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  1. In all honesty, United's performance today was as bad as I've seen at Stark's Park this season, and that includes us. They were hilariously awful. I particularly liked that wee spell where they kept playing one twos that involved kicking it out of touch. Great stuff.
  2. I really enjoyed Durnan's involvement at our second goal. Missing the ball altogether while trying to kick it, then deciding that the best tactic to rectify the situation would be to control it with the palm of his hand. An unusual approach, and one that ended with the ball in the back of his own net a moment later. Cheers, Mark.
  3. Which United player was it that allowed the ball to dribble under him to let Hardie in for the second?
  4. The more I think about that interview, the more it's pissing me off. I think we won 8 games under Locke, 5 of which were before the end of August, meaning we ended up winning 3 of the last 25 or so matches under his stewardship, an abomination of a record. To say he and Darren Jackson were surprised at the decision and all managers go through tough spells is pretty galling. In the last 8 years or so, we've (very) slowly built ourselves back up, from a team trying to get out of the third tier, to establishing ourselves as a Championship club again, to looking to get into the playoffs. We're 8 games away from being right back at the beginning of that process, a situation that'll set us back years, and much of that is down to Locke's utter ineptitude when it comes to decision making. For him to sit there, even in the puffiest of puff pieces and say he's surprised he was dispensed with, takes some brass neck.
  5. If the Lanarkshire paper has ran a story on the back of movement in the betting prices then it's a non-event. There's so little money staked on those markets, that even reasonably small punts make huge differences to the field.
  6. In previous seasons, you'd suggest Hughes to Motherwell after such a short spell at ourselves, would be too ridiculous to contemplate. Considering how this season's panned out though, it seems completely logical.
  7. Just wildly speculating, but I don't suppose the fact Rangers were needing Hardie for the youth cup tie, explained why we took him off so early?
  8. A wee while ago there were folk saying they were perplexed at our poor form, as we had pretty much the same team that was so good last season. Now the argument is we've no good players at all? As ever, the answer is probably somewhere in-between. In that squad, we've the rump of an okay Championship side, which this season has been shorn of our more creative players in Connolly, Craigen and for the first half of the season, Hardie. Unlike last term, we've also lacked a manager who can set us up correctly, make changes when required, motivate and generally be relied upon to make good decisions. If relegated, what we've got, with a few decent additions, should win League One, as long as the correct manager is appointed. The last part there is key of course. Unless St. Mirren came down with us right enough, then we'd probably lose out in the playoffs since our record in them is beyond guff.
  9. Somebody shouted that very sentence at him yesterday, albeit with about 8 added swearwords, and then an argument kicked off about whether screaming that at players when your 15 yards from them helps them to play better. It was all pretty horrible. The atmosphere in the away end was poisonous actually, although I completely understand why, as we were atrocious. I did feel for Benedictus though, coming over to sign a child's programme and he's got 6 adults screaming in his coupon. After the first 15 minutes were done yesterday, I actually thought we played okay for the next 20 or so, and I felt an equaliser was coming. Then Dumbarton got a second wind, Pavol had two great saves, then they grabbed a second. I was sitting at half-time thinking an early goal would get us back in it, but as we've done so often, we started the second half abysmally. For such a big squad, our options from the bench were actually quite limited, and while we probably do have enough about us to stay up on paper, we're essentially a bog-standard Championship team that is utterly devoid of confidence, which isn't a great combination. It was the manner of the defeat, rather than the loss itself which was the main worry, and as much as there's an opinion that the players don't care, I thought they looked broken and shell-shocked at full-time. Ayr United on the last day could be interesting.
  10. Is there no match thread from yesterday's game, or am I just being daft? I was hoping to be able to read about, a) why you suddenly played so well, and b) some comments from yourselves bending it up the more insufferable Berwick posters. Disappointing.
  11. I'm as flabbergasted by this appointment as I was when Rovers brought him in. I appreciate managers and clubs can sometimes just be a good fit, but there's literally nothing in his CV to suggest he'll steer Cowden to safety. There was a theory that he might do okay at Raith because his failures had been at a higher level, but I didn't buy that rationale then and I'm not sure I buy it now. Even at League Two level, you still need the basic nuts and bolts of being a manager, and unfortunately I don't think he has them. Hope it works out, but I'm away to see what odds I can get on East Kilbride coming up.
  12. Rab Douglas tweeted that he could have played last night, which suggests to me he wasn't asked.
  13. That wasn't your point though. You seemed to be suggesting an injury crisis/ administration oversight leant credence to the big team/wee team argument.
  14. As opposed to fielding ineligible players in the Scottish Cup, or playing a Fife derby with 12 players? Right you are m8.
  15. Whilst I appreciate I'm clutching at straws left right and centre here, I still don't think it's certain that we'll go down, although I admit it's extremely likely on current form. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest we might have a goalkeeper for the St Mirren game, which would certainly be a start at least. Last night had circumstances which were pretty extraordinary and won't be repeated (hopefully.) We also looked like we were the better team judging by the highlights. I admit, using Ayr as a barometer isn't a particularly high marker, but we at least created chances. As for Hughes's two previous games, I honestly think his substitutions and team selections knackered us in both, which he alluded to himself, so at least he recognises his mistakes and presumably won't make them again. Or I suppose he might make new mistakes, but you know what I mean. This wee spell of games was crucial though, and we've already lost to a pretty terrible Ayr team, with a resurgent St Mirren coming up followed by a suddenly half decent Dumbarton. If we come out of those two with anything less than 4 points, considering we're presumably needing 38-40 to stay up, then I think we're probably goosed.