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  1. Hibernian v Celtic

    Surely they can have a proper go now - no excuse now
  2. Hibernian v Celtic

    Hibs have a big expectant crowd behind them and they sit deep with 10 men behind ball. Don't even have the desire to change tactics and have a go. Nothing to lose but a pathetic home performance so far
  3. Hibernian v Celtic

    Griffiths must be wondering how he has become third choice - I have hardly seen him play a poor game. He scores more goals than the other two, he links the play better, his corners and free kicks are different class. He must be sitting on that bench wondering what he has to do to be first choice.
  4. Hibernian v Celtic

    Yet another example of Scottish teams scared to death of Celtic - Hibs only mustering 20% possession at home. Dreadful lack of self belief and dreadful tactics - only a matter of time till the goal avalanche starts.
  5. Dunfermline v Queens

    Don't think many of us saw that coming especially with all the 0-0s that we have been getting. Dobbie was absolutely outstanding today but Kane and Stirling were also terrific giving us great movement and more importantly an out ball when under pressure. 5 was the minimum that our outfield play deserved. I don't think it is any coincidence that we turn in our best performance for many a long day when playing on a big wide grass surface that was in perfect condition for time of year. Dobbie absolutely relished the quality of the surface. Looks like we have discovered a player in Andy Stirling...............oh wait a minute he has actually been with us all season!!!!
  6. That is very unfortunate if true. I think we would have carried a decent threat with a fully fit Danny on one flank and Stirling on the other. That said it is pretty clear that the Manager has been pretty underwhelmed with Stirling so unlikely that he would have utilised both players even if they had been available. As I have said previously if every player's performances were judged as harshly as Stirling's appear to be the subs bench would be a decent imitation of that timeless classic - "musical chairs".
  7. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    I guess it depends what your definition of a fool is? You come on to a football thread and start castigating the Dumfries public,a big percentage of whom are probably staunch SNP supporters themselves. You cite David Mundell as the local laughing stock when the Dumfries MP is actually Alister Jack. You do what so many people with strong political views do ...........give us all the benefit of your very one sided version of events and label any non believers as "fools". Independence may well happen but if you continually try to bully the Scottish public the Silent Majority will continue to thwart you at every turn. If you also start to factor in the resurgence of the left wing division of the Labour Party a few so called Tory bumpkins in Dumfries may be the least of your worries!
  8. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Because fortunately we live in a democracy where people can choose who they vote for without having to justify it to the likes of you!!!
  9. Fairy Queens V The Highlanders

    Another opportunity missed with St Mirren and Pars losing. Thought we were the more likely winner but didn't do enough. Pushing our top striker out wide makes no sense whatsoever especially when we keep struggling to score goals. On the positive defence was very solid - don't think Caley had one chance of any distinction. 0-0s might look ok from a Manager's perspective but we certainly aren't packing the fans in. Stirling subbed at earliest opportunity didn't help.
  10. To be honest in the overall scheme of things I could think of a lot more critical targets to go after than Marshall. It is the one position that we have no real cover for. He probably hasn't improved that much but if he was to improve he would be away elsewhere with us receiving a pittance in compo. For me he is a natural left sider, he gives 100% commitment, looks to have a terrific team attitude and is pretty decent going forward. Defensively he is pretty sound.Yes he could be more of a threat in final third but that is not a bad list of positives. I would describe Gallagher of Falkirk as over rated - Back Post Misses raved about him when he came on the scene and quoted a £1m transfer price with La Liga Giants hovering???Having seen him several times I would take Jordan over him any day.
  11. Agree with this. Dumbarton retreated into a defensive shell after totally dominating first 25 mins and continued in this vein until last 15 mins when they re- grouped. Poor tactics I'm afraid as we were there for the taking. We actually played some decent stuff after the break with Dobbie at the heart of almost every good move. Thought he was excellent in this period. Our long ball hoofs from defence are largely as a result of our midfield giving the back 4 no out ball but once Sons stopped pressing us it was easier to pick passes and we did much better into the wind. Some really poor performances last night - Tapping, Dykes, Murray were passengers and while some will say that Martin had no chance with the goals, the concrete that seems to root him permanently to the goal line can't inspire any confidence in his back 4 colleagues. As someone else said in an earlier post I don't think anyone is saying that Stirling is a budding superstar but Dykes is totally ineffectual in the wide areas and Connor Murray just doesn't display the quality that he probably has in terms of potential. Stirling has a Championship track record of performance which is massively better over a long period than either of these two and only our Manager can shed light on his continual omission. Even if Stirling has disappointed since his arrival you can say the same thing about those continually selected ahead of him.
  12. He did make a contribution after all!!!!
  13. To be fair I could go through the squads of our main rivals in a very similar fashion and dismantle them - in fact each club's P and B regulars could make a better job of it. Fact is there is a distinct lack of quality from DUFC down. Reality is that there is a very thin line between the top 5/6 teams.The end result will largely be influenced by the respective Managers' ability to "make the difference"
  14. What you say is largely correct and an upper mid table position is far from a disaster - just ask the Falkirk supporters. That said I think many supporters (me included) keep the faith because we hope and look forward to the day when we can find a managerial formula that enables us to outperform our "perceived" status and mount a serious campaign at top of table. We are one of the few teams in our station who have not gained at least one brief appearance in top league in last 50 odd years!! This is not impossible and what frustrates me this season is that we are not that far away in terms of personnel but there is a general apathy towards the club. We started this quarter with 3 successive league wins - a great launch pad but we draw a pitiful crowd for the Livvy game and as so often happens when we have to win a really important match to signify our promotion credentials we arse it up in good style. It will be interesting to see how the players respond to Saturdays defeat.
  15. I'd go with :- Martin Rooney Kerr Fordyce Marshall McFadden Rankine Stirling Dobbie Kane Dykes