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  1. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Why the assumption that Hill will start? He's a young guy with no real first team experience. I'm not saying that he's not good enough to start, but we've seen nothing of him.
  2. Haha. Fair enough. I was more meaning supporters of other teams. Who put us out the Challenge Cup in 2000??
  3. Exactly. They pumped Hibs 4-1 at Pittodrie about a month ago. Yesterday has no bearing on our league campaign, nor does it necessarily show a massive gulf between us and Premiership teams. It was a disappointing performance and result away from home against a pretty decent Aberdeen side. If we do go up this year hardly anyone will even remember who put us out the Scottish Cup.
  4. He could have left for nothing so £20k is better than hee haw. We didn't get a great deal when he moved on, but pretty sure when he signed his extension there was a gentleman's agreement that the club wouldn't stand in his way if a bigger club came in. That looks like a decent move for him as well. Glad he didn't end up at Ibrox.
  5. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    Really looking forward to the game. It'll be an excellent test for us as Aberdeen are a good side. If we can put in a good performance at Pittodrie then that bodes well for the rest of the season. 8/1 for St. Mirren on Bet365, good odds. We've not lost in 7 games, winning 6 of them. Aberdeen haven't played in 3 weeks.
  6. I suppose we'll need to wait and see, but Samson was great for us in the top flight, and we never replaced him after he left. Smith is only 22, so was a young player who couldn't break into a good Aberdeen side, he's dropped down a level to get games and has improved as a result. He's ready to step up a level even if we were to miss out on promotion. Reilly and McShane have both improved a lot since the start of the season as well. As for the McShane debate, he's been an excellent signing. I don't see how anyone could deny that. His set pieces aren't great, in fact they're rubbish. I reckon this makes a lot of people think he's had a bad game because they remember the few poor corners/free kicks that he's hit.
  7. How old is this lad? 18?? Looks about 40.
  8. Walsh was hit or miss. The boy has ability but as other said he often looked disinterested and didn't want to do any of the dirty work. I'm not so sure he is Ross's type of player, Ross seems to like busy players that chase and harry opponents. Walsh isn't that.
  9. Great stuff from the beeb again here.
  10. Willie Miller was at the game for Sportsound.
  11. Black and White Army on Twitter alluding to Ryan Flynn, who has been released by Oldham.
  12. I could see clubs being interested in him certainly. If we don't go up I wouldn't be surprised to see him move to the Premiership.
  13. Surely not. We wouldn't let Buchanan go only for Davis to move in the same window.
  14. Thing is, the guy has has a couple of kids, I imagine he'll have a mortgage as well. If he moves on from us he'll definitely need to take a pay cut. Financially that might be difficult for him. Now I'm not saying that's his reason, but at 34 it would seem his career is only going in one direction. He could take a wage cut now, or a wage cut in six months. No brainer really.
  15. I'd move Buchanan on to be honest. He's not terrible but he's not as good as the three other centre halves we have. Sutton should probably go as well, although I'm a big Sutton fan and think he still has something to offer. I'd be amazed if Duffy isn't moved on too. Who knows if the guy has anything to offer or not.