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  1. Queens v Dundee United

    I agree - don't think game is that complicated. A big percentage of Scottish managers spend so much time worrying about the opposition that they sometimes fail to see the obvious strengths that they have at their own disposal.
  2. Queens v Dundee United

    Three things have made a massive difference in past two games :- Playing two up front Playing two front players who complement each other - a battler/runner with Dobbie. That is unquestionably Dykes' best position and when Kane was here he could have fulfilled exactly the same role a lot more than he did. Dobbie up front on his own is a tactic that simply doesn't work for us Omitting John Rankin from our midfield. Rankin always gave 100% but he and Jacobs in central midfield has been a huge area of weakness. It wouldn't have taken that much for us to have accumulated another 10+ points in this campaign and it is extremely disappointing that we seem to have found a much better formula so late in the day.
  3. Queens v Dundee United

    A fully fit Danny displaying form like he delivered in 2014/15 would walk into our team but sadly this injury sounds like it might have become a chronic one. I suspect that Danny will leave us at end of season unless he is prepared to consider a pay for play contract. Sorry for Danny because it is good to have some local first teamers and he is a player who has skill and is prepared to graft for the team.
  4. Rating your team's signings

    Alan Martin - a big disappointment. Not sure if the injuries were totally to blame for his lack of movement but even in the pre- injury games he looked wooden.Hopefully he can do better next season. Shaun Rooney - in terms of raw ability and athleticism he should be one of first names on teamsheet. Unfortunately , his lack of footballing intelligence cancels out his talent. Needs a good coach to talk him through the basics and completely eradicate the dreadful defending that he delivers not to mention the needless fouls that he commits in dangerous positions. Callum Fordyce - has generally been ok. Can slot in at RB which is a bonus. Has to take his share of responsibility for our dreadful goals against column Jason Kerr - carried our defence and was a huge miss when he returned to Saints. Carries a big threat in opposition box. A very good loan signing. Kyle Cameron - looks pretty ineffectual. Played well away at St Mirren but apart from that has struggled. The fact that he cannot oust either Fordyce or Brownlie when they have been conceding goals for fun is not a good sign. Myles Beerman - I thought he looked neat and tidy in midfield on the rare occasions that he played. He actually tried to keep hold of the ball and for that reason was probably never destined to fit in. Joe Thomson - a very enthusiastic player who gives his all. Struggles when he has to dictate play from midfield because his passing is limited. When pushed into advanced positions he is at his best - has great shot and can get ahead of ball which is a bonus. Decent player who scores goals. Andy Stirling - was a good signing. Has pace, two good feet, can beat players both ways but despite these positives was constantly overlooked in favour of Connor Murray and/or James McFadden.???? Being an understudy to Faddy in his heyday was nothing to be ashamed off but not the Faddy that we saw. I will leave it at that. James McFadden - see above Dom Thomas - hugely talented player but by wanting to play wide right when he is "all left foot" limits his effectiveness. Certainly good enough to grace Palmerston but he should be playing Premier football. Chris Kane - should have been playing for us every week but used sparingly initially. GN would have to explain the rationale. Manager seemed shocked when he was recalled but his reluctance to use him didn't help.Since returning to Saints he has done very well and scored goals.Quick and great work ethic. Josh Todd - played very well at Tannadice but has been ineffective in almost every other game. I do think he is decent though but needs to start proving it.Manager must rate him or he would be getting the Andy Stirling treatment. Todorov - a big honest guy who works hard for team but looks limited
  5. Murphy lazy b*****d didn't track Forrest run
  6. Fasten the seat belts this could now be 6 or 7 A soft sending off but what a shambolic performance by McCrorie
  7. No wonder Norwich want rid of Martin - him and McCrorie make Laurel and Hardy look composed What an absolute shambles .
  8. Thought for a while that Murty might get the job longer term but when you see the state of this performance there is nochance. Mind you they could have Derek McInnes on a long term deal so perhaps not all bad.
  9. This could be anything McCrorie looks way out of his depth but he is not alone
  10. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    For us it is a lot worse - mid 60s since we have been in top flight. In this long period clubs of comparable size or smaller have all had spells in top flight :- Airdrie, Raith,Dumbarton, Hamilton, Ross County, Inverness, Morton, Ayr, Arbroath, Livvy, Clydebank. I have ignored Falkirk and Pars because they are clearly much bigger clubs than Queens. Apologies if any others have been missed but when you see that list it highlights our disappointment pretty well.
  11. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    We played well for 70 mins .Two up top made a big difference and we played some decent stuff in this period and created some good chances. Even in a relatively meaningless game for us GN reverted to type and after being very comfortable suddenly withdrew Dykes into midfield, introduced Rankin and Murray. Dobbie left isolated up front and everybody back behind the ball. Invited trouble and turned a comfortable position into a panic. Great save by Martin in dying minutes. Typical Queens we have had so many chances to hoist ourselves into play off contention but we go and win at a tough away venue when it is already too late. Clearly a very good result but dont understand the negativity especially in a dead rubber?
  12. Your club player of the year

    Well it doesn't sound as though he has been "absolutely shite" this year.
  13. Your club player of the year

    Having seen a lot of Coll Donaldson when he was at Livvy I suggested that he would have been a great signing for Queens after being freed by United. Those that had seen him a couple of times at best blasted the suggestion with a barrage of "bombscare" type comments. Needless to say we made no effort to sign him but we certainly did recruit some "bombscares". A talented guy who didn't get a move to QPR by accident.
  14. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    It is all of course academic but in the case of Dom Thomas - here is a guy who has great ability but whose career continues to spiral in the wrong direction. He is so predictable when played wide right. It would be an experiment but he has touch, vision and can pick a pass. He might well struggle there but we have packed our central midfield with out and out spoilers all season and it has been a horror show. The problem with playing two full backs in the wide midfield roles is that you can quickly become a back 5 and that is the last thing we want. Danny might be a decent shout instead of Todd if he is anywhere near fit.
  15. Morton v Queens - 14/04/2018

    Not that there is even the most remote chance of this happening I would like to see us try something completely novel and set up with an ultra attacking line up :- Leighfield Rooney Fordyce Brownlie Todd Jacobs Thomas Marshall Thomson Dykes Dobbie Come on GN show us that you have a bit of imagination and try find a formula that can give us some future optimism.