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  1. Learning lots of code today Trendy English team = don't play high pressing game All other diddies = park the bus.
  2. Manchester united have been as good as Ajax have been disappointing..........
  3. Is that twat Ian wright on BT?
  4. Trendy English team = early ball All other diddies = long ball
  5. Half time would be good going.
  6. Folk that react to noise during silences are fuckwits. shots of dignified Mancunians sticking up the fingers.
  7. Oooft. Suppose it saves on wages during the summer.......
  8. I see a lot of mentions of 'no players', Is that a literal no players?
  9. Hope he does a good job back at Ayr. I always liked him as a pars player but if we are to improve our position next year we need a different type of forward.
  10. There is something incredibly sick about targeting a concert for teenagers. Its the lowest of the possible low.
  11. Hiya pal
  12. Enjoyable evening
  13. Thought Darren Young would have been a decent candidate.
  14. He is a better option as cover at centre half than Lewis Martin. Would think that spells the end of Fordyce though?
  15. Excitement as the ball gets tuck in hedge.