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  1. I agree that there should be 3 SPFL leagues but how do you divide 42 clubs? Obviously there's 3x14 but then you play either 26 (too few), 52 (too many) or 39 (with an inherently unfair split of H&A) league games. So beyond that, other options leave you looking at leagues with splits or other adaptive ways to try and appease the needs of the clubs, with the bigger clubs priorities at the forefront. That's why there's endless discussion of this and why it draws such hot debate. While I strongly, strongly disagree with many of the suggestions made by some, at least they think about it. The worst are those who say it's a simple solution.
  2. I was initially very receptive to the 12-12, 8-8-8 proposal when it was first discussed a few years ago. I've very much cooler on it now though - you will essentially have no winner of the Championship. You'll also have no team(s) relegated from the Premiership, they'll go into a sort of purgatory with promotion and relegation determined later. IMO though, 12-12-18 is a better format than present. It is an oxymoron that the country's premier league has more teams than any other division. Semantics and that principal aside, I think the format of divisions should align so far as possible. More than anything though, I want a setup with three national leagues, four is too many. A larger bottom tier should also make the transition to SPFL football easier for promoted teams and may encourage the automatic relegation of the bottom SPFL side (and perhaps playoffs with the second bottom). So why not simply have a 12 team Championship mimic the current Premiership? Or ideally, have both tiers split top six/bottom six at 22 games and play each other home and away (as it should be) for an additional 10 matches = 32. You get a proper relegation and promotion fight in the Premiership and Championship. And yes I know you lose some matches in that format but the rest is sensible no?
  3. Hello all, what are current attendances like at EKFC and is there an update on plans for the stadium? Good luck with the remainder of the season and (presumably) in the playoffs - you certainly seem like a club who have the potential in the long-term to enhance the SPFL.
  4. Thanks for your reply, Bankiebill, very informative. I guess there is whatever the timescales are is secondary ensuring it gets done and is a solution that's right for WD, CFC & YAFC. I was just a bit concerned that it had been a few months since the last update.
  5. They've also tried to manipulate the rules to produce a high-scoring, 'only offense really matters' game that has frankly made it a far less interesting sport to watch. I think within the last few years fans have lost a degree of interest due to this. I used to watch every week but then a change of circumstances meant I missed a season and I was surprised how easily and quickly I lost interest. There is also a suspicion amongst some fans that matches are - if not outright fixed - officiated in such a way that certain teams are assisted when they need a win. I'm no conspiracy theorist but I certainly think there have clearly been instances of this in the past decade or so.
  6. It's all been very quiet on the ground front. I'm loathe to speculate and hope these comments aren't unhelpful to the club but when you factor in the planning and public sector procurement processes it sounds unrealistic to me that the ground will be completed this year. I'm guess I'm asking for any new information to be reassured.
  7. It's a shame to see the state of affairs at Clyde. For all of his belligerent talk, ElementaryPenguin does get to the root of the problem in that no one knows quite what the chain of command is at Clyde: A manager widely thought to be partly funding some of the first team squad with no clarity on his contractual status. No Chairman of the board and a Vice Chairman who came across averse to taking responsibility for even writing a New Year message to fans. A "fan-owned" club of which the fans don't even known where the club will be playing in the next few years or the process they need to go through for affecting change. Not to speak of the divisions within that support and those who take glee in causing arguments. Not to mention the awful current run of form the team is on which threatens the club's league status after far too long in the basement division. And talk the club's awful performance on the park regularly seems to be overtaken by some of the points above.
  8. I'm glad to hear that, there is no place for that behaviour - it's assault.
  9. If what McDonagh has done is as evil and cowardly as is being reliably reported, I hope he is hammered by the SFA and sacked by the club. It takes all relevance away from a very good result.
  10. I'd rather have an evening with diahorrea.
  11. We can only hope. But rely on me to turn the conversation back to football while Jezebels talk about the pretty clothes.
  12. See you in several months, you pathetic losers.
  13. Dundee have the silliest badge. It's just a C, an F and a D in a shield. That's quite rubbish and Dundee United's fans must laugh a lot.
  14. Oh the things that amount to a banner day in Partick history. You're pathetic.
  15. I think Morton supporters would rather do insults and discuss boring geography than talk about the football team.