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  1. He thrives on the hate.
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...
  3. Harry Forrester is English and plays for Rangers. Are you thinking of Stuart Armstrong?
  4. Does she knife-edge chop people in the chest whilst she's doing it?
  5. He's right though. Nikki's a haddy.
  6. Maryse dressed as Nikki looked better than Nikki dressed as Nikki.
  7. Nikki Bella permanently looks like she's on the verge of having a temper tantrum. Cannot abide her.
  8. Good. A merger it was not.
  9. This boy was shaped like a Christmas tree. He strutted on, wandered about a bit, tripped over a ruck and then walloped someone. Very impressive.
  10. Goodness knows. Didn't help that it was my left shoulder and I'm left handed. Also doesn't help that I enjoy a good tackle. To add - in the 56th minute, Brive brought on a man with the biggest arse I have ever seen. 63rd minute, straight red for clotheslining someone. Good effort.
  11. One of the teams I played with tried to convert me to hooker. Never happening. Mind you, the same team decided to play me at inside centre after I dislocated my shoulder for the 97th time so...
  12. They're a bunch of cheating tosspots. As much as I was displeased to see France win today (for 2nd place reasons), it was fun to see them do to the Welsh what they would happily do to others. Decided to watch La Rochelle-Brive (Toonie's old side) tonight. Very clear to see why La Rochelle are top of the Top 14. They play a lot like Glasgow - very entertaining. Their scrum half tonight is 5'6" and about 15 stone. A barrel with legs. *edit* La Rochelle have just run in a sexy third try there.
  13. Three wins, still finish fourth. Conflicted feelings.
  14. I'd say the French out-Welshed the Welsh.