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    FFS - back to conceding too many goals from set pieces.

    How many times this year have we conceded immediately after scoring.
  3. General Politics Thread

    So "just for accuracy", the substance of your post was wrong? Whilst this is undoubtedly true, claiming that most people are better off is actually a distortion of the truth. Here was me thinking that it was only Tories that ignored the low paid.
  4. General Politics Thread

    Damn. I thought I was one of the 83,421 members that you had on ignore and hence I could laugh at you without having to engage. Alas it appears not. Scotland has an approximate 5.4m citizens of which 4.5m are adults, explain how "most" of these are getting money into their pockets as a result of the SNP budget.
  5. General Politics Thread

  6. Old Firm Colts in L2

    I don't disagree with any of this....provided it happens outside of existing League setup.
  7. Old Firm Colts in L2

    You obviously don't follow your colt's team then. I can only assume that the change from U20s to allowing over-age players this year was to try and make the Colt teams more competitive with very limited success. Of course if this was solely about the development of players then I would have expected your Youth team coach to be as vocal about this change as he was about the Colts in league 2. Any chance of getting a quote where this view was expressed?
  8. Old Firm Colts in L2

    We could makes sure that these players are competing against others that have the same aims. Maybe put all these 2nd stringers into teams that could play in a "Reserve" league or similar. What you don't do is scrap a reserve league because it was too expensive and then provide two clubs with a mechanism that is not available to all. If the leagues and SFA are really for improving the youths coming through the system then finance it centrally. Reduce the prize money in the Premiership by 20% and directly fund the reserves.
  9. NFL General Discussion

    Cushing to be released by the Texans. Couldn't have happened to a nicer c**t.
  10. Is this the only bee in your bonnet?
  11. Coaching Carousel

    Can't believe the events of the last week. Went on holiday, soon depressed by the appointment of McDaniels only to wake up the next day with no HC. Wife honestly couldn't understand the elation (especially as the weather was shit!). Also looks like he has pissed on some good coaches from a great height. Regardless of the press utterings, he is an absolute shoo-in for the Patriots HC job. With the Denver job and now this with the Colts, he is displaying all the traits required to be the uber-c**t. Anyway, it is welcome back to Reich.
  12. Yeah, but I know the answer - Countesswells Developments Ltd who are owned by.....go on have a guess.... They also didn't pay £325k per acre, nowhere near it. I have been stating the opposite of this consistently. I see that you keep banging on about the cost and going for the option they could afford. However, it is hard to substantiate this and given that they have already wasted millions on Loriston then I fail to see that purchasing land for more than £20k per acre would be beyond them.
  13. What a state to get yourself in. It appears to be a common trait among supporters of Kingsford to lash out at anyone that dares ask any questions. However, in this instance I will indulge you and take you through this verrrrrrry sloooowly so that you can understand who is being a "neep" 1. I posted about the 407 acres that were mentioned in an article posted on this thread. 2. Various straw men were built and deployed by Illgresi with you blindly cheerleading from the side-lines. 3. Dunty then posted a reply to my original post (helpfully including my post for you the idiots that cannot follow a thread) where he stated that as the 407 acres are classed as residential it would be more expensive than the Kingsford site (which again, anyone that can follow a thread will know has already had the owners of the site named). 4. I responded asking who owned the land and how much they paid for it. Now given that this all stems from my post that I mentioned at point 1 above, anyone with a modicum of intelligence would read this as referring to the 407 acres. That I have to hand-hold you through a conversation whilst you throw insults about is actually quite comical, perhaps when your carer gets back from the shops you could ask them to increase your meds.
  14. Who owns this land and how much did they pay for it? My criticism regarding the site would have been the same if Aberdeen had to borrow £100m or were promised the stadium for free. It has absolutely nothing to do with cost and everything to do with location.