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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    That really isn't a very high bar to judge a managers ability on tbh.
  2. Alex Smith being in charge of a second tier club.
  3. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    That was just a very strange game, the first 20 odd minutes we barely passed the ball but got in behind twice and seemed to be winning free headers at set pieces only to get in the way of each other. I think Naysmith was trying to go for a physical side by picking his tallest possible team but when you play a striker out wide, a full back at right wing and a centre half a right back then problems are going to happen against a side with quality wingers. Combine that with Brownlie having a rotten game and Martin moving like a 39 year old post knee surgery Roddy Mckenzie then I'd say that this shouldn't be a suprise. I actually thought that playing away from home suits Kane a lot more, being a nuisance and a threat on the counter. On a wet pitch he looked like a handful in his cameo. McFadden worked well at Livi because the game turned into absolute chaos but against a team with actual full backs he looked like a man who has multiple serious knee injuries, I like Stirling and the game was calling for some direct running and pace. Ending the game with Dobbie winning the ball at his own corner summed up the afternoons decision making, just totally wrong. Brownlie had a rough game, he can't header the ball without climbing on a forward, he can't pass and the third goal partly came from him managing to mess up what felt like a 60:40 ball, as a centre half that is unacceptable. He seems immune from criticism but he's been the common denominator in the defences drop in form the last 3 seasons and he can't blame it on Dowie and Higgins either. On the other hand I thought Kerr was our best player today, though I do need to see the goals again properly. Going from a hyperactive manchild to taking the 'stick the big lad in goals because he covers enough area' approach, has found myself wishing for the sweet, comforting mediocrity of Robbie Thomson is a sad state of affairs. I thought the midfield actually battled ok but they are very limited destructive midfielders that offer next to nil going forward, that isn't a new revelation, but it's been like that for a while now and with one actual winger that doesn't play, Danny Carmichael being somewhere next to Jimmy Hoffa and the mummified remains of James McFadden, the squad building has to be questioned. I don't think it's a terrible squad by any stretch, but as much as I hate the phrase, it doesn't seem like Naysmith knows what his best team is. It's currently seems very convoluted with players not knowing their roles and a lack of consistency, we really need to bring it down to a simpler game plan or just stop trying to overthink opposition at times, the obvious calls are quite often the right one.
  4. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Furious that I missed Songs of Praise for that .
  5. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Dumbarton joining Raith in the list of clubs we should never sign directly from.
  6. Standing Bowl XIII

    I'll go for satan's double and go for the Patriots and the Cowboys please
  7. The Intern who had to write that down as a hungover Keith Jackson dictated that article to him will be getting his jotters very soon.
  8. The New Stadiums Thread

    For those who like some good news about Old Stadiums, the Stade De Gerland in Lyon is at least still being used. Unfortunately something much, much worse than being knocked down happened to it...
  9. The New Stadiums Thread

    Yeah it was essentially a Spanish Meadowbank built for a bid for the Athletics World Championship in the 90s (Which it didn't get), it then tried and failed for 2016 Olympics and finally Atletico took it on.
  10. Fantasy Football 2016

    As much as I'm enjoying my 2-0 start (already got 2016's win record matched) the new TE rules do make Jason Witten a lot more useful than he has any right to be.
  11. The New Stadiums Thread

    Atletico after what seems like an eternity have finally moved to their new stadium which seems to have went down a lot better than expected, apparently they still need to do some cosmetic work on it but I do like that they kept the old stand so it has some uniqueness to it.
  12. Challenge Cup 2017-18

  13. Welcome to P&B 4.2!

    If there is one positive to come out this upgrade is that the geriatric pun club who still use Internet Explorer are probably all blinded.
  14. Queens v Morton

    From what I've seen, he does seem to have something about him and is one of the few players that could run at defences with pace. Suppose Tapping could play wide right seeing as Morton don't really have pacey wingers but I can't really see us making a big tactical change to accommodate one player unless Naysmith has a different game plan for home games.
  15. Queens v Morton

    I'd like to see Stirling come in too as he is far too good to be an impact sub but there isn't really anyone to come in on the other side that could play a prolonged spell or is good enough if we played a 4-4-2. Only other thing would be maybe to move Dobbie up front and play Stirling in a free role but that doesn't sit well with me at all. I'd probably go Lyle for Dykes as well mainly because they'll play a similar tactical role and Kane can at least close down the defence.