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  1. He called me wiseguy
  2. I'm going to Barcelona in 3 weeks. I'm basically telling terrorists they won't win. I have defeated terrorism. You're welcome
  3. Assume this will be a fairly short list but inspired by longest time between meetings thread who has tour team never played in any competitive match. Prob best to keep it to current 42 Dundee United Elgin, Annan, Edinburgh City (although we did play the old Edinburgh City 14 times). Played first game against Peterhead last year.
  4. Never ever. Last season was our first ever game against Peterhead.
  5. After seeing supermint's post earlier about telling his pals what he was doing online. Having to do a kind of half embarrassed cringing inside "I was talking to a pal" or "a boy at work" when relaying a P&B story to people in real life.
  6. We had an Australian at work who said no one in Scotland had the right to turn up to work in shirt sleeves in the winter.
  7. I have been forced into going for leaving drinks tomorrow. I'm not leaving I'm moving floors. I like drinks I would just rather do it with my actual pals. Or on my own,mostly on my own.
  8. You're a boring c**t more like.
  9. Only for absolute shan outfits who dont play their football in Scotland's industrial heartlands
  10. All that said at least Cowdenbeath came to play a competitive game this time and could have reasonably found themselves ahead at half time.
  11. Fraser last night was what I imagine Fraser looks like in training when there are half hearted challenges and no pressure. Don't agree about Keatings either. Went past folk at will in first half with final ball just not coming off or landing to N'Koyi. Second half he had an assist and hit the bar. I don't really look to young lads to be tearing a game up but just to look like they are competent and comfortable alongside first team players. In that regard I thought they all got a pass mark. Allardice especially looked utterly comfortable at CH albeit under no pressure. Thought Dailly looked to get forward and put in a couple of very decent crosses.
  12. You should come and try seeing as you are having such difficulty at "your" level.
  13. Donaldson hasn't played well for anyone in years.
  14. First half nothing happened. Second half we took control and had a good few chances. Thought everyone played well and pleased to see some young lads get good game time.
  15. You know me, I prefer not to get drawn into negativity. Thought all the young lads had an excellent shift tonight. Don't mind this competition at all if that's the mix of players getting put out.