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  1. Yeah no problems there. I have never known a Stars game you couldn't pay at gate. If we win on Saturday it's a bit of a meaningless fixture but if we dont it's squeaky bum time. Don't see a massive Fife crowd though as complete dead rubber for them. Stars section sold out already (well 8 left) for Saturday.
  2. You can be my security consultant, my speciality is sending disturbing videos.
  3. Can you make video calls to emergency services these days? If not its my idea for dragons den and this post is proof.
  4. DIA sold out for Fife playoff 2 years ago and very healthy crowd for Cardiff last year. If it is Clan i expect another sell out. Looks very slightly less stuck on after Storm beating Panthers last night but 2 points from weekend should be achieved.
  5. I don't think that's ecessrigly correct
  6. Yep, poor guys name dragged through the mud and his honour impugned.
  7. There are probably literally millions of people quietly reflecting or just watching news in shock. Even online the VAST majority of people just expressing shock and sending best wishes/prayers. You should join Twitter. I think you would be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Don't let's fall out. This is what they want.
  9. Captured the thoughts of a nation. Thank you
  10. He would be spouting Catholic doctrine talking about hell fire and the bad place whilst getting a wee semi on thinking about McGuinness being poked up the arse.
  11. That's one your mum needs to make.
  12. I heard he was kind to animals an took his neighbours bins in. If half of what I did in my teens got out...
  13. Remember folks. Tomorrow and Wednesday the Unionists will move amendments not to block an indyref but that say the democratically elected parliament has no right to even seek one. The Tory amendment doesn't even recognise the right of Scots to elect a govt of their choosing.
  14. Am I f**k. I'll post the 15 quid through his door. Amazingly it's the little things around the club which are driving me up the wall rather than on the field which is just stupefying. A testimonial against a team we have played 4 times a season forever. Then the season ticket announcement today complete with inconsistent, meaningless slogans in weird fonts. It's like they gave the marketing jobs to a fucking s1 pupil enterprise project.
  15. Rhonda is a fucking hero. I mean apart from the looking good bit but that sugar coated the fat jibe. Rhonda kens.