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  1. Rankin was exactly what we needed at the time but his drop off in form in 6 months has been so quick, especially as there hasn't been any major injuries that we've been made aware of IIRC. There is a sense that he'll be packed off to the glue factory fairly soon and he looked so off the pace on Tuesday that you have to wonder whether he knows that his time is almost up.
  2. Big fan of Juve going from a dominant Serie A side to an up and coming streetwear brand.
  3. The football in the second half of fowler is the same as it is now. One paced, not especially wide , full backs who can't defend and not a mobile central midfield player in sight. He spent his second season moaning about losing all his good players when he signed over the hill dross like Ryan Conroy and Paul Heffernan. Let's not romanticise the difficult second season.
  4. We haven't conceded a goal in 164 minutes. Take that haters.
  5. What would you personally say ranks as worse in recent history especially as a full time team?
  6. First chance of watching 'Handsome Stephen Dobbie Plus 10' and my word what an omnishambles. East Kilbride were organised and we are somehow even slower in possession than before so it really couldn't have been easier for them. I don't get why we started two defensive centre mids when we had the ball all night or why we needed 4 defenders but that's just me. It was just so once paced, predictable and exactly the same as when Naysmith started. Though to be fair Rooney aside, the newer players largely looked okay. I mean failing to beat a non league side over 90 minutes is probably one of the worst results in our history regardless of how shit this format is so I think an overreaction is justifiable. Martin - Unsurprisingly not very busy but made a good save early in the second half and looks competent. Didn't really get close to the penalties. Rooney - Interesting hybrid player of being too shit in the air to be a centre half and not enough at the whole football thing to be a full back. Doesn't ever look up, runs into channels and can't hit a first time cross. Brownlie - He's somehow now playing like he forgets that he is Darren Brownlie is attempting fancy passes and turns. Which is probably going to make him even more of a bombscare than before. Thought that might be just because it's East Kilbride but I do worry. Fordyce - Steady probably too slow on the ball but with the Lidl reduced to clear section Pique next to him, I can cope with that. Marshall - Had all the time out wide early on but he loves a run into a cul de sac or a blocked cross. Stirling - Actually looks like he's seen a football before. So that's promising. Rankin - Spent more time on the ground than on the ball, his drop off in performance since January is ridiculous. Jacobs - Did Kyle Jacobs things, kept getting on the end of crosses which is never a good thing with Kyle Jacobs. Lord knows why he took a penalty. Murray - Took the pressure of the famous number 17 worn by the mercurial Jake Pickard and played in the spirit of the big man #respect. Lyle - should have scored, did his usual but difficult when a side sit in with no runners. Dobbie - Tried to do everything, don't begrudge him in the slightest for it, I wouldn't pass to those diddies. Subs Dykes - The Bogan Batistuta is somehow getting worse with each week, how is that even possible, especially bad was getting called offside multiple times against a deep lying team who were all knackered. Tapping - Looked better than Rankin, woeful penalty.
  7. Really? I thought the hordes of East Kilbride supporters would mean there was a sellout.
  8. Orlando Pirates
  9. The Flamingo Land Stadium in Scarborough
  10. Please, you make it sound like the announcer was promoting the Islamic state or something, if anything it's probably more memorable than the entirety of the league cup group stage and that's the bottom line.
  11. Imagine spending all day white knighting Lee fucking Robinson
  12. To all those who ever doubted that the Banter Years were long gone and Rangers weren't a perennial omnishambles.
  13. Pedro Caixinha being rather unconvincing the previous season Dave King claims Celtic's titles don't count because Ra Bearz weren't there Rangers signing a variety of Portuguese and Mexican jobbers for a lot of money Pedro bans Green Boots Pedro selling his best prospect for buttons Rangers scrape a very unimpressive 1-0 against the 4th best team in Luxembourg Rangers get bodied 2-0 by said Luxembourg based side ensuring the worst result in their history despite having lost to Stirling Albion and Annan in the last decade.
  14. I feel like we've been here before. Rangers fans overconfident about their team, lapping up merchandise like there's no tomorrow, a variety of obscure foreign names signed for a lot of money along with a transfer saga with a rival team's player. A Chairman making stupid statements about their rivals, the manager making token gestures before it unravels in a series of humiliating and hilarious results that they refuse to learn anything from. Never change you crazy backwards c***s
  15. HR is the least of your concerns tbh.