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  1. Calm down FFS! Maybe forums aren't for you if that's you're short tempered reaction to a post. It can't be good for you're blood pressure ya fat b*****d
  2. Robert Snodgrass and Barry Bannan are pair of imposters. The less said about Wallace, Mulgrew and Berra the better Chris Martin should have been nowhere near the squad never mind in the starting line up. Similarly, Scott Brown should never be allowed anywhere near a Scotland shirt ever again. He made his bed when he retired, let him lie in his own pish Resting the Celtic contingent FFS! Stuart Armstrong should have been called up long before now WTF! Did he expect to learn by playing Darren Fletcher Surely the likes of Jason Cummings, Jamie Walker, Ryan Jack, Graeme Shinnie, Darren McGregor, Kenny McLean, Michael Devlin, Scott Bain and even Sam Nicholson would have put in a similar if not better performance than most of those expenses thieves that turned up tonight Darren McGregor might not be one for the future but if Gordon Greer got his first call up she'd 32/33 then surely tonight is the ideal opportunity to see if Big Daz could be one for right now. He can't be any worse than Martin, Hanley or the chuckle brothers who played CH tonight Get the SFA ti f**k. They are not fit for purpose. I'm actually gutted there was as many as 9,000+ in attendance tonight, hate of to them all the same, I've saw the light. £22-£25 plus booking fees & pp is nothing more than extortion
  3. His crosses, corners and free kicks never beat the first man He's part of the problem, not the solution
  4. You'd be better watching Mutiny On The Buses rather than this pish
  5. Barry Bannan is another one I've never seen the hype everyone else seems to see
  6. We're being raped by a Falkirk player
  7. That fit bitch with the blonde hair and stethoscope won't be in a job much longer
  8. Exactly, I'd shite maself
  9. Better say RIP to anyone that has died in downtown Islamabad these last few weeks The snowflakes will be getting on their high horse with all the grief shown towards the west
  10. So in theory some season ticket holders could miss out if everyone was to take up the option of buying 2 tickets and in the unlikely event Aberdeen sell out or even if they just open up all sections in a free for all and not sell section by section
  11. Don't try talking them round by talking sense to them
  12. Well done! You got yourself a "greeny" from one of the cuntic bhoys. Keep it up champ!
  13. If you don't want time wasting then why not try and win the ball back?