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  1. Should Weed Be Legal?

    Regarding the baked driving into kids argument, man if you think I have enough effort to muster getting off my bed or sofa when stoned, never mind get into a car, then you are very much mistaken hombre.
  2. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    For once I'm not repulsed by a Joma Thistle top. Sponsor looks shite but bar that I dig it.
  3. ANOTHER fire at Glasgow School of Art

    I hope you delete your profile but hey ho can't hug every cat.
  4. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Thus far this is the disappointment of the day. "Thuper" Ally isnt helping.
  5. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    My flatmate went all in on the Pax but he's such a bifta lover he barely uses it. Tempted to offer to buy it off him. My handheld is fine but called the "black mamba" which sounds like a dildo and isn't as good.
  6. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    I live in Woodlands and have a Volcano vaporizer. I'll do as I please muthafucka.
  7. World Cup of Beer - PER VS DEN

    Denmark have Mikkelar. They arguably win the entire world cup.
  8. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Allow it blud
  9. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Ps that tracky top is also amazing. Although I'm white so inevitably would look like a gimp in it.
  10. Croatia [emoji1082] v Nigeria [emoji1184]

    Started today on agreement with girlfriend we'd only need to watch one game. Watched every game by getting her to get interested by putting on bets and drinking. Great success. Nigeria ftw as their top is peng AF.
  11. ANOTHER fire at Glasgow School of Art

    The art achool venue is untouched. Maybe have a delay while street is closed for work but venue will continue fine. See above. O2 have unlimited pockets to potentially rebuild but unsure of they lease or own the abc and if willing to shell out to finance a huge rebuild. Gutting either way. I can understand former/current students feeling some sense of utter loss but the c***s typing "Currently crying" on social media need a fucking shake. Eta few weeks back I worked with a fella who also was the H&S guy at the Art School, hired off the back of the last fire. Feel bad for him over next week.
  12. Peru vs Denmark

    God the world cup gets me so horny.
  13. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Yeeaaaaars ago when I worked in a shop doing St Mirrens kit you'd get fat idiots every year going mental as "the tap won't be oot fur ma holiday". Their seethe was hilarious.
  14. Trainers

    After going a bit overboard this year and buying ten pairs already, I was pretty content with my lot and with nothing new on the release calendar I was desperate for was happy to give my wallet a rest. Oh but then Nike decided to do this Size exclusive which is launching on Friday. Miniswoosh, safari print and on an AM1 so I'm sold. Ffs.
  15. Twitter

    I agree to an extent regarding Southall doing something much more worthwhile, however don't feel there was anything wrong in Moffat drunkenly then soberly trying to have some discussion and in what he said. The cesspit comment is bang on and hence why I generally avoid any political discussion on Twitter. An absolute shitshow. Sent from my G3121 using Tapatalk