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  1. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    There is (or at least there used to be) a tendency for people to raise up dead rappers as some kind of martyrs who are above all criticism, despite: a) them being awful people who have made poor life choices and decisions that lead to their own deaths and b) not being anywhere near as good as their posthumously acquired reputation might suggest. I didn't know this guys music, but it appears that he is no real loss to the world.
  2. Portugal - Morocco 1PM

    Morocco need to get Farid El Alagui on.
  3. Have you let yourself go?

    No, I'm a 32 waist and reasonably fit which is the best shape I've ever been in considering I used to be fat as f**k and smoked 20 a day.
  4. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    That's what my grandpa used to say.
  5. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    I had the pleasure of meeting Xxxtentacion at a charity do. He was surprisingly down to earth and VERY funny.
  6. Pro Ev 2018

    Great. Another PES game I will be muting the commentary for.
  7. I do. It's a nice wee forum.
  8. Do you like Owls?

    Roy Hodgson has never been the same since he made an arse of the Liverpool job tbh.
  9. Do you like hand dryers?

    I don't. They take too long to dry your hands. Give me a paper towel any day. Those Dyson air blade things that M&S have in their toilets can GTF as well.
  10. Do you like the Jews?

    I felt that this topic was missing from this forum.
  11. Do you like the Welsh?

    No. There's so many nationalities to cover.
  12. Do you like the Scottish?

    I didn't. Did you?
  13. Do you like the Scottish?

    They have stupid accents too.
  14. Do you like the Scottish?

    Isn't Scotland part of Ireland?
  15. Do you like the Welsh?

    Wales. They have given us the Manic Street Preachers so they are OK in my book. Do you like the Welsh?