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  1. Bar West.
  2. Just been in the Star and Boomer's laddie was playing the guitar and singing. He is a talented boy.
  3. Ross Gray was tremendous but when Lochee equalised they deserved it.
  4. Is there a 6 second rule anymore.
  5. Nope. We were not good until Gray' s goal.
  6. Linlithgow 4 Lochee 1
  7. Linlithgow 3 Lochee 1. Weir
  8. Linlithgow 2 Lochee 1. Ross Gray screamer
  9. Linlithgow 1 Lochee 1. Deserved equaliser.
  10. Linlithgow 1 Lochee 0. Coyne pen. Lochee no. 4 sent off
  11. Remember Sauchie and Boness where you couldnt keep a beach ball out a phone box.
  12. Fair enough then.
  13. I am sure being more disruptive will help your cause. Have you apologised to the fans for your behaviour at Boness.
  14. Roddy and Ruari are both on less money at Boness than they were at the Rose.
  15. Only having 1 available sub - and he wasnt fully fit is embarrassing.