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  1. A back 3 of McMann, Want and Seaborne does not give me much confidence. Cant see anything but a comfortable home win.
  2. If you have decent wide players we are in real trouble.
  3. Great draw for me. Only 20 mins up the road and we should - but wouldnt be suprised if we dont - win.
  4. Jealous lol. Bonnyrigg are a really good side who didnt need to get.out of 2nd gear in last game against Linlithgow. They have had a good run in Scottish amd made a good few bob which they will hopefully invest wisely but McGachie is a cheat as was proven by that pathetic effort yesterday.
  5. The 5 or 6 times he dives every time he plays Linlithgow.
  6. Shocking dive by McGachie for the pen. Decent player but his constant diving is very poor.
  7. I thought we were ok in 2nd half and deserved to win. Killie were brutal.
  8. 2 teams who cannot do any of the basics. Imrie's dive was pathetic and as usual he has contributed nothing.
  9. Good luck tomorrow.
  10. Would be surprised if we took more than 300-350. I am only going because I am a sad old fecker with nothing better to do.
  11. I hear one of the new committee guys has left already. Real shame as he would have been a good addition. Beggars get player from Accies on loan. Any chance we could get one - or 4 or 5 - as well.
  12. Striker. Was at Airdrie for first half of season.
  13. 17 year old Connor Scullion signs on loan until end of the season from Accies.
  14. If a ref said that was playable he should never be allowed to ref again. I would bet Camelon did a DNE and didnt have it inspected in the morning.
  15. It was DNE v Linlithgow but apart from that I agree.