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  1. Unfortunately the introduction of pellets is very reminiscent of what Alloa did in respect of their pitch when it was widely criticised as the worst of its kind in Scotland. Sadly I think we are strong contenders for that unwanted title. I have no doubt that our extremely poor home form over past two seasons is not helped by a pitch that is a huge leveller.
  2. Pitch is terrible - vastly inferior to Falkirk and Hamilton.
  3. While our midfield is very one dimensional overall I think we have a decent squad. Looking at the competition I consider anything less than 4th to be a poor effort. If you look at our Q1 performance and assess it based on "good chances created" in each match we are miles behind where we should be:- Brechin home - a comprehensive win DUFC away - totally dominated ( albeit v 10 men) and had several great chances. Should have had all 3 points and even a draw would have been a poor result. United rarely out there of their own half Dumbarton home - thoroughly deserved win Falkirk away - as above Livvy away - worst league performance but even in that game Livvy only marginally better Morton home - created far better chances than Morton - were well worth a draw St Mirren - poor set up in this one but again created far more than Saints but missed countless chances and everything they hit went in Inverness - were much the better side - again they created virtually nothing Dunfermline - better side again and draw a poor return for our efforts I think that there is little doubt that we should have at least 5 points more at this stage. We haven't really stolen a point in any game and have repeatedly contrived to squander chance after chance. I think our back 4 has been excellent and have limited opposition to very few chances. They have been badly let down between the sticks. Midfield is workmanlike and one creative figure in there would make a huge difference. Up front I think our forwards have been wasteful in several games compared to our opponents who seem to score goals on much more meagre rations than we have been getting. This league was winnable for us but we have wasted a good start by sloppy results and an inability to get the job done when in the ascendancy. For us to be 9 behind St Mirren and 6 behind Livvy at this early stage is criminal.
  4. Queens vs Pars

    I though that McFadden was a poor signing and am still of the opinion that we should have signed a midfield playmaker instead of him. That said I thought he was decent yesterday all things considered. Certainly if I compare his performance with that of Connor Murray - McFadden was much more of a threat and certainly justified his inclusion more than Murray did. Andy Stirling has not started the way I thought he would with us but I thought he should have started yday ahead of either Faddy and certainly Murray.
  5. Queens vs Pars

    I thought we played well today - had far more of the play, created some decent chances and should have won the game. Sadly for us yet another game where we have come out with the bare minimum that we deserved. Thought back 4 was very solid and limited Pars to very few chances and Jacobs and Rankine bossed the midfield. I have to admit that Connor Murray was very fortunate to stay on as long as he did - for someone with a reputation as a "ball player" his touch was poor.GN took a brave decision to play him from start but he didn't really repay the faith shown in him. Can't believe that we are 9 points behind St Mirren - only team that have outplayed us in first quarter is Livvy (marginally) and I would say conservatively that we should have another 4/5 points at this stage.
  6. Queens vs Pars

    If we are to deliver a top 4 finish we have to start beating our main rivals especially at home. Not sure that this group of players have that desire and will to win that can consistently carry the day in these tight marginal affairs. Under GN we have repeatedly found a way to come out with less than our play has deserved in the majority of these games and the same trend has sadly continued this season. GN and his squad need to become a lot tougher mentally and find a way to eke out results when they have not played well. Can't remember many games in last couple of seasons where we have stolen anything from anybody but as for the reverse scenario the scrapbook is bulging full of cuttings!!
  7. Queens vs Pars

    Kane has is a worker but looks a long way off Premier quality. This loan deal is really about proving if he is good enough for Championship football. He certainly needs to add goals and composure to his game and as we all know these are attributes that are difficult to manufacture. Suspect Saints will be easy enough to deal with any club shows interest in Jan window.
  8. Queens vs Pars

    Totally agree - when Paul decided to leave he obviously had a career decision to take but I think at the time he thought that we were on the up and that he might struggle to get a game. If that was a factor in his decision to leave it was a miscalculation because he would walk into our midfield as would a fully fit McKenna. Two players who really could put in a shift and who could help to get us real control of the midfield. Worryingly, I am told that the Montrose midfield had a lot more creativity than we did last week until they ran out of steam.
  9. Gordon Strachan

    I have to say that compared to some of the truly awful campaigns under previous managers this one saw us playing some decent attacking football for once. That said when we needed to be really bold in the Slovenia match we inexplicably retreated into a defensive shell and got what we deserved. To be fair to Strachan he is painfully short of centre backs - for me that is the biggest problem we have. Any combination of Hanley, Berra and Mulgrew is miles away from what we need to carry the day at tough away venues when the chips are down. I watched Eire last night play virtually no football and defend in numbers - and as always seems to happen for them they take one solitary chance. What they achieve in almost every campaign beggars belief.The difference between them and us is twofold:- - they have a total belief in their ability to get big results - from management right through squad - their central defence is rock solid For us to turn in such a pitiful display against a team who had nothing to play for reflected very badly on management and squad. Having witnessed so many dreadful campaigns I fully expected us to "blow it" either in Slovenia or in the play off itself and the only surprise was that we weren't really close. Usually we lose an against run of play injury time sickener but we weren't worthy of a 2-2 draw and that was unacceptable given what was at stake.
  10. He was no better than average last year and some of his antics were annoying in the extreme. As I said earlier a good strong Manager would have sorted the stupidity out or dropped Robinson in favour of Atkinson. The fact is he did neither of these actions which tended to indicate that he was either happy enough with Robinson or he thought Atkinson was an incapable deputy. Take your pick. He remains in my view at least a decent keeper at this level and the criticism of him is way OTT as you say. He is a talented guy who probably doesn't "fill the goals" particularly well - not a problem that his replacement has I hasten to add.
  11. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Players rolling about with tears shed - got exactly what they deserved
  12. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Can't believe the negative tactics - embarrassing yet again
  13. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    A back four completely made up of left footers - totally unbalanced. Berra in particular so far out of his depth
  14. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Is this honestly the best we can do in a game of this importance? Every man behind the ball when we need a goal. We have been rank rotten