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  1. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    The old segregation fence was always enjoyable. Wasn't the same when you moved it to the end of the enclosure.
  2. Unfortunately the editorial staff have absolutely no control over the advertising space.
  3. I seem to remember in the mid eighties we jumped the wall and walked along the track and back over. Have I imagined this or can any older posters confirm?
  4. Ayr United v Stranraer

    Who's McColl?
  5. Rangers vs Kilmarnock Wed. 25th Oct

    I've always liked the Kille!
  6. East Stirling v Ayr United Reserves

    Well it is now! Used to be it was a chance for the smaller teams to win something!
  7. East Stirling v Ayr United Reserves

    Cheers for the confirmation. I didn't hear it, my mate text me about it. So premier colts are OK but not our promising, international youths?
  8. East Stirling v Ayr United Reserves

    Sfa not allowing us to play Ecrepont apparently.
  9. Week 1 - Ayr United.
  10. League Cup Group E

    Thanks for your £12!
  11. I can well remember my Hearts supporting Dad and I dodging the radio and any news bulletins, Likely Lads style, so we could watch the highlights. It seems daft now when you consider how accessible everything is now! I can still see him bouncing around the living room when Ferguson scored!
  12. Knowing our luck we would draw St Johnstone!
  13. *** ****** v **********

    That is the original title. Just my wee dig at those that insist on typing A*r or K***e rather than Ayr and Killie. It fits in with the general tone of the thread.
  14. *** ****** v **********

    I don't really have a problem with Killie getting more tickets if we can't sell them, it's all money. Just unsure where they would go. That advertising style segregation was VERY ineffective at Cappielow at the tail end of the season.
  15. Going slightly off topic, but not far off. It bugs me that the Welcome to Somerset Park sign has never been replaced. It's a missed opportunity, I feel anyway, of advertising next home game more prominently. It would brighten up the approach and be better than that caged thing with the bits of wood. If only they was a local signage company that could probably do it for buttons and get some free promotion through it.