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  1. Watching Alba was difficult tonight, as both Ayr and the Terrors were fucking abysmal. Logic says that we'll fucking destroy them. They have nothing to play for, we are one of the form teams in the league over the last 10 or so games. But this is St Mirren. Utd 1-4 Saints (I'd take a point).
  2. Excellent. That's exactly why I came on, to see if the well mannered and polite behaviour had passed. All been far too convivial and respectful on this thread. Yooze are pure shite, man. We're gonny fućkin pure pump you. Shitey support ✅ Shitey stadium ✅ Shitey toon ✅ No-Mark team ✅ Shitey Manager ✅ <insert offensive comment of your choice about the local lassies> ✅ Stellios hat trick ✅ Saints win ✅ March onwards to mid table mediocrity ✅ MON THE BUDDIES...!
  3. Can he not just pay it with his 'off the radar wealth'? No, wait a minute. Was that the previous con-man or the one before the one before?
  4. Saint Mirren will win this.
  5. I feel shocked at the level of cordiality shown on here so far. I think both teams will score, but Saints current momentum should be enough to get us the points. The bubble won't burst just yet. But as has been said above, we never do well when we're supposed to. Flukey 1-2 and we'll make things interesting at the bottom.
  6. I can live with misery, it's the hope that really fucks you up. So, I think that the purple patch will continue and we'll hit five past you. Let's face it, we're still 5 points adrift at the wrong end of the league. Still got my ticket for the relegation express. Can we really do this?
  7. Read somewhere that this might be worth as much as 200K to us, with our share of the gate and Sky Sports TV money. Dunno how true that is. Even if it's close to that ballpark, we've already won. Scoreline unimportant.
  8. Hope you didny stick all the family allowance on it, bud.
  9. Paddypower were offering 5-1 on a Saints win. Normally wouldn't touch a bet on the Saints... We seem to be hitting a, much overdue, spot of form and it looks like Hibs will be playing Ambrose. It's like free money.
  10. There's been an unfortunate lack of Goodwin mems with 'Pleasing' written on the bottom... Thank you please.
  11. Hoping for a four nil win for the Buds, but would take a scrappy one nil snoozefest. Is it next season yet...?
  12. Agreed, but I think i would...
  13. Do fans of The Rangers go through this every week, or is it just when you play the Buds?