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  1. I think the fact how little I care when we inevitably lose our leads is in itself depressing. Hard to keep enthusiastic or passionate when you're watching the same game over and over again. Team plays great, gets a small lead, start dropping deep, lose lead then either draw or lose. Rinse and repeat. Meh.
  2. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Son of Saul - 8/10 Anyone attempting to touch the holocaust via film is taking massive risk by trying not to come across grotesque and crass. This is a film that conveys the utter horrifying situation in the best way I can imagine. An absolutely grim, harrowing and stunning peice. Not going to give any of the plot away but definitely watch it, unless feeling down or anything as will definitely send you over the edge.
  3. I'm a staunch atheist and secularist. However if someone can show me some good evidence that there's an eternity of Rubber Dinghy Rapids awaiting me in the afterlife im well giving up bacon and threatening to merk infadels.
  4. Trainers

    You'll be very very lucky to get that. Dropped today with alot of people getting them and resell value is around £150 mark. Sexy as fook.
  5. Bojack Horseman

    I'm not mad for the episodes that feature less of Bojack. It's at its absolute strongest for me when it's focusing on his life and family whereas the Princess Carolyn stuff doesn't really float my boat. Just polished off season four there and didn't feel was as strong as three but still enjoyable. As noted previously the Summer House and Dementia flashback episodes were it's absolute peak.
  6. Last unread Android App issue

    This has also happened to me a couple of times.
  7. Gigs

    With DFA79 supporting. Absolute jizz inducing.
  8. Gigs

    With DFA79 supporting. Absolute jizz inducing.
  9. Gigs

    With DFA79 supporting. Absolute jizz inducing.
  10. FIFA 18

    Aye plus the full pyramid. Even the juniors.
  11. I saw one of the flags get nicked. Was about twenty minutes after full time and wee shite strolled into North Stand, nabbed a flag and then ran out. Absolute f**k up as kid was long gone by time anyone started chasing after him.
  12. See one of our fans getting alot of racial abuse from Rangers fans on Twitter. Some grim stuff as a reply to a tweet saying "I hate rangers". "No one likes us and we really do care".
  13. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Maybe if Clyde hadn't been utterly stupid with their finances and been box office enough to be offered a sponsorship deal they wouldn't be languishing in the seaside leagues? Regarding home fans being moved it's a mix between OF fans can't be trusted with pyro in the wooden Main Stand and a cash incentive. Pretty sure Broadwood had a large amount of it's stadium given for visiting Henmans and Orcs in the past, only difference being is they were already empty most games so no need to shift anyone.
  14. See your point and don't disagree. Police tonight were very hands off though and the wee ones run the fule. To be honest I just wanted to watch Thistle while getting paid. Heart sank when got picked to work in JHS.
  15. Worked this one as a hi vis w****r steward and had misfortune of being stuck in JHS. Seventy odd broken seats to be billed direct to Ibrox. My face at full time though.