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  1. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Yeah, Burley needs to say these things to try and remain relevant. He's not. Best ignored.
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    These two cuntsuppers:
  3. Tin Tack

    What's surprising?
  4. The Sons vs The Black and Whites

    The way Stevie is talking on the OS, saying things like "we need to manage their workload", I'm not sure he's of that mindset. I don't disagree with the logic though.
  5. The Sons vs The Black and Whites

    Update now up on the OS about Handling and Grant Gallagher. Aitken saying he expects them back earlier than first thought, which is great news. Handling is back in training and it's just about fitness now by the looks of it - expect him to get some game time over the next few weeks if not tomorrow. Great that Grant Gall is doing well too, it would be great to see him make a comeback before the end of the season as I still think he has a lot to offer us. What do we reckon tomorrow then team wise? If Boomer is out I expect Hill to play left back, aside from that I'd keep it the same.
  6. P&B Readers' Birds

    I had no idea that parrots needed their beaks clipped. I had two budgies when I was younger, both were blue and had a habit of landing in my bowl of Rice Krispies every morning. That's about all I can remember of them.
  7. The Sons vs The Black and Whites

    "Sam Wardrop and Ally Roy have been given clearance to play" "Christian Nade is available" "Chris McLaughlin faces a late fitness test" and no mention of Danny Handling
  8. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    I'm more interested on his views on genetics.
  9. Airdrieonians off season thread 2017

    What a tube.
  10. It's amazing that folk think a manager runs all of his signings past every board member to make sure they're okay with it before completing the signing. The vast majority of managers are given a budget and told to get on with it, the board just can't interfere in the job they've given a manager. Quite why anyone would want some random old guy who has some money to pick players for the team over a qualified manager is anyone's guess too.
  11. Tin Tack

    Smoke weed everyday.
  12. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    If we have £1M a year to spend here, could we not aim a bit higher than Michael O'Neill (all due respect)?
  13. The Bah Humbug Thread

    Good things about Christmas: Food Booze 2 weeks off work (22nd right through to the 8th this year) Seeing family you maybe don't see often There's usually a lot of football on Shite things about Christmas: Non-religious people telling you to enjoy yourself and get into the "Christmas Spirit" (that goes for religious people too tbh, but I find it more annoying coming from a non-religious person) Being hounded to fill my house with fake trees and tacky decorations "cause it's Christmas" Buying people gifts they inevitably think are shite and don't use Receiving gifts which are inevitably shite which I won't use The music played constantly in every public place Television - it's a complete myth that Christmas TV is amazing, it's utter shite that's been repeated since the dawn of time Pubs filled with bawbags From that extensive list there and more cons than pros leading me to the conclusion that I don't really like Christmas (hate is a strong word). If it weren't for my close family I genuinely wouldn't "celebrate" Christmas at all, yet when I say I'm not religious and I don't celebrate Christmas I get the look of a dog staring at a ceiling fan wondering how the f**k it works. Folk who try to force you to be happy at this time of year can f**k right off though, I don't pick and choose when I'm happy, I just am.
  14. TNS v Dumbarton

    Aye but it's rare for Dobbie to turn in two of those types of performances, so he'll be fine. I reckon we'll take between 100-200 based on the interest shown so far. A lot will depend on the timing though, if it's a Saturday kick off we'll likely take more.
  15. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Twitter has been quite depressing reading. A plethora of Northern Ireland fans saying "wouldn't grudge him leaving us but for Scotland? f**k that" or similar. Northern fucking Ireland view us as bottom of the fucking barrel. How has it come to this? If it's a choice between us or Sunderland though, I'd fancy our chances.