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  1. Hurlford United 17/18

    Ok. Looks a decent player. Strikes a nice dead ball. It was his corner kick that set up our goal in the second leg against Wishaw. He has also come close with a few free kicks. Good signing so far.
  2. Hurlford United 17/18

    It's all about opinions. Like i say you deserved your victory.
  3. Hurlford United 17/18

    Not sure that you dominated the whole match particularly the first twenty minutes, but you definitely deserved your victory. Hope that's the last game we lose this season against a team in yellow and black [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41] Good luck for the rest of the season.
  4. Hurlford United 17/18

  5. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Shit, just in time to face us.
  6. What's the score?

    That's interesting as their were some Bankies moaning about the state of Dunterlie midweek.
  7. ADL Season 17/18

  8. Arthurlie Fire sale

    Is Marc McKenzie still an Arthurlie player?
  9. Talbot v Lochee Lochee v Talbot

    LL, Talbot like many clubs won't announce official business on a pub notice board like this. KP probably knows, or could easily find out, but he would be breaking club policy if he announced it. I know some anoraks like me would like to know, but that's life. You're right KP. Many are obsessed with crowd figures, but some are also genuinely interested. I think I know who Lokloyal is, and if that's the case he's definitely on the second category. See you a week tomorrow?
  10. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Nice to see someone commenting on the improvements at BP. We get a lot of negative comments by people who've never been there and just believe the nonsense written on here. Unfortunately try as we may, we haven't been able to fix the drainage issues, which obviously causes major problems. Also, glad you enjoyed your day. As for the game, it was always going to be difficult for Wishaw over two games to produce a shock, but they came close. I think they really needed to score first, but lesser teams would have crumbled after conceding and Wishy didn't, which shows a massive believe. In Dan Kindlan, you have a match winner and he should terrorise defences in your league. Your keeper is also very good and had some great stops. IMO the only thing that might stop you is the sheer volume of games. You've certainly the quality and team spirit. Good luck I genuinely hope you make it. Just hope we can pick up some points soon, otherwise we might be in the same league next season. Finally, can you and Jim B. please tip Talbot for the final or better still put a couple of bob on them. We might need all the help we can get [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12]
  11. Talbot v Lochee Lochee v Talbot

    And the question was, "What's your secret?"
  12. Hurlford United 17/18

    We're the strongest team in the league cos we're holding everybody else up!
  13. Hurlford United 17/18

    Programme from today's second leg signed by the players and coaches of both teams being auctioned on eBay. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hurlf...igned-/142766150743?nav=SEARCH Proceeds will be shared between both clubs.
  14. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Programme from today's second leg signed by the players and coaches of both teams being auctioned on eBay. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hurlford-United-v-Wishaw-Scottish-Junior-Cup-S-F-2nd-leg-programme-signed-/142766150743?nav=SEARCH Proceeds will be shared between both clubs.
  15. West Premier Goalscorers