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  1. Free admission to game at Ross County.
  2. Higgins is corrupt. Pat Mooney took the flack but Pat would confirm that Higgins knew exactly what he was doing.
  3. A bit like this time last season when we kept a poor manager for too long and let him spoil the next season. Hopefully we wont make the same mistake again.
  4. Will the late equaliser save Lumsden's job.
  5. I think he means league games are more important than a cup game due to our precarious league position.
  6. Donaldson, Kelly, Beaumont, Willams and Coogans [emoji2]
  7. Lumsden and Hyslop's jackets must be on shoogly pegs. Big 45 mins to come.
  8. That is because it is the worst Rose side since 2002
  9. Saw Templeton at Dens and he had a fatter arse than my ex missus. Would be surprised if he gets any game time this season.
  10. Our team of that year would murder the current one even though they will all be in their 50s.
  11. Education obviously an issue. So many fails in one post.
  12. Any idea where they might end up lol
  13. Been stuck in hospital for a couple of days but this has cheered me up a bit [emoji2][emoji2]
  14. Very sad news that DrV sadly passed away this morning. RIP Dave.
  15. Dunfermline 1 Accies 4