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  1. Naw min the Trawlermen will thump Emmerdale and go on to win the league. Dick will have them well fired up for this....
  2. On to the game. We were beaten by a better team today . No complaints. Caldwell getting the nod to start ahead of Love or Trouts was strange . Can only mean the two of them are being kept for our assault on the playoffs. Aron Lynas is really getting better with each game playing deeper . When we kept the ball on the deck it looked like we could cause them problems as thumping the high ballls in was fruitless with the size of the opposition . Hoppy must make them stand in grow bags through the week . Two tough games away from home now so we will see where we are after that.
  3. Well thankfully we're not all grumpy. Let me be one of the first to offer my congrats to you all on what we be , surely , a stroll to the title . Well done.
  4. Good win today , an important one with who we have visting next Saturday. Tuesday night saw us lose to a late goal and yesterday saw us win by a late goal . Fife pen was soft but a couple of weeks ago we were awarded a soft pen against Airdrie. These things equal themselves out over the course of the season . Very enjoyable day . Delighted to see the Fife Express wasn't at full steam today . Having Caldwell on the pitch for the full 90 is imo like playing with 10 men ( sorry Ross but i've given you a fair few chances ). I would have played a half fit Trouten or stuck Arron Lynas up front than have to endure a 90 min toe curling Caldwell show. Hope we can make the playoffs .
  5. Naw no need to remove him as Dougie Hill has been one of our star performers.....
  6. Tough game again . Hope to see a decent crowd for this with both teams going well.
  7. Would that stop them hanging out ? They maybe had their tea at the Ashvale before heading up to the Glebe.
  8. Yeah have to agree with you there. Caldwell should have stayed suited up . Trouts would have been the better option. I thought it was an entertaining game and a bit gutted that we conceded so late . However on to the Fife now.
  9. Hanging out with the Citydiehard ?
  10. What happened to Fusco ? If he misses the match thats disappointing as he has impressed in recent games.
  11. Next two games will tell us a lot about where we are heading . We are up against in the next two fixtures two of the best teams in the league ( Livi aside ). This will be a hard test . Looking forward to it as these games should make for an entertaining evening / Saturday of football. Probs just jinxed it so that will be a couple of drab nil nils then....sorry lads. Managed to get a swap to make it to this one . Have to get at it from the off. Hope its a earlier kick off then last midweek.
  12. To confront the idiots i believe he said last week......
  13. Aye the Fermers have always been a bit fickle......
  14. Great result that made the waiting around well worth while. Good if we can keep this run going and see where it takes us. Well done everyone. Once again the moaners will no doubt be scarce on here tonight. Pity they are not as quick to come on and praise when the team does well , as they are quick to jump on it when we lose. Very pleasing.
  15. If true ??? surely a hefty points deduction is on its way. Cant see players management etc going along with that.