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  1. I think you may have just blown his cover . Well done nice work fella.
  2. Congrats to Buckie on tonights cup win over City. Best of luck for the next round and hope you get the tie you want in the next round.
  3. The shed is that the area behind the goal ?
  4. Greetings Utd fans i have 2 questions for you ......1 , Where abouts in the Stadiumo De Tannadice are we likely to to housed ? 2, Where can i park my tractor without the fear of it being clamped ? Thanks in advance for answers to these. Dont fret about anything guys , i know you've had 2 Dundee derbies close together but after you've played us 4 times as your derby game ( must be true as we play you at New Year ) you'll not want to bother with Dundee again and be dying to play us all the time. City fans , is bid McGeever available for this one and are we going to keep the same starting 11 that played against Livi ?
  5. Aye the ones we can find after the away teams Hacker Mc Fadgeon blooters them into the graveyard or down the Ghostie...
  6. Careful there you sound almost positive.
  7. Don't be so hard on them . They are trying their best . Maybe the Craiglang gang have had their day ?
  8. Gavin Mitchell away filming new episodes of Still Game ? Hell mend that Ford and Gregs comedy sitcom .....
  9. Albion Rovers , good to see Trouts continue his good form for you guys , you really have won a watch with him ....enjoy. Queens Park , cheers for Mc geever , he is great.
  10. I would check before you set out as the game could be in doubt
  11. Big well done to the team today . The heads could have gone at 2 nil down at half time but they didn't. Thats what we want to see every week ...go out and have a go at teams if we lose , we lose , but i'd rather lose games having a go than lose games with a whimper. Echo thoughts of a previous poster regarding referee . I dont mind our players being booked but as long as its the same for other team, as the amount of shirt pulling , hands all over our guys , holding Jacko etc went without booking. Not looking for favours just fairness. Agree with CF in that i thought Jacko and Orsi looked like they were starting to form a wee understanding of each other which i know its early days but hopefully this will prove to be the case. Cant pick out any single player as star man cause i thought they all did great. Orsi and Finn took their goals well and nice to see young Orsi get MoM. First time i've had a right look at Jordan Sinclair and thought he did well . James Dale was at his most fearless today. Issac coming on as impact sub was good. They didn't like it when he came on. Thing i like about him is you just dont know what he's going to do when he gets the ball. All in all very entertaining afternoon a good point against full time team and we are off the bottom of the league, Next ? Sneak a point at Dee Utd and bloody Raymondos nose , then a 2~1 win over Caley Jags at the Glebe the following week and we will be on our way. Not sure what the Wizard and Bails said at half time but i'd like some of that motivation talk stuff for Monday morning please . Well done everyone........
  12. Yeah your right on with this ....for a start we wouldn't get to play with 20 defenders and 2 strikers as it's 11 a side and we would be breaking the rules.... But i do think you have a point. I too was surprised when i saw the same report stating that another defender MAY be Glebe Park bound. I was rather hoping The Wizard as i'll now be referring to Mr Dods would swish his wand and magic up a young hungry striker or two on loan. However in the Wizard and Bails we must trust, and after the last two seasons under him i think we should all 1.chill , 2. enjoy the occasion ,3 . let things happen in due course. The management team were not born yesterday and i'm sure the lack of strikers has been noted. Maybe the case has been waiting till other clubs business is done then pick someone up on loan. Lets ALL get behind the team tomorrow .
  13. Never expected to be playing you lads once you had clinched the League One title last season . Thats the magic of the playoffs for you. This will be a hard game , in fact there all hard games in a hard league . Some of our fans are having groans about this and that but not i . Fully intend to enjoy every second of our life in the Championship. Anyone how long Liam Watt is out for and when is he expected to return ?
  14. You guys loving Alan Trouten ? Good to see him playing so well. Gutted we didn't keep him . #feedthetrout
  15. Congrats to you lads on getting through the Betfred group stage. Hope you get the draw you want in the next round . All the best for the coming season.