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  1. General Politics Thread

    I am not sure that you can provide an explanation for why removing a tax in England would lead to an increase in Barnett funding, let alone on a matter that is devolved.
  2. General Politics Thread

    The tax implications of Police Scotland were fully known at the time and it was reported to the Justice Committee by Kenny MacAskill in June 2012 I would be interested to know which of the bodies that s33 applies to would cover Police Scotland (Note the SPA are a separate body) and therefore should have been automatically added? Quite clearly the UK government have subsequently issued exemptions to other national bodies and the continued discrepancy smacks of punishment to the SNP but it was quite clearly not an issue that prevented the SNP from continuing with the central(belt)isation of these bodies.
  3. NFL General Discussion

    Breaching the Personal Conduct policy does neither requires nor will result in jail time. The two things are not comparable.
  4. NFL General Discussion

    Yes, the precedent is clearly that if you are a violent wife/girlfriend beater then you will get a suspension after a full and proper investigation has been conducted by the NFL in accordance with their Personal Conduct policy.
  5. General Politics Thread

    The SNP government contributed £8m towards the INEOS shale gas import development .
  6. NFL General Discussion

    Tallest dwarf! It isn't difficult to be the best in a Colts D. He isn't an idiot but he is without doubt a shite HC. Completely agree with this.
  7. NFL General Discussion

    Must say that the timing of Vontae Davis being released was a surprise. I doubt he would have been re-signed next season and he really hasn't been justifying his salary in the last few seasons but there is absolutely no hope of anyone picking up his outstanding salary for this year unless they want to extend his contract and prevent him from making free agency. I can only see one team that would even contemplate such a move [awaits announcement from Sashi Brown]
  8. Black Friday - financial crash thread

    You are welcome. Always happy to correct the shite that you post.
  9. Black Friday - financial crash thread

    Under 18s certainly can get into debt. They may not be held liable for debt from credit agreements but they certainly can run up student debts, rent arrears, fines and other non-regulated financial debts.
  10. Which will happen before the stadium is built anyway. Looks like it may have to be back to the drawing board. I did like the post about all the site options and in particular the one about the existing AECC site: AFC: Don't like it and don't think ACC would be happy with a football stadium ACC: We haven't considered a stadium as AFC are looking elsewhere. In summation, no-one has considered it as the other party doesn't appear to be interested.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    No it was one man but Kilbowie was so disbelieving of what he saw that he thought he would post once for each eye that witnessed it.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Your £420 million comment shows that Vote Leave are not the only ones that do not understand the EU contributions. Sterling's 15% drop in 2016 created a €1.7bln shortfall in UK contributions that had to be financed by the other EU member states. That is a direct consequence of the EU using a set exchange rate for the year whilst in future years the reduction in € value of our GNI will also assist in reducing payments.
  13. Catalonia

    A state can only function with recognition. You are a simpleton and I'm out.
  14. Catalonia

    Why is it nonsense? Do you think that France, Portugal, Germany or any other EU country will recognise Catalonia? The nonsense here is that you are portraying an illegal vote as having some constitutional significance to anyone outside of Catalonia.
  15. Question Time

    If by plainly you mean in an aggressive and condescending manner then I agree.