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  1. Very proud. First half after our early visits to the United end it was like watching a cat playing with a mouse. However 2nd half quick leveller and game on . No failures ln the team , Issac looked more in the mood, Good to see Jacko running about pre match. Once we get everyone back we should start to pick points. Nice touch from United fans i bumped into on way out everyone of them i met congrats us on performance and were glad to escape back down road with a point. Games like this is why i love football. Big well done to everyone from the helpers putting the covers down to the team for their efforts over the 90 mins. Very proud.
  2. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Still early days i know but congrats on gaining top spot , nice work fellas.....
  3. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Finally someone talking sense ....thank you.
  4. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Must be very lucky to sneak into the top4 last year after all the injuries we had and beat both Raith and Alloa over two gamea each. We ARE punching WELL above our weight and while it would be nice to have some more points on the board if what you're saying about luck last season is true then this would explain why we cant buy a win.
  5. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Ok folks big deep breaths.....Yesterday WAS a chance to close the gap. It didnt happen . Bin all this Dods must go shite this season is a free hit for him on the back of what he's done the last TWO seasons. We hit the bar ,on another day ......The team are putting in the effort we are just not getting the breaks. These will hopefully come. We are missing Jacko badly. The cup game is huge . We need to make progress in this and get a money making tie. Change things for the Buckie game . Drop Issac . In his place i would be a bit radical and move Sean Crighton as target man up front for the whole game . He's the older head to help out young Kalvin and Connor . Thats right 3 up front and one of them a defender . Why not ? Nothing to lose , if it doesn't work at least we've tried something different. Final word ...much respect to the Dumbarton fans i saw and spoke to after the game . They were full of kind words and telling us that they had the same experiences in their opening season . There was one guy i spoke outside my car who was a true gent and now Dumbarton fans are up there with the Raith and Dunfermline guys as my favorite away fans.
  6. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Second this ^^^^^ lets hope we get a bit of a break that we havn't had so far this season..
  7. Wee bit unlucky today i thought . Made a decent start and on another day would have scored. Orsi (i think ) also had ball in net second half and the whole team put in another hard working shift. We knew it wasnt going to be easy in this league and you have to put to bed any chances that come our way. I am still living the dream this season and am far from downbeat about things ( with or without the City Clubs help ) . I've always been a realist in this that staying up will be difficult but i'm going to enjoy the ride and see what happens. The comments on here about the Morton game .....i agree we had nothing up front against Morton but take from it the way we defended . We were very good against the Morton and it took a scrappy goal to undo us. Like i said at the start of the season it could be a long time in coming round again if we do go down so always look for a positive and stop the greeting . If games lasted 80 mins we'd be mid table . Message to any players thinking about getting themselves sent off for "scrapping " . If you're going to do it for f**ks sake stand and exchange real punches like proper mannies. Now Mcgeever and Jacko will have to share the pear drops out with Love in the stand and we all know that 3 sharing one bag of pear drops is only going to end in tears.
  8. Time for you to go and take your red cap with you .
  9. Agree with the taking chances . In this league you have too or thats it. The Pars had me purring at times with some of their movement and play. We did well and if we'd been a bit luckier in front of goal who knows ? Anything from this game would be a bonus and it's really the games against the lesser teams in this league , if there is any, that we should be targeting points from . Final word ....what a fantastic support Dunfermline have . They turned out in numbers today and the ones beside us were good crack. From what i've seen so far you lads will be there or thereabouts at the business end of the season . Well done on the win today and you are all welcome back to the Glebe anytime.
  10. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Great point at home today against a team that a few weeks ago tore us a new one . We're up against it alright when you hit the bar and the follow up goes wide and you conceed a soft goal. On another day we'd have scored / not conceeded . Great shift second half and a point too. Now how do we beat Dumbarton next week ? Well done everyone.
  11. Fair enough assessment of the afternoons preceedings . Did you not fancy Forfars game today Tam ?
  12. Never mind at least you're not taking the dropped two points to heart ......
  13. Connor Mc everytime . Issac to be told " ISSAC SMASH " and be put on ten minutes from end to rumble them up a bit.
  14. One fuckn d , one fukn d.....how many times do you need told ?
  15. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Well done the Mo on a great result at Ayr . Hope you get a good draw in the next round. Just as well we all haven't merged into Angus Utd , that would scare the shite out of everyone....enjoy your night guys.