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  1. I agree with Donald Boyd about radio 1 so he is already ahead of Labour.
  2. I don't mind it if it's not capped. The fact it is means the wealthy pay a smaller percentage than you or I.
  3. They definitely flash at 82 in a 60 if that helps.
  4. The wage %age fine is capped so someone on 85K a year pays less of a % the someone on the average wage and the more you earn the smaller % of your wage that the maximum amount represents. Tory c***s
  5. In the interests of balance here is an SNP MSP being thick as f**k
  6. Perthshire Cub Scouts league for Invergowrie v Coupar Angus to seal a 2-0 win. A rare Friday night game as United were playing Motherwell in cup final next day. Keeper parried it into my path and I buried it. Had already scored two OGs that season mind. First goal for school was a 30 yard (probably 8 yards) laser into the postage stamp against Kellyfield. What I remember about that game is despite being same age Invergowrie had about a foot and 2 stone on every one of the malnutritioned waifs in the Kellyfield team.
  7. The Blue whale is the world's largest mammal. Vote SNP.
  8. Pete's seat covers whole city of Perth so much more SNP voters than Holyrood. Absolute fantasy to suggest Tories will win it.
  9. I want to change my vote but can't be bothered. Also don't know proper constituency names. Tory 4 - East Ren, The borders ones, Aberdeen shire west Lib Dems 3 Edinburgh west. The dunbartonshire one, Orkney and Shetland SNP 52 Labour 0
  10. Will they f**k. There aren't enough spare votes out there for the Tories to take off other parties. I would hardly mention independence in this campagn, back to basics, only the SNP will stop a Tory MP filing through the lobbies for Theresa Mays programme of government
  11. And the Welsh...c***s
  12. Your an absolute disgra.......actually that was my first thought too.
  13. Correct. Deal with it.
  14. That squad is peak Gatland. Hope they get absolutely humped