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  1. Just win please Morton!
  2. Thank f*ck he's gone, that's one Morton roaster gone; Tetgrammaton (Or whatever the f*ck his name is) next please.
  3. We've chucked it.
  4. Can I just also say before I crawl back under my rock, this was the queue outside of Cappielow with less than 5 minutes until kick off, (there's a queue every week but it was obviously bigger today given it's a derby and the significance of the game.) Yet some of the turnstiles are shut, been like this for weeks but today was an absolute joke. Let people in to see the full match they've paid to see and open all the turnstiles ffs.
  5. 6 months ago I was shouting for Russell to be signed up on a long term contract because his firm was good and the future looked bright. He's been absolutely pish since then, plays suicide passes, can't beat a man anymore and as mentioned shites out a tackle which is not what you want from a defender, either he screws the nut or I wouldn't be bothered to see him leave.
  6. Well how do you some up that shambolic performance... Firstly cut out the 'tired' pish, every team plays the same amount of league games every season, yes some teams have their injury problems (like us) but these guys are professional footballers, if they can't cope with a fixture schedule they should hang up their boots and find an office job. Massive difference from the St.Mirren team that we turned over in the previous fixture at Cappielow. Difference between the teams tonight was St.Mirren got the ball on the deck on a windy night and played good football, anytime we got possession we lumped it up the park to Shankland who is absolutely useless. Can see why he was punted by St.Mirren now, he shouldn't play for us again. Our team has chucked it, we haven't won a game in almost a month and have only scored 2 goals in that period, one being a penalty. The game at Falkirk which was the game that pretty much secured our play-off place is the last game we won and haven't bothered to turn up since. It's as if the players don't care about second place. Mark Russell is a shadow of the player he was last season, Nesbitt is a wee shitebag, Oliver hasn't been the same player since his injury and Shankland may as well have been wearing a red top tonight. Only one team turned up tonight and showed a bit of fight, well done St.Mirren massive turnaround since the turn of the year. Our players should hang their head in shame after that utter guff.
  7. Into this shower of shite tonight.
  8. Who would've thought a relegation thread would've turned into a crowd wankathon.
  9. Nope, you can pay at the gate.
  10. Stop quoting him and let the ignore button do it's job please.
  11. People actually biting ffs