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  1. I did indeed, I was in the Shanter. You were heading up the High Street though!
  2. Probably not as recently as you, Mr Boo.
  3. Only reason we have signed Farid is because he was available, Austin was not. So, yes we would swap. Strange question!
  4. Yeah, cos the Hibbies are renowned for their staying power at the end of the season, especially over the past few years! What are they thinking!
  5. I was next to the wee stand/shed and all hell broke loose. Folk running back in to see what was happening, others spilling into the pitch. Probably the only high point of the play off final until the penalties. Still scenes though! Not quite up to the three pitch invasions at the glebe mind you!
  6. Gooooooaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!
  7. We're going to lose aren't we!
  8. Home end at Palmerston has the best sight lines I would say.
  9. Haven't you heard? There is a fucking massive queue of top class managers just waiting for the chance to manage us!
  10. No criticism intended mate. Even going by SonsTV it looks as if Fleming had a reasonably comfortable afternoon. Granted, better finishing might have led to a different story.
  11. Wasn't there so can only go by the highlights, and I realise they are ours so they might be skewed in our favour. Doesn't look as if Fleming had much to do despite Dumbarton dominance. Docs tackle was a red, as by the rules he was out of control despite getting the ball first. Ten years ago that would have been deemed hard but fair I think. Nade, going by the highlights, looks a bit surprised not to go. Fair enough with the Sons two goals. Free kick looks a bit soft, but hey, we'll take it. Looks like Adams was nudged off the ball. The real crime was that Dumbarton didn't close the game out after we scored the first. Thankfully. Point gained in my opinion.
  12. Guid member of the lodge, yer boy Burns!
  13. DSS doss houses.
  14. And you won 1-0, you must be ecstatic!
  15. Just back from Tynie, wonderful result! Bring on the Hibees!!