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  1. I didnt slag them as I have no idea who they are. Why do you think they are better than what we had. Why have we not replaced Coco.
  2. Why do you think we are easily better than last year ? What do you know about the new signings that nobody else does.
  3. Nae chance Marky without 4 top notch signings. FFS we are playing Batchy at right back and Joe Hamill at left back !!
  4. I believe he will be sold as soon as an acceptable bid comes in.
  5. Linlithgow looking for a keeper - give them a shout.
  6. Boness, Kelty and Bonnyrigg will all be close at the top. The rest, including the Rose will be a long away adrift.
  7. I was speaking to Alan Norris on Saturday and he kept on saying Taylor is a great guy and everyone likes him. I mentioned I thought Taylor was a cvnt.
  8. Any word of any new signings or are we going to go onto the season with 16 players with 1 of them away till the middle of September.
  9. Totally agree Scotty. Gills is a far better midfielder than MacKinnon. Where is best place to park at Meadowbank.
  10. Which ones
  11. 2 years ago we would have taken about 350-400 but I would be surprised if more than 150 bother to go this season - unless of course Harkins provides the "marquee signings" he has promised us.
  12. If we do run a bus we cant get there too early or a couple of the boys might end up as subs as we still don't have enough players. Only 15 until Jamie gets back.
  13. He is a class player and he will do well for you. Likes to get stuck in which is good as well.
  14. Loads of interest in the Scottish Cup draw. Threave away should be a good trip although I fancy the Rovers for a home win.