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  1. I think I know that lad lol Bren a very decent player. Good luck to him.
  2. The Rose have signed 2 full backs both of whom are dugsh1te. Myles did sign but barely been seen due to injury.
  3. We wont get relegated but I cant see us finishing in the top 6 or 7 without a few excellent signings and a new manager.
  4. Great FB post by Tank. A Rose legend being treated like dirt. He will always be more welcome at Prestonfield than Harkins.
  5. There is an obvious way for him to ease the pressure.
  6. We made £80k from the cup run last season and have another £56k in a savings account so we can afford to pay them off its just we choose not to.
  7. Out of the league race in mid September.
  8. Thats my take on it. Created enough chances to win after being lucky not to be 5 down in 20 mins
  9. Accies had 2 cleared off line in last minute.
  10. No chance. The Rose should be nearer 33/1.
  11. It wasnt aimed at you mate . Just a general point.
  12. You shouldnt put the real names of posters on here.
  13. Not a newbie.
  14. Not Tubby. It is committee though.