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  1. Well do tell ? Dont keep it all to yourself . Sharings caring after all....
  2. Doesn't look like we will be bothering with friendlies this close season . We will just turn up and be invincible . Hope to hear some news soon on either said friendlies or more players added to squad. Happy with Mcgeever , bit of height about him , just what we've been missing . Sure Dods and Bails have a few targets in mind .
  3. The hedge at the Glebe and the soup.....
  4. £15 adults £8 concessions for the Glebe for the coming season and dont forget the soup.....and the hedge.
  5. Cant wait for that. Hope the under soil heating is in place and working for start of the season or que tears and snotters from the pair of them when the December clash of the titians at the Glebe is called off with a ticky frost....
  6. Yeah agree it had become the first pre season game for us in the previous 2 years and a cracking start to preparations . I recall Aberdeen played St Johnston at the Glebe in a friendly a couple of years ago before both teams flew out to Europe for games. Hope we hear some news on this soon.
  7. SSSHHH ! You'll give my game away . Clearly we are sleeping giants 2 seasons from starting European dominance. Trying to lure the rest of the league into false sense of security with my last post.....
  8. Thanks for the welcome everyone even you Jinky Bairn. Lets be realistic no one expects us to beat the drop this season . In my eyes the pressure is off us totally . Lets go out and have a right go at this and i echo the thoughts of a previous poster no one should be getting on the players or the managers back when things get tough , which no doubt they will. For us diddy teams this is as far up the leagues as we will get . This could be classed as the holy grail for diddy teams . We should change the teams run out music at the Glebe from Puff Daddy to The Champions League Theme . Its that big for us. The negativity we had last season from our one poster was crazy and i dread to think what they will post when we get a few pumpings. We are in the Championship and i for one am going to drink in every minute of it, We are the small fry up against really good teams and i cant wait to get going. Thanks again everyone.... Anyone heard of any pre season fixtures yet .
  9. If this is GTF day why is the City thread in the Championship forum still locked ? ( at time of posting )
  10. Speaking of Betfred Draw ........zzzzzzzz !
  11. Todays Courier says we have signed Mc Geever. Decent enough signing in my eyes. What do you think folks ? Also makes for good reading on the clubs website that a lot of the guys from last year have signed on again. Things ticking over nicely.
  12. Great keeper for us and indeed was between the sticks during the league winning that went on season 1982 /83 . Away far to early . Sad news . R.I.P. Derek.
  13. Thank you greendot. Good to see them open up the 1983 to everyone for free as i think Forfar do the same thing and do quite well out of it . I usually head to the town for a pre match pint but will probably change to the 1983 and keep the money at the club. Was there a good uptake on season tickets in general last night ?
  14. Didn't get up to the Glebe tonight as working . Planning to go Tuesday night and purchase season ticket . Anyone that was there tonight able to shed any light on the Platinum Lounge ticket and what you get for the extra cash ?