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  1. Italian Football Thread

    All set up for a Crotone-like comeback from last season.
  2. Rugby - Union And League

    Still not as big a fud as Michael Cheika though.
  3. Rugby - Union And League

    And me.
  4. Rugby - Union And League

    Is Hogg crying or knackered?
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    60 points eh, Zinzan?
  6. Rugby - Union And League

    Still a one score game
  7. Rugby - Union And League

    I'm hoping not.
  8. Smackdown Thread

    Not that it'll make a difference but I'll stick it in a spoiler. In normal circumstances, I'd call bullshit but...it is Vince:
  9. Smackdown Thread

    I'd read a rumour about what they were planning to do with him at WM. Not sure if it's worth putting it in a spoiler given that he's been released...but fucking hell...
  10. Rugby - Union And League

    Zinzan Brooke reckons we'll get a doing: http://www.scotsman.com/sport/rugby-union/scotland/scotland-coach-shrugs-off-zinzan-brooke-60-point-jibe-1-4616691
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    It was Jamie Heaslip but your point is still valid. Both are great thundering c***s.
  12. Rugby - Union And League

    If there was a way for Gatland and that fucking grub, Michael Cheika, to lose then that'd be lovely.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    I actually agree with you for the most part. However, Samoa always give us a good game. There is always that one team that causes you problems. For Dundee United, I believe that's Dumbarton for example? What I do fully agree with is that given our position after 50 mins, Samoa shouldn't have been as close as they were. It would be easy to blame the officials given that their second try shouldn't have counted and their fifth try came from a forward pass - which Glasgow have benefitted from a few times this season so it would be hypocritical of me to moan about that. The simple fact is that Samoa changed their game at half time. We got caught out by it and they benefitted. We got arrogant/complacent. I also think that as soon as the Edinburgh front row went off, we struggled a lot more. Had we ended up losing today, we would have had no-one to blame but ourselves. I'm just relieved that we came out with the win although as Paterson said after full time, if we play like we did in the second half today, we'll get a shagging against New Zealand.
  14. Rugby - Union And League

    Also, Doddie Weir is an absolute gent. It's tremendous how highly thought of he is by his peers. Excellent dress sense too.
  15. Rugby - Union And League

    Unless it's Laidlaw's velvety Leveinesque tones, I tend to stop watching. We won. Samoa always give us a good game. I always enjoy when we play teams like Samoa and Fiji because they're physical. Satisfying game overall.