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  1. League Leaders V Brechin City

    I had the fear last weekend. Was proven to be correct. Still feeling a bit jittery about this game. 1-1 as we've angered the footballing gods with the petty, B&WA-esque, infighting and bickering thats been sneaking on to this forum over the last few weeks. I've got tickets to the Calcutta Cup game this weekend. I'll be full of drink, and back up the road. First half saints, FT draw as I'll have taken my eye off the ball from 1600hrs.
  2. Fucking Ally McCoist... I'd rather slam my testicals in the oven door for a month than see Fat Sally in the Saints dugout.
  3. Clearly emotions are running high. Politicians and football managers. All destined to end, eventually, in failure. (Stand fast SAF). Jack will leave. He will go on to better things with bigger clubs. If he goes sooner then he'll leave a Saints legend having just about secured our promotion. If he stays, and i think he will, then all the better for us. Easy.
  4. I saw on Twitter that Stuart Gilmour thinks that they'll offer him 5 x his current salary if he moved. I imagine a heavy bunce if they avoid the drop as well... It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
  5. Dundee United 2017/2018

    Good luck today, DABs. Hope you pump the Sheep today.
  6. It's fucking rubbish not to be on league business on a Saturday. No St Mirren, no Scotland, and even the egg chasing isn't on till tomorrow... FFS..! Seriously: It's glorious that there is so much fresh air between us and the chasing ( meandering ) pack, but the downside is that there may be a pause in our momentum. Need a sound win next week to pick up where we left off. Utd, after tomorrow's game against the Sheep, have Livingstone, QotS then us. We have some winable games prior to our visit to Tannadice. Need to take every single point until we hump the Arabs in their own back yard. It's good to be a Buddie..!
  7. League Leaders V QOS

    Saints pen. Davis. Two nil.
  8. I'd say that we are doing exceptionally well. Thats the point. One year ago: Nine or ten points adrift and almost certain for the drop. Club in turmoil with a churn of managers, board desperately trying to sell to a "suitable" consortium and 3 years in no significant interest. Even after last years Great Escape and the great run we went on to assure safety, no one was mentioning us as championship winners for this year (Chickens and hatchlings not being counted just yet). I can remember Jack Ross on Radio Scotland (off the ball, IIFC) saying he didn't have the squad to challenge for the title outright. Today we're 1/7 to win the league. Compared to where we were at the start of the season, yea, I'd say that we have over achieved.
  9. This. I think everyone, including Jack Ross, was looking towards the playoffs as a viable and achievable goal for this season. We have over-achieved. Looks like Dundee have shat their blankets. Lets not get carried away lads, 11 points clear and goal difference significant enough to be counted as an extra point. When do you think we'll have automatic promotion guaranteed?
  10. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Aye, I'd hate to piss him off.
  11. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    I thought the same, TBF. The big black lad that set up their goal last night was a unit. Every touch he had made me nervous when he was moved up the pitch for the last 15 minutes or so. He was their main threat, and won pretty much every ball played up to him.