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  1. Does he have an Italian passport ? If not a work permit could be an issue.
  2. My thoughts exactly. The SFA approved it last Wednesday so why has it taken FIFA 6 days to verify it - all seems very strange.
  3. None of which apply in this case so a Development fee is due.
  4. You would have to have paid a Development fee.
  5. We should be confident as playing well, creating loads of chances and loads of guys chipping in with goals. To get 9 points ahead of them even at this stage would be good so I can see a 2-0 away win. Crawford and a Bingham pen.
  6. Is this Rojano transfer ever going to happen.
  7. Aye and he is still pish.
  8. Can anyone tell me how Lewis Stevenson makes a living as a footballer.
  9. Hibs lucky it wasnt 5 or 6. We were superb in the 2nd half.
  10. Astounded you have given Brophy a 3 year deal.
  11. Cant blame him if he is getting a 3 year deal. Reckon he will be at Clyde or Airdrie next season.
  12. I hope Swanson has the same impact as the last time he played against the Accies
  13. Agreed. Woods Gogic, Tomas and McMann Skondras, Daz, Doc, Imrie Ali Boyd and Bingham
  14. Thought it was made up but looks like it is true. Looks decent as well. Hope FIFA get their finger out and he is available soon.
  15. Tierney away to Airdrie on loan which means we are now working with 1 recognised striker lol. Boyd, Longridge and Temps will no doubt be asked to play out of position to cover.