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  1. Yoker news today

    Yokers warm up friendly v Cumbernauld Colts last Saturday should give them a wake-up call...I believe they got humped 6-1 albeit CCs do play at several levels above Yoker. Wishaw have a real opportunity if that was a typical Yoker performance.
  2. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Yeah,did well against 10 men in 2nd half but didn’t look great in first 45 mins. IMO will need to play better over 90 mins and hopefully don’t read too much into the weekends result. Got a huge slice of luck with the CCs sending off and only then did they seem to believe they could win.
  3. East Kilbride FC TV Match Highlights

    Somewhat ironic that X EKFC player Gav Lachlan is the player sent off...did his old team a massive favour and gift wrapped them 3 points,..not one for conspiracy theories..lol...but do agree that it was never a sending off and CCs will now be without another influential player for a couple of weeks...hope the referee gets a chance to look at the highlights and reflects on his wayward decision. Just shows you how these big decisions can make such a difference...imagine if the reverse had happened and EKFC lost one of their stars and consequently lost the game and the knock on effect was losing the championship....rightly so they would be outraged! I firmly believe that all these big decisions should be made in consultation with the other officials to try and ensure all are in agreement.
  4. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Shame the game was spoiled as a contest when referee sent off CCs player just after half-time...straight red card for two players colliding in an attempt to get the ball...ludicrous decision! First half was very even and the sending off was a complete game changer...EKFC comfortable victory in the end but who knows what the outcome would have been. Hope CCs can successfully appeal that awful decision.
  5. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Never easy against CCs but their form has dipped since beating and drawing against BSC in back to back league games...
  6. Will this be Spartans year?

    IMO...Spartans will need to hit some real form as these last minute goals may just dry up as the league enters the final stages...they have some tough games ahead and I am sure they would rather have points on the board than having to play catch-up. Personally,the in form team for me is EKFC who have started to find the net more frequently and have shrewdly strengthened in the goal scoring dept. Will be very close but EK may just have the edge!?
  7. Rob Roy v Linlithgow highlights

    Brilliant cup tie that had everything...unsure how a team can lose a 3 goal lead but today belonged to KRR...any team that can overturn that deficit deserves a huge amount of praise. As soon as they scored their first the impossible seemed possible and the Rose just wilted under the intense pressure applied by the Roy...nothing short of amazing turnaround and can’t think of many teams that will want to draw KRR in the next round. Just gotta keep Seizing the Moment and having that belief for the full 90 mins.
  8. Heard a big rumour that you guys looking to sign a few of the best players from the Lowland League...just in preparation for next season when you may end up there!!
  9. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Cumbernauld still to play Ekfc & Spartans as part of the run in...aside from losing both league games to Shire the Colts have taken points from Spartans,Ek and Bsc so some difficult games ahead.
  10. Will this be Spartans year?

    Be good to see a club like Spartans go up...as a neutral they seem to have a stable football model and have shown in the past that they can compete with higher league teams. Good luck for rest of season as sitting in a promising position.
  11. Will this be Spartans year?

    Who feckn cares??..any footy chat guys...
  12. Bsc Glasgow

    Hoping it's just a wee blip and can keep in contention as still very tight at the top...some tough games ahead with both Uni teams to play in the coming weeks.
  13. Matchday 17

    Getting to that time of the season when its important for those at the top to keep winning so they dont lose touch and also dont leave the door open for some of the chasers who may go on a run. After last weekends results its clear that surprises are possible and looking forward to some cracking ties up and down the league.
  14. Bsc Glasgow

    Last 4 games only picked up 4 points?.just a minor loss of form or have teams got wise to how they play?
  15. Bsc Glasgow

    What’s happening at BSC?..