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  1. Did you boys not win by 14 or so goals earlier in the season or does that no count
  2. Scotland name squad

    Am I the only 1 who thinks hanley is utter mince how he has glued a career in football I will never know. There has to better out there, check the juniors if we need too anything to keep him away from the team.
  3. Scott McTominay

    Whether he's played 20 or 200 he's a 1st team regular this season for man utd playing in champs league and top end of prem why shouldn't people be fawning over him he's playing at a level higher than anyone in our squad
  4. League debate

    That's unbelievable Jeff
  5. Players a bit unlucky not to have more capso

    Rename it those lucky to get a cap as there shite
  6. League debate

    Floodlights are needed
  7. Scott McTominay

    Can't believe I am saying this but I agree with you
  8. Scott McTominay

    Was going to post the same thing great too see 2 young Scots playing in such a high profile match
  9. Bankies nxt season

    He really does rattle a few cages on here for sure. As for the clydebank part pretty much agree with it all.
  10. Bankies nxt season

    I would describe it as part time
  11. Bankies nxt season

    Part time professional ? That's a new 1
  12. West Region

    Or he could get abuse non stop for 90 odd minutes then a thread started on pnb about how much of a disgrace he is . All that for around the 40 quid mark. No brainer
  13. Bankies nxt season

    Most of you are decent posters and try to debate even isa with his full articles tryst to put points across but that rocket quantum leap aka Harry's Corner brings ill will from many because he trolls almost every thread. Your right in you should all not be tarred with the same brush though.
  14. Scott McTominay

    It's nice to see us get him on board, have to admit when England showed an interest in him i was 100% sure we had no chance. That said let's hope it's not another 5 yrs till we see him make his debut. With yet another youngster looking the real deal the future is looking much brighter.
  15. Bankies nxt season

    Think you have the wrong person Dipped a bum, vandalism at bots park I haven't mentioned anything of the sort or meltdown cool story though. You should be proud that your playing surface is smooth like a fairway