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  1. John Terry's maw? Anybody? I'd post a picture but I'm struggling to find where she's no got a boaby in her gub
  2. She looks like she's been dooking for chips This thread has taken a right downturn lately
  3. Absolutely pathetic Lee Wallace levels from Green Teeth there.
  4. There's only one person rattled son and it ain't me
  5. I'll just read the SNP threads for tips on how to deflect. They are masters at it
  6. I hope you pump Falkirk in the playoffs, but are unable to retain a place in the premiership after a huge major accident at Ravenscraig disintegrates all three and a half of your stands
  7. I dedicated many a five knuckle shuffle to Cat Deeley during my youth
  8. Emilia Fox
  9. Actually I think you're right. Obviously got beasted by his old man. It'll be the old "it happened to me so I done it to make myself feel better" excuse
  10. He obviously didn't get enough cuddles when he was younger. Obviously bullied at school and takes it out on people on forums to make himself feel better