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  1. Ffs man . You won the league on the last day of the season and appear to be a bit bitter about our success....it's not like we upstaged you or anything
  2. Ok time to take a breath. What a fantastic game. Hard luck Alloa . I know you guys were well ahead of us in the league and its a tough one to take but we are up as according to the league rules set out at the start of the season. Pens was always going to be the only one of us would emerge as victors. Wish you all the best for next season. I for one am going to enjoy every minute of next seasons Championship no matter how hard it gets. What a day . Someone hopefully will have cable tied James Dale to something solid during the shandies last night to stop him heading back south next season. Arise Sir Darren and Sir Bails you both truly are wizards ........thanks for all the good will messages on here from fans of other clubs .....away to have a lie down now.....
  3. Wish Cowdenbeath all the best today and hope by time up you are still with us.
  4. Bloody working again today means i wont be in attendance, however my gaffer has tipped me the wink to be "lenient" with me nicking in and out of our staff canteen to catch the action on the telly there . The tie is very nicely placed , all to play for for both teams. Lets have a good game today and show League One in a good light. I'm hoping i get promoted to canteen supervisor this evening so i dont miss a thing. It will be a hard game to get a result from but one last big push guys. With our small squad i'm amazed we have got ourselves to this position. I know that the Wasps are desperate for it too . However i want to take the time to wish BOTH teams luck as its been a great season and it all comes down to 90 minutes of football. May the best team win .........
  5. Support your local team ? Its a great idea , but it'll never catch on .....
  6. If you know the names of these "fans" then why not get in touch with the club and see if they will ban this pond life. I'm all for a bit of banter at the football but if it becomes sexist or personal then that is not on. For the record imo for what its worth i think in the last couple of games Ross Caldwell has played better and looked keener than at anytime i have seen him. As for the lady running the line i only hope she dosen't tar us all with the same brush, as the vast majority of the natives up here are friendly. Get the slavering pond life the feck out of my club.
  7. Well done today and all the best for the final.
  8. Hard luck today guys . Imagine if you had SP as manager from the very start of the season ? Give him the preseason to work on the squad who knows what can be gained next season. Despite the result not being what you wanted things are heading in the right direction at Links Park.
  9. Couldn't make this due to work and i am gutted. Well done on fighting back on what would have been a sickening injury time leveler. Raith fans , maybe your club has to take one step back to take steps forward again. All the best to you for League One. Make the right managerial appointment and i'm certain you wont be hanging around League One for long. As for us the small squad make up for that with bags of hard work. Well done everyone .
  10. Echo your thoughts on the Raith support. The ones around me were up for some good natured banter even at the pen award . They were the same when we played them pre season , i had my two year old grandson with me that day and they were very friendly . TBH probs my favourite away support.
  11. Great battle , really enjoyed it . Well done everyone. Cracking strike at free kick to bring tie level. We are still in it you cant ask for much more . Very enjoyable. Hope Ally Love is fit for Saturdays game.
  12. Only a 6 for the pie's .....fecks sake min
  13. We have done really well to get here with the smalll squad we have . Rovers should be too strong for us but you never know. Hope we play the ball on the deck instead of the high balls to midgets tactics . Dont think my neck could take it. C mon City.....