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  1. 3 big games this season - Boness, Kelty and Stirling. Lost all 3, scored 0 goals and lost 8.
  2. Might be a few extra punters today after the news the secretary is leaving the club next week.
  3. I believe it is true. Mr Roy will be a loss. Been fantastic for the club over the years.
  4. Can't see past an Albion win by a couple. Rose squad is poor at the best of times but with half a dozen injured it would take Albion to have a shocker for a Rose win.
  5. Why would they do that before the rest of the interviews.
  6. How the "mighty" have fallen. I hear Danny Lennon has applied for the manager's job at Linlithgow Rose.
  7. I am told that Danny Lennon is the one of the most qualified coaches in Scotland. If he has applied the only thing that could go against him is that he might jump ship if a better offer comes along.
  8. When were all the interviews done. According to the local paper the shortlist was only getting done at the committee meeting on Monday.
  9. Nae idea.
  10. Still doing interviews as far as I know.
  11. Accies 5 Inverness 0
  12. Samsung Galaxy S7. 95% of the time it is a great phone but every now and then it gets a tad warm and the battery drains in about an hour. I can seem a common theme here lol
  13. Chuck Norris wins the German Classic
  14. To be fair to the police I think they got a fright when they saw 20 odd West Ham fans in our end who were here for the supporters cup match in the morning.
  15. If it was him credit where its due but I though it was Donati. Imrie did put in a couple if cracking challenges to be fair.