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  1. WWE 2k18

    Couldn't find a thread for this! Came out officially today - enjoying it to be honest. Only played the career so far and it's an improvement on last year. The online stuff looks decent, qualifying for PPVs etc. Anyone else got it?
  2. Considering Killie's upcoming games are: Rangers A Celtic A Hibs H Hearts A Dundee A Aberdeen H St Johnstone A I don't see where this run will come from..
  3. FIFA 18

    I've been playing ultimate team, don't think I've had a game less than 5/6 goals... I also can't win
  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

  5. Tonight's Games

    Still about 15 mins to go at Ford, by the way. 1-1.
  6. Scores 5th August

    Darvel 2-3 Hurlford
  7. Scores 5th August

    Darvel 0-2 Hurlford (KO was 2.30)
  8. Battleground 2017

    Neither do I - but every single title match he's had? Still doesn't look like a credible champion due to this. They're billing him as some Maharajah, and going on about how big and strong he is.. just make him a brute force kinda guy then..
  9. Battleground 2017

    What a shocking booking for the last match Has he won a match clean as champion yet? I thought that was the point of this match, but it still ends up as a 4-on-1 match
  10. Summerslam 2017: Aug 20th

    Corbin deserves a moment - I can see a cash in at SS.
  11. This weeks junior friendlys

    Just checked for you, the game is behind closed doors so you might struggle to get along to the game.
  12. This weeks junior friendlys

    Unsure if their new Astro is ready yet. Will find out for you.
  13. This weeks junior friendlys

    Bonnyton v Hurlford Wed 19th, 7pm KO. Petershill v Hurlford Sat 22nd, (should be) 2pm KO.
  14. Monday Night Raw Live

    Angle shagging Steph and someone saw them?
  15. Hurlford United 17/18

    West Region Junior FA Ardagh Glass Sectional League Cup 1st Round Wed, 02 Aug 18:45 Irvine Meadow XI F.C. - Hurlford United F.C. Meadow Park Sat, 05 Aug 14:00 Hurlford United F.C. - Darvel Juniors F.C. Blair Park Wed, 09 Aug 18:45 Saltcoats Victoria F.C. - Hurlford United F.C. Campbell Park Sat, 12 Aug 14:00 Hurlford United F.C. - Ardeer Thistle F.C. Blair Park Wed, 16 Aug 18:45 Hurlford United F.C. - irvine Victoria blair park