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  1. That stops in Invergowrie I'll bring the tins.
  2. Something to take into next week. Very important Get right to f**k. In the NFL they rightly call this garbage time.
  3. I would say the Lions on the field have played about par. No one absolutely awful but they aren't anywhere near the level of this AB team.
  4. Greenwood talking shite again.
  5. Arseholes. Boy had kicked 13/14 in last two tests.
  6. Not according to commentators they aren't. AB kicks are a weakness Oh no changed their mind now, now it's this boy kicks everything.
  7. OYF you don't often see Elliot Daly roasted like that.
  8. "The lions will have a plan for this. Perfect place for an attacking scrum" Oh look crash ball from first runner.
  9. I dunno, in NZ with a SH ref you never know.
  10. Just watch the game FFS
  11. Try. I made a flip pass like that against Glenrothes once. Needs strong wrist work which at 17 was the strongest part of my body.
  12. That said they are now at their own 22 with no points to show for it.
  13. Keystone cops defending and arms tackles from AB. Goes to show you won't neat them in a grind or playing Warrenball. Chuck it about a bit and you have a chance.
  14. That's one of the all time great Lions tries. Fair play.
  15. The only thing illegal on a rugby field is what the referee says is illegal. There is far far too much going on to see everything and so every ref has his own style. Peyper hasn't turned up today with a new way of refereeing, this is how he runs a game. Southern hemisphere teams much better at studying and playing towards different refs than northern.