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  1. On the bright side at least Jack Ross won't have any headaches before Saturday.
  2. In that case he definitely shouldn't play. McShane is good enough to step in and will have a point to prove as well.
  3. I'd expect a couple of changes. Was McGinn 100% yesterday? Could see him dropping to the bench (what happened to Mark Hill??) and I'd like to see Hippolyte start.
  4. Champions 2017/18 vs. Livi

    You've got a couple there. He said that we should be a top 4 club and that what Jack Ross has done here is better than what Ferguson did. I always smile when I hear Fitzpatrick talking about St. Mirren. The guy oozes enthusiasm, it's infectious even if what he says isn't always realistic.
  5. My point was that Dallas only once pulled up a player for stealing yards. I could have referenced Samson stealing 10 yards at every free kick, my St. Mirren bias meant I chose Mehmet. I didn't mean to imply that he was anti St. Mirren, just completely inept.
  6. Dallas was pathetic. The game threatened to boil over because of him. He was clearly out his depth. I was annoyed at McGinn and Morgan for getting booked for reacting to fouls. Morgan's was maybe understandable as he had two men on him at every turn, on the half a dozen times he did manage to beat his man the United player just fouled him. At every free kick/throw in there were yards stolen. He gave a foul against McKenzie in the six yard box, Mehmet then takes the free kick inline with the penalty spot. About 2 minutes later Morgan got fouled just beyond the half way line (where he got booked for reacting) Dallas then runs away, Morgan rolls the ball forward by about a yard, United fans shout, so the ref runs back and moves the ball back. The inconsistency was astounding.
  7. Champions 2017/18 vs. Livi

    Livingston are a hard team, I expect them to get right in our faces from the off and make life difficult. We don't like it when teams are physical against us and Livingston are one of the most physical teams in the league. I'm not sure if this is the right time of the year to be making changes but I'd probably bring Reilly back in and Baird in for Mackenzie, who I think has been poor the past few games. I'll admit that I expected us to beat United last night before the game, was even tempted by 4/1 on St. Mirren -1 (didn't take it in the end). I'm a little more apprehensive about this game - partly because of last night - and would probably take a draw now if it was offered. That said Livingston aren't in great form, they've only won 2 games out their last 6. I fancy us to do enough to get over the line.
  8. Didn't think we deserved anything from the game tonight. We had a lot of pressure but created nothing. Mehmet could have been sat in the stand and we still wouldn't have scored. Whereas United despite being camped in their own half for spells had the game's only real chances, one the buried and the other Samson pulled off a great save. Moshni was man of the match, cleared up everything. Although it was disappointing not to see us ask too many questions of United's defence, they conceded 3 to Dumbarton at the weekend and we couldn't even force their keeper into a save. Credit to United for that right enough, and fair play to Jack Ross for throwing everything at it with 10 mins to go.
  9. Brechin V champions in waiting

    The 99/00 season was ridiculous as it was a pretty tight run affair, we had also been tipped as 2nd favourites for relegation before the season started and had been down in the second tier for a almost a decade. This season has been exceptional - better than 99/00 in many ways - but the elation of scoring a late winner to ensure promotion will be hard to top. Question for Brechin fans: Where's good to get a bite to eat in the town before the game? We're planning on driving up, leaving quite early so we can get parked easily, get some lunch and a lager.
  10. The foul on Morgan looks soft in the clip but it was right in front of us, Morgan ran between the two Caley players and the lad put his arm right across him blocking his run. Looked a clear foul from where I was sitting. Second penalty was maybe soft, first one was a stonewaller. Poor defending and poor finishing cost us. Fair play to Inverness for sticking at it but we should have well out of sight. Taking off Smith, who never gave Caley a moment's piece, to bring on a defender to hold on to 2-0 was a strange one. We should have kept at them. A point isn't a disaster and you'd have taken 10 points from games against Inverness before the season started, but we threw it away yesterday.
  11. If we beat Inverness this weekend then I reckon we'll win it at Glebe Park. I can't see Livingston taking maximum points in their next three games. They go to Dumbarton and Dunfermline, and are at home to Morton.
  12. I'm almost certain they offer it to away fans too.
  13. I've always thought Eckersley was one of our team who could definitely make the step up. He's strolled through most of the season. Would hope that we keep MacKenzie too. I reckon Davis is good enough to make the step up, MacKenzie has played a good level before too, and Baird will keep improving.
  14. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Does he still have to serve a suspension?