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  1. "McCulloch (Glenafton Athletic)" is Sam McCulloch later capped at Auchinleck Talbot. There was a five year gap between Junior Scotland matches hence the hesitation in linking the two players but it has now been confirmed to me. Only 8 now left!
  2. Of the line-ups we have we are now only missing forenames for nine Post-War players. Here are the nine of which some would have featured in earlier posts. As ever, any help will be very much appreciated. Current clubs 1. McCulloch (Glenafton Athletic) 1982 2. McCartney (Shettleston) 1993 3. Marr (Shotts Bon Accord) 1994 4. Turnbull (Sunnybank) 1981 Defunct clubs 5. J McKenzie (Stonehouse Violet) 1949 Now a Highland League club 6. Alexander (Inverurie Loco Works) 1993 7. Ross (Inverurie Loco Works) 1993 No club details known 8. Denholm (Unknown) 1971 – There was a Denholm playing for Pumpherston at around this time but do not have anything more to go on. 9. Harkins (Unknown) 1979 – As from previous posts we think that this might be Jim Harkins of Linlithgow Rose or a Harkins of Glasgow Perthshire & Polllok.
  3. Thanks Pricey much appreciated. The name has been added to the list. Our list of players without forenames from Rob Roy, Kilsyth and Dunipace is now back to pre-Second World War (and some pre-First World War!) and very difficult to trace. However, here they are in case anyone can help. McGregor (Dunipace) 1900 McKay (Dunipace) 1906 Miller (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy) 1890 Mills D (Kilsyth Emmet) 1919 Moffat (Dunipace) 1912 Moffat (Dunipace) 1925 Rae (Dunipace) 1902 Smith (Dunipace) 1931 Sneddon (Kilsyth Rangers) 1916 Torrance (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy) 1898 Tweedley (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy) 1920
  4. I thought that might be a strong possibility. However, “McCulloch (Glenafton Athletic)” played his one game in 1982 where as Sam played his one match in 1987. That seemed to be quite a gap. However, could it be Bobby McCulloch who played one game in the season before (1981) while a Cumnock player?
  5. Thank you and sorry for the initial confusion that I will put down to the legibility of my handwriting and poor keyboard skills!
  6. Thank you for all the help so far. Here is the revised list: Conlin (Camelon) 1961 Inkson (Banks o'Dee) 1968 Keenan (Shotts Bon Accord) 1962 McCulloch (Glenafton Athletic) 1982 Turnbull (Aberdeen Sunnybank) 1981 And the two players where I am also looking for their club as well: Denholm (Unknown) 1971 Harkins (Unknown) 1979 – possibly Jim of Linlithgow Rose or Harkins of Glasgow Perthshire/Pollok?
  7. Thanks FuzzyBear. I have also been given a lead of a Harkins who played for Glasgow Perthshire and Pollok at around the same time. But as with your suggestion they were not sure if he got selected.
  8. Thanks. The Paterson is a goalkeeper who played against Arsenal in 1969. My apologies for "Kegman". On checking it should have read "Keenan".
  9. I am looking for some more help please. I am trying to find the forename of each of the following players from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's who each made one appearance for the SJFA XI and mostly in non-international matches. Conlin (Camelon) 1961 Fallon (Neilston Victoria) 1962 Fascioni (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy) 1962 Fraser (Rutherglen Glencairn) 1962 Inkson (Banks o'Dee) 1968 Kegman (Shotts Bon Accord) 1962 McCulloch (Glenafton Athletic) 1982 McKenzie (Cambuslang Rangers) 1962 McMillan (Pollok) 1962 Paterson (Sauchie) 1969 Rundell (Saltcoats Victoria) 1962 Turnbull (Aberdeen Sunnybank) 1981 I also have two players where I am also looking for their club as well: Denholm (Unknown) 1971 Harkins (Unknown) 1979 Thank you.
  10. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Thanks for the additional substitute.
  11. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Thank you.
  12. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Can someone oblige by posting the Scotland XI and subs. from yesterday's match at Pollok. I cannot seem to find them anywhere. Thanks.
  13. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Thank you both. I have them now.
  14. Quadrangular Tournament 2017

    Did anyone get the Scottish substitutes both listed and used?