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  1. Question Time

    What guest variable?
  2. Question Time

    6MPs is not 9% of the UK representation which is the relevant figure when looking at the audience reach of the show. If you are basing your 9% on the %age of Scottish seats then limiting the show to the same basis actually makes it worse for the SNP as they were on 100% of the shows. Keep digging.
  3. Question Time

    Did you tweet the original person with similar thoughts?
  4. When will indyref2 happen?

    The aim is to reduce to deficit to below 3% within 5 to 10 years in the document and doing so by limiting spending. This is based on trend growth and inflation expectations which is a painting the best possible scenarios on growth and inflation. If it were to look at expected growth and expected inflation then the only way of this happening would be real-term cuts in spending.
  5. Question Time

    It doesn't matter which way you want to try and spin this, they were still over-represented. 2010 - 204 guests (not all of which were politicians) of which 4 were SNP = 1.96% 2011 - 199 guests of which SNP made up 2% etc. etc. But a little harder to be critical of the orginal statistic when it comes from the SNP though? The statistics that I collated were on the exact same basis as the post that I was told was Let's remind ourselves of what kicked this off: You can quite legitimately question the methodology. Indeed I encourage you to do so, if you have twitter you can do so from the above quoted post.
  6. Question Time

    These are the minimum number of SNP representatives on QT (I say minimum as I am not sure that I would relate a name to the SNP in all circumstances and so have stuck with ones that I do recognise): 2010 - 40 Episodes / 4 Appearances (10%) 2011 - 39 Episodes / 4 Appearances (10.25%) 2012 - 39 Episodes / 4 Appearances (10.25%) 2013 - 36 Episodes / 4 Appearances (11.11%) 2014 - 36 Episodes / 4 Appearances (11.11%) I think you get the picture, they were over-represented compared to both election share (1.7%) and by number of seats (0.9%). Call me absolutely flabbergasted that my original opinion is actually backed up by facts. Who would have guessed that a post that miraculously begins with a timeline in 2015 showing how mis-represented the SNP are is being very selective in it's time-frame. It is of course designed to appeal to the uber-fuckwits and therefore comes as no surprise to see you posting it here and attempting to dismiss any criticism of it.
  7. Question Time

    And if I actually went to the trouble of researching it, you would disown the post by claiming that it wasn't your content. Been here before.
  8. Question Time

    Exactly why I mentioned it, I would guess that they were probably over-represented back then. I am not really sure that they need an excuse but there are two things that appears to have happened with QT recently - it has become much less relevant to everyday people and there appears to be less politicians on in general. For your quote to have any meaning you would also need to know how many times the SNP were asked to provide a guest and turned it down. However after the performance of Tasmina Ahmed-Sheik and John Nicolson probably made the SNP think twice about putting people forward.
  9. Question Time

    What isn't it representative of? I would guess that there is a particular reason that the figures start in 2015, perhaps it would be a little more enlightening to see 2010 to 2014 to compare with.
  10. This is Rangers being discussed so that isn't a prerequisite.
  11. Peterhead 2018/19

    Wasted. Should have stayed at Peterhead but I am sure he kind of lost interest in football for a while or I may be recollecting wrongly. Has Aiden left/not been signed?
  12. NFL General Discussion

    It's a rather hollow gesture though as the NFL have clearly stated that it will be the team that is fined, not the player.
  13. The TSB scandal

    The issue with TSB was that the system migration was being carried out by their parent company Sabadell in Spain who were calling the shots, not TSB.
  14. When will indyref2 happen?

    Also, I would think that the Glagow effect is a net contributor to the public sector, given that they are unlikely to receive a state pension, require long periods in care or clog up the NHS. <SarcasmOn> Perhaps the Tory Party policies that drive us to destitution are more sound economically than we give them credit for. </SarcasmOn>
  15. The TSB scandal

    I am not sure how this is TSB specific either nor why the article focuses on TSB. As a TSB customer, I have not been the victim of any scams and the only time I had identity theft was with MBNA about 20 years ago. There is no doubt that the publicity surrounding the TSB issues have been OTT but that for the vast majority of customers, there were issues accessing account details online. However, if you were that concerned about your balance etc. you could have used telephone banking (I know that they were over-run for periods), visited a branch or used a cash machine to either check balances or print a statement. I'llhappily take their £30 for the very small personal inconvenience that I suffered whilst others have been told that they will not be out of pocket as a result of the f**k up. I see no reason that they should be compensating people for being stupid enough to fall for a scam.