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  1. Fantastic result. Well done Bonnyrigg Dumbarton lol lol
  2. Bonnyrigg certainly putting on a good show tonight.
  3. [emoji41][emoji41][emoji7][emoji41][emoji7][emoji1]
  4. [emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2]
  5. Good draw for Boness.
  6. Boness will hammer the Rose if they both get through.
  7. Linlithgow would need 4 or 5 new signings to have a chance. Nowhere near good enough at the moment.
  8. Great appointment. Top bloke and a great manager.
  9. Brilliant effort today lads.
  10. Sowah in for Imrie. Decent looking selection.
  11. Piehuts at both ends [emoji3]
  12. Blantyre fans been told to sit in Sainsburys end of main stand so sounds like Boness fans in other end rather than behind goal.
  13. Never been at a game before and not been at one since,
  14. Third time in less than a year for us - only a total of 760 miles for hee haw. And the difference is DNE knew the game would be off but needed the folk in hospitality. The Rose v Shotts game should have been played. It was only a tiny area where the asst ref was running that was "not playable".
  15. This is 2 hours after they declared the game was "definitely on" !!!!