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  1. Hurlford United 17/18

    George Jaconelli has stepped down from his position as Club Secretary due to personal reasons. The club would like to thank him for all his endeavour and hard work in his time at Blair Park in this his 50th year involved in junior football and wish him all the best for the future.
  2. West Premier Goalscorers 17/18

  3. West Premier Goalscorers 17/18

    I missing the scorers from all last Saturday's (6th Jan) premier matches except​ Hurlford v Buffs. Help please.
  4. The names of the new West Region leagues

    Top League Nearly Top League Nearly Bottom League Bottom League
  5. Todays Scores 06/01/18

    It's already been a long season mate. Thought the Buffs were good for their three points and although we were disappointing again we almost style a point with the last meaningful kick off the ball only for the ball to come back of the bar. I think Pettigrews d card was for a dangerous tackle and not last man as it was just over the halfway line and there were two Buffs players near enough to make it doubtful as a clear goal scoring opportunity. Monti is definitely special as was his goal and IMO Boylan is the most complete striker in the league. Good luck to the Buffs for the rest of the season, except in the return match naturally.
  6. West Premier Goalscorers 17/18

  7. West Premier Goalscorers 17/18

    Can anybody help with the Glenafton and Cumnock scorers from Saturday 23rd December please? I read on another thread that Arnie Bembo and Jon Scullion scored for Ladeside.
  8. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Interesting to read everybody's take on yesterday's match. In general I thought Musselburgh looked a good side, even though I missed the first twenty minutes when they were according to other Ford fans the better side. As for the decisions, I didn't see either penalty claim clearly, but I thought the first yellow for Gray was soft. IMO Murphy's red was deserved. He ran ten yards and jumped knee high into the back of Hodge, who was already being tracked by two players. That rush of blood cost Musselburgh the game as up until then Murphy was having an excellent game. The last red card was a shocker, however if the player had spat on me, I can fully understand it. Spitting! Lewis Morrison just joined us from St. Mirren Pro youth and if that is what he has brought with him then it's a sad day for Hurlford. Yesterday was his first appearance, so please believe me when l say he didn't learn that at Blair Park and if he can't stop it then hopefully he is gone as quickly as he came. I felt relief more than anything at the final whistle as we played the last twenty minutes as we have the last twenty all season, looking like a side with no confidence and at times hanging on. All the best to MA for the rest of the season. I would assume that promotion should be a given of you continue to play as you have been doing.
  9. Today's Scores

    Glad you enjoyed your day [emoji106]
  10. Betting Odds Sat 23rd December

    Thx JB [emoji12] [emoji12]
  11. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Hurlford United v Musselburgh Athletic A reminder that today's match is a 1:30 pm kick off. The game is ON.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Cheers mate.
  13. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    We've just signed Lewis Morrison. I saw him play with you last season and he scored, i think against Pollok away, but it's difficult to form an opinion based on one game. Do you guys think he is a junior premier player?
  14. Hurlford United 17/18

    Hurlford have completed the signing of Lewis Morrison from St Mirren.
  15. Musselburgh Athletic 2017/18

    Just had a text saying that there is still a frozen area in one penalty box.