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  1. Cheers min i forgot to mention the keyboard warriors....
  2. It would appear we are a team in free fall at this moment. Tight league where a couple of wins can see you heading in the right direction . Hard game this coming midweek and one we need to win . I'll be there giving my support . A return to the form of early season would be helpful . A good team doesn't become a bad team over night. Very important folk get out of the house and go to the game and support the team instead of watching Corrie.
  3. At the moment i'd give this a go . The table below us is bunching up a bit and we could find us slipping out the top 4 . Dods would certainly be commited .
  4. Or me when i find my Woolies Panthers....
  5. Oh go on then...
  6. Santa will come just as soon as i find my Woolies Panthers ......
  7. To be fair you called it right ....you dont happen to have the winning lottery numbers for tonight ? If so could you pass them on to me ...Cheers.
  8. I know Hodge from his time with us . I thought he was ok. Saw Ferns in action against us at the start of the season in the League Cup section game at the Glebe and thought he was quite lively in that game . Maybe a bit different seeing him every week. Dick Campbell has a habit of getting the most out of certain players so it may turn out a good move for all.
  9. Yeah man just pointing that out no need to thank me.
  10. According to the SPFL website in the January tranfer window section they have Bryan Hodge as signed for you guys from Stirling Albion.
  11. Welcome back Liam Watt . Highly delighted with this piece of business . This signing should give everyone a boost .
  12. Altogether night and day from last Saturdays performance. Echo some of the things already said , the team played for one another , two great goals from Connor and Allly. No failures out there today . Fusco , Finn, Euan Smith no in fact everyone put in a hell of a shift. A very hard earned and welcome 3 points today. Well done everyone. Cant believe the run we are having with injuries at the moment. Never nice to see a player wither it be one of ours (as it was today ) or a member of the opposing team leaving the field on a stretcher. Has anyone any word on the injuries of McCormack and Buzz ?
  13. We badly need a win here to stop the recent rot. Any word on any of the injured possibly on the way back ?
  14. Good start for you guys under Stewart Petrie . Any word on who his no 2 might be ?
  15. Correct . If the pitch was shite the Dons and Utd wouldn't go anyway near it.