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  1. Easiest group you could ever hope to get at this level and we are struggling to beat a very ordinary Slovenia
  2. Suspect we only need one more win to be safe or 4 points at a push so surely the obvious strategy is to go all out to win every game and with the law of averages surely one or more of them will yield 3 points. Alternatively if you set up negatively against the more fancied teams a draw is probably the best you can hope for and inevitably we lose the first goal and another 3 points go begging. This negative managerial mindset has transferred itself to the players - we had Robinson wasting time in the first half at Morton and yesterday at 1-1 there was no sense of urgency to go and get the winner against a very poor Raith side. Despite their Premier League pedigree DUFC are no better than the likes of Morton and Falkirk so surely we can give it a go and actually try and play some football for once.
  3. Looking at the table one more win would take us on to 39 points and it would be hard to imagine 39 points resulting in anything other than safety from 9th place. That said when you look at the fixtures - the two games that stand out as being crucial are Ayr away and Dumbarton at home. Were we to lose both of those to our relegation rivals then I think we would be in a world of trouble. In some ways it is ludicrous to think that we are still clinging to 5th place given the run of results that we have had since the Morton 0-5 defeat at home at the end of Q1. I have lost any hope that Manager will get us playing decent football - best we can hope for is grinding out some results that will keep us safe. Must admit I feel sorry for Dobbie seeing the match ball taking a pounding from the first whistle and him relying on the odd scrap falling to him in the final third. I can't honestly think that he is enjoying his football with us under GN.
  4. I cannot believe the rationale behind giving GN a contract until the end of 2018/19 season. On what basis did we think that we had unearthed a gem of a manager - surely not just on the back of a very favourable interview? The squad despite needing some new faces has plenty of decent players in it and to serve up this type of ugly football week after week is totally unacceptable.
  5. That was one of the worst games of football I have ever seen and believe me there have been no shortage of other candidates. It is little consolation but Raith were every bit as bad as we were. The football that our team is serving up now is absolutely horrendous - players just sending the ball long with no guile and our passing is woeful. We talked about wingers earlier in week - Raith actually had a centre half playing left back so surely an opportunity to try and exploit this but we had Mercer playing as a wingback giving Benedictus one of his easiest games this season.We talk about match analysts and trusted lieutenants watching the opposition but you have to wonder exactly what is reported back.
  6. Totally agree with point re wingers. Thomas has enough in his game to do damage by going on the outside onto his favoured left foot. Playing on "wrong"side has been in vogue for several years but for me it is a lot less dangerous and players like Ross Forbes get away with it because defenders seem to be so inept that they show him inside on to to his lethal left foot and pay the price. Forbes by way of example - is slower than a week in jail, can barely touch the ball with his right and yet defenders "take the bait" when he drops his shoulder.He should be a very easy player to stop but it shows how poor the defenders are at this level. For me if Thomas can't play on his natural side I would stop playing with two wide midfielders - go narrow and play something like a 4-3-1-2 or a 4-3-3 with the three front men playing quite narrow and inter- changing. Having say Thomas on the right and either Dykes or Danny on the left isn't working and hasn't really worked. Team is unbalanced and while Thomas has done well in some games I cant recall any games where both wide players have done well in same game. I like 4-4-2 but not with two wide players who do nothing but cut inside onto their stronger foot and inevitably run into traffic - defeats the purpose of having width in first place.
  7. I am not sure that he will necessarily be there at start of next season. The main thing is the extent of the contract that has been agreed and I suspect if BOD had gone for a shorter deal he would be "away" barring a Q4 revival. Big problem is that it is a not simply a case of him building on what we have - a host of few faces will be required and while two of his signings (loan) were good he has singularly failed to knit the team together and stamp his own playing identity on the squad. In this league a misfiring manager for a club of our size will probably take us into bottom 2 and therefore it is a big call even allowing for the compensation that would be payable.
  8. Unlike several others I couldn't understand the positivity surrounding Rankine's arrival. He works hard and is an organiser but in that opening away match away at St Mirren he continually gave the ball away and with the odd exception he has continued in the same vein. As I keep repeating it was great to get these wins after the new signings -St Mirren away and an away win at Dumbarton but it is really important to look behind the results and judge the performances. GN did have a decent run but at no time did I think we were playing well and that horrendous defensive set up at home to Hibs left me completely under- whelmed. Personally I doubt he will be there next season unless he can somehow drag the team out of this dreadful rut. I am not an advocate of sacking managers but equally I wouldn't give out longer term deals to unproven Managers. A big decision coming up at end of season - stick or twist.
  9. Agreed - I have been saying this for ages. Opposing teams don't pass you to death at this level so quite why we need to flood the midfield is beyond me. It means that when our midfield look up trying to pick out a forward pass there is invariably nothing on and possession is lost.
  10. I am not a fan of artificial surfaces but you are right in what you say - in theory this surface should be an advantage to us but only when you pass the ball quickly and incisively. GN hasn't worked out that kick and rush hoofball won't get you anywhere on a fast bouncy surface. When we appointed AJ he introduced a football philosophy that was so efficient and entertaining. To be fair however Johnston hasn't done particularly well since leaving.McIntyre did well as did Fowler initially but as soon as the key personnel moved on we have totally lost that and we are now watching a team with no playing identity and no sense of style. Personally when appointing a Manager at this level I would only offer a 1 year deal take it or leave it. The reality is that if we stumble across a gem who is in demand - they will leave anyway. I would be surprised if the BOD weren't very concerned with Manager's performance to date and I think he will do well to be in charge for start of next season.
  11. My concern with the Naysmith appt was his very poor recent record with East Fife and while excuses can always be made for these things Barry Smith has done noticeably better almost immediately. GN certainly talks a good game and comes over well (interview would have gone well) but some of the best managers can barely string two sentences together so as a criteria for selection that is a dangerous one. The football has been awful to watch and the home record has got relegation written all over it. His deployment of Dobbie beggars belief and I am not comforted that Messrs Rankine and Mercer are on the books for another year. If he can finish the season strongly and he can find a proper formula that works then he deserves another chance - if the current trend continues then I am sorry to say that Club may have no alternative but to take the hit.
  12. I am not quite sure exactly what Derek Lyle has done wrong to lose his place - despite having a spell out injured he has still returned a very creditable haul of goals and assists. 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 has never delivered a proper shape for us with this group -5even the games we won with it were turgid affairs.Manager must be watching a different game if he still sees this as way forward.
  13. My hope is that Naysmith can do enough for us to avoid relegation and play off position. As for entrusting him with the summer rebuild and next seasons campaign - not for me. It is all very well saying that he has been given a longer term contract but I would imagine that BOD will be monitoring the remainder of this season very closely indeed. Absolutely no progress and it is unbelievable that we are still in 5th place - surely not for much longer.
  14. Nothing to play for? Just our Championship League status. Naysmith and the players had better waken their ideas up quickly or we will find ourselves in the relegation quicksands.
  15. Another debacle looking likely - things not helped by the way the other results are shaping up.