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  1. Of all the weird stuff that has happened recently, Scott Robertson's career is probably the strangest. An utter jobber at Queens, goes down to Stirling Albion gets them promoted to the second tier and then gets strangely signed for Partick Thistle. After leaving, he transitions from an industrious (shit) midfielder to a centre half and now apparently the Cairnryan Cafu. Football is bloody stupid at times.
  2. I think you tend to get under scrutiny when you go 3 months without a win. When you go a round of fixtures without a win it might be more than confidence. It was an issue of quality, being tactically found out and poor recruitment by not having any depth at all. I mean we had Mark Millar sauntering about midfield and Jake Pickard attempting to comprehend the concept of football. Grant Anderson playing like he saw a ghost. It was absolutely the right decision to get rid of them and bring in Rankin and Thomson. Joe Thomson was the best player not called Stephen Dobbie in the second half of the season.
  3. Nobody chooses to join a club on a two year deal to 'compete' for a starting spot when he almost certainly could have started at various other teams. It is exactly the same as last summer when Robbo wasn't joining Queens to compete with Jim Atkinson or Robbie Thomson. The big difference for Martin now is coming from a team where they'll give up a lot of shots on goal each game to a side which should be less so whilst I doubt it'll be much of a massive change, some players tend to look better when they are under siege a little bit more. There can be no doubt that the team being built is a Naysmith side with a rather young defence with Martin (assuming he starts) being the oldest at 28. On paper promising signings.
  4. Adams kept on coming back despite having his career totally derailed by injury coming from his 2nd or 3rd spell here. The fact he took two years out and has just came back to this level after not long ago playing for Wigtown and Bladnoch is testament to the guy.
  5. Baird plays with a style that rubs people up, its not pretty but he wouldn't have had a lasting career if he didn't play like he did. I doubt he's particularly bothered whether people want to spent their energy booing him or most footballers when they play at an opposition ground. As for Robinson, the same antics were there 4/5 years ago and nobody was complaining then. He's an alright goalkeeper whose flaws are much more prominent at this level. He makes the ordinary seem difficult and the extraordinary seem easy. He is this seasons Queens team personified, with that mix of flashiness, nostalgia and mediocrity. I'm not doing cartwheels for his departure but if we do in fact get someone better then fair enough.
  6. The thought of raging farmers, Rangers fans and middle class unionists gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.
  7. We'd be delighted to welcome any Sonhamers on board. We do our bit in losing important games to keep Dumbarton up and being the only team in recent history to lose a cup game to them and you contribute by giving us all your good players. A fair swap IMO.
  8. So you're telling us that we've signed a goalkeeper, that it isn't Craig Samson and he actually isn't a proper diddy keeper.
  9. Theresa May's decision to make this election a battle of personalities between herself and Corbyn has gone hilariously bad. She's backtracked over Brexit, National Insurance, and now this. If she is struggling to beat a party that is fully gripped by civil war, then how is she going to deal with a 27 nation trading block? I expect she'll be reaching for the dog-whistle racism at some point this week to stem the tide.
  10. Scotland managed to get a shock win in a friendly against Sri Lanka down in Kent by 7 wickets. Matt Cross and Kyle Coetzer both getting centuries. They play them again on the 23rd as part of Sri Lanka's champions trophy preparations.
  11. Speaking of appalling human rights. The Luzhniki stadium in Moscow which will host the 2018 World Cup final and the Confederations Cup is basically finished it's redevelopment getting rid of the track mainly. Before After
  12. Probably should worry about getting to the playoff final in the first place tbh.
  13. Don't forget Houston's first season where they comfortably missed the playoffs and then spectacularly choked in the last minute of a Scottish Cup final against a ten men. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside...