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  1. Rugby - Union And League

    Controversially, I also dislike Wales more than England. I like Ireland though. Meh about Australia although I do like Izzy Folau.
  2. Rugby - Union And League

    On the basis that I like Stade Francais, I view Racing 92 (bar Nakarawa) as c***s. O'Gara used to be involved with them but he's moved to Crusaders in Christchurch. In terms of rugby league, I like Wigan Warriors therefore I like to see St Helens, Warrington and Leeds lose. Leicester and Northampton are also c***s, I agree. Don't mind Exeter. Harlequins are great.
  3. Rugby - Union And League

    Ulster and Munster (despite family roots in Munster) - the utter arseheadedness of their fans mean that they do not deserve to be put in the same post as the rest of the teams. They are also equally as bad as each other.
  4. Rugby - Union And League

    My list: Glasgow Edinburgh Zebre and Treviso Connacht (lovely kit - big team found etc) Leinster (due to family roots) South African teams All Welsh teams
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    Well done, Edinburgh. Great result.
  6. Rugby - Union And League

    Good result for Glasgow tonight. Nick Grigg. George Horne.
  7. Rugby - Union And League

    He just blootered him!
  8. Rugby - Union And League

    Another spiffing try
  9. Rugby - Union And League

    Lovely try. Terrific hurdle.
  10. Rugby - Union And League

    To be fair to Malcolm, it did look like he was trying to give the ball to someone else but no-one was paying attention.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    All in all, an enjoyable first half. Could be further ahead but for silly handling errors, a piece of idiocy from Lee Jones when I genuinely feel that we would have got another quick try given that we were battering their lineout at the time, and Niko O'Gara doing his best Ronan Matawalu impersonation. We've clearly got them rattled given that they appear to be slowly creeping towards heads gone territory (although Jones has them beat thus far). More of the same in the second half, please.
  12. Rugby - Union And League

    Reminiscent of O'Gara against Scotland a few years back when he nearly cost Ireland a try by doing exactly the same thing.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    Classic Niko.
  14. Rugby - Union And League

    What a try
  15. Rugby - Union And League

    Lee Jones is a fucking moron.