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  1. Depression

    Mental health has been much improved the past couple of days. The counselling session was interesting. The main subject of discussion was that people who think a lot (like I do) tend to be disconnected from what their body tells them, which is how physical "warning signs" get ignored. Things like knots in the stomach, tightness in the chest, nausea etc do not get dealt with because I tend to either attribute them to other things or think that I will wait for them to pass rather than dealing with them. Your body and instincts remember how you react to stressful events even if your mind tries to cover them up.
  2. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

    Ian McCalls invincibles march on.
  3. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

  4. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

  5. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

  6. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

  7. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

    f**k off 1-1
  8. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

  9. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

    Banks O'Dee line up as follows: 1 Shearer 2 Allan 4 McCall 5 Robertson 3 Whyte 6 Winton 7 Henderson 10 Philipson 8 Smith 11 Hall 9 Watt
  10. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

    Ayr United line up as follows: Hart Ferguson Rose Reid Boyle Crawford Docherty Geggan Moffat Shankland Moore
  11. Anas Sarwar

    Yassss, pleasing.
  12. Banks O' Dee vs Ayr United

    For some reason, this clash of titans does not have a thread, so here it is.
  13. Football League 2017/18 season

    Gordon Strachan to Wales?
  14. P&B Readers' Birds

    Why would anyone want to cull such beautiful birds? What harm are they doing?