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  1. In Calum Gallaghers case I know we were concerned the deal wouldn't happen because we didn't think St Mirren were going to pay off his contract. We can't afford transfer fees so you are effectively terminating his contract so that he can join us as is the case in many deals. That requires a settlement to the player so any guys you didn't get a fee for will likely have cost you money.
  2. Look at how honking that midfield is and we actually beat someone 5-0. All down to Dobbie that day.
  3. It's NSFW to be honest, but it involved CT entering a hotel room wearing nothing but goalie gloves and leaving with a smile on his face.
  4. Our owners proposed profit making (for them) move is a major factor in our stadium being in the state it's in. That is directly affecting the budget this season as we have things that can't be ignored any longer. I'll concede that should fall under my second reason given but they are c***s nonetheless.
  5. The pitch was a state, needs to be done. Brechin replacing Raith is a big drop in away support and Ayr brought more than Livi ever have. What would our board be pinching pennies for? Where do these pennies go?
  6. Be lucky to find a Sons fan who didn't love him. Really can't grudge him his move but it's a fair kick in the bollocks for us.
  7. Away supports this season will be lower than any other Championship season we've been involved in, our stadium needs fixed and our pitch relaid, our owners are c***s. There's 3 for starters.
  8. Gregor was the one guy I hoped we'd hold on to. He can have a moment or two where his concentration seems to go but on the whole he's been superb.
  9. After months of hibernation, during which period we had many good results and secured our safety, wee patch is back out in the world bringing fresh panic to the shores of Dumbarton. Good holiday patch? Any thoughts on Aitken keeping us up or are you just here to greet about his 2 year deal and our players choosing to go full time?
  10. Lynes was comfortably worse than both.
  11. St Mirren bound probably.
  12. Craig Lynes' football career lasted 5 years and it was clear to see why. He was an absolute carthorse. I remember being a ball boy behind the goal one day, Lynes actually beat his man for once, got into the box and then collapsed in a heap. Screaming at the ref for a penalty with his arms aloft, he asks the ref "why would I go down there? I was through on goal". The ref replied with the best Alan Partridge shrug of the shoulders I've seen whilst laughing at him as he ran away. I simply do not believe there was a worse player than him involved in Scottish football.
  13. Ahem, we paid a 5 figure sum for Craig Lynes. Consider yourself topped.
  14. That's fucking sickening. f**k you Jack Ross, f**k you right in the fucking face.
  15. St Mirren can f**k off too.