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  1. 4-1 St Mirren. All their goals to come from needlessly conceded free-kicks around our box.
  2. I don't regard tonight as a free hit at all. We were playing against Hibs reserves, and a win would have meant Ayr couldn't overtake us barring some kind of bizarre improbability, while a draw would have left them needing a win to keep touch with us going into the last day. Any kind of decent result would have seen us applauding the players off, with a modicum of confidence going into Saturday's fixture. Instead, we've lost in ridiculous circumstances, with the players pointing, moaning and arguing, whilst the fans filtered away with nary a grumble. The ultimate result of tonight's match may not have been the be all and end all, but how it lead us into Saturday's game was important, and from where I was, it didn't look good at all. Of course, a win on Saturday and that's us safe, but this free hit theory is a nonsense.
  3. I actually looked away as we gave away the free-kick. By my stab-in-the-dark-made-up-figure, we've conceded approximately 96% of all the direct free-kicks into us this campaign, and I had no urge to watch another. f**k the 2016/17 season.
  4. Absolutely, but the vacuous emptiness of pointlessness has draped over the vast majority of our away games this season. This one actually gave us hope for the vast duration of the second period. The b*****ds.
  5. As much as I've only seen it once, and from the opposite end of the park, I'd pin the blame on that goal on Jordan Thompson tonight, rather than the 'keeper. I've been fairly sanguine about our innumerable defeats this season, but that felt different tonight. Maybe it was just because I was half pissed and delighted to be celebrating a couple of goals, but that felt more despairing than any other loss we've had. To end on a positive though, Jonny Court is some boy.
  6. Maybe a different Jim McIntyre. Not 100% sure tbqh
  7. I really don't think John Hughes and Raith Rovers is any more than a marriage of convenience. I'm not sure he'd fancy sticking around after the summer, and maybe I've just missed them, but I've not read too many words of praise about him from the players since he come in. I certainly don't get the impression he's created a decent atmosphere since arriving. Considering we've so many players signed up for next term, I'd imagine it would probably be better for all parties if we brought a new man on board. As for Goodwillie coming back, I'd rather see the return of Claude Anelka to be honest.
  8. I've long argued that a Montrose strip would look great with a leather waistcoat. Glad I've been proven right at long last.
  9. There's been a few grumbles on here recently about some things which I don't think marry up with reality. The comment about kids initiatives was one, the lack of news on the Development Squad was another, as was the comment on the Community Officer, which I'm presuming was a reference to the Raith Rovers Community Fund. I don't go out of my way to find out information on any of those topics, but I still know there's a fair bit happening when it comes to all three, especially the RRCF which seems to have organised events virtually every week.
  10. It's almost as if hiring a manager who listed his primary school on his CV has come back to haunt us.
  11. Nice soup at Brechin. Every cloud and all that.
  12. What could be done that we can't do at the moment?
  13. I know in the grand scheme of things it's a fairly minor point, especially considering how many problems this team has, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a team so incompetent at throw ins. We must have made a hash of about seven today. Nobody seems to know what to do with them, it's bizarre. As for the game, it panned out exactly as expected. We've failed to score in 10 out of 16 away games now, so as soon as we went behind we were sunk. Dunfermline were no great shakes, but we're so timid, heartless and clueless, there was never a prospect of us getting something from the game after the panenka penalty passed Penksa. We'll need to win both our home games to stay up, and that team hardly inspires confidence that we'll manage that.
  14. I'm pretty surprised they've managed to come up with a form of half-time entertainment that's even less appealing than that giant scarf they paraded around the park the last time we were there.
  15. We normally have match reports for our games, which is reasonably unusual at this level.