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  1. Scotland Centre Backs

    Let's hope so and Cooper deserves a shot too, he's canavaro compared to that dumpling Hanley lol
  2. Scotland Centre Backs

    Tom Cairney on verge of move to wba for 15mil he's been really good in the championship now for a few seasons but can't get a sniff either.
  3. West Juniors

    It was tongue cheek and I don't condone the behaviour but fat man you have 20 cheeks to say to anyone about being a cnut on pnb.
  4. West Juniors

    Can't understand why some clown(s) would do that type of damage It's fucking shite behaviour after all the hard work that goes into getting the pitch in such good nick. Won't be long before cctv is needed
  5. West Juniors

    There is no disputing that any team that signs tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson has to be....haha
  6. West Juniors

    Last time I looked beith sat above you in the league.
  7. West Juniors

    You are correct regarding the way the current league set up is its a cluster f**k for sure. The parts where you belittle other teams for having a licence (you had plenty time)and teams in the lowland, your club had the option but chose not too, you now know that change is happening and your greetin like a spoilt brat it's no fare why should my club go under them were the biggest club in auchinleck. That about sums up your post in a much shorter and clearer way.
  8. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Archieb I like your posts very well put across and agree with 90% of it. Only bit I disagree with is the 1st part. Of all the clubs in the west Pollok in my opinion have the most to gain and out of all the juniors when we do make the jump I see pollok being the 1st team from the west to really make an impact. Your ground, location, fan Base I think the foundations are there to get the correct sponsorship and be the 1st junior team to make it into the spfl when we do all jump.
  9. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    Yes when we all go into the pyramid we will be or you suggesting we wont
  10. Scotland Centre Backs

    The highlighted part would be in the spl as for the prem I, m not so sure, getting roasted in every time he plays in the champs league doesn't help. The time to move is the summer for him as the standard in the spl is rotten at the moment. As forameus said in another post maybe having both the boys playing on the left might work but my only reservation about it is moving our best left back out of position to accommodate a player that only shines in the spl
  11. Scotland Centre Backs

    Would be good try out having robbo playing in front of Tierney to get both of them on a friendly is the time to try it, if it works well our left side would be sorted.
  12. Scotland Centre Backs

    We await 1 of the kids currently getting 1st team football to kick on certainly a few more prospects than we've had in a while. Also today should put to bed any pish talk that Tierney at celtic is anywhere near as good as robertson he's been immense against city today night and day between the 2. If Tierney wants to fulfill his potential then he needs to move simple as that.
  13. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    He has a point though. Talbot have the most to lose from pyramid integration - they'd go from top dog to just another club. It's not as if there is an abundance of people in that area who haven't attached themselves to clubs - Talbot have pretty much corralled everyone in Auchinleck, Catrine, Mauchline etc, so there isn't much room for expansion support-wise. That's why he started a thread greetin like a wee lassie because he knows as soon as we all move his days of watching the bot lift a cup are over, much probably for all our respective teams. There will be no more minor scottish cup it will be into the hat for the big 1.
  14. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    What you slobbering about fat man, I was replying to your horseshit post. Suck it up as it's happening whether you like it or not all the top teams in the west will be sucked into the pyramid when it happens you will go from top of the juniors to bottom feeder like the rest of us.