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  1. That's a wee shame.
  2. I had been thinking I might head along tomorrow despite Aitken pretty much saying "we don't care about the league cup" at the weekend, but I don't think I fancy the double torture of watching us in 1st gear whilst Charleston swans around the pitch. Start the league now please.
  3. Taking 3 quid off Tuesdays price now won't get the extra fans needed to make up the difference through the door. Charging the 200 poor souls that will show up anyway 13 quid makes more money than charging the 220 that might show up if it's a tenner. We need to realise this is the only language our board talks in. Morality or goodwill does not come into conversation, sadly.
  4. Surely it's a mutual agreement to end the contract with a suitable pay off though? I.e. if Gallagher doesn't want to accept the payment he can sit and take his wage? Morally we do what the player is happy with IMO.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean. He either sees the contract out in which we pay him the wage he's already taking from our budget or we pay off his contract. Either way we've budgeted for Gallagher for a season. We can't release him without paying him.
  6. That's a damn shame. I really feel for the guy. He's had absolutely no luck.
  7. He didn't appear to have much pace. Looked to be carrying some extra weight too. Tidy on the ball though.
  8. Carswell is injured. It might be some time before we see that spectacle. I imagine Hutton will partner Wilson in midfield. Not particularly creative...
  9. Utter desperation.
  10. I highly doubt we'll be looking for another centre half, we have 3 and our squad isn't big enough to accommodate 4. Unless Kerr can play right back too.
  11. I absolutely hate crowdwanking, but I've got to agree. Bringing through over 300 on a Tuesday night for an over-priced friendly is excellent, IMO. That's more than Falkirk bring on a good day.
  12. The black and white pound keeping the Sons in the Championship for another season.
  13. Fair enough. I do think it will affect youth players coming through at other clubs too though. You'll see the likes of Rangers and Celtic sign up even more boys to fill out these squads which means there'll be less to choose from for everyone else. I agree though, I fail to see how any League 1 or 2 club can see this as a good move.
  14. It will affect your club though. Say goodbye to the likes of Joe Thomson or Dom Thomas coming into your club on loan and make do with whatever shite isn't being hoarded by the big clubs.