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  1. Chris Johnston may go on to be better for us than Grant Anderson. He may also go on to have a better career than him, but I've seen nothing from him so far to suggest that that will be the case.
  2. Thanks. Hopefully he gets a bit more playing time under his belt with yourselves, although any time I've seen Stanton recently he's been excellent.
  3. Just out of interest, is Lewis Vaughan struggling to get game-time because of the system you're playing, the form of the guys keeping him out, or has he just not done enough to merit a place? Considering the (understandable) reaction from Rovers fans about the move, it's interesting to see he isn't getting a game for yourselves either.
  4. He literally described players as rubbish.
  5. Thought Rovers set up was pretty interesting today. Barr and Stewart seemed to be our furthest forward players, with Stevenson in behind, but the two 'forwards' both seemed really far apart, presumably by design, with them both drifting pretty wide at times. Midfield was really narrow too which was a change. As for the three subs, that was just weird, but it's pretty difficult to suggest it had a hugely negative impact on us. The free-kick was pinged in straight away and an equaliser was always going to lift them. I felt we got back into it for the last ten minutes and thought we might have nicked it, but the delivery from the last couple of set-pieces was pretty disappointing. Good to be able to celebrate a goal at the South Stand end again too. Braw.
  6. I decided not to go to Arkranes away leg and take my chances with the next round. The second leg was live on the radio, and when we went a goal down, I had to switch it off, as I was adamant I'd missed my chance to see us away from home in Europe. Turned it on to hear the commentator going radge about us getting through. What a feeling.
  7. I think in the majority of the games Brennan has played for us, he's arguably been at fault for a goal. Like you say, nothing horrific, but his positioning is often questionable, and although he often elects to punch things clear, he tends not to get too much purchase on them.
  8. Apologies, I thought McMullan had been signed after the first game, which would have made 4 signings plus the couple returning from injury. And no, I wasn't meaning you'd spent a fortune, I was getting at the fact there'd been a reasonable change in personnel from the first game. Which there had been.
  9. Off the top of my head, they've also signed John Herron and Paul McMullan, both of whom were impressive against us. Add in a fit again Nat Wedderburn and Sean Murdoch, and that's a significant upgrade. We went the opposite way.
  10. We should bring in some popular players from the past. Someone we could rally behind. How about Liam Fox with Joe Hamill as his assistant?
  11. It was incredible, a real 'I was there moment.' I'd no idea what was happening, but I enjoyed every chaotic, nonsensical moment of it. The folk that didn't go were the real losers tonight.
  12. I like the fact that Stenhousemuir now run out to Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance music, and encourage wrestling style shouts before the game. Let's take that theme, but move it up a notch. I say, Ric Flair. If the Nature Boy can't whip us into a frenzy, no-one can.
  13. I must admit, other than Jim Duffy's appointment as Morton boss, I don't think I've ever seen a more furious backlash over the appointment of a manager in recent times at this level. In fact, it may even have top-trumped it in terms of the rage and indignation which it produced. There was the odd, 'let's back him and give him a chance' type comment, but they seemed to be very much in the minority.
  14. He's just signed a contract extension with us so you couldn't get him on a PCA. We'll take cash though.
  15. Aye, Aitken was passed over as far as I'm aware. Our midfield has been our downfall all season, and today was as bad as it's been. Hauling off midfielders for strikers is all well and good, but we seemed to basically go with a midfield two for the last half hour or so, which actually made matters worse. Awful.