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  1. Iran vs Spain

    Keep forgetting they actually won their first game!
  2. Iran vs Spain

    They have to win by 2 to be sure of qualification
  3. Argentina vs Iceland

    'his favoured right' Fs
  4. Argentina vs Iceland

    I don't really understand how dybala and Messi can't play together, especially with how deep Messi is. Surely Dybala is nailed on to start the next game
  5. Argentina vs Iceland

    Big baldy fella in midfield has been immense
  6. France vs Australia

    The ball flies into the keeper's hands. He's never getting it I think your momentum is allowed to impede the player if you make contact with the ball but I'm not sure of the rules on that. I don't think there's that much contact anyway
  7. France vs Australia

    He didn't scrape it. The ball hit griezman to the point where he was no longer in control of it it You don't have to win the ball to make a tackle
  8. France vs Australia

    Mooy was superb
  9. France vs Australia

    I actually don't think it was a penalty You could certainly argue either way but one of the angles shows the defender getting a clear touch which rebounds off griezman and it's only his momentum that takes him out
  10. France vs Australia

    Phil Neville hopefully
  11. France vs Australia

  12. That's like slapping god across the face for giving you a beautiful gift
  13. Boxing Thread

    Not sure why anyone was expecting anything different. Seems like a wild overreaction tbh
  14. Toulon Tourney 2018

    This Depressing tbh. It's exactly the same as the full team any time we take the lead. We need to instill a belief in players from a young age that sitting deep is actually counter productive to maintaining a lead. We were more than a match for England right up until taking the lead and then immediately you see our front line start to camp well in our own half. We'll never get anywhere with that attitude
  15. Mexico v Scotland Sun 3rd June 2018

    This should be interesting