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  1. Queens v Morton

    Overall a good performance but a 15 minute spell immediately after HT ultimately cost us dear. To be fair Gary Harkins had a very good game in a central midfield role. Thomas is clearly a player with ability but his continual deployment on the right seriously limits his effectiveness. He constantly gets himself into dangerous positions but invariably ends up swinging a very weak right foot at the crucial time or he slows down a dangerous attack to work the ball on to his left peg. Personally I think he needs to reinvent himself as a left sided midfielder or as a playmaker in behind a front 2. Shame really because there is a talented player in there but wide right is not maximising his skill. Poor old Lino took pelters and by all accounts made the right call. Must admit it looked a goal but there is nothing like a "sense of total injustice" to waken the home support out of its slumber.
  2. I totally agree that a return to a positive passing game would be a great start but the BOD have my utmost sympathy when it comes to trying to rekindle the enthusiasm of the missing "400". It only takes the temperature to dip a few degrees and the rain to start at 2.15 and the momentous 10 minute walk to the ground or the 5 minute car trip is too much for some. The same ones will be the first to criticise if the club returns to PT status.
  3. Dons v DABs

    Can't believe that Dundee Utd sacked McKinnon and replaced him with a Hungarian manager who knows little or nothing about Scottish football. This United team looks truly horrendous.
  4. Very interesting links there. In the 1974 match I assume that Saints must have been on a very poor run to only attract a home crowd of 1400. Once Fergie came in I recall Saints getting some magnificent crowds including being involved in a Xmas Day away fixture at Clydebank which was a sell out.
  5. I agree with this. I continue to lose count of the number of times that we go into these tough away games with some elaborate master plan that is predicated on an ultra cautious approach designed to stifle the opposition and sneak a goal on a rare counter attack. Yesterday for spells in first half our formation resembled a 3-6-1. Not surprisingly we had no "out ball" and as invariably happens we leave ourselves a mountain to climb. In the first St Mirren away game Saints had a defensive injury crisis and needed to get emergency loan reinforcements - if ever we had an attacking mandate then that was it but we even set up defensively that day and allowed the opposition to effortlessly control the game. I wouldn't mind so much if we were actually good at the "dirty industrial" side of football but our attempts at containment are poor - just look at the goals against column. We would be far better abandoning these tactics forthwith and giving it a real go in every game between now and end of season. He might just be surprised at the positive reaction from the players and supporters alike. Of course we could have done that yesterday and still lost 4-3 or 5-3 but sitting there in the second half yesterday watching the players go through the motions and literally failing to lay a glove on the league leaders was not an enjoyable or entertaining experience.
  6. League Leaders V QOS

    I think GN's view is that there is nobody else and let's be honest we are painfully short of midfield alternatives but I would like to see Bell get a chance. It is hard to imagine our midfield being any less effective with him in it.
  7. League Leaders V QOS

    A well deserved win for Saints who were better than us all over the pitch. A strange first half for us- we didn't play well in a formation that looked very like a 3-6-1 at times but we could have had 2/3 goals. That said it could easily have been 5-3 to Saints at HT as Martin had a couple of great saves and Reilly missed a huge chance from three yards. While a 0-2 deficit at HT was a big mountain to climb we showed virtually nothing in second half and didn't look remotely like getting a goal back and making a game of it. Very few players enhanced their reputations today - Martin did well and I thought Cameron was our best player. The midfield continues to be a huge weakness. Despite some positive transfer activity still no sign of a playmaker. A defeat away to league leaders is hardly a surprise but the performance was very weak and insipid. Nothing to suggest that the players actually believe that they can make top 4.
  8. Exactly after the big build up I thought we had unearthed a player but failure to qualify for Livvy bench well and truly marks our card. I think our expectations have been managed.
  9. Agree totally. Stirling was unplayable in the second half of last season. From our perspective I could begin to understand his continual exclusion if we had witnessed one of our other wide players really turning it on week after week. In those circumstances it would be easy to appreciate the rationale for leaving him out. In reality though with Carmichael out injured we have had nobody who has remotely looked like creating anything from the wide areas and we have become a "one trick pony" with all our eggs being placed firmly in the Stephen Dobbie basket. Connor Murray may well become a big future asset for us but if we judge him on what he has actually produced (on numerous occasions) it simply doesn't warrant his selection ahead of Stirling.
  10. I would much prefer Stirling to stay and for him to be given a sustained run in the team. Clearly that is not going to happen so it is daft to have one of the higher earners sitting on the bench week after week. Dom Thomas has ability but a very shrewd Manager at Killie has already decided that he is surplus to requirements. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. I do think however that he is a better option than Connor Murray at present, who despite a succession of opportunities, has so far failed to really stamp his authority on the proceedings.Personally I would like to see Owen Bell start some games. He looks to have more to offer in an area of the park where we are painfully short of quality.
  11. Queens v Brechin City

    I think he did ok - he certainly started the game well but by no stretch of imagination was he a goal threat. I reckon Dobbie must have had about 90% of our genuine goal attempts and this happens game after game. There has been absolutely no goal threat from central midfield - and despite his endeavour Dykes is a very poor finisher. Essentially that leaves us with our central defenders at set pieces - they did brilliantly earlier in season but their goals have dried up.
  12. Queens v Brechin City

    A vital win inspired by a virtuoso performance from Dobbie. He must have had 6/7 great individual chances - there was literally nobody else who looked like scoring for us but Fergusson played well. Cameron was solid and Beerman did well. As others have said Owen Bell looked good when he came on - I would go as far as to say that he showed more composure in his brief appearance than Rankin and Thomson did put together for 90 minutes. I think he is now a serious contender to start games. Brechin played some decent stuff (Ford looks a good prospect) but up front they looked the same as we would without Dobbie. A couple of great saves from Alan Martin - hope this is a sign of better things to come.
  13. I read a few posts on the QOS mad site and one in particular caught my eye on the subject of Shaun Rooney. Basically the message was saying - when everybody was fit he was often the "odd man out". Rooney is a player that I really like - fast, strong, and more than decent on the ball. With those attributes there are a number of positions that he can fill and the one position I wouldn't ask him to fill is SUB. We have a number of limited players who are very unlikely to ever improve - Rooney on the other hand has a lot to offer. He is undoubtedly prone to some poor positional play and rash tackling but surely full time training and coaching is there to develop a player like Rooney? It is much easier to fix the weaknesses than try and inject ability where it simply doesn't exist. On the subject of Alan Martin - I think a run of games for Leighfield is long overdue.
  14. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    I think it is a case of giving Thistle whatever is required to avoid an embarrassment. If that means the entire stand then so be it. Thistle themselves regularly vacate their favoured home stand to accommodate the Old Firm legions.It is not as though the Dumfries public will be creating an unexpected run on the tickets.
  15. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    In all honesty I wasn't trying to predict the team that GN will pick but the one that I would go with. I think Bell would be a decent shout because his inclusion would allow Thomson to push up into a more attacking role. By mentioning the word "attacking" I fully realise that I have already failed miserably to come remotely close to the final selection. I have seen Bell briefly a few times and quite like him - the fact that he had enough gumption to get into the box and "gamble" a bit and actually score a goal from midfield was an unexpected bonus. Personally I would play Stirling but I have ignored him on basis that Danny has more chance of starting than him.