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  1. QoS v Livi

    Why would we rest Dobbie in a game against a potential playoff rival? Unless he can't physically walk it's safe to assume that he'll play. I wouldn't play Kane unless there was someone to do the holding up for him or we went back to that 4-3-3 that we used at the start of the season but that would mean having Tapping trying to figure how this whole football thing works once again or McFadden which would probably leave us far too open from the start. I think Naysmith will most likely revert back to the side from the Morton game seeing as he probably won't change an unbeaten side if he can help it. The last game was strange as Livingston looked to be largely in control before absolute chaos broke out. Both sides are pretty similar with 2 very good defences and both try to get the ball up the park quickly. Livi were about as well drilled a side as I've seen this season but I'd say that we probably have more players with the ability to win games. Mullen being missing would be very good news on our side as he is probably the one livi forward that has something unpredictable about him (apart from going down easily in the box, that's a given). Despite Queens livi games usually being rather entertaining games, I feel this will be a fairly cautious affair with the first goal being the winner.
  2. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    Bragging about winning the challenge cup to fans of a side that is in the top flight, has the greatest mascot in sports and lottery winners building a training ground is all a bit Kirk Van Houten
  3. QoS vs Partick Thistle

    An awful lot can change in 2 months but playing a lower half Premiership side isn't a bad draw for us seeing as we play better when we aren't expected to dominate possession. Whilst I fully expect Thistle to not be struggling as much especially after a transfer window, they might not be as bothered about this if they are battling to stay up compared to if they were midtable. Queens vs Thistle games usually have some sort of late scenes for both sides, my personal favourite being scoring 2 late on to salvage a 3-3 draw in the Brannigan season. Was it Stephen Payne or some other fairly generic player of that ilk, the one who scored an absolute screamer late on in something like our first few seasons in the first division back then.
  4. Queens v Montrose

    I've had just enough of Montrose for a lifetime, my word that was harrowing stuff. First half we were started fine and then Dobbie hurt his ankle tackling and then we proceeded to avoid any sort of football until we somehow scored. Dobbie touched the ball about 3 times after getting hurt and the goal of which, 2 of them were aimless hoofs before then he scored rather fortuitously off a free kick that missed everyone and he blasted it off the keeper who probably would have saved it if he just stood still. We then went to fairly timid possession football, where it was too slow to really bother Montrose. At the end of the half we camped out in our own half and Montrose scored with their only period of possession that half, first I thought it was an own goal as it looked like Fordyce/Rooney had it well covered but somehow it crept in, not sure but I thought Martin could have went for it, he seemed unwilling to move tonight which is a curious contrast to when he was hurt as he actually claimed things then, though not sure how much of that was because of the wind. The second half for the most part was whatever the the opposite of being worth the entrance fee. A lot of nothing happened for long stretches and then we snatch a good finish out of nowhere. After failing to kill the game off we crumpled into our own box with very little notion to just control the game. In terms of chances, it looks a bit favourable but there wasn't much of an effort to work it into the box which could have made this a lot more straight forward than it should be. We just lacked any sort of structure, consistency or coherent strategy. Just strange stuff from start to finish. Rooney seems to play really badly against worse teams, just a lack of positional intelligence, first touch and he gave up a whole load of silly fouls on the edge of the area. Murray was anonymous yet again, he just runs beside people and whilst he tracks his man, he probably should be pressing higher up the park in games like this. It's just a whole lot of nothing passes and flicks that don't really hurt anyone. It wasn't a particularly tough competition but Rankin was probably the best midfield player as he actually drove the ball forward and put his foot on at times, Jacobs was just getting in the way and not really bringing anything to the game. Montrose were not as good compared to when they played the Irn Bru cup game IMO, both goals whilst good finishes were pretty poor on their part with 2 set pieces that weren't cleared. Certainly if they were a little braver they could have taken something tonight, but they didn't and here we are.
  5. Queens v Montrose

    A struggling Premiership side with a decent sized support is a happy medium between a winnable tie and a decent gate. Looking forward to someone complaining about the price when we are technically charging less than a league 2 side.
  6. Montrose v Queens

    That’s me found a new reaction picture for when someone offers a terrible take on something
  7. Gretna - Living (and dying) the Dream

    That 'temporary' stand is still up somehow. I seem to remember at the time, Mileson smugly offering to replace the unused terrace at Palmerston with a similar stand as if it was the Sudtribune. Gretna fans were unbearable on the bebo as well (The most 2007 sentence possible right there), seemed to chat a lot of shit about Palmerston despite the fact they played in a rickety hovel. It's the auld boy fist pumping on the stand after the third goal like it was an Istanbul derby that does it for me. I had so much bits of rust on me from boys slamming the rickety tin roof on that terrace. That Queens team for the second half of that season is probably my favourite for the number of absolute boys on that team. Fat Dobbie, Shaun O'Connor, Stevie Murray, pre injury Jamie Adams, Eric Paton etc. After getting bodied so much by them the previous 3 times, it was so sweet to finally ram it up them and really kicked off yet another great escape. That being said a part of me does miss the animosity seeing as Annan seem to know their place as our unofficial reserve side.
  8. Zimbabwe coup

    I think 'Mid Mornings with Mugabe' has a nice ring to it where Mugabe has a light heart chat with various guests about the evils of the white man and cricket.
  9. Please, football doesn’t need these frivolous things like atmosphere, colour and entertainment. Now let’s sit in solemn silence whilst having a cool glass of Turnip Juice.
  10. They were tidy enough without being particularly incisive and probably gave us enough time to get organised by being so slow to move the ball at times. Not sure whether the start just us not really knowing what to expect, but we figured them out as the game went on. If we played them again, I'd still say we'd beat them most times. We aren't ever going to pass teams off the park but whilst we are on the subject, I did hear in the Terrace Podcast that we create the most chances despite having one of the lowest possession stats in the league. Yet again dispelling this 'right way to play' shite.
  11. It was a Northern Irish Referee this time with Welsh assistants IIRC.
  12. Couple of takeaways from today Darren Brownlie is legit good now, I was worried with Kerr missing that we'd see a return to the old Brownlie but he handled everything comfortably and weathered the rough start with Fordyce. At least some reassurance that we might not be doomed if Kerr goes back to St Johnstone. We are absolutely scunnered if we lose Rankin/Jacobs for an extended period, Tapping is really not good enough, just a nothing player that isn't great going forward and not at it defensively perhaps being injured made him look better. But Rankin for all his limitations at least takes charge of the midfield and makes us tough to play through, Tapping really didn't do any of that and it should be a priority to bring another centre mid. Wide is still a problem, McFadden in the middle somehow worked out, Stirling looked dangerous when he came on but Murray was lightweight for the second week in a row and didn't assert himself on the game whilst Dykes seemed to be off the pace again up front and out wide. Just seems to be a lottery what you'll get this week and almost need a kind of horse whisperer to get him motivated. TNS definitely fit the 'No Mugs' billing, they knocked about quite nicely but didn't really have any cutting edge or composure. We largely coped with them after the start but perhaps we didn't go after them enough in normal time as they tired if I'm being critical. The absolute state of the Ref for not knowing the 4 subs in extra time rule, Naysmith having the run over to ask SD the rules is probably the best way to encapsulate this tournament. What a fucking fanbase we have, If we can bring that energy to Palmerston on a matchday or other away games it would be phenomenal. I guess we'll just have to win the league to get Dobbie a trophy then...
  13. Plastic Fandom - A Caffeine-Fuled Rant by Richey Edwards

    Won’t in the case of Dortmund, Christian Pulisic being an actually good American player be a reason why they like Dortmund? Some countries are weird when it comes to national players making it big (See the number of Turkish and Egyptian people on Twitter commenting for Ozil and Salah)
  14. P&B Fantasy IDP Dynasty League

    I might just be me being odd but I think I’m enjoying bottoming out more than when I was a playoff team. Strangely, my team has started playing better after I’ve went full tank commander. #StinkingForSaquon #BeingBadForBarkley
  15. Kerr's loan has been a terrific move for both parties thus far. He largely looked a cut above a lot of the defenders in this division so far, certainly in our team, the most composed player that isn't called Stephen Dobbie on the ball. Despite the criticism received on here when it happened, the decision to punt Dowie and Higgins has largely been justified so far. The back four defend corners better and actually look like scoring from them too which hasn't been the case since Durnan left. Martin has largely been protected which hopefully can build his confidence back up Fortunately for us he's probably needing a full season at this level to iron out the little mistakes that would get punished in a better league like the odd slip here and there, along with last week's penalty. But for 19, he's certainly the brightest defensive prospect i've seen in a while. Kane, you can take it or leave it really, he's a handy option to have but he isn't worth bringing back that strange midfield diamond/433 just to accommodate him or get ahead of Dykes/Lyle on form. Even Old Man Dobbie is doing a better job of closing down in the last fortnight with actual scoring as well. Personally I'd rather use a loan on a player that we will use more regularly like a winger seeing as Danny is presumably dead and McFadden probably won't last a full 90 or be able to do a midweek double header. Alternatively a central midfielder that is better for breaking stuffy teams down than Rankin/Jacobs.