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  1. I cant stop watching it... It's... incredible.
  2. How have i never seen this fucking madness..? WTAF?
  3. Agreed. But push comes to shove I'd be quite happy to ride our luck and scab a lucky victory if we finished the year top of the league. All about getting back up a league. Ideally without being part of the circus of the play offs.
  4. Sounds like we rode our luck today, but the up and the down of it is a good 3 points. Need to keep this up till the big game on the 29th. Then do to United what they did to us last time...
  5. Mon the Buds. Lets get back on top of this league today...
  6. I had the same high hopes for the deal for his bud. Think he's still getting splinters in his ass from the bench at Barnsley. If he's even getting on the bench...
  7. If you quote him, everyone who has him on ignore will see what he's written. His online persona is something of a pessimistic WUM. A devisive character Seems to be universally accepted, save for one or two posters on here, that Jack Ross is an exceptional manager who will go on to greater things. He'll have this week to work on the players. I think, all things considered, that we'll have enough to bring all 3 points back to Paisley. 0-3 to the buds in an ill-tempered game.
  8. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

  9. Rangers v Aberdeen / Aberdeen v Rangers

    Hmmmm, i wonder if McInnes will throw these two games then move to the penniless zombies?
  10. I have the fear again

    I actually spat my tea out reading that. Well worth a greenie.
  11. Top of the League and You're No

    HI HONEY, I'M HOME...!
  12. Highland Handsomes -vs- Paisley Pansies

    "Midden". LOL...!
  13. St Mirren v Morton

    One nil Saints from the spot. Nice..!