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  1. Week 3

    Luck would be an exception. On Audibles he forever congratulates the opponents on great hits.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    Is there ANYTHING that doesn't offend you?
  3. Unanimity to allow cyclist to kill.

    I agree totally with this sentiment about the ability of drivers. However good drivers can not completely compensate for cuntish cyclists behaviour which is normally the source of the problems.
  4. Question Time

    Nice place Bridgwater. That's about all we can say for QT this week.
  5. Unanimity to allow cyclist to kill.

    Given that 100% of cyclists deaths are avoidable by them not cycling, I think a 10% conviction rate is far too high. I am also convinced that only the deaths of these cyclists prevented them from being charged with criminal damage to the cars involved.
  6. Kezia Dugdale

    Are there two posters with the same name? You can claim pedantry, call me a c**t or whatever takes your fancy. However you quite clearly did post what I attributed to you. I am however not surprised that you want to disassociate yourself from it.
  7. Kezia Dugdale

    Probably down to your generalisation that 5 1/2 million want freed from a right-wing government they don't, and never do, vote for. If you want to tie these two things together then according to the most recent poll, the majority are happy with the right-wing government. Independence should not be about left or right and everything about Scotland making our own decisions regardless of the current incumbents in No10.
  8. NFL Gamepass

    Just resurrecting this thread to state: GAMEPASS IS PISH Has anyone managed to watch a game on delay and not had it freeze when the actual game finishes? It's like the changing of the game from Live to Watch fucks up the delay. Oh and last night, after this happened I couldn't then start watching the game from the point that I left it. Not on Chrome, Firefox or IE. Did I mention that this new Gamepass IS PISH
  9. Cowdenbeath 0 - ? Peterhead

    Next Gretna?
  10. FMQ's

    I quoted based on the context of your reply. If you want to stick to your own argument then anything pre-Sturgeon is irrelevant. Regardless, I am sure the original poster will come back on and expand on his post on how he sees less people voting for Sturgeon and her party. Is this the same poll that indicates a loss of an Indy majority in Holyrood?
  11. Catalonia

    Why? What makes this a) obvious and ; b) something that I would need to provide details on given that you are the one that specifically brought the UK into it. There is a vast difference between Spain's attitude to Catalonia and the UK's to Scotland. Just look at their threats today regarding taking financial control of the region that Madrid has made. As for the rest of your post, I am not sure what relevance Spain's position regarding Scotland has to do with my post. It is even more irrelevant to the topic title than the one you replied to yesterday but batter on.
  12. FMQ's

    Yep dropping 1/2m votes in the last election = irrelevant tosh. You must be Peter Murrell if you are tended to ignore it.
  13. FMQ's

    A tad selective there, not using the latest available results. In terms of the last election, there were indeed less people voting for the SNP, significantly less. So your 3) above would be: General Election 2015: SNP Total Votes 1,454,436 General Election 2017: SNP Total Votes 977,569 The question is really if this is a continuing trend or not but I don't think that it is disputable that the SNP are less popular than they were in the aftermath of the referendum.
  14. Catalonia

    The EU can only respect that independence if the members respect it. Your article 48 argument does not stand up to any scrutiny for multiple reasons: 1. Treaty amendments under Article 48 still require ratification by ALL member states or need to be referred back to the Council. 2. Article 48 is in place for minor treaty amendments which the admittance of a new member state would be difficult to argue meets this criteria given that it would still require to meet all treaty obligations as a new state. 3. Amendments under Article 48 has to be submitted by a member state which Catalonia would not yet be. Even the Scottish government admitted that it would require the assistance of the UK, the EU and the institutions to gain entry to the EU and this was on the outcome of an agreed referendum. I state with confidence that if Catalonia votes for independence and declares UDI off the back of this vote that there will be no formal recognition from the EU.
  15. Catalonia

    It's quite simple - the EU membership is not a majority vote, each state has a veto over enlargement (national parliamentary ratification of the Treaty) and Spain would veto it without hesitation.