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  1. Today's scores

  2. Decide Scottish cup venue now.

    Sorry, that post did read back as rather argumentative. Ah get crabbit when I don't get my 8hrs!
  3. Decide Scottish cup venue now.

    I think you'd naturally see fewer people attending a final at a Junior gaff anyway. Although the likes of Rugby Park is a bit too big it at least creates a welcoming proposition for the once a year crowd and neutrals. Also, although the bigger Junior grounds have notional capacities of 4k and so on, are they actually fit to hold that many in the eyes of the police? (made up crowd roasters need not reply to this).
  4. THE advantage of 4G pitches

    Must have been some school you went to - "Sir, he cawed me a misty eyed ludite!"
  5. Decide Scottish cup venue now.

    Absolutely not. Could you imagine the bubbling at the prospect of last season's Talbot V Glens final at Livingstone when Rugby Park was available? (Bearing in mind the unhappiness at Meadow Park being used for the Ardach Final in some quarters). Personally I think the idea of showing a bit of flexibility in trying to find somewhere suitable for both parties is better than rigidly adhering to a preordained venue. While there will be tears and snotters from fans of clubs who've been asked travel further than their opponents to the final venue (hiya Mussey fans), I'm not saying they get it right every time, but that the imperfections of the current system are far more tolerable than the daftness of the alternative suggested in the OP.
  6. Friday Night Football

    The Maryhill v Meadow Scottish Cup game earlier in the season was a great success as well. Not a great game, granted, but it was nice to finish work, head up there and have beer at an evening game knowing there was no work the next day.
  7. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Ah, so they're assured of winning those next three games then? By that logic I should be congratulating them on reaching the Scottish Cup final.
  8. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    This season has proved they're a mid-table side if the league table is any sort of guide.
  9. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Surprised that the accusations of skwerr bawz hasn't come up given that the four favourites have all avoided each other.
  10. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Lots of east v west ties!
  11. Friday Night Football

  12. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    Aye, dugouts are notoriously flimsy.
  13. Bonnyrigg Rose 2017-18

    "nobody told us we couldn't wreck the place, how were we supposed to know?"
  14. Friday Night Football

    Love the floodlit games and can't understand why there aren't far more of them. Friday night fitba is the bestest.
  15. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Love that bit of the country and a great distance for an away jaunt from the west.