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  1. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    I'm pretty sure the owner follows Formartine these days along with his hanger ons, they were all decked out in Formartine hats and scarfs at the last Vale/Formartine game,they will maybe jump ships again now we are improving
  2. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    Castle Bar used to be good back in the day, a few of the Vale die hards including myself used to be in there every Saturday night, been well over 12 years since I last had a drink in there, had some cracking nights and sing songs with the '"Valley Crew'' after cup finals and other big games, the 90s and early noughties were the best laughs, when we won the league for the first time a new type of fan started to appear at PRP, most of them have vanished now and its the die hards that are left
  3. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    You guys will be favourites but you never know in the Scottish cup, was hoping for a easier home tie or a good away day,
  4. Hawick Royal Albert duo resign.

    Have Hawick sold there ticket allocation for Saturday?
  5. Any Hawick Royal Albert fans on here? Banks O Dee Brora Strollers Clach Vale Uni Rothes Formartine Broch Gala Fairydean Lothian Vale Nairn County Wick Academy To go through.
  6. Cove on the Move

    All the Cove bashing seems to be getting boring now, not sure who's worst for it, our lovely Jags friends from up the coast or the Brochers. Think Cove might have the league won by Christmas.
  7. Formartine United

    How long will they last?
  8. Huntly

    Good comeback from the Vale tonight, you will be away back to supporting Huntly again
  9. North of Scotland Cup 2017-18

    Should they scrap this cup?
  10. Formartine United

    Gregg Carrol?
  11. Formartine United

    Spider? Think they need new keeper, seen better keepers in the moray welfare league.
  12. Huntly

    A bet you are one of them Locos fans that used to support Huntly in the 90s.
  13. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    That's pretty average for Buckie Thistles standards. They never took much of a support to Dundee away either.
  14. The Fitba North All-In Non League Cup 2017-18

    Is that you talking to yourself again
  15. Buckie Thistle

    Brechin must be terrible.