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  1. He's scored most of his goals playing wide left for us. We'll be needing him to pitch in with some more this weekend albeit from a centre forward position. I'm hopeful with Harvie back and us being able to move Stanton further forward that we can get something. To be honest I don't give a shit how we play, results are everything now.
  2. If the appeal fails they also have the option of extending the ban as well. Best to accept it and move on.
  3. Wouldn't he rather go out and put on a show in front of his next employers? Morton fans are fairly unforgiving in their assessment of players, I don't see why he'd purposely make himself look shite. He won't be involved in any play-offs with Morton and since he signed that deal he's probably been our most important player. I have no qualms about starting him on Saturday (and by the looks of it we don't have any alternative in any case).
  4. A 4,000 seater would be useless in this division as well. Thanks for your concern.
  5. We've given ourselves it all to do, no doubt about that. We have a habit of pulling results out the hat though and we need to approach each game as a cup final. No team is unbeatable this year, winning our remaining home games will go a long way. I would agree with your line up too, OKI.
  6. Why would waste our time getting pictorial evidence to convince you of something that you won't be convinced of? You say the tackle wasn't from behind, you are talking shite.
  7. This part...
  8. I see a problem here...
  9. Tomorrow night at Tannadice.
  10. Unfortunately after Saturday's result it's no longer in our hands. We need Ray McKinnon (horses arse) to do us a favour and make sure Ayr don't gain any points in their game in hand.
  11. Would neutering the cat not be preferable to throwing it into a bag and sending it to a horrible watery death, you evil c**t?
  12. I reckon 9 points would do us, gonna be tighter than a nuns chuff though.
  13. Keeping Aitken was the right decision in my opinion for a couple of reasons. The first and most important being that after that Bonnyrigg result the players stood up for the gaffer and made it very clear they were still behind him. Everyone was able to start a fresh, so to speak, at that point and draw a line under everyhing that had happened so far this season. We looked a different team after that and Aitken got the chance to freshen things up in January and recruited well. The second reason is I don't believe we had a lot of money to pay off Aitken and his staff and then go and recruit someone good enough to see us over the line. Looking for a gaffer in the position we were in at that stage was entirely different to when we appointed Murray, we were still very much on track for staying up albeit weren't playing well so we didn't have the opportunity to take such a risk. Out of work gaffers at the moment seem to be utter shite, so we would probably have had to go and find someone already managing another club which I'm not sure we had the cash for, or could've found the cash and then struggled on next season to make up the shortfall. So, we could've potentially got rid of Stevie and still gone down, with a worse gaffer in place and been looking at a League 1 rebuild job that could go anywhere. By keeping Aitken we didn't have that cost or headache and gave him his chance to turn it round, with everyone now fully aware that a better standard was the only acceptable outcome. Even if we go down I'd be inclined to keep him. He has his faults, but he's not a bad gaffer and he knows how to do well in League 1 (I'd argue some of his signings have been more suited to that level). If there's one thing he's good at it's getting a reaction from his players after a really poor result. Hopefully that shines through again next week, which would be unfortunate for you but glorious for us.
  14. Of the teams in the bottom half, Ayr and Dunfermline have got the better of us this season but we've got the better of St Mirren and Raith. At home we've beaten two of the top 4 and have a chance to beat another of them next week. No doubt yesterday was hugely disappointing, but we just can't sit here and say we're going down. Of course our thin squad is worrying, but given the success we've had in this division I prefer to take the positive view as much as possible. We're still (just) above Ayr and fair enough they have a game in hand but its by no means an easy game. I'm sure the boys will pick themselves up and get torn in next week.