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  1. Rugby - Union And League

    I should say, it is a very minor few and it is quite mild but here is a selection: Like I say - mild but still...
  2. Rugby - Union And League

    It's starting to get a bit tasty now. Apparently we're plastic fans, bad winners, acting like we've won Pro14. * not a photo from last night
  3. Rugby - Union And League

    Disappointing lack of tears and snotters from the Munster faithful. The closest is one guy saying that they had players who were on the Lions tour and that is why they lost. Otherwise, they have been unusually complimentary.
  4. Rugby - Union And League

    Not forgetting that Sarto was playing with a humped ankle for 70 mins or so. Some effort from the big chap. Just his standard lecture. No fighting, it's naughty.
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    That was lovely.
  6. Rugby - Union And League

  7. Rugby - Union And League

    I love Glasgow.
  8. Rugby - Union And League

  9. Rugby - Union And League

  10. Rugby - Union And League

    A comprehensive list there. I only disagree with placing Ulster above Munster. They're both rip-roaring c***s.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    I think I've asked this before but do we dislike Leinster now?
  12. Rugby - Union And League

    What a bloody shame.
  13. Italian Football Thread

    Serie C could still end up with 58 teams. Vibonese have been provisionally saved from relegation and placed back into Serie C/C subject to approval by Lega Pro. Seriously fucking odd.
  14. Rugby - Union And League

    I wish I had a French wife.
  15. Italian Football Thread

    Two teams. Napoli and Celano - although I know that you know my love of Celano. Napoli - don't know why or when but it was definitely before they went bust and ended up in Serie C back in 2004...I think. I think it might have been back in 1998 that I started following them. Celano - Football Manager career, took them to Champions League glory twice in FM10 or FM11. They won 5-1 away at Mutignano last Saturday in case you wondered. Not bad for a team that only had 3 players about a month ago. I will make it out to a game one of these days. If I had to choose between the two, it would be Celano. I once signed Roberto Carlos for Napoli in FM and got sacked 3 days later. c***s.