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  1. Scottish Junior Cup

    Auchinleck 3/1 Beith 6/1 Bonnyrigg 6/1 Pollok 8/1 Linlithgow 9/1 Rob Roy 9/1 Kilbirnie 12/1 Lochee Utd 14/1 Bo'ness 25/1 Arthurlie 25/1 Hurlford 25/1 Irvine Meadow 25/1 Sauchie 25/1 Carnoustie 25/1 Wishaw 100/1 Yorker 150/1 Forth 250/1
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    He posted a video after the game expressing his delight. There’s also a video on YouTube of him watching the full game himself in his house, cheering and singing along to the telly You can see his reflection in the fireplace, so it’s a visual experience too. Here’s the second half anyway:
  3. Toot Toot - is that the Relegation Express a-coming?

    Neil McCann arguing with the conductor holds up the train for now.
  4. Kilmarnock v Celtic

    As good as the team have been playing, I can’t see Clarke having the baws to play with 10 men against Celtic.
  5. Royal Rumble 2018

    I guess they saw it as a way to get Rousey's pop and keep Asuka "unbeaten".
  6. Royal Rumble 2018

    Why have her come in now? Strange
  7. Royal Rumble 2018

  8. Royal Rumble 2018

    Torrie Wilson
  9. Royal Rumble 2018

    Hope they do something with Mysterio now
  10. Royal Rumble 2018

    Meh final two
  11. Royal Rumble 2018

    No way Jordan is 30?
  12. Royal Rumble 2018

  13. Royal Rumble 2018

    Still got Jason Jordan to come
  14. Royal Rumble 2018

    When does the good stuff happen?