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  1. Emergency loans

    You needing a sub mate?
  2. Smacking Ban

    Welcome to the common law system.
  3. Smacking Ban

    Would anyone be willing to hit a parent with dementia or an adult relative with severe learning difficulties? If for example they were causing a scene in a restaurant or away to touch a hot stove or had walked out of the house alone?
  4. Smacking Ban

    Ach i'm only joking - it was just an amusing juxtaposition I am not stating anything "caused" anything I was just mucking about. Of course it is incontrovertible that violence in childhood, particularly in pre 5s is a major indicator of future criminality
  5. Smacking Ban

  6. Smacking Ban

    Fucking hell
  7. Smacking Ban

    Where are you seeing that a "smack" has become a criminal offence? It doesnt depend on your opinion it depends on well established case law. If i tap you on the shoulder or punch you on the shoulder one is an assault and one is not .
  8. Smacking Ban

    and also not assault now or in future
  9. Smacking Ban

    There is no "law being introduced" The defence of justifiable assault on a child is being removed to bring it into line with adults.
  10. Smacking Ban

    Well you talked originally about "a tap" and said it is now a criminal offence - it isnt. A wallop is and quite right too.
  11. Smacking Ban

    The evidence in Sweden after decades of having this in place is that there never was any increased criminalisation of parents as a result. The result was a change in the ways in which people brought their children up disciplined/ educated them. People, not you I'm being broad now, are always at pains to say how this law/that law wont change xyz because.. insert extreme examples.... It is true to say the kids that take serious hidings now will continue to take serious hidings the same way some people still dont wear a seatbelt or still smoke in their cars with kids in or still drink and drive but the long term aim is to shift the average and the studies where this has been in place for years suggest that has been successful.
  12. Smacking Ban

    Child development - no reading required anyone can have a go !!! Unfortunately for your homespun wisdom the actual academic evidence points to exactly the opposite of the nonsense above.
  13. Smacking Ban

    Ok, so it is not just a wee tap to give them a bit of a fright or get their attention. Are genuinely talking about chastisement and causing physical pain to make your point?
  14. Smacking Ban

    If you like. I have never heard of any case where somebody was convicted of a weak strike/ tap/ firm relocation of another person. What the removal of s.51 of the CJSA 2003 will do is give children the same protection as adults in removing the defence of justifiable assault. An assault would still need to occur for an offence to be committed. The current position is that it is an offence to, for example, use an implement, leave marks or bruising or to commit a sustained assault. You could still give a kid a damn good whack on outer clothing without being in breach of the current law and relying on the protection of the current s.51 defence. That is what is being removed.
  15. Smacking Ban

    We will let the the fact that there has been no change in legislation slide. In your opinion what has changed in the law that has meant that a " tap on the arse" is now a criminal offence?