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  1. This is like the bad dream where you attempt to run away but your legs have stopped working. If Ayr beat United next week.
  2. I'm not sure whether it was totally over but at it's yet another reason for goal line technology in Scottish Football
  3. Looks close from this photo from the club twitter but more importantly that is unbelievable photography skills on display there.
  4. Might mean Thomson out wide for the rest of the season, which isn't really the best use of his talents but I suppose it's slightly better than attempting to give Dykes a concussion from every goal kick. Being a regular on the godawful Alloa relegation squad last season isn't a promising sign but if he's terrible then we shouldn't be lumbered with him for particularly long.
  5. Also Udinese a couple of years back turned their stadium from this to this Roma now actually have planning permission as well for their ground plus have owners that will commit to the stadium. I think the success of Juve's ground and the economic situation in italian football makes it essential to have grounds to maximise income and atmosphere. The standard issues of italy (corruption, red tape, money) holds them back but there is more of a sense of urgency than in the past especially as a lot of the Italia 90 stadiums are very very dated.
  6. Of course we have otherwise we'd be playing Clyde 4 times a season The main point I'm making is that when it comes to the truly decisive games we have fallen flat which is why we haven't finished anything higher than 4th. Falkirk in the first year of the playoffs we held a well earned two goal lead at half time of the second leg and conceded 3 goals to throw it away. That season we managed to recover from a messy start but lost important games to Dundee, Falkirk and Hamilton. The season after, you achieve an awful lot just to get to the playoffs in a tough league but go out with a whimper at home to a very vulnerable Rangers side and a great squad disappears into the sunset. To go out of the cup after comfortably beating the holders by going out quietly to Falkirk is still frustrating. 2015/16 - despite being bloody rubbish we were somehow in 4th place in February and then proceeded to finish 7th and 20 points behind Raith. Why is it that our bad patches are always fatal yet other teams can get out of it and push on. The fact that a team with Kyle Hutton, Mark Millar and Robbie Thomson have come closer than this year's side is genuinely depressing. It's a constant stream of what ifs, glorious failures and downright failures whilst previously diddy teams that we have been in higher leagues recently like Hamilton, Ross County, Inverness, Morton, Partick and Raith have either actually achieved something or have come a lot closer to doing something that feels about as far away as it ever has. I might just be very irritable today but it is fairly clear to see especially from a league perspective that there isn't a mental toughness that can help a team do something special over a 36 game season. If think there is a level of expectation now that the likes of Chisholm and Brannigan got away with as the notion that we used to be part time and rubbish was fairly recent in the memory, if any post McPherson manager had finished 4th with prime Dobbie, P&B would have had the pitchforks readied. In the longer term should be a good thing but whether that translates on the pitch in the short term remains to be seen.
  7. You could go back longer than that to being unable to get into a title race in a pretty weak league under McIntyre, 2 first round playoff defeats including one in the 120th minute after taking the lead, losing narrow Scottish Cup games to Falkirk, Dumbarton and Albion Rovers, the entirety of last season was a similar story to the current one. There just appears to be an inherent weakness when it comes to Queens that nobody has ever believed that we could win big games at this level for about as long as I can remember really. Not really sure how you change such a culture of inferiority as it has transcended managers, players and ownerships but you are right in that hanging players out to dry isn't a particularly good solution.
  8. #prayforjimmyboo
  9. For some reason, I can't see a giant Union Jack filter being anywhere near as popular as a french flag.
  10. It always seems to be just before some international glamour friendly, I'm not one to jump to conclusions but i think we should cave in to the terrorist's demands and abolish international football for our own safety.
  11. There is something to be said about a league where Queens can be in the hunt for the playoffs twice and be embroiled in a relegation dogfight on 2 separate occasions and even then whilst clutching straws incredibly firmly that there is a very, very, very slim chance of catching a United team that can't be fucked anymore, though that would be on the Lex level of deluded at this stage. I'd be thrilled with just winning 2 games out of 7 and finish this stupid season. 5th - Dunfermline like Queens but exciting, they'll snatch enough wins/draws to be safe 6th - Queens - mercurial and shitfesty in equal measure. Threaten to do various things without ever following through, like an angsty teenager looking for attention. Pls be boring again. 7th - Raith - Hughes will win enough games to get out of trouble 8th - Dumbarton - I usually back them to be terrible and then they go and body a good side before getting demolished by a sunday league team and they go and finish 7th. I think they'll stay up which is probably the kiss of death for them as their run in looks far too straight forward for the team that logic forgot. 9th - St Mirren - Aren't a bad side now but they have a b*****d of a run in and the teams above them aren't losing enough games to them to catch up. 10th - Ayr - just don't have enough about them to stay above St Mirren and the other teams are looking good, only hope for them is to take the 'sp00ky part time team' crown from Dumbarton.
  12. Fiorentina have announced plans for their new ground, I mean it's Italy so it will take bloody years of red tape but a big purple stadium would be magic. On a more imminent note, Cagliari are going to be playing in a temporary stadium in the car park of their current ground next year until it is rebuilt in for supposedly 2020
  13. To be fair the right move by Dugdale will see Labour continue to limp on for a few more years on life support as Scotland's second busted flush party behind the Liberals. Killing off Scottish Labour is probably the kindest thing to do at this stage IMO.
  14. This just seems like a game of chicken and May jumped first. The polls suggest that the public are largely against the timing and still just about in favour of another No vote so if she called out Sturgeon and won that would be the independence movement buggered for a long time. This isn't showing a backbone and slapping down the SNP, this is May pandering to her core without thinking of the long term impact and only serves to galvanise the only popular political party in Scotland. Delightful stupidity from an weak condescending leader.
  15. It can only really be Davidson, she's the only competent unionist in a prominent position and is fairly media savvy, Labour are a disunited dying mess and the Liberals are forever irrelevant. Her appeal has been mainly because they seem to distance themselves from the Westminster Tories but how long can they keep that up under a lot of scrutiny remains to be seen. She'll appeal to a lot of silent voters, but the problem for them is that she can't speak all the time despite her best efforts and they need someone else to step up until Gordon Brown defrosts from his cryogenic freezing. A challenge this time for No is that the traditional labour grassroots in the central belt and west coast that held firm last time are gone and they aren't going to really listen to a bunch of Tories. Not to mention from the last referendum basically now a dummy run, the SNP now know where to target in order to find that extra 400,000 or so votes.