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  1. I think he means it from the sense that you'd think Livingston on paper would be equals (and they were in terms of how we playedagainst them) rather than a bigger side who you expect to dominate possession and have much better technical players like say Hibs or St Mirren.
  2. He also isn’t very good anymore and has knees disintegrating faster than a meteor in the atmosphere.
  3. I mean he’s due to play for us at this stage with the amount of clubs he’s been through. It could be very tasty with two absolute ballers playing some very sexy stuff with Harkins taking advantage of teams man marking Dobbie or it could be the opposite where we have two players that need to be the main man getting in each other’s way and being as good as useless defensively. Personally i’ll take that over whatever you call John Rankins attempts of playing football last season.
  4. Aidan Smith on a Five Year deal IMO
  5. I’ve moaned for years about having dull away kits so I’m pleased we’ve went all out on the centennary this year. The difference in quality between the macron and Jomas is ridiculous. Quite curious to see how the sky blue effort comes out as well.
  6. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Saughton must be really bad if sharing with a rugby team is the safer option.
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    It's amazing that Donald Trump has gotten as far as he's had with Lionel Hutz as his lawyer.
  8. Inject ‘boyhood Rangers fan’ Andy halliday getting hooked into my veins.
  9. Playing the Shame Game

    Conceding a 90th minute winner to Albion Rovers denying the opportunity of a lucrative cup tie with Celtic. Failing to Score and losing on penalties to East Kilbride at Home. Being the last team to lose to Gary Locke’s Raith Rovers featuring a Rudi Skacel assist after bombarding their goal all game.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    Lothian Thistle HV played St Mirren this season. HTH
  11. Doonhamers v Bairns

    If we had won that after that first half, it would have been a robbery. Cameron might be the one player to make Brownlie look like Franz Beckenbauer, balls were bouncing off him (particularly for the goal), he was missing headers, he was lost in that first half. Falkirk in that first half were probably about as good a performance from an away side, very slick, quick , well organised and finding chances from tight spaces. Fortunately, Jakubiak couldn't time a run to save himself otherwise it could have been a lot more, if anything they were trying too much and if they kept it more simple they could have cut us apart easily. Meanwhile we were a shambles, Lyle wasn't getting any runners, Thomas was doing nothing, Todd struggled out there and Rankin played like Rankin has been playing for the last year. Even the consistent players like Jordan Marshall looked rattled, playing very tentatively I don't really know what happened in the second half be it the gale or Hartley offering the team a joint instead of a team talk but they were so bad in the second. Blair was dreadful just passing to Queens players and the second goal came from a player trying to knock it back and accidentally gave away a corner. We came out very well with Fordyce having a really good spell of around 15 minutes where he bombed down and put some pressure on Falkirk's left. Both Queens goals were simple stuff, ball broke to Thomson from a corner and he smashed it in once again (Can he teach the rest of the team how to strike a ball please?), the second, I wasn't sure what was more of a shock of Brownlie connecting well with a header, or the fact he didn't foul anyone doing so. Great ball by Carmichael. After that Falkirk largely didn't threaten and Thomson could have killed the game by squaring to Todorov but went for goal from too tight an angle . Falkirk then went up the other end and scored from quite a nice move to be fair though it seemed far too easy. I wasn't particularly bothered as it saved me having to care about a fruitless playoff chase.
  12. Dunfermline v Queens

    And Scott Mercer getting sent to the juniors by Fraser Aird, and Darren Brownlie largely being in a different game from everyone else, and the team being set up totally wrong in the first half. Apart from that it was fine margins really.
  13. Dunfermline v Queens

    Nothing could have been more Lee Robinson than saving 2 one on ones and then letting in a gentle daisy cutter. If Marshall had smashed it top corner, he'd probably have saved it.
  14. Like he’s big, quite quick and had a nice eye for a pass which might translate to the top flight but even as someone who has been more supportive of Dykes, I’d drive him to Tynecastle personally if we were offered money for him.
  15. Keep/release still undecided?

    With Lyle and Stirling going the dental standards of the team is going to be so bad.