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  1. Looks a good signing to me - loves to get forward and is a big threat at set pieces.Looks decent on the ball. Not quite sure why he has found it tough when wingers run at him because he is pacy, strong and athletic but he sometimes looks as though he is dying to make a rash lunge.If he gets skinned best to avoid contact at all costs and rely on teammates to clear the danger. Overall though I would always want my full backs to be able to attack constructively and for me he looks promising.
  2. Must admit that I am very wary of the Falkirk pessimism. The core squad is pretty familiar with plenty of experience and no shortage of Championship level ability. It has undoubtedly been a poor start all round for Bairns and we have started to show signs of improvement BUT I will be expecting the usual ding dong affair that will take some winning. Just hope we continue with a positive outlook and go all out for win. We have goals in the team but only if we can get forward and really impose ourselves. As others have said I would include Stirling in 4-4-2 but Dykes is a strong contender for a start and Kane has to do more if he is to edge out Del and Lyndon up top.
  3. I thought we played really well in first half - completely dominated the entire half and were never remotely threatened. Stress free first half and no scares. We did find it tough to create great chances but total domination and our shape and passing was spot on. Second half was really disjointed - stopped pressing the ball, full backs didn't push on the way they did in first half and we resorted to a bit of "hoofball". That said it was during the second half we created some great chances ( I counted 6/7) BUT it started to get stressful as the dreaded sucker punch was just round the corner.We failed to manage the game very well despite being much the better team. Overall if we can replicate that first half performance and create a few more chances we won't go far wrong.Playing Danny as a playmaker is a good option as we desperately need some midfield creativity. I agree with an earlier Dumbarton post on the subject of the pitch - it was awful. Ball not running smoothly and bobbling all over the place with a high bounce factor. Encouraging signs on playing side.
  4. Dont understand this negativity towards Stirling at all.When he came on against Brechin he played very well and his delivery was outstanding. He had a couple of indifferent displays in ill fated League Cup campaign - apply the same logic and you could put a line through more than half the squad. Stirling has that rare commodity - ability. Let's sincerely hope that having made a great signing we don't ruin it by continually benching a potential match winner.
  5. This is part of the problem that we have " away to everyone's favourites". It almost sounds as though we can't possibly win there and should be programmed accordingly. Much better to default to the unlucky loser tag. We get handed a massive opportunity by McMullan's petulance - the advantage that a team has 11 v 10 for fully an hour is HUGE especially after their midweek exertions. We played very well in second half and it was encouraging to see us attack relentlessly and really go for the win.Even when we play so well we still somehow come away with nothing. Soul destroying probably not but disappointing and undoubtedly a massive missed opportunity - yes unequivocally.
  6. Soul destroying result - McMullan's stupidity gifted us a gilt edged opportunity to take all 3 points and yet again we blew it.
  7. With a man advantage for fully an hour a draw would have been a disappointing outcome but to lose it is pitiful. Typical of us I'm afraid. I hate to think what the score would have been if we had been reduced to 10 men after 30 mins. What an opportunity - they were running on empty after their midweek exertions.
  8. The frustrating thing about Robinson was unquestionably the unnecessary antics involving the opposing forwards - barging into them when he could easily have side stepped them and generally giving a potentially weak Referee a decision to make.He managed to avoid the disastrous red card but was often walking the tightrope. Overall though, he gave us decent service and if we ignore the slip against Dunfermline, you will go a long way to see a keeper who is more comfortable with the ball at his feet. In the modern game I wouldn't under estimate the importance of that. As Monkey Tennis said if Naysmith was so negatively disposed to him he could have dropped him in favour of Jim Atkinson on numerous occasions. I am sure Martin is an excellent signing but he doesn't look the fittest guy and you have to be fit now to play in goals because dealing with a succession of back passes in the course of a game tests the fitness especially when pulling the trigger to clear your lines when under pressure.
  9. No hiding place in goals - as some have said he didn't really do anything wrong - let's be honest though he literally had nothing to do. I would say however, that he made me nervous - his movements and general positioning looked clumsy. It is probably harsh to say that but to throw him In away to DUFC where it is almost certain that he will be under pressure could do more harm than good for the boy himself. Lee or Emergency Loan for me.
  10. That is an excellent point - I am still trying to get my head round that particular piece of business. On that basis alone Dobbie is definitely worth more than 10k despite his age profile.
  11. There is absolutely no way that we could get anywhere near 100k for Dobbie. Remove a 0 and it might be realistic. Scottish clubs with exception of big 2 rarely pay a transfer fee for anybody these days - they are all looking for freebies with zero fees.
  12. It is difficult to draw any firm conclusions from that display as Brechin looked way out of their depth and were way behind the quality that say Alloa and Cowden had recently as PT teams in this league. I would say that unless Brechin BOD make some decent signings they will become cast adrift at bottom. That said we did our job well and it begs the question why we couldn't win our two home games against EK and Albion. Thankfully GN didn't stick Carmichael wide left and he and Murray both did well supporting the strikers and generally keeping better possession. Disaster with keeper injury - Leighfield looks nervous and inexperienced.A Robinson recall or an emergency signing for Tannadice.looks favourite. Stirling showed enough in his brief appearance to suggest that he will do well for us.
  13. In all honesty I can't believe that somebody who has played football at the level that GN has could in all honesty, conclude that our midfield is not in need of immediate improvement. It remains a glaring weakness and is by far the main reason that we continue to under- perform.
  14. I had to laugh last season when Ann Budge insisted that she and her BOD saw this appt as a long term strategy and irrespective of results they would be sticking with Ian Cathro long term. This was said on the back of an under- whelming start to his Tynie career. You talk about a naive comment - everybody knows that if results are poor the boo boys will eventually surface and there is no way that a BOD will withstand the sort of vitriol that was in evidence on Sat. As soon as that level of displeasure is evident it is truly curtains.