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  1. That might be better than our start last year. [emoji51] Edit: 12 games to get 9 points last year......
  2. Poor Dundee. A mid to lower seaside league player at best.
  3. Are there any bad apples left or have they all been given the boot?
  4. He was a brilliant player for us during that period. Will take a look at the video later, sounds interesting.
  5. Hope Dunfermline play the reserve players. Imagine getting a first teamer injured in one of these games. I won't be attending.
  6. I know where my money is and its the last part of your post. I do think McManus has more potential than Shankland though. Hopefully he flunks in training and is papped off to Airdrie or somewhere.
  7. He has played 127 games and scored 32 goals according to wikki.
  8. where is that training taking place?
  9. Would be a good signing if we could pull it off.
  10. Andy Smith before he signed for the Pars.
  11. Its almost time for the annual 'guess the trialist' fun to begin.
  12. I think it will be Paton. Edit: Having seen who it is I wish it was Paton........
  13. New signing incoming according to the clubs Twitter..........
  14. Gav won't be returning. Surely he can't be as bad for St Mirren as he was for us.
  15. Go on, SF you know you want to, just to get it right up them.