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  1. It sure does. Mine was shite - apart from the guy who had just come back from Amsterdam a couple of hours before.
  2. They only have 3 players currently. This could be a tough Promozione season.
  3. Not happening. FIGC did not find any exceptional circumstances for changing the club registration twice in such a short period of time. Fondi remain, Latina do not. Unlucky, etc...
  4. Ah, so this Thonon Evian Savoie mob aren't a continuation of ETG? Thought they were...
  5. Exactly me but replace Grimshaw with Claudia Winkleman.
  6. Where are the new team playing at?
  7. The sacral bone connects the spine to the coccyx according to Google. If he's bruised that, I'd imagine it'll be mildly uncomfortable. Didn't know that Pecchia was at Verona. Had two spells at Napoli...sadly, I only remember his loan spell in the 2000/01 season when they got relegated - again. Also, I haven't seen it posted here but I see that Alessio Cerci has joined Verona. Hopefully he shows the form that resulted in Atletico Madrid signing him.
  8. What an unattractive chap. Probably turned up in the Horrific Club Photos thread.
  9. What's this?
  10. It had been suspected that Como was just seen as a little plaything for Essien's wife. Given some of the stories that have come out, those suspicions were accurate. That's a lovely shirt too. Have a greenie for that shirt.
  11. Bastia administratively relegated to National 1 after not satisfying the requirements to play in Ligue 2 next season. Paris FC take their place.
  12. Confirmed teams that won't play in Serie C next season: Como, Latina (but actually Fondi), Maceratese, Mantova and Messina Teams that have been excluded but are appealing the decision: Akragas, Arezzo, Fidelis Andria, Juve Stabia and Modena The five confirmed teams could be replaced by any of the following: Triestina, Rende, Rieti, Lumezzane, Varese, Vis Pesaro
  13. Latina will play in Serie C next season...I think... If I've got it right, the owner of Fondi (Latina's rivals) took control of Ternana and then sold Fondi to the owner of relegated Racing Roma. He then renamed the club Football Club Racing Fondi Calcio. He then asked the FIGC for permission to move the club to Latina and again rename the club Racing Club Latina. This means that Latina will take Fondi's place in Serie C/C next season - I think. Fondi (at this point) do not exist obviously. Racing Roma, clearly, were not registered in Serie D. Also, Maceratese will not be playing in Serie C next season as it stands. Relegated Ancona are unlikely to register for Serie D next season and are preparing plans for playing in Eccellenza instead. They last played in that league in 2010/11 after being administratively relegated from Serie B for being skint. Finally, in Celano news, sadly it is unlikely that they will field a team in Promozione next season. No idea if they will go bust completely or play in Prima/Seconda/Terza Categoria or focus on solely being a youth team. If they end up not registering for Promozione then Sportland Celano or Lanciano (not the same one who went bust in 2015/16) may end up taking their place.
  14. You'll also have to factor in agent and signing-on fees. Overall, Free agent has made a loss. They'll be disappointed with that.
  15. The amount of money that clubs pay 'Free agent', you'd think they'd be a dominant force in world football.