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  1. Morton got shafted as well. Could be the same company.
  2. They obviously like hammering us on a Tuesday. ......runs off to find out the day of the week the new year game is.....
  3. At the start of the highly successful Jocky Scott era.
  4. Looked like a handball from where I was. Never seen a team go to bits against nine men. Morris was awful.
  5. Can't even spell the town name correctly, it's no just a typo it's all over the article. Also I don't think the referee enforced the 10 yards for the 'free kick'.............
  6. If you can induce a rage statement from club 1690 it will be mission complete.
  7. Doncaster's tiny mind will be working overtime......new improved colt teams next year with four over age players.
  8. I am sure you will all be absolutely gutted if they don't turn up.
  9. Andy Ryan just signed. Nice one.
  10. The Nachos look lovely as does the sausage and mash soup.
  11. Dad, I'm burstin'.
  12. Big Eck on just now doing a puff piece on English football grovelling trying to get a job at a huge club like Crawley or something.
  13. Sounds like it could be the worst central midfield contest in years. Ours is slower than a week in the jail, they are not terribly mobile. We don't have a fit centre forward over 17 years old either. 0-0 snoozefest.
  14. Hopefully the Inverness team will go for a pre match meal at the Elizabethan.
  15. Your right, I initially thought it was triffle.