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  1. Hibernian v Celtic

    Awful 1st half and brilliant 2nd half. Great stuff at the end.

    Were the other 2 threads not enough for you.
  3. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Is Rose v Hill of Beath game on.
  4. Playing just off Rojano. Looking like a decent partnership.
  5. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Derek Ferguson talking about Murty losing 2 games against Dundee and Motherwell !
  6. RBS not giving Accies our £863k back. I guess we are fecked financially now.
  7. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Bit unfair on Specky and Sheep to tar them with the same brush as those other 2.
  8. Barely featured for u20s. His 4 goals at Oban against Fort William and some island village will be the highlights of his Accies career.
  9. I think Tomas is improving every week. Will end up being a very good signing.
  10. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Correct. If my team disappeared I wouldnt support another team I would find something else to do on a saturday.
  11. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Away to Luncarty in a friendly. Crowds will be flocking to this one.
  12. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    I am told game tomorrow is 99% certain to be off.
  13. Linlithgow Rose 2017-18

    Rose sign Darren Smith a 20 year old attacking midfielder from Cowdenbeath.
  14. Hibs streets ahead for the first hour then shat it and Accies on top at the end.
  15. I am strangely optimistic. Accies to win 2-1.