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  1. Which teams will we have a smaller budget than?
  2. Can someone possibly come and collect Wee Jockie, please? He's drunk and incoherent on the Raith Rovers thread again. Thanks.
  3. Hopefully Andy Hay is harf enuff.
  4. Quite chuffed with that opening day fixture. The view's excellent at the Indodrill, and we've a decent record there. I'd also like to think that with it being in August, it won't be completely freezing, which will make a pleasant change.
  5. We've won 15 and drawn 7 of our last 28 visits. Can't imagine we've too many better away records anywhere.
  6. We haven't lost in our last five visits.
  7. I can't see where a defeat is coming from now that I've looked at the full fixture list. The club would be as well rattling up some Invincible t-shirts ASAP.
  8. Gave up at 'but ur' to be honest.
  9. It's become abundantly clear since we joined this forum, that the Methil schooling system is atrocious.
  10. Johnston could very well be okay at this level, but there was nothing to suggest that could be the case based on his performances last season. He was an anonymous jobber in the vast majority of the games, and I would have been confused, and pretty disappointed if we'd kept him.
  11. Have to agree with Enigma. In fact, considering our signings, I'd say anything under 108 points is slightly disappointing
  12. #RoaringBack.
  13. Delighted to see us sign two forwards who scored almost 60 goals between them last season. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but what's the earliest a team has won the third tier title?
  14. Like all football fans, we've always wanted to see inside the club's inner sanctum, so great to see Ayia Napa Daz has been given inside information on what we're paying players this season. Your insight is invaluable. Thanks M8.
  15. Cheers, I kept thinking I was missing something obvious.