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  1. Sorry mate! I tried.
  2. Done, brutal isn't it.
  3. As requested by Sonsteam of 08.
  4. Looks really bad for Fleming
  5. So am I, sod it, it's a long summer!
  6. Anybody been to R&D's Cafe? Some promotion campaign they have got on the telly just now!
  7. To answer your question. We weren't allowed to have the saltire in a shield.
  8. Got a ticket for the Ciardo gig but I am going to head up in the car so I can be back down the road sharpish. Free busses always remind me of the last day at Firhill in 1998, same scoreline for the away team please! I'm glad we are getting to stand in the cowshed, the seggie fence in the eighties/early nineties was always good fun. A repeat of the 4-3 comeback game would be most welcome! 1-0 Ayr in a nail biter.
  9. As I said it was done to hopefully give us an advantage, we clearly need any help we can get. Bring more supporters and you will get the Railway End. At the end of the day the away section is where the host club tell you where to go.
  10. We have opened up the Railway End to home fans before, to primarily try and generate a bit of atmosphere and give the team a lift. It worked against Dumbarton, but as you saw yesterday just about everyone at the club has chucked it and everyone was just waiting for Dobbie to score. Had Queens brought significant numbers up the road then they would have opened it for you as they did with Falkirk. Plenty of clubs only give away fans a section of a stand, I would prefer to stand on the Terregles Street terrace at Palmerston for example but we don't bring enough of a support for that. Anyhow, won't imagine it will be a problem next season unless we draw you in the cups!
  11. Probably an age thing about actually purchasing a paper product would be the barrier for this. I still buy When Saturday Comes, but I'm ancient and enjoy reading about other teams, leagues, players etc.
  12. I did indeed, I was in the Shanter. You were heading up the High Street though!
  13. Probably not as recently as you, Mr Boo.
  14. Only reason we have signed Farid is because he was available, Austin was not. So, yes we would swap. Strange question!