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  1. Games off 23rd Sep

    Doesn't this whole debacle just prove that it doesn't really matter what system or rules you have in place for allocating fixtures, if the implementor(s) are incompetent?
  2. Rob Roy tell it how it is

    opinion u have might go not punctual nonsense all shit is me right what u know is bad good no difference
  3. Games off 23rd Sep

    I didn't know the reason, but it was obviously for some reason, as you have now clarified in your all too regular arrogant manner. I was merely trying to point out to JB that players could have unwittingly made prior arrangements expecting that they wouldn't have a game.
  4. Games off 23rd Sep

    I have no idea why. In the past the September weekend has been optional for teams. Lots of players take the opportunity to arrange stag weekends, weddings, short holidays etc. in the knowledge that they won't miss a game. For some reason, that was changed this year. Again, i don't know if that was Saltcoats reason but I'm sure many players would have been caught out by the change.
  5. Games off 23rd Sep

    Obviously not for valid reasons like illness or the Buffs wouldn't have been awarded the tie.
  6. Today's scores 23rd Sep

  7. Today's scores 23rd Sep

    Today's scores and talking points here please.
  8. Rob Roy tell it how it is

    Punctual. LOL!
  9. Games off 23rd Sep

    Today's game was a league game, the Scottish having priority doesn't enter into it.
  10. Games off 23rd Sep

    Craigmark v Dalry is Off according to sjfa website and Forth v Lesmahagow.
  11. Games off 23rd Sep

    Just heard that Pollok v Hurlford is OFF due to problems in the dressing rooms with a burst boiler. Thought I'd start a thread as given that Kilsyth v Darvel and Buffs v Saltcoats are also off. It might not be the last cancellation.
  12. Rob Roy tell it how it is

    I learned the hard way that punctuation and using capitals are very important. If I had written in my school diary that, "Yesterday I helped my Uncle Jack off his horse.", everything would have been fine. But I actually wrote, "Yesterday I helped my uncle jack off his horse." which has a whole different meaning.
  13. Irvine Meadow 17/18

    Skid Marks at the Meadow [emoji12] He wasn't at Blair Park long enough to get to know him, but I wish him all the best anyway.
  14. Beith vs Talbot

    I believe it is 10.
  15. West Premier Goalscorers 17/18

    From memory, Boylan with 7, Graham Wilson (5), Jon Scullion (Ladeside) and a couple of others with four. I didn't print a table today as we don't have another home game until 21st October.