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  1. I say it again but we appointed a young Manager on a long term deal who generally talks a good game but whose results and equally importantly the performances don't match the rhetoric. I fully appreciate that it is a gamble putting faith in an inexperienced Manager but surely we could and should have given him a contract till the end of this season. That may well have been unattractive for him but every time there is a full time managerial vacancy in Scotland there is a queue the length of Princes Street with individuals desperate to get the nod. I understand that GN may have said "not for me" in these circs and that is his prerogative but we are now backed into a real corner. It may be of course that GN can transform our squad in the close season and he will argue "judge me when I can shape my own squad". If he has signed Andy Stirling that is a positive start but we have to hope that our style of play gets a lot better. McManus actually passed the ball really well yesterday and let's be honest that has been a rare commodity this season. I still don't get the Thomas on right Danny on left scenario but it is probably academic because Thomas will presumably return to Well and it remains to be seen whether Danny is here next season or not.
  2. Firstly well done Dumbarton. I don't think they deserve to go down on the evidence of what I have seen this season. Sadly for us we may face the prospect of another long period with GN at the helm. Inevitably you will get games like that especially when your opponents are desperate for a result but there have been far too many games like that where we have simply been awful. Dobbie has singlehandedly saved us from the bottom two - without him I have no doubt that we would have been 9th at best. Very few pass marks today - Jacobs had a nightmare and surely that RB experiment is at an end. I am very much against the holding midfield role because for me that individual ends up playing as a quasi centre back spraying an endless supply of neat and tidy "square balls".To be fair McManus passed the ball well unlike Joe Thomson whose ability to run all day is not matched by good technical ball control and basic passing. As predicted Thomas on the right is becoming very easy to defend against and his early effectiveness is on the wane (albeit he was only a second half sub). We have several players signed for next season and for me if Dykes, Jacobs, Brownlie, Mercer and Rankine are all regulars next season we will be in big trouble. I hope Dobbie doesn't injure his shoulder any time soon as he may have to carry the team again unless Manager can unearth some quality.
  3. When we had Durnan Dowie and Higgy supported by Lyle we were a real threat at set pieces ourselves. We had perfected a good range of "blocking" techniques and had good options of near post and far post routines. Now we just seem to send in aimless crosses many of which just end up in the clutches of the opposing keeper.
  4. I have to agree - I thought the first set piece was clever play and McGregor's finish was outstanding. Managers tend never to compliment an opposing goal - it is always down to poor defending. If the ball is constantly in your final third either via general play or via set pieces goals will inevitably be conceded. The other two goals were badly defended.
  5. By way of comparison - I went to Morton's recent visit to Easter Road. It was a poor match that was remembered for the injury time bust up. It ended 0-0. Morton are a better side than us but not materially better. They went there respecting Hibs but got in their faces. They did not allow their centre backs to stroll forward unchallenged to the half way line and they did not concede cheap possession to players like McGinn in midfield. They made It very tough for Hibs to create attacks and on the night limited Hibs to a few half chances. They had 2/3 decent half chances themselves. They played two up in a 4-4-2. In short it was a pretty even contest despite Hibs having better players. I fully realise that we could have played well and still lost 3-0 but we should be capable of much more than that.
  6. Is it really that important to keep over analysing our opponents? Today we had Danny marking David Gray - Thomas marking Lewis Stevenson. Is it not supposed to be the other way round? Our so called front two drifting deeper and deeper when Ambrose and McGregor had the ball rather than actually trying to make them feel a bit uncomfortable. Absolutely no self belief whatsoever - beaten before we started because yet again we become obsessed with the quality of the opposition and forget that we have some decent players who could potentially hurt them. We did exactly the same thing in the 0-1 home defeat a couple of months ago in a borefest. Having a go isn't all about two up top - it is about being brave enough to push up and press the ball. Back 4 being prepared to take a high line at times rather than retreating deeper and deeper and having our midfield players occasionally finding one of our own players with a pass or two.
  7. Well done to Hibs - by far the best team in this League. I somewhat naively hoped that after two decent performances we might at least have a go and try and play some football and perhaps press the ball high up the pitch and make a game of it. What a totally uninspiring feeble attempt to do any of the above. Torturous display - allowed Hibs to run unchallenged into our final third - repeatedly launching the ball in the general direction of Dobbie and Dykes. It was always going to be a really tough assignment but players and manager beaten before they started.
  8. How long are the Hearts fans going to put up with this rubbish? Is this Levein: Cathro management structure really the way forward. Ann Budge doesn't come from a football background but surely she can see the direction of travel is horrendous. A team packed full of faceless foreign players with no passion and on the evidence of this very little skill. Complete and utter achievement since Neilson departed.
  9. Agree. Dobbie outstanding but good to see Higgy and Brownlie play very solidly. That said if I was an Ayr supporter I would be disgusted with that performance given what was at stake for them.
  10. Really? You saw a lot of him at Livvy did you?
  11. As I recall the same fans absolutely slaughtered Mark Durnan last year and at the start of this season but now seem to think he is a decent player comparatively speaking. Donaldson may well have regressed but I saw him a lot at Livvy before he earned his QPR move and I find it very hard to believe that he has suddenly become a player that couldn't do a decent job for a mid table Champ side.
  12. You know a lot about the player do you Cammy?
  13. Yes I wouldn't be surprised if we went for Gavin - probably a good move for both parties. In terms of central defence I would be tempted to go for DUFC's Col Donaldson. He is completely out of favour at Tannadice but he is a talented guy who got a big move to QPR from Libby which didn't work out but he has time on his side and can play a bit from the back. We could do a lot worse than get him on board.
  14. Like many others I have been urging the manager to set up positively and be attack minded. He did that today and what a difference. It would have been easy for the players to retreat into a defensive shell after being pegged back twice but we kept trying to win the game and were rewarded with a terrific 4-2 win. Played well today and were deserved winners. Good decision to drop Mercer (should have been dropped weeks ago) as by deploying Jacobs at RB it allowed Thomson to slot into central midfield. Dobbie MOM by a distance with Thomas also excellent.
  15. Hibs are pale shadow of the team they were last season