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  1. Aberdeen seemed to cope fine with the surface apart from their final ball that was generally poor. Effort level from Accies was fantastic. Keep that up and we should be fine. Can someone explain what Imrie brings to the team as I think he was been dreadful all season.
  2. As always and Skondras is worse.
  3. Not many folk here.
  4. ICT 0 Accies 3
  5. Global interest in the league lol.
  6. He is an Iraqi who looked decent at Accies but brutal at the Rose a few weeks ago. He was so overweight it was unreal.
  7. Accies 1 Rangers 0.
  8. Maybe the committee should try and work out why they have alienated so many fans and start to address this. They have lost about 40% of the support and that is nothing to do with glory hunters that is people disgusted by the way the committee have run the club recently.
  9. I dont disagree but it wasnt much worse than the one on McKinnon in the 1st half.
  10. Thankfully I am heading somewhere with no internet. Can easily see 10-0
  11. Silly me. There has been so much to be positive about lately.
  12. We will finish bottom by a distance.
  13. Imagine having the cheek to argue with a punter - me- when you have just put in your 27th consecutive dreadful performance. He sums up what is worst about Accies. Contributes hee haw but is guaranteed selection.
  14. Shameful performance. Daz aside we have been pathetic.
  15. [emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2]