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  1. Abortion rights

    Can we stop this "collection of cells" nonsense please. Even when you're born you're still a collection of cells. It's a pish description.
  2. Not sure why they'd want to avoid us tbh, we've conceded 34 goals in the league since the start of 2018 and 26 of them have come in the last month. We've only scored 12 in that period. That is relegation form and if I were Alloa I'd be rubbing my hands at the prospect of playing us.
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    That first part is fair enough, aye. I'd probably just wait 5 minutes but understand some aren't as patient. They are very small cups too, the tiny ones you get from coffee machines. I just can't understand why cold/heavily watered down coffee would be preferable to a fresh warm cup.
  4. Abortion rights

    Definitely for worse.
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    A guy in my office has acquired the nickname "Two Cups" because any time he goes and gets a coffee he gets a cup of cold water at the same time. I always thought he just got the water for when his coffee was done but today I watched him sit at his desk, take a sip of his coffee then pour cold water into it to top it up. He repeated this for about 10 minutes until both cups were done. I know this shouldn't annoy me, but it has. Is this regular behaviour?
  6. Name The Royal Baby

  7. Pars v Sons

    True, aye. I stupidly took the last 4 games as 4 weeks but we've been playing midweeks. It really is scary how much we've downed tools after that Cup final.
  8. Abortion rights

    Absolutely staggering arrogance.
  9. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    I'm a fan of Tennents and Brew Dog's stuff but that's a beautiful telt from T. Brew Dog do come across as complete c***s, very much in the "trying too hard" category and every time I read "Equity for Punks" I want to go on a massive killing spree. A bit rich of them to force a name change of another pub considering they use famous people/names to brand and market their beers (pretty sure Elvis Presley's people tried to sue them over their Elvis Juice?).
  10. Abortion rights

    Dr Ayrmad strikes again.
  11. Jack Rodwell

    They aren't his fault at all. It's sad those people are losing their jobs but ultimately it's the Sunderland board who have brought this situation upon themselves by dishing out a £70K long term contract to an average midfielder. Were any of the Sunderland board worried about human decency or redundancies being a consequence when they were dishing out the ridiculous contracts? Rodwell cannot be blamed here and if he's refusing to play then Sunderland have an easy out in sacking him for failing to fulfil his contract. The fact they haven't done that and instead have leaked stuff like that to the press in order to discredit Rodwell makes me think he hasn't refused to play at all.
  12. Abortion rights

    f**k you, Zen.
  13. Abortion rights

    I think banana listing his "Great Triggering Discussions" in a hidden quote in the OP is up there with the most tragic things I've seen on these boards.
  14. Jack Rodwell

    I'm thankful for Scottish football too but don't think that players being paid way above what they're worth isn't happening up here. There are players in Scot Prem youth teams who are earning ridiculous amounts of cash having achieved absolutely nothing in the game (not even talking about solely Old Firm here). And that's before you consider that Carlos Pena was given a reported £26K a week. As for the topic, Rodwell is well within his rights to sit there and coin it in. It doesn't show much in the way of ambition, but if I was being paid £70K a week and knew that in about 5 or 6 years time I'd probably be looking at retiring from football, I'd likely sit there and coin it in too. If the board of the club were daft enough to give him that deal when they weren't sure they could afford it then it's not down to Rodwell to bail them out.