of the concerns are not without foundation. Transport and infrastructure are key elements, and in my experience, they won't satisfy everyone. Match-day experience will also change, but hopefully the at the ground experience will be better. On the whole I think we should embrace the change. Yours aDONis
  12. History and tradition are a moving feast. Aberdeen are a prime example of that. Traditional colour = REEED, except when it was yellow and black for the first 35 odd years. Traditional nickname = The Dons, except when it was of course The Waaaasps! Traditional away end is? (Take yer pick, in my time it's been the South Stand, Beach End, Merkland Stand and occasionally even the Main Stand). Our traditional club crest is relatively new in the scheme of things, it does harken back a bit further, but even then it was by no means an integral part of probably our first 70-ish years. We (fans) tend to pick and choose what we deem traditional, and a level of sentimentality often helps bond, but 50 years from now, Aberdeen FC will still be Aberdeen FC, and our 'traditional' home will be Kingsford. Pittodrie will be a part of our history, but it shouldn't be deemed as our only history. Yours, looking forward to knvting the Edinburgh yo-yo clubs et al in our new home. aDONis
  13. Reading get an average attendance of circa 17.5k in and out primarily by bus and car every other week (stadium is circa three miles from city centre) that being the case I'm sure we can do it. I do want us to build something the city as well as the club, can be proud of. Look forwards not back. Yours aDONis
  14. He'min, dinna spik ill aboot the Scottish Polka King! JIMMY-SHANDS BARMY-ARMY! JIMMY-SHANDS BARMY-ARMY!
  15. Bears vs Sheep Jan 24th

    They haven't been that good!