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  1. Portland is very possibly the best small city in America.
  2. Critical match this one with both clubs striving to avoid second-bottom place.
  3. You're talking about the same players who were part of the bench on Saturday - to write it off as just a development squad result is a distinction without any real difference. Without further improvement to the squad, there's nothing to support the very high expectations people have for the coming season, quite the opposite actually. But if you lot want to continue to act like ostriches, be my guest - I'll maintain a knowing smile.
  4. When you take the two performances to date in conjunction with the form shown at the end of last season and think that all of the bench on Saturday played in the match above - get all thoughts of a title tilt / promotion out of your head now and prepare yourself for a battle with Dumbarton to avoid 9th place.
  5. Absolutely embarrassing that the club can't muster it's full compliment of substitutes and Queen's Park can. Queen's Park. Who are the amateurs here?
  6. Every quote I see from the Chairman reads like he is a massive bellend.
  7. I loathe Hamilton and am very keen for Vettel to beat him to the championship but you lose all credibility if you can't admit that Vettel is the one at fault in that incident. He lost his cool, simple as that. There should be no further action though. I don't think I can expect level-headed analysis in this topic from many but I tried anyway. As interesting as the GP was, I think we're lucky we avoided a bad accident. Many cars should have been Black/Orange flagged with damaged cars, especially on such a fast track. The marshalls were scary too.
  8. Probably sick for Griffiths more than anything actually.
  9. This may have been mentioned already over the past while but suspensions seem to be breaking very easily this year. Dangerous.
  10. I'm not sure that everyone will be expecting a higher finish next season, particularly in light of pathetic late season results and performances. I'd also be expecting stronger competition from both Dunfermline and St Mirren as a minimum. And most of all, you can't assume continued upward trajectory, that's dimwitted. On the squad size point - I wouldn't be surprised if Morton used an above average number of players in the final 10 or so games compared to other teams in the league. Moreover, even if that was this season's downfall, a club of Morton's means are never going to be able to carry 21/22/23 experienced, skilled pros. There will inevitably be band-aids over parts of the squad - always has been, always will be. Morton as most others at this level just need to adapt.
  11. If this is in fact true, I'm content as those are the ones Id have back next season.
  12. Did you read any comment from the manager or players before the Dundee United games? Regardless, I'm as much of a mind-reader as those who say "the players' legs went" are sports scientists.
  13. Ultimately the team let themselves down. They were in a very strong position to finish second - and to put some sort of pressure on Hibs - and had shown themselves to be better than Falkirk and (less conclusively, admittedly) possibly Dundee United. As it was they entered the playoffs seeking a participation medal and a pat on the head for trying. Simply they should have done much, much better.
  14. Aren't you a Hibs fan?
  15. Interesting post. Your club will play League 1 next season as now will Raith. One is happy, one is sad. Yet we're all the same really.