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  1. WoSFL Pyramid Deadline - SJFA or Club led?

    If people feel strongly enough to try and gain support for whatever their position happens to be then I don't really see why that is a bad thing. The extent to which that happens or makes a difference is questionable though. TBH the debate has been won by the pyramid proponents for a while now anyway.
  2. St Roch"s 2018/19

    This is daft talk.
  3. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Class, this sort of stuff is why I have a soft spot for the Candy. Can't think of a Junior team that try to do more for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.
  4. Road to progression

    No reason why not. The amateur champions already get a pop at the senior Scottish don't they? Football should be integrated as much as possible.
  5. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    bit surprised at mcmenamin from rob roy to rossvale. good player and good signing.
  6. Bonnyrigg Rose a Junior appreciation

    green dot given for the going away bit.
  7. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    was wondering that myself. Very dramatic.
  8. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    next summer seems the most likely time. Would kind of like to see it in place for start of 2018/19 but realistically that's a bit of an ask. If next season is indeed the end of Junior football it should be quite an emotional affair.
  9. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    I think the prize money is the one and only reason it's tolerated. it's a pointless waste of time otherwise.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    that mean we're pyramiding it next season then?
  11. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    if it's been overwhelmingly voted for then does that mean it's happening, and if so then when?
  12. SJFA AGM this Saturday

    so what next?
  13. Kenny Mclean

    how long has he been there? about 12 seasons now?
  14. Beith juniors topic 17/18

    Surprised he's managed to conceal his new identity so far. I'd imagine it must be killing him.
  15. Western Super League 2018-19

    Although we don't seem to know the exact details of the cup competitions I'm, probably very naively, going to take a positive outlook and say the certainty of 30 league games at the expense of cup ones will (or should) help fixture scheduling , and that will benefit the more successful sides. 22 games always felt like a bit of a sprint whereas a league should really be about proper endurance and 30 games provides that. It gives the more ambitious teams a bit more leeway to drop points and not lose touch in the league. For instance had the season just finished been 30 games I'd have expected to see Pollok challenging very strongly with the progress they made after the pish start they made. it's mental that a bad opening half dozen games could basically kill a league season.