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  1. Hamilton Academical v Aberdeen

    I'm looking at it as a point won. Both teams missed gilt edges chances (probably Accies more than us). Accies are not whipping boys, mostly edged out by the odd goal, not drubbings. I also think they play some decent football. Having gone ahead, I'd have happily shytfested it out, but it was not to be. Yours aDONis P.S. I forgot to mention the pitch which looks worse than I actually think it is.
  2. Duff and Phelps! They did a sterling job with deadRangers, I'd vote for them!
  3. Most underrated player

    Aye, but it was the players that voted. Fans tend to think of him as an error prone gype, and unless he scores a hat trick, the media generally ignores him. He also bats above his average
  4. Most underrated player

    Doug Considine's loon. Very much underrated and under appreciated. He's been very useful all along our back line, without much recognition at all. At times I've seen him unfairly maligned, including one clown repeatedly shouting that he was amazingly more shyt than his father. He's been good enough at left back to allow us to utilise our best left back in midfield. Not only that he is allegedly hung like a horse, and yes sir, he can boogie, but he needs a certain song!
  5. My eyes! My eyes! Absolute panic-ball by Aberdeen. Only good thing is that we're being a bit more aggressive, but the rest is horrible. Yours, wish I hadn't gone to Specsavers. aDONis
  6. Terrible posting thread for this. Castle Greyskull was where the goodies lived. Snake Mountain was Skeletor's abode.
  7. Aberdeen v Killie

    I think Aberdeen will be best of the rest again this season. But that doesn't give us any luxury above the rest of the teams in the league. We have presented chances in every game so far, and last week showed how a well disciplined team can upset us. (St Johnstone would have beaten us). I haven't seen much of Killie this season, but I have seen Aberdeen and we're not quite right at the moment. A scabby three points would be very welcome (whether that is Aberdeen playing well or Killie playing poorly I don't care). Yours, rather nervous and sheepish (fnar, fnar) aDONis
  8. I remember Tonev being a bit taller than that. Must have been him though, because he kicked and missed!
  9. Kings Links was the preferred option, but it had a couple of major hurdles. One was that there was a restrictive covenant on the land, making the likelihood of getting planning even less likely. The other was that as you get closer to the sea, building costs started to escalate, with that plan requiring an additional £9m of contingency spend (IIRC). I'm going to break ranks with many fans here and address the elephant in the room; Pittodrie is shyt! There I've said it. I've been going since 1975/6 and it's been shyt that whole time! I've got two girls, and gawd bless 'em, they accompany me to Pittodrie, but there is nothing attractive for them (until the blessed Deek turned up and I became a lot less irritable). I for one can't wait, till we've got a proper museum where I can show them the European Cup Winners Cup that their daddy held (aye at Cults Academy, nae Gothemburg). I also hope we manage to put a couple of decent ''club' bars into the ground. Just make the whole thing, something to be proud of. In closing, I already go to an out of town stadium (Madejski), and although it's not the most modern of new stadiums, it's streets ahead of Pittodrie as a match day experience (including the trek from Reading town centre). I'd have loved it had we been able to build a new Pittodrie on a hover-pitch above the Castlegate, but we can't and we're not. I don't think this will be nearly as bad as people imagine. It hasn't been for Reading, despite middle-aged men getting dewey-eyed about Elm Park! Yours aDONis P.S. My mums hoose in Culter... so YAY!
  10. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    Nae angry but utterly despondent. The twa Neil's fiasco at Tynecastle. I was so desperate for them to do well, but alas the shambles that Dingus left was irretrievable. There was another shambles at Tynecastle under Uncle Ebbe, now I was super angry at that. I can't remember the score but I do remember that 30mins in, Hearts had had 83% possession. I fvkkin ask you! Yours, having a little greet! aDONis
  11. The Famous Aberdeen - Season 2017/18

    I read the feasability study, when the club released it (a' four-hunner thoosan poonds o' it). Now please bare with me that this was done circa 2002/3 IIRC and I haven't got an eidetic memory, and I've lost the report on some old hard disk somewhere during the 15 or so years that have elapsed. The four main goals were; Training facilities WAFFA compliance Capacity of circa 20,000 (with possible expansion for if Scotland attracted a major tournament: stop laughing). Increased corporate and other revenues. Re-developing Pittodrie's current site was least able to deliver on those aspirations because WAFFA compliance means not only a wider pitch, but also a wider run off between pitch and terraces. Meaning less room for stands and corporate facilities. Kings Links proposal was an option, but hampered by covenant on the land, didn't deliver training facilities and had an additional risk regarding the foundations which could have added circa £10m to the build. Loirston was preferred because it could deliver all of the above, and at the time there was a belief that the Council would chip in as well. (What did I tell you about the laughing!) There were a whole pile of interesting other stuff about the relative merits/demerits of each option but from what I recall, what I've just described was it in a nut-shell. The only other thing I can promise you is that the report wasn't done on the cheap. Circa £400k was the sum mentioned in one of the notes to the accounts. Yours aDONis
  12. Certainly St johnstone should GTF. Some of their deluded fans seem to think that just because they've won both their games, scored more and have a better goal difference than the rest of us, that somehow they are entitled to be top of the league! Arrogant knvts! Everyone knows that the best leagues are decided alphabetically! So, just to recap St Johnstone can GTF moving Aaaaaaberdeen (proper spelling) up to 3rd, before our eventual and inevitable crowning as alphabetty-spaghetti champions. Yours aDONis
  13. PSJFC v MFC 12.8.17

    Bloody St Johnstone, coming over here, playing their anti-football, scoring lots of goals, pushing the mighty Dons down to 4th and topping our league! GRRRR! Congrats! aDONis
  14. That's funny because I always read it as @***apologistcunt Yours aDONis