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  1. Unions

    Hope lies in the proles.
  2. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    I have deleted Facebook. Freedom.
  3. Can the world survive?

    The world will be around long after the human race has nuked itself to extinction. It would eventually recover.
  4. Light meals and snacks

    My doctor once told me that I had acute pancreatitis. I said thanks, your pancreatitis is cute as well.
  5. Let Down XI

    Did Jemson not go on to score a double that put Everton out of the FA cup? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  6. Red Bulls takeover

    Red Bull and all it's imitators are disgusting but I would support and applaud the endeavours of any club they choose to purchase and re-brand.
  7. Let Down XI

    Anyone remember future NI manager Michael O'Neill' s brief stint at Somerset Park?
  8. Let Down XI

    I forgot about that. I'm sure he actually scored a free-kick against Morton and was applauded by their fans.
  9. The Tribute Act v CL Diddy Team

    f**k the queen WATP
  10. Let Down XI

    Weaver I remember for some inexplicable reason Ayr United fans were clamouring for him to always play because allegedly he was our best player (Or, more accurately, the least shit).
  11. Let Down XI

    I had managed to erase Hyslop from my memory.
  12. Oliver Burke

    I don't think Oliver Burke actually exists.
  13. The Tribute Act v CL Diddy Team

    Both clubs are owned and run by the same shady organisation.
  14. Promotion is all that matters this season. League results are what will define this season, not beating a terrible Kilmarnock team. The results in the Betfred Cup were a nice bonus but nothing more than that.