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  1. Lower league clubs signing unknown foreign jobbers is one of the greatest things about Scottish football. I'm slightly jealous.
  2. Was it the guy who just used to let go of his wheelchair wheels and head down the hill at speeds approaching mac-2?
  3. I'm more interested in this Andy Ticklefeet character than I am the takeover. I've genuinely never heard of him.
  4. As much as last season's away run was utterly interminable, it wasn't our longest sequence without an away win as far as I'm aware. Does anyone know what it was though? I always relied on the website for stuff like this, and it appears to have died a death.
  5. I normally do give your highlights a watch, but must admit, a 0-0 draw with Morton wasn't exactly whetting my appetite until you mentioned that. I'll give them a whirl.
  6. He's already played more games between July and February for yourselves than he managed in three seasons for Raith, which is remarkable. Despite that, I miss him, and think about him every day.
  7. I've possibly picked up a comment or two incorrectly on here, but did that big handsome b*****d, Craig Barr play in the middle of the park for Dumbarton on Saturday? I'd always wanted him to play in there for Raith, but injuries and him strolling the game at centre-half put paid to that.
  8. The away end at Bayview holds just under 1000 I think, so I doubt too many people who want to go will miss out.
  9. Just looked at this. Let me get this right, an East Fife fan was posting an as-it-stands league table on the opening day of the season, because at the time, we were losing to Alloa while they were drawing with Stranraer? My goodness.
  10. I thought today was really interesting to be honest, and definitely exposed some weaknesses, on both sides. As predicted, for Rovers, the tiny squad is an issue, while for Alloa, they've no idea how to cope with an even remotely average travelling support. Probably because they're owned by a Tory who owns one suit, who didn't want to employ another turnstile operator. As for Raith, our shape for the first half was a shambles. Euan Murray is an emergency left-back, which is fine, but sticking him behind an emergency left midfielder in Ross Matthews is asking for trouble, which is exactly what happened. It was interesting that Barr stripped after 35 minutes, then Smith changed his mind. He should have made it, as it would have made a immediate improvement. The next issue is the fact we've one wide player, (Barr) and that's it. We can't play it long as our forwards are so small, and we're not precise enough to pass it through the middle. Also, there's no goals in our team except from Spence, Buchanan and Vaughan, which is better than most, but still, we're heavy reliant on them. Oh, and Barr's reaction when we scored, and everyone was celebrating, but he was clutching the ball and was desperate to get everyone back for the winner was brilliant. Fair play to him. Play like that most weeks and we'll win more often than not. That said, I don't think that type of performance will win the league.
  11. Big Martyn is taking the last minute concession well.
  12. Pretty surprised at that figure, considering we made a profit in at least three of those seasons. Mind you, we must have lost a fortune last term, considering the squad had approximately the same amount of extras as Gandhi.
  13. We've won three and drawn two from our last five visits to the Indodrill. In theory, Saturday could be one of our trickier fixtures, but Alloa's squad looks a lot weaker than last season. It was always going to be tough to replace players like Spence, Kirkpatrick, Holmes, Waters and Marr, and it doesn't look to me that Goodwin's gone about it particularly successfully. I'm reasonably hopeful of a comfortable win here.
  14. I mentioned that today as well. Quite a lot of high fives, encouragement and smiles between the players, which is in pretty sharp contrast to last season. I appreciate there isn't going to be too much of that kind of thing when you're being bodied 4-0 by Dumbarton and suchlike, but they do give the impression they're a pretty happy bunch at the moment. Fingers crossed it lasts.
  15. What's amateurish about being able to buy a football top online or in the shop?