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  1. Queens v Morton

    The camera work from the highlights actually enhances the potential scenes with the quick zoom out from the celebrations to Morton in the box. It captures the sheer chaos of the situation so well . Award winning filmography imo.
  2. Queens v Pars

    Will Robinson be in goals for this or will Murdoch be back to put everyone's favourite striker fighting, instagram posting, wildly charging son of a gun out of the team? I feel that he's either going to have one of those ridiculous games that earns him a deal just to piss Naysmith off or do something hilariously stupid as a result of trying too hard. Either way the return of besty's mate to Palmerston should mean that it'll be a lively thread...
  3. Queens v Morton

    Jet Fuel can't melt goalposts.
  4. Queens v Morton

    Fair play to the linesman if he has indeed got it spot on though I suspect he just wasn't sure so didn't give it. I thought by his reaction to bolt down the tunnel than get pelters from the players and fans wasn't great as he put the other two officials in a bad spot and made me think that he'd fucked it. That being said had Morton went up the other end and scored I would have been an uncontrollable seething mess for the next week so i'm very relieved that Leighfield made that save. I thought it was one of the better home performances this season, so to only draw is disappointment but perhaps we didn't test Gaston enough. Morton had a good period after we scored and then fizzled out again. Seemed a fairly subdued performance from them that barring Gary Harkins, they would have been struggling. The impact of having Jacobs and Marshall in certainly helps across every part of the game. Murray and Todorov were bright enough coming on and Dykes linked up well with Dobbie for the two very nice passages of play in the first half. I certainly feel more positive about the rest of the season that beforehand but it was one that might come back to haunt us a bit. Thomas is a strange player because he looks dangerous enough and has something about him but he slows everything down at an annoying rate. I'd rather have than not but he certainly flatters to deceive. Regardless of trivial matters of whether the ball actually crossed the line or not. It was just nice to have a good wholesome boo, I can see why the St Mirren and Dundee fans do it so much.
  5. They also feature prolonged periods without winning whilst this has largely not peaked particular highly but hasn’t had nearly the same troughs. My expectations weren’t high this year whilst the previous 2 did.
  6. Last Year The Year Before that That half season where everyone chucked it under Brannigan Off the top of my head.
  7. Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Derek Young Stephen Dobbie

    Has there been any justification as to why Butler didn’t play and was greeting during the anthems. Always nice to see Belichick’s ego trips costing him in the end.
  9. A manager approaching a game against a bigger team by being overly cautious isn't exactly a new thing to be honest. And yesterday I don't necessarily think we were that defensive but with a lack of quality in midfield up against a team that has guys interchanging all over the park we had no idea what to do. The wing backs were that focused on stopping Morgan that they weren't able to support the middle 3 midfielders and it was just a mess. In the first game there we didn't play badly but Martin played like we stuck a fan in goals. It was that bad a half yesterday that I might have preferred it if we shitfested for a 0-0, we might have defended a lot better. Arguably Naysmith has been more positive against bigger teams than Fowler or Skelton who largely looked to sit in against Hibs, Hearts and Rangers away from home. He's played 2 up top just about every time. Obviously you just have to look at his record to say that it is probably not the best idea to do so and the concept of 'having a go' against superior teams that are in form is a lot easier said than done.
  10. League Leaders V QOS

    A quick summary of the game today: I'll try to start with the positives before going into the game today. It was only 2-0, so the goal difference wasn't ruined by the performance. We looked threatening from set pieces Dobbie launching the ball towards Greenock Ferguson had some promising flashes Todorov looks like he could pass the ball Dykes won some headers Martin didn't concede a dreadful goal this time We drew the second half We have a week off. There was a lovely sunset leaving the ground Firstly , why Naysmith thought that playing three at the back against a team with quick skillful wide players was a good idea I'll never know. Yes, it worked against Brechin and Partick but you could beat Brechin playing any formation so it doesn't really matter and Partick we caught them by surprise. St Mirren had a pretty good idea of what was coming and it played into their strengths. Rooney at wingback against Lewis Morgan was a massacre with him trying to man mark him instead of playing his actual position. Eckersley was able to do what he wanted as nobody would go out to him. On the other side Mercer was the same without the being put into the shadow realm by Lewis Morgan bit. Previously we've not played badly with a 4-4-2 so why we persist with things until it goes wrong is frustrating. The midfield being poor isn't really a surprise but when the defence is struggling it just becomes a mess and it got outnumbered and outplayed. Meaning that we could could lay a finger on them. Rankin probably prefers having everything he does be a tackle as that was a shambolic display from him. The penalty was frankly stupid, it wasn't that well hit a shot and the sooner Kyle Jacobs is back the better. Thomson was poor but as a team I'm not sure if it's because St Mirren are a good team but we were very afraid to take any risks on the ball, playing sideways and putting ourselves in trouble (Darren Brownlie in particular). It was a deer in headlights kind of performance as we let them play far too much. Second half was more of an act of mercy by St Mirren though we did play better which isn't much of complement after that first half. Personally Naysmith will have to take the rap for making an absolute jeer of the tactics for this game, I get that you want to keep a winning team together but when you are against the best team in the league, you have to adapt to them and not the other way around.
  11. Lyle could get his leg amputated and 'Nithsdale Wanderer' would still be writing a dissertation about why Naysmith should be playing him.
  12. Worst new phrases in football

    'Buzzing' 'We go again' Any loaded term to describe a player by race, for example so many black players and described as 'athletic or a powerhouse' or an Asian player as 'hard working.' On top of that black players getting compared to other black players despite not playing anything like one another (Lukaku versus Drogba or Son Heung Min and Ji Sung Park) Referring to the England Women's team as the 'Lionesses' nobody is calling the youth teams the 'Cubs' so why make the Women's team seem like they are different? 'He doesn't know his best team'
  13. Was he actually liked or was it more just being thankful that he was one of the few that year that had looked like he had played football before?
  14. Has there been a centre forward over six foot that Queens fans have actually liked aside from Sean O'Connor? Not sure if it's just us that prefer vanilla midgets that run around a lot or a wider Scottish thing.
  15. Todorov helps bolster the been to Livingston for a cup of coffee brigade. With a Bulgarian, Maltese, South African and an Australian. Is the most cosmopolitan Queens team ever?