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  1. On the subject of our central defence I will be very interested to see what our replacements look like. Higgy and Dowie both had disappointing spells last season - there is no disputing that but so did almost every other player in the squad. Fordyce was a decent player at Livvy but has had horrendous time with injuries. He is hardly a marquee signing and in my view if we are freeing two stalwarts who have really delivered for us it is not unreasonable to expect some quality in return otherwise what is the point?
  2. No surprise if some Prem clubs are looking at Dobbie. I think were he to step back up a level he may well be seen as an impact sub and not sure that this would be an appealing prospect for him.
  3. Why not? My impression of Murray is that he has a sharp football brain, quick feet, a decent first touch and not afraid to get into goal scoring positions. In his brief appearances in Q4 last season I thought he posed more of a threat to the opposition than Danny did ( who got a lot more game time). Harris on the other hand had more or less a full season on loan with us. He had a few decent games but these were few and far between. For me he displays all the characteristics of a player who is very unlikely to fulfil his early potential and who lacks the heart and desire to "go the extra mile" to really make a difference. If It was a straight choice between signing Murray and Harris - for me it is a no brainer. You probably favour Harris - no problem with that. Peter Houston has offered him a two year deal so he must think he can make something of him.
  4. Not for me. If Danny is fully fit we will have 3 creative types in Stirling, Murray and Carmichael. Harris is a player who has flattered to deceive for a few seasons now. I would much rather see young Murray getting his chance ahead of Alex Harris otherwise there seems little point in us investing in a Dev process. He produced very little when he was here on loan - nothing to suggest that a year on the sidelines at Hibs will have made him a better player.
  5. I should have mentioned the Pars - they are a difficult one to call. Could be anything but I expect 5th or 6th place for them.
  6. Looking at the opposition for next season I would anticipate a much more even landscape than we have seen in recent years. I expect Brechin to be detached in bottom place - if they aren't then that would represent a great outcome for them. In terms of the Relegation play off position I would imagine that Dumbarton, Morton,ourselves and Livvy are the most likely candidates. At the top I would expect DUFC, Falkirk and ICT to be in contention with St Mirren having a chance if they can retain the quarter 4 momentum from last season. For us and any of the smaller FT teams to over perform their likely status recruitment is absolutely vital. I don't actually think it would take much to put us in a challenging position for top 4. 3 more quality recruits would give us a chance but I remain unconvinced by GN's ability to get results and create a squad with a winning mentality. For any club that can recruit well and find a togetherness this league is eminently winnable and a shock is possible.
  7. In football nothing surprises me but if Andy Stirling doesn't make a far bigger impact than Anderson then I will be very disappointed. I thought that he might have had better offers than our one after the way he played in second half of season but potentially a very good signing. Naysmith did well to get him and Martin.
  8. If we are to mount a sustained Play off challenge I feel that we need 3 very solid additions to squad. Unquestionably a good CB and a CM. A mobile striker would also help to get us higher up the pitch in the tougher away games. If Danny can deliver I think we are potentially well covered in terms of "flair" - we have Stirling and also young Murray who I think has the potential to do well.
  9. Our loss is your gain. Personally I would have retained him - he didn't have his best season and while he has slowed down a bit his positives far outweigh any negatives. Gary Naysmith has chosen to free Chris Higgins and Andy Dowie at same time. Madness if you ask me. If you had been a bit quicker you could have had Higgy as well before Ayr got him. I wouldn't mind so much if we were seeing real quality coming in at the back for us but sadly no sign of a cunning masterplan as yet. Still time but I have my doubts.
  10. Certainly one of our very best players over past few years. He did slow up this season past but I would be very surprised if he is not a standout in this league. Tremendous team ethic and great attitude. Also very comfortable on the ball. I wish him very well - is signing official?
  11. Sorry we did look a lot worse than England. Despite playing at home we played for a 0-0 and hoped for an against the run of play goal. Fact that we scored two goals was incredible. Despite being poor and uninspiring I counted 4/5 good chances for England over and above the two goals. They also dominated the match stats.We created virtually zero in open play.That is not a method of play that will take us to a major final. If we are to improve Management need to be honest with themselves and try and establish a pattern of play that can create chances and attempt to win key matches.
  12. If you take out the two brilliant strikes from Griffiths we virtually created nothing the entire game.i thought the defensive tactics were disgraceful and Strachan got lucky with the two wonder strikes. In typical fashion after getting into a totally unbelievable winning position with a couple of minutes to go we yet again shot ourselves in foot. Overall England were clearly better than us without playing well. Easy to see how they skate through second rate quality groups and then flop spectacularly at the big tourneys. They are miles behind the top Euro and World powers.Sadly when we come up against any sort of quality it is 9 behind the ball and a lone striker. Hope for a 0-0 or a set piece. No future in this strategy whatsoever but this result will be heralded as a great battling display. We were extremely poor with England better than us but uninspiring. Griffiths deserves great credit for his work and terrific quality. Only players who look good enough to me were Tierney, Robertson, Brown (despite his stupid indiscipline) and Griff - the rest were miles off pace and out of their depth.
  13. Agree
  14. These Celtic players are finding out how good they really are when facing top notch opponents
  15. Been coming - pathetic gutless performance Tactics horrendous No attacking effort - inevitable goal