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  1. I read that wedderburn and Higgy are one booking away from a two game suspension at the start of next season. Would play Paton instead of Higgy. Not sure about Wedderburn as if Herron isn't fit it leaves the central midfield totally bare.
  2. Boyd is particularly bad, Derek Ferguson is better. [emoji44]
  3. So the perpetrator of the act for Ross County should not be dealt with by the authorities if the ref makes an arse of it? I think most football fans would agree it should be looked at retrospectively. Divers need to be held to account. Preferably during the game where they get caught and booked (see Hopkirk) but if it is missed retrospective punishment needs to apply. Falkirk player took a dive, got away with it and was punished retrospectively, not sure how anybody can think it should just get ignored if evidence exists. It just encourages folk to fling themselves to the ground. Surely nobody wants that.
  4. Ross county V Falkirk play off final. County Player takes a dive and gets a penalty to change the course of the match and win the game....... Ah, but, but, but, that is different.
  5. He certainly has an unconventional style when going for the ball. If Morris is injured one positive is that Lewis Martin can't play.
  6. Looks like a lot will be determined by the attitude of Hibs players over their final 3 games. St Mirren probably have the worst of the Hibs games as they will surely want to put on a show on their trophy day. Doubt they will get 3 wins on the spin.
  7. Having seen the video it's even worse than at the time. Criminal decision.
  8. The players substituted were injured.
  9. Given Hippolyte has caused us all sorts of problems this season i am glad he didn't start. Assumed he would be a certainty to be in the team.
  10. Ooops. 🤣
  11. Grant Holt [emoji23] utterly mince.
  12. Didn't know a players dad ran the club.......
  13. Please excuse the Fat fingered idiot who can't work the quote system.
  14. .
  15. Yes, i remember that day, they had the north east section.